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How to Choose the Perfect Dress Shoes for Work

dress shoesWomen and our shoes. Thanks to the Internet, the possibilities are nearly endless. That doesn’t mean we can wear whatever we want, whenever we want.

Every day you open the closet and every day you ask yourself the same question: “What shoes do I wear to the office today?”

For the not-so-fashion-conscious lady out there, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Today, we’re talking about how to pick out the perfect dress shoes for work, so that your boss notices your killer pitch and not your worn-out soles.

The Best Dress Shoes for Work

Classic Black Pumps

When in doubt, throw on these dress shoes to wear to the office. They go with nearly every possible ensemble, from skirts to suits.

Just like the lady wearing them, they’re sophisticated and business-like, but can still be sexy when they need or want to be.

If you like having the illusion of longer legs, have a backup pair of neutral colored pumps. To keep it as professional as possible, go with a two-inch heel or shorter.


As long as the style is business-like, these shoes are great, especially if you’re in a busy office where you find yourself getting up and walking around. These shoes are the best for having style without sacrificing comfort or mobility.


Keep a pair of boots around. If a rainy day hits, you don’t want to ruin your pumps or flats.

It’s not hard to find a pair of these shoes for pretty much any occasion — not just a thunderstorm. Plus, they’re great for helping ladies who wear small sizes shoes look like they have more proportionate and balanced feet.

Shoes You Should Never Wear to the Office

Open-Toe Shoes

If your office attire is business formal, business professional, or business casual – and let’s face it, if you’re working in an office, it’s likely one of these three — open-toed shoes should not be considered dress shoes.

Crazy Colors

Pinks, yellows, and oranges. You love them and every lady has a pair or two in her closet. Unfortunately, they aren’t appropriate for work so Monday through Friday, leave them at home.

This rule includes shoes that have polka dots, zebra or leopard prints, and any other trendy patterns or designs.


You know what they say, “The taller the heel, the less appropriate it is for work.”

Who says that? We do.

These shoes are great for a girl’s night out or clubbing, but for business attire, they really aren’t doing it for us as dress shoes.

Flip Flops

If you’re looking to get canned, one great way to do so is to wear flip flops to work and see how many times you can walk by the CEO’s office before being reprimanded.

It won’t take long.

Wrapping it Up

So now you know what to wear and what not to wear. You can’t go wrong with a classy pair of pumps or even some nice Mary Jane’s.

A lot of your attire possibilities depend on your office’s dress code. To next level your outfit, match your shoes with your bag and any other accessories you’re rocking that day.

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This is Why You Should Be Listening to Music at Work

music at workIf you haven’t jumped on the headphones-at-work trend yet, it’s time to embrace it. Music offers tons of mental benefits—all of which can boost your productivity and lower your stress.

Music has already found its way into the professional world. According to a 1994 study, music helped surgeons perform faster and more accurately on the job.

Music can boost your job performance, too. Keep reading for the reasons why you should be listening to music at work.

Why You Need to Listen to Music at Work

Music Helps Cancel out Distractions

If you work in a noisy environment, music can save you from losing focus after every little distraction. This can be especially helpful for office workers who share space in a manufacturing facility. Imagine listening to the dulcet tones of your favorite artist instead of the noises coming from the box crusher.

As an added bonus, wearing headphones can signal to an overly talkative coworker that you need to devote your full attention to the task at hand. It’s a polite way of saying that you’d love to hear about their weekend—as soon as you’re done with this report.

Listening to Music at Work Can Help You Get Through Tedious Tasks

If you’re facing a day filled with the same repetitive task, it’s time to pop in the ear buds and get to work. Music gives your brain something new to focus on.

It’s the best way to avoid boredom while you finish your work. You might find you finish your work faster, too.

Tunes Can Soothe Your Stress

Most workplaces are rife with stress, but music is a powerful stress-reduction tool.

One 2005 study looked at how listening to music at work affected the moods of 56 Canadian software developers. They found that this group reported more positive feelings the longer they listened to music while working. The more access they had to music, the less stress or sadness seemed to bring them down.

Listening to music can actually calm your anxiety at work. It may actually increase your feelings of happiness, too.

Music Can Help You Do a Better Job

That same study found something else, too. Once the study participants felt happier, they worked harder, faster, and produced higher-quality work than they did during quiet periods.

Listening to music can help you get through the mental blocks that might otherwise trip you up during your day.

New Music Can Give Your Brain a Burst of Creativity

Getting yourself out of your comfort zone can do wonders for your creativity. If you’re up against a deadline at work and you can’t seem to brainstorm a new idea, try listening to some fresh tunes you haven’t heard before.

Trying out a new auditory experience can shake you out of your funk and get you thinking differently.

Consider branching out to a streaming website like Telling Beatzz. As a bonus, if you’re sourcing audio for a video you’re working on, Telling Beatzz has you covered.

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