5 Ways to Get a Facelift Without Surgery

Do you lack the youthful glow you used to have a decade ago?

Have you looked into getting a facelift, but denied it as an option to avoid going under the knife?

The answer for many women and men reluctant to undergo surgery is a non surgical facelift.

This solution to the problem of aging skin can undo years from your face, without the complications or cost of a traditional facelift.

There are also a variety of options, some that can be combined and customized to get the results that you are interested in.

In addition, you can pick the option that is best for you and your situation as far as time, the number of appointments, and cost.

Read on to learn more about the options when considering a facelift that is non surgical.

What is a non surgical facelift?

The definition of a non surgical facelift is one that is minimally invasive and avoids a full fledge surgery.

These methods still bring volume to rejuvenate your face, but in most cases, at a lesser risk.

However, it is important to mention that almost all methods still involve a specialist or doctor to administer the treatment.

Here are five methods worth mentioning in minimally-invasive facelifts.

1. Microcurrent Therapy

Microcurrent therapy works by sending tiny pulses through the skin, back and forth through the muscle layer.

This works by improving the muscle quality, which is also why this method is often used for back pain by physical therapists.

This method can be effective for women who are looking for minor improvement in their skin, and there is minimal downtime for it.

2. Thermage

Thermage is a treatment that uses radiofrequency waves to improve damaged and aging skin.

It works by using these waves to stimulate the production of collagen, which in turn, removes wrinkles.

This solution offers minimal downtime, and it works deep in the tissue to correct aging skin.

3. Botox

Botox is one of the most well-known non surgical options, with 4,267,038 procedures in the US in 2015 alone.

It is known as a neuromodulator and is injected into the muscles of the face. This causes the face to relax, which prevents the muscles from contracting.

This lack of contraction is what causes wrinkles to disappear since contraction can lead to wrinkles. This makes them very effective in treating fine lines, especially in the forehead, around the eyes, and between the eyebrows.

Results appear within three to seven days and last three to four months, so ongoing treatment is likely to continue the desired result.

4. Radiesse

Radiesse is a type of injectable filler that is a non-permanent wrinkle solution. It is especially effective for deep wrinkles.

It is more expensive than other filler options, but it lasts longer and requires fewer treatments to achieve results.

This treatment is especially recommended for wrinkles around the nostrils and mouth.

5. Facial Exercise

Facial exercise is the least invasive method on this list and stands out because it is something you can do from home.

There are dozens of different exercises you can do daily to see results over time. It is important to do them regularly and to make these part of your everyday routine.

This can be as fun as you’d like to make it, and you could incorporate it any way that works for you. You could even do it as part of your regular exercise, like during at-home yoga.

As well, you can use this option in combination with another method, as long as it is healed and as long as the person who administers the treatment gives you the O.K.

Benefits of a non surgical facelift

Overall, there are numerous benefits to getting a facelift. You feel more confident, radiant, and younger.

These methods are minimally-invasive, and most have very little downtime. As well, the side effects are considered minimal especially in comparison to the traditional facelift.

In addition to these options, consider improving your overall health and wellness to reduce stress and future wrinkles.

Check out our article on five rejuvenating wellness activities you deserve to try to learn more about how these can improve your quality of life.

Where to Find Quality Loans for Bad Credit

There are all kinds of reasons why you might want to take out a loan.

Maybe you want to go back to school now that your kids are a little bit older. Perhaps you want to build an addition onto your house to make room for a new arrival. Maybe you need a new car to get your kids to and from soccer practice.

However, if you have bad credit, getting that loan can sometimes be pretty tough.

But despite what you might think, there are options out there. In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to find the best loans for bad credit.

The financial future you want is possible. You just have to know where to look to find it.

Try Online Installment Loans

The first option on our list of loans for bad credit?

Online installment loans.

First of all, online installment loans often let you borrow more money than other options allow. You’re paid this money in installments (in most cases, once a month.) This helps you to increase your credit score while also preventing you from spending the money carelessly.

So, if you struggle to control your desire to splurge, installment loans are a wonderful option.

This means that you’ll also have a longer period over which to repay the loan — but that’s an advantage if your current cash flow is less than you’d like it to be.

Most online installment loans bad credit also offer a more flexible repayment schedule. As long as you have an American bank account and have proven a reasonable ability to repay the loans, you’ll be approved.

Best of all?

In the majority of installment loan applications, no credit check is required. Additionally, you won’t be asked to divulge detailed information about your finances. The application is incredible simple, and only takes about ten minutes to fill out.

In most cases, you’ll see your first installment payment within 24 hours of your approval.

A Loan from a Credit Union

If your credit is less than stellar, you know firsthand how difficult it can be to get approved for a loan by a bank.

Luckily, there are other options.

Another one of the most popular loans for bad credit? Credit union loans.

While you’ll still need to provide a certain amount of financial information, and demonstrate a reasonable repayment ability, credit union loans are a great possibility for those with bad credit.

To get the loan, you’ll need to become a member of a credit union. This too, isn’t nearly as complicated as it might sound. All you really need to do is demonstrate that you live near the credit union, or that you work in a certain field approved by the union.

This means that pretty much anyone will be accepted for membership, as long as you find a credit union where you meet the membership criteria.

So, how are these credit unions able to grant you loans even if you have truly awful credit?

It’s because they operate as non-profit entities, so they can undercut the costs and interest rates of banks.

Plus, because they’re used to working with individuals on a more personal basis, you’ll likely receive much better customer service than you would at a large bank branch. You’ll also have to pay less fees and penalties, which can make the process much more of a financial possibility.

Keep in mind though, that loans from a credit union will often have shorter repayment periods than installment loans. Additionally, the amount of money you’re able to borrow will likely be less than you can get from an installment loan.

Apply for a Home Equity Line of Credit

If you’re a homeowner, you’ll have a nice leg up when it comes to getting loans for bad credit.

This is because you’ll be able to use what’s called a home equity line of credit (also known as a “HELOC.”)

Of course, this means that your home will serve as collateral. So, that means it’s incredibly important to really think about this choice, and to be honest with yourself about your ability to make repayments.

If you have a minimum of a 20% stake of equity in your home, you’re eligible for a HELOC. You’ll also need to prove to your lender that you have a strong record of employment.

If approved, you’ll be able to take out a line of credit on your home that’s tax-deductible. The interest rate will be much more manageable than other options, and you’ll be able to use the money for anything you like.

Look for “Bad Credit Loans”

In your search for loans for bad credit, you might come across something simply titled “bad credit loans.”

However, this option is last on our list for a reason. Only go for this choice if you’ve been denied the other loan types we’ve listed.


Because this is the type of loan where it’s easy to get trapped in a debt cycle. This is because these loans come with seriously high interest rates that make it challenging to get out of debt.

However, the majority of people who apply for these loans are accepted, even if you have bad credit.

Want More Advice About Loans for Bad Credit?

As you can see from this post, you have far more options than you might think when it comes to securing loans for bad credit.

However, it’s always important to make sure that you’re borrowing money because of a real need, not because of a want. Speak with your partner and talk about how you plan to stick to your repayment schedule.

One of the best ways to make sure you’re always on top of your bills? By looking for other ways to save money.

That’s where we come in.

Spend some time on our website to connect with the best deals and discounts for everyday items. Also, be sure to check out our money-saving tips.

Now is the time to secure your financial future, for both you and your children. We’re happy to have helped you take the first step.

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Cryotherapy

A few minutes in a below-freezing tank may sound like torture, but it’s actually quite healthy. So what’s the deal and why are so many people paying for the experience?

Read on to learn about 5 fantastic cryotherapy benefits!

1. Treatments Only Take A Few Minutes At A Time

For those on the go, cryotherapy is like a quick day at the spa combined with an extreme workout.

Since cryotherapy patients subject themselves to sub-zero temperatures, treatments can only last for a short time.

But during those few minutes, the body burns hundreds of calories, perfect for the mom on the go.

And while the treatments may only take a few minutes out of the day, the effects last hours.

Expect a boost in metabolism, a reinvigorated sense of energy, and an even better night’s sleep.

2. Cryotherapy Is Safe And Doctor Approved

How can submerging one’s self into a freezing tank be safe?

At first, there were a lot of questions about the safety of cryotherapy. However, over time, doctors have witnessed cryotherapy’s benefits in their patients.

Some have even used it for certain cancer treatments!

So yes, cryotherapy is entirely safe. It’s not abnormal to feel skeptical, but the results don’t lie.

3. Athletes Will Recover Faster

Those who’ve heard about cryotherapy likely found out about it from athletes touting its effectiveness. Those who live an active lifestyle benefit from cryotherapy the most, as Cerulean points out.

A hard training regimen wears the body down. And while it’s great to wait a few days to let it rest, progress may be lost, rendering the workout pointless.

But with cryotherapy, athletes can train harder for longer without needing so much downtime.

Runners and sprinters especially see huge gains using this frozen recovery method.

4. Cryotherapy Can Alleviate Joint And Muscle Aches

Of course, you don’t need to be an athlete to get cryotherapy benefits. These treatments work great for the average person too, especially the elderly.

As we age, our joints wear down and our muscles ache. And while some of this is unavoidable, cryotherapy can turn back the clock and keep us at our healthiest and youngest, no matter how old we get.

Ultimately, cryotherapy targets inflammation in the joints and muscles, alleviating pain. Those with arthritis can benefit every bit as much as an athlete.

5. Cryotherapy Releases Endorphins

By now, we’ve learned that cryotherapy boosts recovery and even helps aching joints. But cryotherapy benefits don’t end once you leave the tank.

Cryotherapy releases endorphins, making patients happier and more relaxed, something they can take with them when they leave.

Final Thoughts On Cryotherapy Benefits

All in all, everyone could stand to benefit from a little cold soak. Be it athletes or busy moms, there’s no end to the fantastic health benefits cryotherapy can offer.

Are you one of the thousands that have tried cryotherapy? Let us know what you think in the comments.

And don’t forget to check out our health blog for more great health tips!

Get Your Hands Dirty: How To Start A Home Cleaning Business

Who wants to live the rest of their life making someone else rich? The only way out of this conundrum is to go into business for yourself.

And what better way to do so than by starting a home cleaning business? If you have experience as a housekeeper, maid or are really great at cleaning your own home, then this could be for you.

What’s great about this industry is that it’s very lucrative. After all, people will always need their homes cleaned and most lack the time to do it themselves. Plus, landlords require your services when tenants move out.

So there’s definitely a market for it.

Back in 2010, there were over 824,000 cleaning workers. The 50 largest cleaning companies made up about 30% of the revenue. Yet only 7% of cleaning workers were self-employed. So that means less competition for you in the small business sector.

Now, let’s review what you have to do to jump-start your home cleaning business.

Do Your Own Assessment of the Industry

There are many factors that play a part in determining whether starting a cleaning business is a good idea. For instance, the area you live in and your own skill set.

What makes this an attractive option is the low overhead required to start a home cleaning business. All that matters is that you and your employees work hard to maintain a happy customer base.

You’ll need to be in good physical condition, which means having the ability to stand, kneel, reach and bend repetitively. However, if you’re not fit, this doesn’t exclude you from being a business owner.

In this case, you can open up shop and then supervise employees who can handle the cleaning tasks.

What Office Skills Do You Have?

The more office skills you have, the fewer employees you’ll need to hire. For instance, you’ll need to know how to answer phones, schedule appointments, file paperwork and do your bookkeeping.

Then when tax season comes around, you’ll have to file accordingly. It’s also important to be very detailed, so you know exactly what your customers need to provide satisfactory cleaning.

Write Up a Business Plan for Your Home Cleaning Business

Once you’ve assessed the industry and your ability to run a cleaning business, it’s time to start planning. And the best way to do this is with a business plan.

This is mainly for your own use unless you need a loan to get equipment and vehicles to operate your company.

In your plan, go over details about the type of cleaning services you’ll offer, what demographics and locations you’ll target and whether you’ll have a niche. For instance, you can offer a “green” cleaning service for eco-friendly customers.

Next, go over your pricing plans – will you charge by the hour or per sq ft? Research what your competitors are charging and how, so you can gain a competitive edge.

Now, you don’t have to lower your rates to compete. You can offer greater quality or a different range of services to attract customers.

Set Up Your Accounting System

This has to be set up well before you begin operating. It’s important to keep track of all invoices, expenses, sales tax, payroll, and income.

Keep your business finances separate from your personal expenses. This will only muddle things when it comes time to file taxes for your company.

You can use an online software, such as Quickbooks to make things easier. Or you can work with an accountant. Either way, it’s good to keep track of your finances in the physical, so keep a record book on hand.

Apply for Insurance and Bonding

Customers like to work with businesses that are licensed, bonded, and insured. If you advertise this in your promotions, then it’ll help build trust.

There are different types of coverage you can seek. For instance, you’ll need liability insurance (depending on where you live). Options include yearly or quarterly payments, and bonds are readily available at local insurance companies.

Make sure to renew your bond annually. Do note that each employee you hire will hike up your insurance rates. So make sure you’re hiring people who are trustworthy and careful.

It’s also important to know that you can only cover employees under your insurance, not sub-contractors. However, you can check your policy to make sure.

Purchase the Supplies You Need

The products you purchase for your home cleaning business depends on the type of services you offer. For instance, if you boast eco-friendliness, then you need to acquire natural cleaning products.

It’s good to go with brands your customers heard of. This way, they already know and trust the products you have. Otherwise, you’ll have to educate them on why it’s healthy, good and reliable.

Make sure to ask whether the customer has specific cleaning supplies for certain appliances.

Then you’ll have to decide whether you want to use the customer’s vacuum or tote around your own.

Begin Advertising Your Services

Now, it’s time to get the word out about your new home cleaning business. You can easily do this with a mix of online and offline marketing. For instance, you can use social media, pay-per-click ads, fliers and feather flags.

Make sure the business logo, name, numbers, rates, and services are consistent on all your marketing collateral. You can choose to post your rates are only disclose it to prospects who call (to keep competition down).

Get Transportation and Uniforms

Presentation and consistency are everything in business. So you need professional cleaning uniforms and a reliable means of transportation.

You have to determine whether you want employees to use their own vehicles or supply them with one.

Continue Learning About Becoming an Entrepreneur

There’s a lot you can learn when you find the right online resources. At Thrifty Momma Ramblings, you can find tips and advice for running a thrifty business and living frugally.

If you’re looking to start your own home cleaning business, then browse through Thrifty Momma Ramblings blog for more thrifty business tips.

How to Choose the Right Window Replacement Company

Being a housewife or a working woman doesn’t need to have “handyman” as part of the job description.

However, sometimes home projects come up that you can’t ignore.

One day it’s a faulty appliance, the next it might be changing the look of your child’s bedroom.

What happens when you need to fix or replace your windows, though?

You don’t need to take this task on solo. Instead, find a window replacement company you can trust to get the job done.

Not sure if you need to pick up the phone just yet?

Here are some signs your windows need a change and how to make it happen.

Signs You Need to Find a Window Replacement Company

1. Wear and Tear

Shattered glass isn’t the only sign of a damaged window.

Some windows build up scratches over time or get foggy. They can come loose from their frames, too.

It’s not something you need to pay close attention to all the time, but you should check your window quality every once in a while.

Being proactive about this can save you lots of time and energy in the long run.

2. Insulation

Your windows play a big role in how energy flows throughout the house.

Sometimes, windows look great even if they aren’t working well.

Proper insulation means the air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard. This keeps everyone comfortable and plays into your monthly energy bill.

If the glass looks crystal clear but your bill is on the rise, you may need to call a window replacement company.

You can double check before making a call by looking closely at the frame.

On a sunny day, the light will be cracking through the seam where it meets the wall. During rainy days, you can run your finger along the seam and feel for moisture.

3. Remodeling

Thankfully, finding a window replacement company doesn’t always have to be about fixing what’s broken.

If you’re changing the design of your living room or getting new window trimmings in the kitchen, explore all your options.

Adding a window replacement to the project can cross off multiple things at once. It keeps your windows in great condition so you don’t have to worry about the issues above.

While your reasons for new windows may vary, there are some rules that remain constant when looking for a window replacement company.

Keep reading for a detailed guide of what to do.

How to Make the Right Choice

1. Ask Around

The best way to start your search is asking friends and family.

You may be surprised to find out how many people have recently gotten a window replacement or new windows altogether.

Your mom might have recently fixed a broken window. Your friends could be in the middle of adding an extension to their home.

If you can’t think of anyone to reach out to, ask your coworkers.

Someone in your network is bound to point you in the right direction.

This is especially helpful if you live in a big city! Can you imagine looking for a San Diego replacement window company on your own?

2. Read Reviews

Once you get a list going of companies to consider, get online.

Look at each option’s website and make it a point to read their reviews. This is your inside look at the way a window replacement company works.

Reviews tell you what you can expect from start to finish. This includes how long a project can take to how well the results come out. Also, read for levels of professionalism and pricing.

Understand not every experience will be the same, but there should be a common theme to what reviews are saying.

As you read, pay attention to any bias that may be included.

Use your discretion to weed out the good companies from the bad.

If you really want to know every detail, check out what people are saying on community pages or social media. This is an important extra step because only the best testimonials go on a company website.

But, a little digging can help you paint the full picture.

3. Know the Look You Want

Speaking of painting the picture, do you already have a vision of what your new windows will look like?

Hiring a window replacement company is the perfect chance to switch things up. There are many aesthetics to choose from, but below are some of our favorites.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are technically two sets of glass.

The outer layer works to protect against moisture from the outside. The inner layer is the first defense against insulation leaving the house.

The double layer is a great option for families with kids.

It lets you have the look of an open window without worrying about your little one poking their head out.

Fixed Glass Windows

If you can do without opening your windows, go for a fixed option.

Fixed windows are locked in place and don’t budge. They are often on home doors or small openings close to the ceiling.

This option allows you to incorporate colors or stained glass for added aesthetics.

Awning Windows

Awning windows open from the bottom. Instead of sliding up and down, they tilt out at an angle.

This is a beautiful choice above the kitchen sink or in your master bathroom.

The window allows for natural air to flow in and out in a unique way.

This helps to clear the room after a steamy shower. Or, you can open an awning window to enjoy the sound of rain on a stormy day.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows move horizontally along a plastic or metal track.

These come in single as well as double hung options.

A single sliding window will only move in one direction. Double hung options can be opened from the left or right, kind of like sliding doors on a closet.

These are another great option for moments you want a little bit of airflow in and out without opening the whole window. Be cautious of insulation and moisture getting trapped in the glass.

Whatever window style you choose, think of added options like trims and curtains.

This will help you get a better idea of how the whole room will look.

You might opt for a double hung with stylish panels. Or, get curtains to close a fixed window when it’s letting in too much light.

Check the Materials

When you have your ideal window choice in mind, check which of your window replacement company options can deliver.

Some businesses will specialize in certain styles. Others will have a wider range of services.

The best way to find out who can make your dreams reality is looking at the materials each company uses. Always check for energy efficient glass.

Explore different frame and installation options. The most popular materials are vinyl, wood, and aluminum.


Vinyl is the standard framing option.

It is low maintenance and high quality for a fair price. You can trust this material to do the job without breaking the bank.

Vinyl frames also come in many colors and finishes to bring the whole room together.


For a cozy country home or an elegant rustic look, consider a wood window.

Wood frames are more expensive and require routine maintenance. Many homeowners say the natural beauty is well worth it.

You can balance the total cost of wood with choosing vinyl for the exterior. This will last longer against the elements and lower your maintenance.


Aluminum is the strongest of all frame materials.

This choice is most common for business buildings and public establishments.

You can purchase them for your home as well.

Aluminum will also be on the pricer side. It pays for itself with its strong thermal conductivity and durability.

Try to Stay in Your Budget

Don’t fall in love with a window replacement company without getting a quote.

Consider your budget as you choose between window styles and frames. Think of the other projects you need to do in the house, and make a list of priorities.

Would you rather pay more up front and save on energy bills and future replacements? Or, do you prefer to take window treatments one step at a time?

Think with your wallet as well as your design eye.

Meet in Person

When you reach out to your top window replacement company options, set up a meeting.

It’s much better to talk pricing in person. Not only does this make your quote more accurate, but it gives you a chance to feel out the people working on your home.

Look for a professional who is straightforward with you.

He or she will provide details on what a window replacement looks like and estimate a time frame.

This person should communicate well and answer all your questions.

Make a Decision

Ready to get an easy repair or make your remodeling dreams come true?

Once you’ve followed the steps above, it’s time to make your pick!

Finding a window replacement company isn’t necessarily a walk in the park. But it doesn’t have to be a headache.

Trust the process and watch your interior design dreams come true.

If you’re looking to replace your kitchen windows, check out these tips to tie the whole room together.

How to Find the Best Dog Crate to House Train Your Dog

If you’re having trouble teaching your dog to do his business outside, crate training may be the answer. This simple and effective method makes house training easy for both pets and owners. Taking the time to choose the best dog crate will set you up for long-term success.

Dog crates come in many sizes and offer a variety of features. The best dog crate for you will depend on a variety of factors including the dog’s age, breed, and activity level. Crates are useful for more than training, so you will want to consider all of your options before making a purchase.

Here’s everything you need to know about using a dog crate and how to choose the best dog crate for your needs. Let’s get started!

Crate Training Misconceptions

Some misinformed individuals may try to tell you that crate training is cruel. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Breeders, veterinarians, trainers, and the American Kennel Club (AKC) all recommend using a crate to train your dog.

As descendants of the wolf, dogs feel safe and secure sleeping in small den-like enclosures. They enjoy having their own space where they can relax. Leave the door to his crate open when not in use, and you may be surprised to find your dog voluntarily curling up inside for a nap.

Understanding the Basics of Crate Training

A well-trained dog is a happy dog. Your pet inherently wants to please you, so he’s most content when he understands what you expect of him. The best dog crate training allows you to teach your pet the rules of the house when it comes to potty training and other habits.

Potty training your dog using a crate is simple once you understand the basic principles.

Make the Crate a Happy Place

The most important thing to know about crate training is that it must always be a positive experience for your dog. Make the crate comfortable by lining it with soft blankets. Make it a happy place by putting a few of his favorite toys inside.

Start Your Dog Off Slowly

Start by putting your dog in the crate for short periods of time, about 10 minutes or so. Every time the dog enters his crate, give him a treat and plenty of praise. Once he starts to get used to the crate, you can start to extend the time he spends inside.

Take Him Outside Immediately

When you take your dog out of his crate, immediately take him outside. Do not pet him, play with him, or otherwise excite him. Stay calm, wait for him to do his business, and then give tons of praise and treats.

Learn to be Patient

There will be times when your dog gets distracted by all of the exciting things outside and doesn’t do his business. When this happens, simply return him to his crate, wait five or ten minutes, and repeat the process.

The best dog crate training is useless if you don’t do it consistently. Stay the course and your dog will soon learn that leaving the crate means it’s time to go potty. Taking him outside right away every time sends the signal that outside is the appropriate place to do his business.

A Word About Treats

Since you will be giving your dog lots of treats during the process, try choosing something healthy. Homemade dog treats are better for your pet and often less expensive than store-bought treats. When training in the summer months, a tasty frozen dog treat is the ultimate reward.

Crate Training Mistakes to Avoid

If you take nothing else away from this article, remember to never, ever use the crate as punishment. Don’t leave your dog in the crate for long periods of time. Dogs need play time, socialization, and plenty of potty breaks.

Above all, remember to be patient and understanding. It may take some time, but if you’re consistent about following the training process, your dog will learn in no time. Recognize the times when you’ve failed to follow the steps, and take responsibility rather than blaming your dog.

Crates Aren’t Just for Potty Training

Crates are useful for more than potty training. Here are three more reasons that you need to have a crate available for your dog.

Safety and Comfort

Until your dog or puppy has learned how to behave in your home, the crate can keep him safe and prevent him from damaging your property. Keeping your dog in his crate, especially when you’re not at home, can also help with separation anxiety. When your dog gets too crazy for his own good, the best dog crate can offer a safe place for him to take a “time out.”

Emergency Situations

If you have to evacuate to a pet-friendly shelter in a natural disaster like a hurricane, flood, or wildfire, you’ll have to keep your pet in a crate. In this situation, your pet may feel anxious about all of the unfamiliar people and animals. Keeping him in his crate is safer for all involved.

Travel Requirements

Airlines have specific requirements for traveling with your pet. When traveling by car, the appropriate crate will help to keep your dog safe. If you stay in a hotel, a travel crate will prevent your dog from causing damage to the room.

Choosing the Best Dog Crate

Now that you have an idea of how you’ll use your crate, it’s time to choose the right one. Here’s what you should look for.

Crate Size

One of the most important consideration is the size of the crate. Your dog should be able to stand and turn around.

Crate training is effective because dogs will naturally avoid doing their business where they sleep. If the crate is too large, they may sleep in one area and potty on the other end. If you want to buy a crate that your dog can grow into, use a divider to create the appropriate amount of space.

Crate Material

There are five primary types of dog crates:

  • Wire – lightweight and offers excellent ventilation
  • Plastic – sturdy, easy to store, recommended for air travel
  • Fabric – soft-sided, portable, good for travel, picnics, and camping
  • Heavy-Duty – can be more expensive, but is best for strong and active dogs
  • Decorative – rattan, wicker, or finished wood crates look great in the home and are appropriate for non-destructive dogs

Metal crates with a powder coating are durable, weather-resistant, and inexpensive. Wire crates with electro-coating are resistant to corrosion, making them a great option for outdoor use.

Removable Pan

There are going to be times when your dog has an accident in his crate. A removable pan made of leakproof plastic makes clean-up easy. The best dog crate will have an odor-resistant pan to ensure sanitary conditions for your dog.

Crate Strength

You want a crate that is strong enough to keep your dog safely inside, especially if it’s used for travel. Strength ranges from extra-light to heavy duty, and your dog’s size and personality will determine what you need. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so when in doubt, spend the extra money for a stronger crate.

Style Options

Your dog’s size, temperament, and your planned use for the crate will determine the best dog crate for your needs. If you plan to travel a lot, a lightweight, foldable crate is your best option. These crates are easy to set up and break down, and they’re durable enough to keep your dog safe and secure.

Standard crates are best for use in a single location. These are most popular for home use and are the perfect option for large or very active dogs.

Soft-sided tent-crates are appropriate for mild-mannered dogs who aren’t likely to try to escape. They’re durable and may save you from having to buy multiple crates, but you must ensure that they are strong enough to contain your dog.

Midwest Dog Crates

One of the best dog crate manufacturers on the market today is Midwest dog crate. With a huge variety of features and options available, they’re a one-stop-shop for all of your dog crate needs. Learn more by visiting their site at the link below! https://www.petcratesdirect.com/blogs/news/midwest-dog-crates.

Don’t hesitate to Buy the Best Dog Crate

There are many benefits to bringing a dog into your home, especially if you have children. Taking the time to train your dog properly will allow him to provide you and your family with a lifetime of joy.

If you aren’t sure about the type of crate you need, don’t let that stop you from making the purchase. There are so many advantages to having a crate in your home, it’s worth the money to buy one right away.

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Momma Side Jobs: Get Your Hustle On With These Ideas for Part Time Jobs Online

The gig economy in the United States is now approximately 34% of the workforce. By 2020, it’s expected to be 43%, and likely to continue to grow in leaps and bounds in the future.

This includes full-time gig workers, along with part-timers, and of course, hardworking mommas.

The internet has changed the way we work and opened up a range of opportunities for busy moms. Now, you can work at home while the kids are playing or asleep. That means keeping one foot in the workforce, contributing to the household, and maybe even running your own business.

Here are a few options for part time jobs online:

Part Time Jobs Online Freelancing

Freelancing is becoming more popular than ever. Not only can you pick your own hours, but you can work as much, or as little as you like. Instead of working for one boss, you’ll have a number of clients, giving you flexibility and the potential to raise your rates after each project.

Did you feel a surge of accomplishment whenever you finished a high school or college paper? Maybe you know you’ve got the writing chops to keep people entertained? As long as you know the difference between “their” and “there”, freelance blogging could be for you.

If you have a background in marketing, or experience writing copy, copywriting can be a lucrative way to earn a side income.

Other freelancing jobs include:

  • Virtual assistant
  • Web designer
  • Web developer
  • Consultant
  • Social media manager
  • And more


As a native English speaker, you have access to one of the best part-time jobs online: Teaching.

Whether you need to brush up on your verb tenses or you’re a grammar nerd, there are plenty of companies available which allow you to teach English online through video conferencing tools like Skype.

Here are some companies you can check out:

  • italki
  • Verbling
  • Toshuo
  • Cambly
  • Preply
  • And more

Start A Blog

If you have a particular set of skills or knowledge, why not teach others? There are plenty of platforms that you can use to build your blog, but the most popular by far is WordPress.

Once you have your domain, hosting, and theme, you can get started building your blog. This is a great option for moms- it can be lonely spending all day at home with the kids, and blogging allows you to build a business around your passions- whatever they may be.

Here are some options if you’re thinking about starting a blog:

  • Travel
  • Finance
  • Health and fitness
  • Cooking
  • Animals
  • Parenting
  • Finance
  • Lifestyle
  • And more

Whether you want to show readers how you managed to afford your home on one income or review the best dustbuster around, blogging is a great option. Keep in mind that there are currently more than 440 million blogs online. That means that you won’t shoot into internet fame in the first few months.

Blogging is hard work, and it takes time to build a loyal audience. But once you’re getting regular visitors, you can monetize your blog with sponsored posts, advertising, and more.

Sell Your Creations

If you’re the artistic type, or you simply love doing things with your hands, this could be a great opportunity for a side hustle. Whether you create funky iPhone cases, cute kids toys, or wearable fashion, there’s a market out there for your creations.

While you may want to visit come craft fairs to get your name out there, the internet will allow you to work entirely from home. Websites like Etsy are a great option, so put your best foot forward and turn your passion into moolah.

Home Parties

Are you one of those people who seems to know everyone? Maybe you have a large group of loyal friends or a clique of moms who like to hang out together?

Home parties a fun way to socialize without needing to leave the house (win/win). But they’re also a great way to earn income on the side. Ok, these aren’t strictly part time jobs online, but the internet has changed the way these parties work.

No longer are they just for small groups of people who know each other. Instead, you can set up a website, social media accounts, and do some serious marketing. That way, you’ll attract plenty of people from your city, and seriously boost the amount of money you can make for each party.


Tutoring is another great way to earn some extra cash, and once word gets around, it can turn into a part-time job. This is another way you can earn money through Skype or Google Hangouts, and you can do it from the comfort of your own couch.

There are plenty of Facebook groups and online forums for high schools and colleges, so why not target your potential clients directly?


You can make some serious money selling stuff online. Once you run out of selling your own things to sell, you can make a commission selling other people’s pre-loved clothes, furniture, and more.

Most people are time poor, so you can offer to sell their items for a commission (say 15%). You then arrange for clients to buy these items off you, and once they’re sold, you take your cut.

There are plenty of ways to sell these items, including Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook Yard Sales. You can find clients through family and friends, use your local newspaper, and share your ads through social media.

You may even want to create your own website, which could eventually turn into your own online platform.

Have You Tried These Part Time Jobs Online?

The above jobs are all great ways to earn extra income while you’re a stay-at-home mom. We all need a little extra money, and these are the types of jobs that you can do while the kids are napping, at school, or playing.

Are you looking for part time jobs online? Maybe you’re planning to launch your own business? Check out some of our top blog posts to help you get started.