Saving in Style: 4 Ways to Save Money When Buying Jewelry

Did you know the average millennial spends an average of $3,000 on an engagement ring?

When it comes to such an important and momentous occasion, such a price tag may be necessary. But, not all jewelry has to be super expensive. 

In fact, you can get great pieces without breaking the bank. But, it does require being a little savvy. Here are four ways you can save money buying jewelry.

1. Wait for the Sales to Finally Arrive

Do you feel like you need those earrings RIGHT now? Don’t behave like Verruca Salt. You can save a lot of money by waiting for sales. 

Better yet, by waiting before you make a large purchase, you will truly decide whether to spend that money or not.

When the sales come around, you may decide that this piece of jewelry actually wasn’t quite right for you. If it is right for you, your purchase will be much cheaper and the feeling of buying them will be a lot sweeter thanks to the wait.

If you get bored waiting for the sales to finally hit, you can also start making interesting pieces of jewelry yourself at home.

2. Buy in Bulk with a Friend

If you’ve had your eye on a piece for some time, wait until there are a few items you can’t live without. 

Although buying more sounds counter-intuitive, if you have a reason to buy multiple items, you may get a discount. 

Does your friend also want a necklace like yours? Ask your jeweler if they will give you money off for buying multi-items. Then have your friend pay you before you make a double purchase.

3. Get a Referral from Family

When buying new jewellery, you may want to go to a jeweler who your friends or family already know. 

Ask your friend to speak to their jeweler and find out if they’ll give you money off for referring others. 

You may be surprised by how often this happens. These small incentives really work for businesses and can save you a pretty penny in the long run. 

4. Ask for a Discount by Offering to Pay Cash

Finally, the age old saying “don’t ask, don’t get” always comes into play when it concerns money! 

Do you feel that you’d buy a piece of jewelry if it was just a little more in your price range? Let your jeweler know, and they will see what they can do.

Better yet, if you already have the cash on hand for a discounted price, your jeweler may be even more convinced!

You may also want to ask for a discount by finding the same piece of jewelry somewhere else and asking for a price match. 

Save Money Buying Jewelry by Keeping Your Eyes Peeled

If none of these methods to save money buying jewelry work, there are always other methods you can try. For example, trade in your current jewelry for money or a new piece. 

When it comes to diamonds, you could also consider choosing just one clarity grade below your preferred option. It usually takes two grades for anyone to notice.

Alternatively, consider budgeting jewelry into your life. To do this, you’ll need to make cuts everywhere else. Do you need more tips on frugal living? Check out our dedicated section!

Life After Addiction: 4 Ways Women Can Rebuild Their Lives

There are over 21 million American adults who struggle with addiction. If you have been among those numbers, but have recently become sober — congratulations!

Even after receiving treatment for an addiction, however, addicts can have a tough time reintegrating into society as a sober person. 

Life after addiction can be more rewarding and fulfilling than you ever thought possible. Read on to discover some of the paths you can take toward reclaiming your best life.

Rebuild Relationships

It’s likely that when you were using drugs or drinking to excess, you were running with a less-than-savory crowd. Now that you’re sober, you’re going to have to distance yourself from people who still use. That doesn’t mean you need to turn your back on them entirely, but it’s time to cultivate some healthy relationships.

Family members and friends who encouraged you to get treatment are going to be your allies now that you’re sober. Rely on them. You may need to work to regain their trust, but chances are that they’ll be happy to have the new, sober you back in their lives.

Find a New Job

If you can return to your previous career after treatment, great! If not, or if you didn’t have much of a career during your days as an addict, it’s time to find a new way to make a living.

Look at job boards specifically geared toward people in recovery or people with a criminal history. America In Recovery is one such resource, but there are others. Networking can also help you find opportunities.

Remember that employers cannot discriminate against you for being a recovering addict if you do disclose your status. 

Go Back to School

This is the perfect time to go back to school. After all, you are reinventing yourself as a person in recovery, so why not give your life a total makeover? Learn new skills that you have always wanted to develop, or begin an educational program that will end in a fulfilling job.

There are lots of scholarships, grants, and loans available to help you through school if finances are an issue. In other words, don’t hesitate to follow your dreams, even if you think it may not be feasible. 

Take Up a Hobby

When you were abusing drugs or alcohol, just being an addict likely took up a lot of your time. Scrounging up the money for drugs, then acquiring them, was probably time-consuming. Now that you no longer have to worry about finding money for drugs or the drugs themselves, you have a lot of time on your hands.

Why not explore a new hobby? Artistic pursuits such as drawing, painting, or sculpting, or crafty hobbies like knitting or sewing, are a wonderful way to channel your energies.

Also rewarding is volunteer work. Choose a charity or organization that needs help and offer up your time. This is a great way to meet people, too!

Another way to use your time is to teach yourself everything there is to know about one particular topic. Whether you’re a history buff, enjoy reading about philosophy, or are interested in learning about CBD, learning can be pretty addictive itself. This article can help you get started.

Final Thoughts on Life After Addiction

Life after addiction doesn’t have to be all ice water and white-knuckling. You can have fun as a sober person! You can also make your career or educational dreams come true.

Do you have any tips for living a successful sober life? Or are you nervous about a particular aspect of life as a recovering addict? Start a conversation in the comment section below.

Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best After Christmas Sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday get all the shine for having fantastic deals for shoppers, but there’s a lesser known time of the year where you can also find some great savings. If you can manage to peel yourself away from the eggnog and gingerbread cookies, stores have some fantastic after Christmas sales. 

Stores are trying to clear out their end-of-year inventory in the week between Christmas and New Year’s, and at the beginning of the year, you might be able to catch some celebratory sales. 

If you’ve got some gift cards that you’re excited to spend, check out this guide to finding the best after Christmas sales. 

Don’t Shop by Brand

If you want to find the best sales, you’ve got to keep your options open. Only looking for sales in certain brands will limit your options. 

This is doubly important if you’re looking for sales from huge brands. For example, Apple knows that it will sell its MacBook Pro literally any day of the year. It doesn’t need to have a huge sale after Christmas. 

Department stores, on the other hand, are trying to move inventory before the end of the year. Smaller businesses could also be offering sales in order to compete with their larger competitors.  

Skipping Zales and heading over to The Diamond Registry, for example, can save you a ton of money. 

Keep your options open and your wallet will thank you for it! 

Wait to Buy Big Things

If there was no new flatscreen TV under your tree this year, that might actually have been a blessing in disguise. Waiting to buy big things like televisions or even cars can pay off in major savings. 

Car dealerships, for example, know that Christmas is a popular time to buy new cars. If you already planned and saved to purchase a new (or new to you) car, waiting until just a few days after Christmas could give you major negotiating power. They’ll be looking to sell off their current inventory before the end of the new year.

With items like televisions and other common gifts, stores will often buy more than they need just to make sure they have enough in stock. If they sell less than they were expecting, watch for those items to go on sale so that the business can still turn a profit before the end of the year.  

Stock up on Clothes

Almost everyone gets new clothes for Christmas. This is great for stores, except for when they have a ton of returns right after Christmas because your grandma forgot that you’re no longer a size two. 

Watch for clothing to go on sale after Christmas to entice both the people who are in the store to make a return and the people who have a brand new gift card that they’re excited to spend. You might end up getting a better deal than you would have if you’d bought the clothes before the holiday. 

As for what you should buy, this is a good time to buy winter clothing. Clothing stores will be starting to look ahead to spring in March, so the more winter inventory they can sell off, the better. 

Shop Holiday Decor

You know what else will be deeply discounted after Christmas? Holiday decorations. 

We still have a long time before Christmas comes back around again, but it always does. Have your decorations ready by buying them now, when they’re way cheaper. This follows the same logic as the other sales we’ve mentioned — the holiday is over now, and businesses probably have lots of unsold Christmas decorations laying around. 

You’ll thank yourself at Christmastime this year when you see those same decorations being sold for twice as much money. 

Stores with Great After Christmas Sales

Now that you know how to find great sales no matter what, let’s take a look at some of the retailers that reliably have some fantastic sales. If you just want to buy something without having to hunt for deals, these three places are going to be a pretty safe bet. 


Amazon usually offers deals on its own products, like the Echo, Kindle, and Firestick. However, these aren’t the only things that will be on sale. Check the site to see what they have available. 

The sales change every day and you could save as much as fifty percent of the cost of something you were already going to buy! (Plus, online shopping and two-day shipping is a godsend when you’re too tired to leave your house.) 

Best Buy 

Whether you want to buy headphones, laptops, or TVs, Best Buy has the sales for you. This is probably going to be your best bet to find electronics for far cheaper than you would have at other points during the year. 

Best Buy usually offers deals on open box items, deep discounts on clearance products, and sale prices on those popular electronics. If you were planning on getting a kid a new laptop for school or something similar, put an IOU under the tree and wait to buy it until after the holiday. 


You can always count on Kohl’s to have some deals. They had some great sales leading up to the holiday and they’re ending the holiday season with a bang. Check them out to score up to 70% off of clearance prices at the end of the year and put good use to that Kohl’s cash. 

This is a great option if you can’t decide if you’re looking for clothes, home decor, jewelry, or (let’s be real) all of the above. 

Shop the Best After Christmas Sales

With this guide to after Christmas sales, you can make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Whether you’re buying some belated Christmas gifts, getting the most out of your new gift cards, or just treating yourself to something nice, make sure you use this guide to find the best sales. 

Looking for more tips on how to be thrifty? You’re in the right place. Check out the rest of our frugal advice.

Honeymoon On a Budget: How to Get the Most for Your Money

The average honeymoon cost is about $4,466. If you’re planning your honeymoon, this steep amount can make a huge dent in your wallet — especially when you have pay for your wedding, too.

It can be tough to manage your finances while simultaneously preparing for your wedding. Fortunately, with the right research and planning, you can save money on your exciting excursion. 

Here are some tips to help you plan a honeymoon on a budget: 

1. Choose the Right Destination

While you might dream of taking a trip to an expensive destination like Honolulu or Rome, you’ll have to rethink your plans. Many locations aren’t ideal for having honeymoons on a budget. There are plenty of other affordable travel options that are still just as beautiful and romantic. 

If you want to travel outside of the country, keep exchange rates in mind. Some countries also have a lower exchange rate, making it much less expensive for travel there.

2. Start a Registry

Online registries allow couples to collect money for their budget honeymoon. You can also create a registry through travel agencies, and they’ll apply it directly to the trip you’re planning. 

Friends and family members can contribute money to certain aspects of your trip. For example, if you want to have a massage on your honeymoon, someone can gift you the money for that event. 

3. Take a Road Trip

Let’s face it: airfare is way too expensive when you have a strict honeymoon budget. Why not avoid flying altogether? Destinations that are closer to home can still be just as exciting as international or cross-country locations.

Road trips can also be a great way to spend time with your spouse. You’ll both be able to explore the country and take in all the tourist attractions on the way to your destination. 

4. Go on a Cruise

Cruise lines often offer discounts and special packages that you should definitely take advantage of. Touring different countries and experiencing the luxuries on the cruise ship can make your honeymoon extra memorable. Plus, you won’t be shelling out money for hotels, or transportation — all of that and more is included in your cruise. 

You should also consider embarking on a cruise around the gorgeous Galapagos Islands. Check out this great resource for more information about traveling to the Galapagos.  

5. Use Your Reward Points 

Don’t forget to apply the reward points that you’ve gained with your credit card when you’re paying for all of your expenses. When you plan accordingly, you can earn plenty of points to use for your big trip. Use these points to pay for your airfare, hotel stay, and car rental. 

6. Stay at an All-Inclusive Hotel

All-inclusive hotels have a ton of great benefits when you’re preparing cheap honeymoon ideas and travel plans. Simply paying one price can cover almost everything that your hotel offers. This can include your food, drinks, entertainment, activities, tips, tours and more. 

If you plan on eating and drinking a lot on your honeymoon, you should go for an all-inclusive resort where your food and drink costs are included. But if you’re on a strict diet, it might not be worth it to choose an all-inclusive hotel. 

All-inclusive packages can change depending on what hotel you stay at. Make sure to ask specific questions about what your hotel offers. 

7. Travel at the Best Times

Remember that you don’t have to leave for your honeymoon on the day after your wedding. Many couples plan a shorter honeymoon right after their wedding instead and opt to go on their real honeymoon months later. 

Waiting to go on your honeymoon can help you save a lot of cash since hotel and flight prices vary each season. Simply traveling during the right season can result in cheaper airfare, hotel costs, and can help you avoid crowds at your destination. 

You should also consider staying at resorts on weekdays, and in cities on weekends. Since most travelers do the exact opposite, you’ll face fewer crowds and cheaper costs. 

8. Tell the Hotel That You’re on a Honeymoon

Letting a hotel in on the fact that you’re newlyweds can actually help you save money. Hotels often have free specials for honeymooners and may even offer room upgrades. While some hotels don’t offer newlywed deals, it can’t hurt to ask. 

This isn’t just limited to hotels, either. You can even tell your bartender or an airport employee that you’re on a honeymoon. You might even get a free round of drinks or an upgrade to first-class. 

9. Choose the Cheapest Hotel Rooms

You might want the most luxurious room with a beautiful view, but these tend to be the most expensive. Most hotels tend to increase the price of rooms that overlook a beach or landscape. 

Saving money on your wedding and honeymoon comes down to your location and the amenities you choose to have. Sacrificing a room with a view won’t ruin your honeymoon. You’ll be outside exploring during most of your honeymoon, anyway. 

10. Hire a Travel Agent

You might be reluctant to spend extra cash on hiring a travel agent, but it’s usually worth it. In between planning your wedding, you might not have time to get your honeymoon set up. That’s where a travel agent comes in. 

With their many years of experience, they can help you plan a honeymoon that fits your budget. They specialize in finding the best deals for your trip. They can easily get you affordable rates on your airfare, hotel, and car rental. Travel agents can even book your excursions and honeymoon activities. 

The Bottom Line: Honeymoon on a Budget

Weddings and honeymoons can be outrageously expensive if you don’t plan out your finances in advance. Taking the time to shop around and do some research on airfare and hotels can end up saving you a lot of cash. If you’re looking to have a honeymoon on a budget, you shouldn’t skip out on any of these steps. 

Looking to save even more on your wedding plans? Check out these tips on choosing an affordable venue for your wedding. 


Let’s Get Real: What You Need to Know About Cancer and ACA Insurance Plans

The National Cancer Institute reports that approximately 38.4% of American men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lives.

While nobody wants to think about cancer, it’s essential to plan and be prepared. You want to make sure you have the best coverage if the worst happens.

Let’s get into how ACA insurance works for cancer coverage.

Understanding ACA Insurance

In 2010, the United States implemented the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This is commonly known as Obacamare or the ACA.

It changed numerous health insurance rules throughout the country.

Pre-existing Coverage

Insurance companies can no longer deny an individual insurance due to a preexisting condition. Furthermore, they cannot refuse to pay for conditions you had before obtaining insurance.

Health insurance companies cannot charge more due to sex, gender, or specific health conditions.

Securing Benefits

If joining a group insurance plan, the ACA reports that you will receive your healthcare benefits within 90 days or less. Because most people obtain coverage through their workgroup plans, this rule has been especially profound.

Free Services

The ACA mandates that health insurance companies provide free screenings for several conditions. These include:

Mammograms: Women can receive a routine mammogram after age 40. 

Colectoral cancer screenings: Patients can receive routine screening tests between ages 50-75.

Routine screenings: Patients can receive screenings for cervical cancer and the HPV vaccine (which can prevent some strains of cervical cancer) 

Smoking cessation: Patients can receive support to stop smoking. This may include medication or counseling.

Finding and Paying for Cancer Treatment

Cancer can be a frightening and devastating diagnosis for you and your loved ones. You may feel uncertain about what to do next. You may feel angry or depressed.

The right treatment and professionals, however, can dramatically improve your survival rates (learn more about that here).

Review Your Summary of Benefits

To first start your treatment process, you need to familiarize yourself with your insurance policy. Insurance can be incredibly confusing. Don’t feel silly if it all seems alien to you!

Let’s examine a few important terms. 

Premium: Your premium refers to the monthly amount you pay for your insurance policy. Premium costs can vary wildly depending on whether you receive coverage through an employer or you’re obtaining it through the open exchange. 

Deductible: Your deductible refers to the amount of money you are required to pay before your insurance policy starts ‘kicking in’ to pay for treatment. The deductible resets every year.

Out-Of-Pocket Maximum: Your out-of-pocket maximum refers to the total amount you are liable for spending on all medical costs (in-network) for the year. If you meet the out-of-pocket maximum, your insurance must pay 100% of any remaining costs.

Coinsurance: Coinsurance refers to the percentage of costs you are responsible for paying for a specific service. The coinsurance rate applies after meeting your deductible. 


PPO and HMO plans are the most common health insurance plans, and it’s important to know their differences.

HMO Plan

An HMO plan provides access to various doctors and hospitals within a prearranged network. These providers have complied with lowering their rates for plan members and meet specified standards of care.

That said, you can only receive coverage if you meet with a provider eligible within that network. Networks can be limited- especially if you have a rare condition or live in a rural area.

Most HMO plans require that you select a primary care physician. This professional must refer you to any treatment referrals. 

PPO Plan

PPO plans tend to offer increased flexibility when selecting a healthcare professional or hospital. PPO insurance may also pay for seeing non-network providers.

You can see doctors or specialists without needing to meet with a primary care physician initially. 

Support For Patients Without Health Insurance

If you don’t have health insurance, you still have options for treatment. It’s best to first talk with a social worker or financial counselor at the cancer center.

You may be able to obtain coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Depending on your income, you may qualify for a subsidized rate.

You can also try meeting with an insurance broker. He or she can help you enroll in a plan that best fits you and your family’s needs.

If you are unable to pay for any insurance policies, check if your hospital offers discounted programs. Many centers provide free or low-cost treatment for individuals who cannot pay.


If your income falls below a certain level, you may be eligible for Medicaid. This government program provides free and low-cost healthcare.


Medicare is also a federal government program. Medicare provides coverage to individuals over age 65. If you become disabled, you may also be eligible. 

Paying Cancer-Related Medical Bills

There’s no secret that medical treatment can quickly become expensive. However, you can often negotiate your medical bills after receiving them. 

You may also be able to negotiate a reasonable payment plan to avoid going to collections. 

Finally, don’t forget that you can ask if the hospital offers discounts. Some organizations provide a discount for paying in cash.

And don’t be too prideful to reach out to friends and family. There’s a good one that your loved ones want to help out in some way. If they are willing to offer, give yourself permission to accept.

Final Thoughts

ACA insurance can provide you invaluable peace of mind for your future well-being. Cancer is scary for everyone. However, having coverage can make the navigation significantly smoother.

Are you interested in learning more tips about saving money on health insurance? We’ve got you covered. Check out our guide today.




It’s Not All Snuggles and Games: What They Don’t Tell You About Your Postpartum Body

There is nothing routine about having your first child. In fact, everything you experience is new and strange. From the moment your baby enters this world, you’ll need to be ready for anything.

Sleep schedules are off. Your baby doesn’t understand night from day. And you don’t know how you’ve gone from blissful happiness to a sobbing mess in a matter of minutes.

Change is a major part of motherhood. And, those first few days at home are a testament to this. 

But the biggest surprise may be in your postpartum body. It doesn’t return to its prepregnancy self like magic. You may not even recognize it, anymore!

Your Postpartum Body: What They Don’t Tell You

Your birth story ends when your baby is born. But, this recovery story is only beginning.

Major body changes are some of the most in-your-face parts of it. Here are some things to expect from your postpartum body.

You Still Look Pregnant

You thought you could bring those pre-pregnancy clothes to the hospital with you? Nope. Better pack those maternity leggings.

Your body will still look like its pregnant. The uterus has not had time to shrink to its original size. You’ve also been carrying around extra weight to grow a child.

Cut yourself some slack. Wear the leggings. 

You’re Leaking, and Not Only Blood

Yes, you’ll be bleeding, but you may expect that. What you won’t expect is some of the other stuff that might exit your body. There will be mucus, tissue, and strange looking stuff coming from below.

Guess what else leaks? Your enormous boobs after your milk comes in!

Better wear those nursing pads. Or, you’ll be changing your shirt every time the baby cries.

Cramps and Contractions Continue

This isn’t fair, but you will continue to contract and cramp for a few days after birth. Your body has a lot of work to do to get your uterus back to normal. Grab your heating pad and hang in there.

Your Lady Parts are Swollen and Hurt – A Lot!

You don’t need to look to know this is happening. No, it will not look the same. So let’s not look, yet.

Grab an ice pack or some frozen peas and have a seat. It’s going to be a few days before the swelling is gone. You may hurt for a few days more.

You’ll Never Pee The Same

Right when you feel the urge to go, it may be too late. Many women have incontinence issues postpartum. You may need to wear a pad to help with leaking urine.

After you’ve recovered you can try a kegel trainer to strengthen those muscles, again.

You Can’t – Or Won’t – Poop

It’s a sad fact. Things stretched and broke during birth, and they still hurt. You have no desire to push anything out of anywhere.

But, you’ll need to go at some point. Take those stool softeners and try to relax.

Changes Happen, Try to Relax

There you have it. Now you know things are going to be a little weird for a while. Your postpartum body has a lot of healing to do after your baby is born.

The best way to handle it is to go with it! Give your body what it needs and let it recover on its own terms.

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Bringing Home the Bacon: How to Get More Business for Your Home-Based Venture

Given that nearly every single company is planning to up their digital marketing game for 2019, you need to stay competitive no matter what your business size. If you’re a home-based business, that doesn’t mean you should limit the kind of impact you can have.

If you’re looking for how to get more business for your home-based company, you need to learn the language of modern marketing.

Here are four things to keep in mind when building your marketing plan.

1. Get On Social Media

If you want to find new ways to get people to find out about your business, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on marketing.

There are ways to market a business like yours without having to spend a cent. With the help of social media, you get to save money on marketing and spend it on the revenue-generating portions of your business.

Social media offers more than traditional ad purchases or pay per click options online can offer. Social media sites now have powerful tools for targeting audiences and getting their attention easily.

If you’re looking to ensure that you attract people really interested in your products, there’s no better way than with social media.

When people are scrolling through social media, they want to see sincere content made by real people. Even if they’re only going to give it a few seconds of their attention, they know the difference between real info and BS. They don’t want to be sold to as previous generations did.

By creating a strong presence on every social media site, you get to meet your customers wherever they are. Rather than having to send out broad sweeping ads that target everyone on the planet, you can cater to your ideal audience.

If you’re still married to pay per click, check out for more info.

2. Start a Blog

When people use a search engine, they’re either looking for the answer to a question or else they seek a specific product or service.

If you want to capture both audiences, the best way to do it is with a blog. A blog gives you the option to answer questions in a sincere way with your products and services as the solution to their problems.

Starting a blog is easy and search engines love to display a site with an active blog. They privilege sites that offer a lot of content over ones that aren’t updated often. If you want key placement on search engines, consider starting a blog that you update a few times a week, every single week.

Starting a blog is one of the cheapest ways to promote your site.

On top of that, when you offer high-quality content from your professional perspective, it can go viral. Hold your writing to a high standard and you’ll get lots of shares and reposts.

When done right, your blog is the key successfully spreading the word about new products, services, and concepts at your company.

3. Learn About Local SEO

If you’re serious about making an impact online this year, you need to get on top of local SEO. Search engines require you to have an understanding of what searchers are looking for when you want to connect to them.

The marketing specialists that understand this the best succeed in connecting to their local audience and building a name for themselves.

Local SEO requires you to include the terms that people in your region use when talking about your products. Any regional slang or local landmark names should go into your list of keywords. When you’re drafting blog posts, be sure to mention where you’re located and your neighborhood if you’re in a large city.

When search engines accept a search from a user, they snag a little bit of local data to pinpoint them. This ensures that they respond with the most relevant data possible.

Through decades of research, marketers and search engine engineers know that users are looking for something nearby when they search for a product.

Even if they’re going to have it shipped, the closer it is, the fewer potential snags there are. Make sure it’s clear where you’re located when you’re putting together your posts and social media profiles.

4. Traditional Marketing Still Works

Just because so much of the talk about marketing has been about digital marketing online, that doesn’t mean in person tactics are dead. In fact, in person marketing is almost more powerful now.

If you run a table at a local event or a farmer’s market, you’ll be able to connect with customers in a real way. While you won’t get as many people per hour as you would online, you’d call the impressions you get in person “high-impact”.

While handing out flyers in the park might seem kind of hokey, you can find other ways to get the word out about who you are and what you do. Think about sponsoring sports teams nearby. When a little league team or a cycling team goes around with your name on their shirts, people get to know who you are and what you’re about.

A little bit of name recognition goes a long way and you can get a lot more customers when they know your brand name and have seen you around.

Even if you’re just a home-based business, you can still get the word out in an important way with the right kind of outreach.

Learning How To Get More Business is Easy

When you’re figuring out how to get more business for your home-based company, you might not realize how important is to be online. With online efforts, you ensure that you connect with an audience that is looking for products and services just like yours.

If you’re a parent looking to be successful with a business online, check out our guide for more tips on how to do it right.