Proper Propane: How to Store Propane

There’s a reason why the United States uses roughly one million barrels of propane every day. Thousands of homes and businesses still rely on this fuel source to heat their homes and power their grills/stoves.

Sadly, many of these propane users don’t know how to store propane properly. This can lead to dangerous circumstances that can result in devastating fire damage. So, how do you store your propane in a way that’s safe for those around you?

Simple: by reading this article! In it, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about proper storage for the fuel type. Let’s get started!

How to Store Propane

It’s never recommended that you store your propane inside. This includes areas like the basement, attic, garage, sheds, or any other interior space. When it gets hot inside this can raise the internal temperature of the propane which presents a fire hazard.

The only time this is acceptable is if the tank has been completely emptied. So where can you store your propane? You should look for a well-ventilated space outside. Make sure that it’s open, dry, and away from any potential fire hazards.

Make Sure You Safely Handle Propane Tanks

It’s also important that you maintain proper safety whenever you handle or transport propane tanks. For one thing, you should make sure that the cylinder valve is completely closed. You should also make sure that the tank remains upright.

If it falls over then it can cause a leak. Finally, if you’re transporting it in a car, then make sure it stays in a part of the vehicle that’s well ventilated. This is important because hot cars can cause the temperature in the propane tank to rise.

And, when it reaches one hundred twenty degrees or more, the pressure can cause it to leak. This, in turn, can lead to flash fires.

Avoid Expired Tanks With Propane Delivery

Did you know that all propane eventually expires? Most tanks that contain ten or fewer gallons come with a twelve-year expiration date. However, if you want you can take the tank in and recertify it so that it will last another five years.

If you want to prevent having to worry about your propane expiration date, then consider a propane delivery service. These types of companies will bring you new propane when you run out and replace the tank.

That way you never have to worry about keeping up with the expiration date.

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We hope this article helped teach you how to store propane the right way. While propane is a great fuel source for restaurants or people who live in remote parts of the country, it does come with some hazards.

However, as long as you follow the advice in this article, then you’ll be safe when using or storing propane. Did you enjoy this article? If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find more topics that you’re sure to love.

4 Skin Cancer Facts and How to Protect Your Family

Did you know that skin cancer is the most common type of cancer? Every year, 5.4 million Americans are diagnosed!

If detected early enough, skin cancer is treatable. But you want to stay one step ahead and practice good UV protection whenever you’re out and about.

Below are 4 skin cancer facts and how you can protect your loved ones!

1. Put on Sunscreen

Did you know that even on overcast days, UV rays are coming through? These are what give you sunburns and cancer!

To protect from UV exposure, you should avoid going out during the daytime. But since that’s impractical, at least wear sunscreen whenever you have to spend extended periods outdoors.

2. Wear Protective Clothing

If you have to be outside when the sun’s at its harshest, you need to wear protective clothing. Light (both in weight and color), long-sleeved clothes are best as you won’t sweat as much. And if you avoid wearing black, your clothing won’t absorb the UV rays.

There are even specialized clothing you can purchase for you and your family. For example, there are SPF golf shirts you can wear while out on the green.

You should also make sure you cover other parts of your body to protect yourself from UV rays. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses for more coverage.

3. Tanning Devices Are Very Harmful

Most people want to get a nice tan but know that the sun is damaging to their skin. So instead, they go to tanning salons and get in devices that they think are much safer.

However, we’re here to break the bad news to you: tanning devices can actually have 10 to 15 times more UV radiation than the sun at its peak intensity! So using these devices can definitely contribute to your skin cancer risk.

4. Know the Early Signs

Despite taking all the best steps to skin cancer prevention, it’s still possible to develop it. So knowing the early basal cell carcinoma (BCC), squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), and melanoma signs can make a huge difference!

All 3 will have their own unique symptoms, but in general, you’ll notice odd patterns on your skin. For example, melanoma might look like a mole but it’ll grow, have more than 1 color, and have irregular edges. Some of these skin patches might also ooze, bleed, or become crusted.

The best thing to do when you notice any new abnormal growths on your skin is to see a doctor.

Use These Skin Cancer Facts to Your Advantage

Skin cancer can be a scary reality. But if you’re proactive with protection and checks for melanoma, you’ll be able to safeguard your family’s health.

And if you ever spot anything unusual, it’s always worth a trip to the doctor. After all, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry!

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5 Things You Should Know About End of Life Care

Death is inevitable. It’s a journey that everyone prepares for, with the hopes of dying in dignity. In the US, statistics project the number of deaths to likely reach 3.6 million in 2037.

Eventually, the death rate may peak at 2055 as each year will experience an uptick.

Fortunately, some people see their death coming, especially during the full-blown stages of a terminal illness. For these people, end of life care gives them the emotional support to rest peacefully.

While no one can have all the answers about the end of life, it’s crucial to be ready when you need professional care for the transition. Here are the five things you need to know about the end of life arrangements.

1. The Best Time for End of Life Care

Typically, end of life care begins when the patient needs it, especially if they’ll likely die within a year. However, the end of life stages timeline varies and can even go beyond years. In very unfortunate situations, it can be hours or a few days.

You would also want to take your loved one to a care facility when they develop advanced incurable illnesses such as motor neuron disease or cancer.

2. Making End of Life Arrangements

After checking into the care facility, the next step will involve making plans for advance care. These arrangements may include giving a lawyer power of attorney to make health and personal decisions on behalf of the patient.

At this point, the patient can also state their death wishes through a will. The caregivers will document these wishes and share them with the family when the right time comes.

3. Getting a Legal Designate

Caregivers require patients to choose a legal designate, especially if they are frail and can’t make sound decisions. That’s why many people refer to legal designates as substitute decision-makers. A secondary decision-maker will also help implement the patient’s written wishes.

Also, the patient’s family needs someone who can update them with the real-time status of their loved ones. In that case, the legal designate does the communication on behalf of the patient.

4. Spiritual Nourishment

Making end of life arrangements is not about medical wishes alone. Emotional and spiritual wellbeing is still important at the end of life stage timeline and beyond death. Remember, addressing every need prepares the patient to die peacefully.

Spiritual nourishment prepares the patient to discuss their legacy wishes and post-death arrangements. Sone of the post-death activities the patient may want to discuss include type of burial and funeral home fees.

Many people prefer in-ground burial. However, cremation can be a good option if the patient wants to divide the ashes among family members. Moreover, the average cremation cost is relatively affordable.

5. Emotional Care

The emotional needs of a dying patient can be pretty demanding. Professional caregivers know the emotional support to offer in varying circumstances.

At the care facility, the patient gets company in whatever they do. It can be reading, watching movies, or simply holding each other.

Moreover, they allow patients to talk about their feelings and sadness. For instance, many people find it hard to discuss burial ceremonies and funeral fees when they imagine leaving their family behind. End of life care offers the emotional support to face these inevitable fears.

Transition To The Afterlife Is Easy When You Prepare For It

Take time and explore the different end of life care plans that may match your emotional and financial needs. What’s important, go for the option that guarantees dignity and privacy.

Read more articles on this site to learn about making end of life arrangements and planning funeral home service fees.

How to Get Toned Arms: Tips to Lose Stubborn Arm Fat

Did you know that 79% of Americans aren’t happy with how their body looks at times? So if you’re often unhappy with what you see in the mirror, you’re definitely not alone!

For some people, it’s the stubborn fat in their arms that really get to them. No matter what you do, you just can’t get that svelte but muscular look! 

If you’ve been wondering how to get toned arms, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll show you some secrets to lose arm fat!

Eat Fewer Calories

First things first: to get toned, you need to lose fat. If you currently have a high percentage of body fat, you need to take in fewer calories.

Whatever you’re eating now, reduce it by 300 to 400 calories per day. Make sure you don’t go under 1,200 calories per day, as this will be dangerous to your health.

Once you reach between 15% to 25% body fat, you’ll have an easier time getting toned!

Consider Arm Liposuction

The key when it comes to how to tone arms is to eliminate as much fat as possible. Muscle sits under fat, so if you’ve actually toned up your arms but still have quite a bit of fat in your arms, your muscle won’t show through.

Sometimes, it can be worth it to consider arm liposuction to get a head start. When you don’t have as much fat on your arms, it’ll be easier to build noticeable muscles! Just make sure you do your research to get the best liposuction surgeon to get optimal results.

Do the Right Workouts

Once you’re at a good weight, you need to do workouts to lose arm fat and gain muscle. A good place to start (even when you’re just focusing on losing weight) is to do cardiovascular exercise, like running.

The best exercise for flabby arms is to lift weights. You don’t need very heavy ones; you can tone up by doing more reps with lighter weights.

Some exercises you can try include bicep curls, tricep extensions, and lateral raises. These are all very easy to do in your own home. Do as many reps as you can!

You should also add in resistance training. Get yourself a resistance band and do a modified bicep curl by standing on the band and gripping each end with your hands, palms facing outward. Pull the band up until your hands are almost touching your shoulders, then lower them back down.

Like with the other exercises, you should do as many modified bicep curl reps as you can!

Know How to Get Toned Arms Correctly

By knowing how to get toned arms correctly and efficiently, you’ll no longer be frustrated with how your body looks. While it might take some effort and persistence, you’re sure to see wonderful results in the end, even if you need a little outside help (such as from liposuction). And that’ll make everything completely worth it!

If you want to learn more about health and fitness, check out our other blog posts!

Counseling for Families: Do You Really Need It?

Families have disagreements, that’s no secret. Sometimes those disagreements can lead to heftier divides. Those divides can lead to breaks in the family dynamic. 

Before you find yourself at this point talking to someone is encouraged. Counseling for families can be beneficial. You could fix those problems before it’s too late. 

Don’t wait for familial problems to divide your family. It’s time to decide if mediation will help. Decide if it’s time for family counseling before it’s too late to do so. 

Do I Need Family Counseling? 

There is no easy response to this question. You and your family must decide if this is the best course of action for everyone. Oftentimes, the answer is yes, family counseling is a great idea.

If your family has taken to using the silent treatment, this is a great indication that action needs to be taken. Other factors may include family trauma and substance abuse. Families decide to utilize therapy for many different reasons. 

Family counseling will help you to end family disputes. Deciding to make the first step and make an appointment can be difficult. 

What Are the Benefits of Family Counseling? 

The benefits of counseling can be different for every family. It all depends on what you are looking to achieve. 

Some of these sessions can be aimed at psychological damage. Your family may have matters they need to discuss but find it hard to one on one. A therapist will be able to assist you to address them. 

Perhaps behavioral issues are the problem. This is another area in which a professional will be able to delve into the root of the problem. Your therapist has dealt with many cases in the past. 

Or maybe it is a simple misunderstanding that has spiraled out of control. This is where family mediation comes in. Counseling will help your family to address these problems. 

Does Family Counseling Work? 

This poses a different outcome for every family. Your sessions will only help as far as your family will allow it. Be sure that they are willing to be open in your sessions. 

Family counseling depends on the participation of all parties. You will be able to discuss your goals and your hopes for achievements. Clarify for your family and counselor what your hopes are for therapy. 

Counseling for Families Can Be Important

As long as therapy is taken seriously, it will be effective. You and your family must work together and be open to solving disputes. Counseling for families should never be entered into lightly. 

Your therapist will assist your family in coming to decisions and opening communication. If your family has been struggling this is the therapy you need. It will help you focus on what is important and how to communicate with one another. 

For other tips and ideas on how to be the best parent possible, take a look at our blogs. 

How To Make Cheap or Thrift Jewelry Work

Do you have a box full of tarnished, or old, or thrift jewelry that you don’t wear anymore but can’t bring yourself to throw away? If so, it’s time for a little DIY project to give your old pieces a whole new life.

You don’t need to spend tons of money on gold or diamond jewelry to look beautiful and fashionable. Thrift pieces have a certain type of charm and personality, which is why you chose them. With a little care and attention, you can turn them into sparkling accessories that’ll look brand new.

Keep reading to learn how to make thrift jewelry look stunning and as good as new without looking cheap.

Clean and Polish the Jewelry

Before you can start wearing it, you need to figure out how to make cheap jewelry look good. The first step is cleaning it to remove rust, dirt, and oxidation. In a small bowl covered with aluminum foil, mix a few drops of dish detergent, a teaspoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of vinegar, and a little warm water to make a paste.

With a toothbrush, rub every piece of jewelry with the paste to clean it. Rinse or submerge in warm water and wipe with a clean cloth. You can also protect the jewelry with a special jewelry spray or sealant to prevent it from tarnishing.

Repurpose the Jewelry

Cheap jewelry that’s damaged or you no longer wear is perfect for DIYs, whether it’s your kids’ school project or your own. 

You can repurpose pieces of old jewelry to decorate a wreath, a greeting card, a piece of clothing, picture frames, and handbags. You can also make Christmas ornaments, bookmarks, brooches, hair accessories, or even brand new jewelry pieces.

Need more jewelry pieces for more DIY projects but don’t know where to get cheap jewelry? Visit Wholesale Silver Jewelry from to find the most stunning jewelry for your budget.

Think of New Ways to Wear Old Jewelry

Thinking of getting rid of old and thrift store jewelry? Not so fast! You can wear it in so many new ways and accessorize even the plainest of outfits.

For example, if you have a pendant but no necklace, you can turn the pendant into a brooch. You can use the brooch on shirts, scarves, handbags, and hats. Another example is a broken ring that you can either use as a hair accessory or a single earring that you can turn into a necklace pendant. The possibilities are endless.

These Tips Will Help You Make Any Piece of Thrift Jewelry Look Beautiful

Whether you have a bunch of old jewelry that’s out of fashion or some pieces you truly love but don’t wear anymore, with these tips and a little TLC, thrift jewelry can look beautiful and stylish no matter what you do with it. 

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5 Tips for Better Oral Health Care

Just over half of American adults go to the dentist as often as they should, according to the American Dental Association. So, chances are, you’ve let your oral health care fall by the wayside — and you may be wondering how you can improve it. 

The importance of oral health can’t be overstated. Maintaining it means you keep bacteria in check, bacteria that can have adverse effects on your overall well-being.

So, if you’re ready to take control of your oral health, read on. These are our five best tips for maintaining a smile that’s just as strong on the inside as it is beautiful on the outside.

1. Skip the Sugar

Do you notice that your teeth feel fuzzy after you drink soda or eat sweets? That’s dental plaque left behind on your teeth from your diet. And, not only is it an unpleasant feeling, but it’s a sign that your diet could be hurting your teeth. 

Sugar feeds the bacteria in your mouth that can negatively affect your oral health. So, avoid sugary foods, or brush as quickly as possible post-sweet treat to keep your teeth at their healthiest.

2. Floss Your Teeth

Another oral care secret: brushing isn’t the only way to clean your teeth. In fact, if you’re not flossing, you’re missing a lot of hidden bacteria. 

Reach for this special string once a day and thread it through the gaps in your teeth to remove lingering bacteria and food leftovers. This stops cavities from forming between teeth, saving you from a more painful and more expensive visit to the dentist next time around. 

3. Swish With Mouthwash

On that note, you might want to add a daily mouthwash session into your routine, too. Swishing around an enamel-strengthening formula can help your teeth stand up against the aforementioned sugar, food debris, and bacteria.

4. Stay On Top of Dental Visits

You can clean your teeth regularly and thoroughly, but there still could be a lingering problem that you can’t see. A dentist can make sure your pearly whites aren’t just pretty, but healthy, too. Learn more about choosing the right dentist for you by clicking this link.

During your visit, a hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth, removing built-up plaque and tartar, the latter of which can only be removed with professional-grade tools. Then, the dentist will inspect your smile to ensure it’s as healthy as can be.

5. Invest in a Quality Toothbrush

Finally, make sure the tools you’re using to clean your teeth every day are up to snuff. Namely, invest in a high-quality toothbrush to efficiently get rid of plaque and debris. 

An electronic toothbrush is usually your best bet, as it spins much faster than you can manually rotate a traditional toothbrush. And you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good one anymore, either. Plenty of brands have options from $50 or less. 

Improve Your Oral Health Care Now

These five tips prove that it doesn’t have to be difficult to improve your oral health care. Instead, making a few small swaps can pay in dividends — a lifetime of solid dental health, namely. And we think that’s something to smile about. 

Check back with us for more thrifty ideas that could help you get your dental care products at a fraction of the price.