8 Terrific Reasons for Getting a Dog

People love dogs. They enjoy their quirks, their cuteness, and their loyalty. Yet for some reason, people hesitate when it’s time to commit to bringing those adorable canines home. 

So why doesn’t everyone have a dog?

If you’ve toyed with the idea of getting a dog but have unfounded nightmares, keep reading. There’s a reason dogs are known as man’s best friends. Here are a few of the major perks of getting a dog. 

1. Mood Booster

Approximately 21 million adults had a depressive episode in 2020, and that was before the pandemic took hold and kept people at home. More than ever, we need a mood booster.

Dogs do this. They provide emotional support and constant, unconditional love. These animals give us something to love when social isolation takes hold.

Boosting your mental health is one of the top reasons to get a dog. Dogs in general are a loyal species. This means that no matter what mood you’re in, they’re in a good one, ready to love on you. 

2. Exercise Partner

Outdoor exercise is more enjoyable with a friend. Unfortunately, people have schedules, jobs, and obligations that prevent them from adhering to their schedules. It’s often difficult to find that one friend who will always work out with you. 

Welcome your canine exercise partner. Not only will dogs run with you, but they need exercise. They force you to get out and get moving. 

Furthermore, a dog will improve your mental health as well as your physical health. The presence of a dog will reduce your stress and anxiety, just by being around. When you take a moment to just be with your dog, you’ll immediately feel your stress reduce. 

Studies have even proven that petting a dog will significantly lower stress by causing a reduction in cortisol. 

3. Something Bigger Than Yourself

When you get a dog, you choose a cause that is bigger than yourself. You choose to pour your energy and time into something living. Caring for anything requires selflessness. 

For example, when you choose to get a dog from a rescue center like Boston Terrier rescue, you’re choosing to take care of a dog that someone else gave up on. You’re giving an animal a second chance. You’ll need patience, time, and understanding to care for any dog. 

Having a dog means you’re building the characteristics that will just make you a good person. You’re pouring some love into something else. 

4. Overpopulation Concerns

Over 600,000 dogs are euthanized every year in the United States. While you cannot adopt 600,000 dogs, you can adopt one. When you do this, you’re helping with the overpopulation problems. 

Furthermore, you’re adopting and giving life to an animal that otherwise would have died in the care of shelter workers. While an animal shelter is better for a dog than roaming the streets, it’s not the living home that you can provide. Thus, when you adopt a dog, you’re helping with overpopulation. 

5. Home Security

More than any other animal, dogs provide home security. Dogs have a natural protective instinct, especially with the families that care for them. No matter where you live, a dog can help keep you safe. 

Even if your dog does not go after would-be criminals, they provide the illusion of home security. Their barking will alert you when someone is on your property. Furthermore, the barking will discourage prowlers from continuing their devious plans. 

6. Helps Children Learn and Socialize

If you have only one child, a dog can help them significantly. They will learn to share and socialize. Children with a dog tend to feel less lonely, especially when they begin to view their dog as a sibling. 

An only child quickly learns to share time and resources because of a dog. Parents only have so much time, and they must give some to their pets as well as their children. The only child will quickly learn they’re not always the center of the action. 

Furthermore, a dog will teach children responsibility. They’ll have a living creature to feed, walk, and generally care for. Children will be more grounded by having a living creature that depends on them. 

7. Builds Immunity

Dogs introduce different germs and bacteria into a home. While this may sound dangerous, it helps build your immunity. Children and adults alike can fight off illnesses more easily when they have a dog in their home because they have stronger immune systems. 

Additionally, a dog will keep you and your children active. Responsible dog owners will walk their dogs at least once a day if not twice a day. This regular exercise also boosts immunity, making all members of the house stronger. 

Kids will be healthier because they’ll play with a dog, toss a ball or stick, and engage with a living creature. If you worry about having healthy kids, get a dog. The dog will force them to run and play outside, giving them responsibility as well as daily exercise. 

8. Cleaner Floors

It’s hard to imagine that a dog can help you have a cleaner house. After all, they shed, drool, and generally make messes. Dogs also love to help clean up the kitchen or dining room floor. 

When you accidentally spill or drop things on the floor, your dog will be right there to help you. You no longer need to get on your hands and knees to wipe up a mess because your dog will do the dirty work for you. 

You Are Getting a Dog

Getting a dog will only make your life better. Dogs force you to exercise, and they boost your mood. When you’ve had a horrible day at work, they’re already to lick your face and cuddle with you on the couch. 

Dogs are the most loyal creature out there, better even than some humans. So head down to a local shelter, and find your new companion today. 

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What Are the Signs of Bed Bugs in Houses?

Fires and floods get all the attention. However, there’s another issue that can be equally troubling to a home: bed bug infestation

Not only can bed bugs ruin mattresses, blankets, and pillows, but they can also cause health issues in human beings. Therefore, if they’re present in your home, you need to take quick action in eradicating them. 

Curious as to the signs of bed bugs in houses? Then read on. Here are the surest signs you need bed bug removal. 

1. You Have Red Spots on Your Body

Perhaps the surest sign that you need bed bug treatment is that you have red spots on your body. These spots are, of course, the result of bed bugs biting you. They’re often painful to the touch and are generally itchy as well. 

These spots are on the small side. In fact, in many cases, they just look like prick marks. Note, though, that they’re often located in areas close to the blood vessels.

2. There Are Rust-like Stains on Your Mattress

Another sign that you have bed bugs is that there are rust-like stains on your mattress. These stains are bed bug feces. They are a reddish-brown color and usually smear when touched. 

You might also see these stains on walls and maybe even on floors. They’re not hugely prominent but are easily visible to the naked eye. The second you notice them, you should call up a bed bug removal company, like Results Pest Control, for instance. 

3. There Are Blood Spots on your Sheets

When bed bugs bite humans, they cause blood to flow from the veins. As such, upon removing their mouths from human skin, they typically release blood onto the sheets below. 

This is why, if you find small blood spots on your sheets, you have reason to believe that bed bugs are present. Keep an eye out for other signs and take action as needed. 

4. You’ve Actually Seen Bed Bugs

The surest sign that you have bed bugs in your home is that you’ve actually seen bed bugs. Now, this seems obvious. However, you might not know what bed bugs look like. 

Bed bugs measure about a quarter inch in length. They’re light brown in color and have six legs. Their bodies are ovular in shape and contain hard shells. 

While bed bugs are easiest to see on mattresses, they can be found in other areas as well. Check your floors and walls on a regular basis, placing a particular focus on dirty and cluttered areas. 

Signs of Bed Bugs Are Subtle

When it comes down to it, signs of bed bugs are subtle. They’re not going to smack you in the face. You’re going to have to keep your eyes open and be cognizant of them. 

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5 Benefits of Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Do you feel apprehensive every time you have to get out of your outdoor garage and walk to the front door of your home in the dark? Have you started holding your keys for self-defense in case someone jumps out at you?

Well, there’s an easy solution for all this. By using motion sensor lights, you can feel a sense of peace and safety when coming back home at night. There are also many other benefits of installing motion sensor lights that we will discuss in the article below.

Read on to find out more. 

1. Scare off Critters

No one wants to walk around their property at night and run into a skunk or a raccoon rummaging about in the garbage or recycling bins. But if you have no outdoor lights, that’s exactly what might happen to you.

When you light up your backyard or front yard (or both) with motion sensor lights, every time a critter walks into that area, the lights will switch on, scaring them into running off. 

2. Easier to See at Night

If you have a neighborhood patrol team or security in your neighborhood, it will be easier for them to take a quick peek into your front yard if there are motion sensor lights installed.

It will also be safer for your children or other guests to walk back home at night if something is lighting up their path. 

3. Deter Criminals

It is easier for criminals to rummage about in your backyard looking for a route into your home when it’s dark all around.

But with motion sensor lights, they are less likely to even walk onto your property looking for a way in. They would be too afraid that someone would notice them walking about and call the authorities on them. 

4. Save Money

You probably don’t want to leave your outdoor lights on all night long. That would be such a waste of money and also precious resources. With motion sensor lighting, you can save money as they only turn on when you need them.

You can also save money when you hire a pro to do your landscape lighting for you.

5. Avoid Trips and Falls

Do your elderly parents live by themselves in a home with poor curb lighting? Then installing motion sensor lights for their home is a great idea, as it will help them avoid trips and falls, which can be quite a threat to elderly people’s health. 

Install Motion Sensor Lights Today

With so many benefits of installing motion sensor lights, you would be remiss if you waited any longer. It’s also a great way of showcasing the beauty of your home and ensuring that any new guests to your home will find your home easier. 

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5 Reasons to Hire a Lawn Care Service

Are you looking to get your lawn a little extra love this winter? Are you struggling with finding the time to maintain your yard, or are you looking for ideas on how to make your yards upkeep simpler? If so, then you need to hire a lawn care service fast!

Not sure why you should get a lawn care service? Don’t worry; we got you covered. This article will outline everything you need to know regarding all of the benefits of getting a lawn maintenance service.

Be sure to read through these points so you can consider getting a lawn care service today!

1. How a Lawn Care Service Can Save you Time and Money

There are many reasons to hire a lawn care service, but the two most compelling reasons are that it can save you time and money. Time is a precious commodity, and by hiring a lawn care service, you can free up time to focus on more important things.

Money is also important, and a lawn care service can save you money by providing expert services that will keep your lawn healthy and looking its best.

2. The Peace of Mind of Hiring a Lawn Care Service

One of the most important reasons to hire a lawn care service is the peace of mind that comes with it. When you hire a lawn care service, you can be sure that your lawn will be well-cared for and that you won’t have to worry about it.

This can free up your time to do other things, or simply to relax and enjoy your lawn. Lawn care services can also help to improve the appearance of your lawn, which can increase the value of your home.

3. The Ability to Customize your Lawn Care Service to Fit your Specific Needs

Whether you have a small front yard that just needs basic mowing and trimming, or a large property that requires more intensive care, a lawn care service can create a tailored plan to meet your needs and budget.

They will also be able to provide other services such as fertilization, aeration, and pest control, which can further improve the health and appearance of your lawn.

In addition, by using a professional lawn care service, you can be sure that your lawn will be well-cared for even when you’re away on vacation or dealing with other commitments.

4. Hiring a Reputable and Qualified Lawn Care Service is Important 

It is important to hire a reputable and qualified lawn care service for many reasons. A good lawn care service will have the knowledge and experience to properly care for your lawn.

They will be able to provide you with the right products and services to keep your lawn healthy and looking its best. 

Contact a lawn care service in your area to get started. Visit https://www.summitlawnslincoln.com/ if you are looking for a reputable lawn care service. 

5. The Value of Hiring a Lawn Care Service

When it comes to taking care of your lawn, you may be tempted to do it yourself in order to save money. However, there are several reasons why hiring a lawn care service can be a wise investment.

For one, lawn care professionals have the knowledge and experience to properly care for your lawn, ensuring that it remains healthy and looks its best.  

Get Ready to Hire a Lawn Care Service

If you’re looking for help keeping your lawn looking its best, hiring a lawn care service is a great option. A lawn care service can provide you with the regular maintenance your lawn needs to stay healthy and looking its best. They can also help you with any larger projects, like landscaping or replanting.

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How to Choose Dental Veneers: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that there are over 3500 practicing prosthodontists in the United States? It turns out that dental veneers are one of the most common procedures that prosthodontists do. That’s why there are over 2.3 million dental veneers produced in the United States every year.

The demand for dental veneers has never been higher. More and more people are living into older age and need a way to keep their function and smile intact as they grow older.

But how do you choose dental veneers that are right for you? There are many different types of veneers on the market. While it’s always best to talk to a dental veneer provider, you can get a sense of the type of product that will be right for you before you step into the office.

In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about the benefits of veneers.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are a special type of material that goes over the top of the teeth. Veneers help to make your smile look better and will also protect the surface of your tooth from outside damage.

Most dental veneers won’t require extensive maintenance as long as you continue to follow typical dental hygiene routines.

What Types of Dental Veneers Are Available?

There are two primary types of material used to make a veneer. You can choose veneers made of dental porcelain, or you can choose veneers made out of a composite material.

Pressed ceramic is much stronger and thicker than other types of veneers, while you can go with a stacked ceramic that is more customizable. Other individuals will choose a lithium disilicate veneer which is made out of durable porcelain.

How Long Do Dental Veneers Last?

The amount of time you have your veneers will vary. Most porcelain veneers will last around 10 to 12 years. However, a composite resin veneer will only last for about 4 to 8 years.

How Much Do Dental Veneers Cost?

Once again, the cost of your dental veneers will depend on the material. In general, composite veneers will typically cost you approximately $250-$1500 per tooth. It’s possible for expensive premium veneers to go all the way up to $2500 per tooth.

You can also choose to pay for custom veneers from certain providers, like this service.

Choose Dental Veneers For Your Future

At the end of the day, dental veneers can be a great investment in your overall health. As we age, the importance of being able to chew food only increases. Fortunately, porcelain and composite dental veneers provide an economical option to keep your smile looking great and allow you to function normally.

You’ll be able to choose dental veneers that can last you over a decade and still pay less than $1000 per tooth in most locations. It’s always good to talk to your provider about what types of material will be best for your situation.

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3 Factors That Affect the Cost of Orthodontic Work

Do you feel like you missed the boat for braces because you didn’t get them when you were a kid? You might be surprised to learn that more and more adults are seeking orthodontic work. They’re seeking them out in record numbers, in fact. 

One of the biggest things that keeps people out of the orthodontist’s chair is the concern about paying for braces. There are a number of different factors that impact how much you’ll owe for your dental care. Read on to learn about three of the biggest factors!

1. The Length of Your Treatment

Orthodontic work is notoriously lengthy. Some people find themselves waiting for years before they’re able to get their braces off. That said, there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment when it comes to orthodontics.

Simply put, there are a wide variety of situations that lead people to get braces. People with minor crowding might not have to wear braces for as long as someone with a severe displacement of their teeth.

The longer your treatment, the more you’ll ultimately end up paying. Why? Longer treatments require more visits to the orthodontist, more dental appliances, and more insurance premiums.

2. The Type of Treatment You Select

When it comes to straightening your teeth, you have a wide variety of options to accomplish your goal. The more complex the solution, the more money it’ll cost you.

Treatment can be as simple as traditional metal bracket braces to more subtle clear tray braces. The more complex your orthodontic situation, the more complex the solution needs to be in order for it to be effective. For example, some people may need far more than metal brackets to help straighten their teeth, and they might need additional help once their braces are off.

When you go in for your consultation with your orthodontist, be sure to spend some time going over your treatment options, including how much each treatment will cost you. 

3. Insurance Coverage for Dental Work

When it comes to paying for dental care, the best way to save money is by having an active dental insurance plan. Dental insurance plans work similarly to standard health insurance. You have the option of HMO and PPO plans, giving you the choice between flexibility and cost savings. 

If orthodontic work is your priority, be sure to select a plan that has good coverage for orthodontics. If your insurance doesn’t completely cover your braces, then click here for more options for paying for orthodontic work.

Are You In Need of Orthodontic Work?

Making the decision to get orthodontic work done as an adult is not an easy one. Paying for orthodontic work only complicates that decision further, especially if you don’t have a ton of money to spare for it. The best thing you can do to help you meet your dental goals is to sit down with your orthodontist and discuss your options for treatment.

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Plan a Trip to Disney World That the Whole Family Will Love

Founded in 1923, Disney is now worth a staggering $203 billion!

Alongside the classic films and Disney merchandise, is the ultimate activity for any family; visiting Disney World. However, what’s meant to be a magical family trip can quickly turn into a nightmare if you aren’t prepared. 

If you’re hoping to surprise the kids with an awesome present this year, it’s worth reading about how to plan a trip to Disney World first. That’s where we’ll help; this guide will teach you everything you need to know about a family trip to Disney World in 2022. 

Organization Is Vital 

Let’s be honest, planning a family trip is stressful. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is in the glow of seeing every Disney character you could dream of. 

You’ve got several things to consider to ensure your trip goes smoothly: 

Don’t underestimate how important it is to plan these things in advance. You asked how to plan a Disney World trip, and being organized is the answer!

If you’re a ‘to-do list’ kind of person, excellent. If not, it’s time to make some changes (or find someone else to do the hard work for you). 

Get the Kids Excited 

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got thousands to spend or you’re planning a trip to Disney World on a budget; your kids will still love it.

Why not plant a seed in their mind about a potential trip without actually telling them you’re going? Then, on the fifth inevitable “pleeease, can we go to Disney World?” your answer can be “Yes!”. 

Kids’ excitement is infectious, and you’ll soon find the whole family is raring to go. 

Participate In Activities and Events 

Assuming you make it to Disney World without any difficulties, it’s time to start having fun. It’s time to indulge, from shows to rides to outrageously large candyfloss stalls. 

After planning a trip to Disney World, you certainly deserve it. And, what kind of parent would you be if you didn’t let your kids in on the action? 

As long as you’re prepared to let your hair down and let loose, you’ll never be bored at Disney World. You’ll even be able to find some adult activities to entertain yourself after bedtime (provided your kids are old enough to be left alone). 

Time to Plan a Trip to Disney World

We hope you’ve already started making a to-do list in your head for your trip to Disney World this year. 

Anyone can plan a trip to Disney World if they know how to do it. So, follow this guide and you can have the time of your life (as will the whole family). 

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