Fatten Your Wallet With These Tips On Finding Work From Home Jobs

So, you need some extra cash and want to find a job where you can work from home…

This can be done – but there are scams and pitfalls littering the internet that you must be sure not to fall victim to.

Check out our guide to sourcing legitimate work from home jobs that will help make your wallet that little bit fatter…

Be Careful What you Search for…

Starting the search for this kind of work can lead to an immediate pitfall.

If you’re Googling ‘work from home jobs’ you’re actually more likely to run into scams.

Step over these cracks by searching ‘telecommute jobs’ or ‘home office jobs’ or ‘remote jobs’.

This nifty trick will help you navigate away from the cons out there.

Skip the Scams

There’s a terrifying ratio of 61-to-1 work from home scams out there, so take heed when searching the net for potential opportunities.

They’re not too hard to decipher – they tend to promise unrealistically high returns for very little work.

Think about it – if this were possible, wouldn’t everyone be snapping these jobs up and quitting the daily grind?

One way of pinpointing these scams is to look at the testimonials attached to them that will tend to be overly-gushing accounts of how wonderful the jobs are and how much money people have been making from doing them.

Others claim that ‘no experience is necessary’ or offer thousands within weeks.

Avoid at all costs.

Job Sites

The various jobs sites out there that you’ve probably heard of (Indeed, Monster etc) are actually a great resource.

People, oddly, sometimes don’t think to look at these sites as they are thought to be for permanent, full-time careers – but this isn’t true.

When looking at these sites, head to the advanced search and either select the work from home tab or use this phrase in your search.

You can do this knowing there’s no worry you’re about to be taken for a ride, as all jobs will have been vetted and approved by the site in question.


Are you a great writer? Have you a keen eye for grammar and spelling? Do you have a good telephone manner?

If so – you’re in luck; because these are the major skills required when it comes to working from home roles.

There are several sites out there that call for people to write guest blogs, articles, opinion pieces and reviews.

Often, local press might be the place to look for this type of opportunity.

Similarly, home-based customer service agent roles are becoming more common.

This is where you log in from home and are on the end of the phone to provide customer services on behalf of a particular company.

Similarly, become a virtual assistant and work for someone that needs to employ someone for admin reasons but doesn’t require them on site.

Again, Indeed is a good place to look for these sorts of roles.

Other Work from Home Job Ideas

It may sound obvious, but what about eBay – or other selling sites.

If you need to build some extra cash and have a lot of stuff you can sell, get onto eBay and get selling.

Do you like pets? Have you thought about looking at roles like dog-sitting where you are paid to look after someone’s pooch during the day while they’re out?

Further roles possible from home include bookkeeping or exercise instructing, but these will require qualifications of course.

Starting your own business is also a way to work from home and be your own boss.

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DIY Home Pest Control to Stay Bug Free

Having disgusting little critters in your home is no one’s idea of a great time. But it happens to be the reality for many homeowners and renters.

Dealing with bugs and rodents is sometimes overwhelming, especially when you’re not sure how to get rid of them and prevent their return.

The key to exceptional home pest control is a mix of offense and defense. So get your pen and paper and take notes while reading this guide!

Let’s begin with the defense.

Keep Your Kitchen Tidy

The number one room in the home pests love to attack is the kitchen. And why shouldn’t they? It’s where they can find all sorts of treats.

Just imagine, a little crumb to you is a large feast for an ant. So if you’re leaving small messes around your kitchen, then you can expect ants, roaches, and even mice to come around.

Your best bet is to sweep the entire kitchen and wipe all the counters/tables after each meal. Make sure all food containers and boxes are sealed. Then place whatever’s unsealed into the refrigerator.

It’s a good idea to invest in containers you can seal tightly, so no food goes to waste.

Dry Up All Water

Whether the water comes from spills, leaks or showers, make sure to dry it all up. Not doing so can breed all sorts of insects and cause them to multiply. Bugs love moist environments, like bathrooms, basements and beneath the kitchen sink.

Wipe the floors thoroughly after taking a bath or shower and mopping. If you have a leaky faucet or shower head, seek to replace it as soon as possible.

Another option is to use epoxy, clamps or waterproof tape to secure the leak until then.

Seal Up for the Best Home Pest Control

Insects are very clever in finding ways to enter into your home. While it may be impossible to find every entrance, there are some obvious ones you can take care of right away.

If you see any cracks or holes visible to the eye, then this is large enough for insects to come through. You can seal these areas with a weatherproof silicon caulking or flexible patching compound.

Focus on both interior and exterior fissures. You may notice many of them around the windows, doorways, roof, ceiling and where the wall meets the floor. Light switches may also have cracks requiring sealing.

Declutter Your Home

Everyone has a little pack rat in them sometimes. This is why spring cleaning is so crucial. All year, we gather items, which leads to clutter throughout the home. And if you’re like most people, you end up tossing much of this junk inside of drawers, closets, the basement or attic.

But all you’re really doing is creating clutter that’ll attract all sorts of pests. So to avoid this, you should make it a habit to throw out items you no longer need. Then everything else, pack away neatly into tightly sealed containers.

Avoid using boxes to store possessions because they too attract insects and rodents.

Now, that you have some idea of what to do on the defense for your home pest control, it’s time for some offense.

Concoct a Garlic-Mint Insect Spray

There are natural remedies you can try to keep pests at bay. You can give this a try until you receive Go-Forth Pest Control service near Matthews, NC.

It’s perfect for outdoor locations, like your porch or deck. All you need are some garlic cloves and mint leaves. Blend them up using your food processor, then sprinkle in a little cayenne pepper and dishwashing liquid.

Boil it all together, then allow it to sit overnight. The next morning, strain it and put it into a spray bottle. Now, it’s ready for use.

Give Coffee Grounds a Try

This is another item you will likely find in your home. It’s the perfect pest repellent for ants. To them, coffee grounds are deadly. So if you have an ugly ant problem, sprinkle this around doors, windows and other entry points.

Borax and Sugar, Another Ant Killer

Here’s another interesting, yet surprising ant killer. It seems the sugar attracts the ants, then the borax kills them.

All you need is one cup of warm water, two tablespoons of Borax and 1/2 cup of sugar. Set it inside of a Petri dish type bowl and watch your pest problem dwindle.

Get Rid of Dust Mites with Oil

Dust mites are a common problem and there’s an easy and natural way to deal with it. You can create a repellent spray mixed with eucalyptus, clove, lavender, rosemary and peppermint oils. Place them in a spray bottle of water and mist it onto your bed every night.

Do so lightly, then allow it to air dry. These scents are detestable to dust mites but delightful to you!

Bring On the Spice with Hot Pepper Spray

Even insects have a hard time taking down spicy foods. You can use this to your advantage by creating a hot pepper spray. This is easily made at home using a gallon of water, three tablespoons of hot pepper flakes and 10 peppers chopped up finely.

Simmer this all together for 15 minutes, then allow it to sit for 24 hours. Then strain the leftovers and add a few drops of dish detergent. Now, you can spray the plants in your home garden.

Say Bye to Fruit Flies with Apple Cider Vinegar

There’s nothing worse than having to swat away flies as you’re enjoying a delicious slice of melon. Thankfully, you can get rid of these annoying critters with a bottle of apple cider vinegar.

What you need is a bottle or container with either a funnel or shaker shaped top. Fill the bottom with apple cider vinegar or plain vinegar, along with chopped apple pieces.

Something about this combination fruit flies simply can’t stand!

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Bundle Up: 7 Cute and Functional Winter Workout Outfits

winter workout outfitsAre you someone who likes to cozy up during the winter and forget about following an exercise plan?

As tempting as it is to sit indoors during the chilliest time of the year, you may be missing out on some awesome health benefits!

Working outside during the winter may actually have you burning more calories. Your heart will also strengthen when it works extra hard to pump blood back into your body as you run outdoors in the cold.

Don’t let the cold temps ruin your workout schedule. Here are seven of the best moisture-wicking winter workout outfits.

1. UnderArmour Women’s ColdGear Infrared Full Zip Hoodie

Gear up for your run in the cold with UnderArmour ColdGear hoodies.

A water-repellent jacket like this one is great for times when you’ll be sweating it out in the winter months. Just in case it starts to snow, this infrared hoodie will protect you from the harsh weather conditions as you run through your neighborhood.

The infrared technology embedded in this UnderArmour hoodie also maintains your body heat as you exercise. The multiple layers of thermo-conductive padding ensure a comfortable and durable protective coating.

With so many positive reviews, this hoodie qualifies as one of the best winter workout outfits.

2. Adidas Techfit Climawarm+ Tights

Flexible tights are a must when it comes to winter workout outfits. Adidas creates some of the best high-quality clothing for exercising. What sets their brand apart from the rest is the CLIMAWARM technology used in their cold gear.

Tights that keep out the cold are just what you need to invest in this winter season. Finding them at Adidas for under $100 will help you to conquer your fear of running in the chilly air.

Cute tights and trendy winter workout outfits will get you motivated to keep your body moving. If you don’t have the time or energy to work outside, why not wear these tights as you jump around in the house?

There are plenty of programs online you can follow, such as the BBG program created by Australian fitness guru Kayla Itsines. She crafted her own fitness plan to outline a comprehensive guide for women to follow. Most see real weight loss results in as little as 12 weeks.

Learn more about the bbg program to start your fitness journey from a digital perspective!

3. Mizuno Breath Thermo Stretch L/S Crew

Winter workout outfits are not complete without a layering long sleeve top underneath jackets and hoodies.

A Mizuno Thermo stretch long sleeve zip neck top will be your first step in getting ready to work out. This long sleeve top captures body vapor and maintains your body heat all day long.

These tops also come in a few colors options, which include black, bright pink, or blue for cute yet comfortable winter workout outfits.

4. North Face Dyvinity Jacket

Need a new winter jacket? Try the Dyvinity design from North Face this season as your new favorite versatile jacket.

People rave about this jacket so much that they consider purchasing it in other colors, so that means it must be a great pick! They say you won’t regret buying it, either.

The materials in this jacket include water and weather-resistant fabric. North Face as a brand is also known for incorporating WindWall fabric technology into their clothing.

This jacket also utilizes the power of WindWall fabric to reduce the harsh wind chill effects as you exercise in the cold. The WindWall fabric is top of the line in providing wind resistance.

The North Face Dyvinity jacket boats a feminine shape and plenty of room to layer clothes underneath. Its stylish and trendy design makes it a proud contender on our list for contributing to this season’s hottest winter workout outfits.

5. Winter Workout Outfits from Lululemon: Toasty Tech Tight II Pants

Pants are another item to stock up on for your winter training sessions. The Adidas pants will be one pair to have in your closet, but if you don’t already own a pair from Lululemon, let us describe why you should own the Toasty Tech Tight II Pants right now!

The Teach fleece within these pants from Lululemon is equipped with the ability to wick the sweat away while you exercise in them. Available in four colors, the Toasty Tech Tight II pants are ready to take on winter running sessions.

Even for weather conditions reaching the negatives, these pants do not falter despite the dropping temps. They’ll provide your body with the essential core warming factors necessary to feel comfortable.

Lululemon is known for creating designs that empower people to reach their goals and wear sleek designs in the process. Trust these pants to keep the chilly wind out, too.

The pockets along the sides of these pants are great for storing your keys or your phone while you exercise outdoors.

6. Athleta Vortex Jacket

There is nothing quite like the fit of a slim jacket during the winter. A lot of the time, brands will sell huge, bulky designs that look overwhelming. Forget about the bulkiness when you shop at Athleta for the Vortex Jacket.

The slim design of the Vortex Jacket makes it a highly recommended pick for our top winter workout outfits. The Polartec Microfleece fleece is soft and strategically covers the entire jacket for excellent protection.

If you are an everyday active person, the Vortex Jacket is perfect for your lifestyle. You can’t beat the fashion and function of this versatile jacket. The slim design is how you will accentuate your figure, from your arms to your waist!

The colors also mix well with other wintertime styles you may already own. You can order this jacket in a crimson-purple color or stick to a neutral black.

The Athleta Vortex Jacket is so comfy you won’t even want to take it off! You work hard on training your body, so why not find a winter jacket that actually looks good and reveals your slim figure? The Vortex Jacket is just what you’ve been looking for.

7. Manzella Windstopper Glove

How about bundling your delicate fingers in a pair of running gloves?

The gloves you wear may be an overlooked aspect of winter outfit planning, but they are actually very important to an optimal workout. While the rest of your body is insulated by wearing fleece-lined jackets and tights, don’t neglect your fingers!

Manzella has designed the perfect gloves for your hands. The technology incorporated within these gloves is WL Gore 3-layer material for the ultimate windproof protection.

The index finger and thumb also include touchscreen friendly capabilities for cell phone use. This allows you to easily make a call or send a text as you exercise during the winter.

These gloves are proven to fit all hand sizes and shapes. There’s a nifty chart on the Manzella website to guide to finding your true perfect fit.

The gloves are not too heavy or too warm. You can carry these gloves along with you if you live in the Northeast region or out west in the mountains.

Another key factor to look for when deciding what gloves to buy is if they allow the sweat from your hands to evaporative quickly. Any aerobic activity you participate in this winter season will be the ultimate test for these gloves, as they promise to keep your hands dry.

The Manzella gloves received outstanding 5-star ratings on Amazon, so their well-made design must hold true. The breathable and lightweight quality attached to the Manzella Windstopper Glove makes it our top pick on our list of items for winter workout outfits.

Need More Fitness Tips?

Fitness is a personal thing, but it’s universal at the same time. Beat the blues by challenging yourself to work out during the wintertime. You’ll look great wearing these comfortable yet stylish digs highlighted throughout this article.

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5 Ways to Style Your Home With Wooden Furniture

No matter what century it is, wooden furniture will always be a great part of interior design. Its welcoming and timeless nature makes it a worthy addition to any home.

Some people feel they can pick up any wooden item and add it to their home design. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work. They would be better off leaving it to interior designers who know how to:

  • Select colors, lighting, designs, and materials
  • Follow building codes
  • Determine interior space and accessibility needs
  • Make interior spaces functional and safe

Choosing the right wooden furniture styles for your home is not easy. Read on to learn more.

Wooden Furniture Styles For Your Home

Wooden furniture allows you to experiment with different styles. Common examples of types of wood used in the home include oak, teak, walnut, and alder.

As you customize your place, you’ll realize it’s no longer about sticking strictly to modern, classic or traditional styles. These styles can all blend with your tastes.

Here are five styles you can choose from:

1. The Rustic Look

The rustic look uses simple shapes and natural or repurposed materials. It creates warmth in any room. It is unpretentious and has a sense of history.

With this style, you can use a log cut on two sides as your table. You can have cedar wood stools made by cutting a curved groove on one end. You can use a wooden ladder to make a rustic light fixture for your room.

As for color, go for khaki, forest green, or dark brown. Find old objects and repurpose them for your room’s style. You can also make your own wooden poster frame to add to the look.

2. Color Splashing and Floral Designs

For so long, wood had an association with traditional styles and colors. Now, you can make rooms vibrant by filling them with flashy colors. Try it with floral designs as well.

Throw in brightly colored cushions and cabinets. Use bright and complementing colors on the rugs and lampshades. You can also use floral designs on the cushions and drapes to change the ambiance in the room.

3. Classic, Contemporary, Modern Blends

You can create a classic, contemporary, modern style in a room with a few changes.

For example, the bedroom can have a beech wood bed with log bases underneath. The walls would have wood panels with hanging light fixtures. On the side, you can place a mid-century modern table and chair set.

4. Antique Look

The antique look involves functional yet collectible furniture. These pieces are beautiful, durable, and have a unique texture. They add a sense of mystique and sophistication to a room.

Colors in antique furniture tend to be darker. Vary the look by having darker colors on walls and cabinets and lighter colors on the chairs. You can use walnut or oak to make hardwood furniture such as corner cabinets.

5. Minimalist Wooden Mishmash

Minimalism is about using fewer items, simple objects, empty spaces, and lighter colors.

For instance, you can have a two-color dining table set using simple wooden furniture. Get a long, cedar wood table and simple wooden stools and put them in the corner of the room.

Learn More About Saving Money

You can create your own interior design style using different types of wood and colors. Decide on your taste and pick complementing designs. Don’t try to add everything haphazardly, as your room will lack structure.

Working with wood doesn’t have to be expensive. Contact us today to learn more about saving money!

When You Can Do Your Own Pest Control and When It’s Time to Call in the Pros

adobestock 54731105Whether you live in the city or the country, it’s likely you have to deal with pest control issues of some kind. Most consumers are familiar with the major brands of sprays, traps, and repellents so they walk into the pest control aisle of the hardware store with a fair amount of confidence. Your familiarity might make you feel as if you can do your own pest control.

For most minor issues, this is true. Getting rid of fruit flies, a mouse, or a couple of spiders is a breeze for a knowledgeable homeowner.

But do you know when the issue is out of control? How many rodents are too many?

It depends on where you live, the time of year, and the type of pest. Here is a comprehensive guide of steps to take to do your own pest control. If these aren’t enough, it might be time to call in the pros.

Seal Up The Cracks

Leaving small cracks and holes serve as a wide-open invitation for critters and insects to make a home in your house. If air can pass through, so can a tiny egg or a freshly hatched creature.

Take the time to inspect the exterior of your house from every edge of the foundation to the top of the roof. Seal up cracks, spaces in the siding or tears in the roof with silicone caulk or another all-weather patching compound.

The little holes and spaces in the window frames that let in your cable lines might also be a gateway for invaders.

Problems can be compounded if holes in your roof or upper levels of a home or garage are accessible to bats, possums or rodents. Once inside, they’ll be more than happy to feast on the insects that likely found their way into your space.

Cover your attic vents with insect screens and hardware cloth. Together, they’re a useful deterrent against unwanted visitors.

Clean Up The Clutter

Unfortunately, insects can fest on things we not only value but would never guess they could live on. Bookbinding glue, biodegradable papers, silk, and linen are all a treat to bugs and can set the stage for an infestation.

If you know there’s a room or an area in your basement filled with stuff you don’t need anymore, it might be time to take care of that. If you want to do your own pest control, you might also do yourself a favor and donate these things to a thrift store.

Otherwise, you’re leaving out a potential food source for uninvited cockroaches, beetles, and silverfish.

Anything that you know you need to keep should be sealed in waterproof plastic tubs. Buy a higher quality material, as cheaper tubs are susceptible to cracking and damage.

Your tubs should act as a Fort Knox to your valuable goods and family treasures. The last thing you want to see when you gleefully dig out your family photos next holiday season is a family of bugs snacking on your baby pictures.

No Free Lunches

Even keeping a clean counter isn’t enough to keep pests from your home. Your first step when you want to do your own pest control might be to clean your house from top to bottom, putting everything securely in cabinets.

But all of your baking supplies, rice, cereal and dog food are sitting there waiting to be eaten. Unpacking your dry foods and putting them in airtight canisters or plastic containers is the way to go.

If you buy in bulk, this can both prolong the shelf life but also keep any stray bugs that may have come along for the ride from getting out and into your kitchen.

It’s necessary to keep trash secure to stay free of insects. A can with a locking lid will keep bugs from being attracted by the scent. Keep compost in the freezer to limit the possibility both of smell and of infestation.

And while you’re going through your trash, clean out your garbage disposal. Food items clogged inside can be heaven for a bug looking for lunch.

If you’re not a fan of toxic chemicals, you can clean most of your home with household products.

Water is a Bug’s Best Friend

Water is the breeding ground for all sorts of flying insects and roaches. They are often known for hanging around bathroom plumbing. Be sure that you clean up all surfaces on a regular basis.

You need to be diligent when you do your own pest control. Flushing through your pipes will also ensure that nothing of interest to insects might be found stuck in your pipes or drains.

Dripping faucets can be to blame for standing water and give a nice home for bugs to start unpacking their bags.

Keeping your bathroom fan running after a shower will clear the air of humidity and make the environment less welcoming to insects.

If you’ve got temporary repairs keeping your pipes together, get them fixed ASAP. A pipe that’s burst or cracked once won’t heal over time. It will only get worse, creating a flood of dirty water and potential places for insects to breed.

If you’ve completed these tasks and still face a pest issue, consider the following questions.


How Big is the Problem?

The tactics mentioned above may not be able to treat your pest control problem at the scale that it’s reached. By now, your issue may be more than one rogue mouse running through your cabinets.

Rodents might have taken the food source from your cabinets and moved it to their new nest, inaccessible to you or your housecat.

If insects have taken up a home in cracks or crevices, they could be breeding while you sleep. You might only see one or two when they’re out looking for food sources.

By the time you see them, it might be too late to do your own pest control.

How Much Time Do You Have?

Can this issue wait a week or two while commercial products run their course and help treat your pest issue or do you need them out of your life today?

Some prevention and treatment methods might work right away. If you find yourself trying the same things over and over, you may be wasting time and money. The longer that a problem persists, the worse it can get.

If after you do your own pest control, you end up having to treat the problem several times, it might be time to call a professional.

Is Safety an Issue?

Some pests are more serious than others. While ants and mice may cause messes, seem kinda gross, and end up annoying you, they’re not necessarily dangerous.

If you encounter issues with raccoons, rats, or some types of spiders, you might not want to handle it alone.

Pests can transmit diseases to kids and pets very easily. More dangerous pests might mean that you need to take more serious measures to protect your home.

These kinds of pests require more dangerous pesticides and traps. If you have kids and pets who you want to keep protected, you might not be able to do your own pest control.

Hire a professional who is experienced with the application and, more importantly, the cleanup after using traps or chemicals.

Take the time to research before you hire anyone by reading exterminator reviews near Hickory NC.

What Do You Do Once the Pests Are Gone?

Let’s say you do your own pest control and end up succeeding. What will you do next?

You should take the process of cleanup very seriously. Leaving dead pests around may only serve to attract more pests.

If you leave toxic chemicals in and around your house, you could be endangering your own family and pets not to mention the kids and pets in your neighborhood.

Following the cleanup, you need to think about prevention.

Once your home is free of pests, you need to make sure that it’s also pest repellent.

If pests are a seasonal issue where you live, as soon as you see the first pests in window cracks or kitchen counters, take action. Spray around all the cracks and pipes in your home.

You may suspect that there is an infestation that you can’t see. In this case, call a professional immediately. They will have a checklist of warning signs to look for when fighting an infestation.

Be Smart If You Do Your Own Pest Control

Before you do your own pest control, do your research, and take safety precautions, and heed warnings written on all commercial products. Wear safety gloves, have goggles on hand, and clear the area of kids and pets.

If it’s in your budget, your best option is to research exterminators in your area and read reviews. If sustainability is an issue for you, ask details of your exterminator. There are lots of “green options” for pest control.

If you’re an animal lover, ask about humane traps.

Most exterminators will walk you through the process before you write a check. Only work with one who you feel comfortable with and who you feel has your interests in mind.

But most of all, act now before the problem gets any worse!

Why Having the Best Breakfast Means Having the Best Day

best breakfastBreakfast is the meal of champions.

Eating a hearty healthy breakfast is one of the best ways to start your day. When you get adequate calories in the morning, you’ll be energized and ready to tackle the tasks in front of you.

Read on to discover why having the best breakfast means you’ll have a fantastic day.

Perks Of The Best Breakfast

1) You Get to Have Coffee

Who doesn’t love waking up to a cup of joe?

One of the reasons breakfast is so great is because breakfast time means coffee time.

Lunch and dinner foods just don’t taste as good with coffee as breakfast foods do. Having coffee in the morning will energize you and make you ready to tackle whatever your day holds.

If you wait until later in the day to have your coffee, the caffeine could keep you up and cause poor sleeping patterns. Breakfast is the best time to have your coffee – which also makes it the best meal of the day.

2) Breakfast Foods Are Comforting

Another reason to have the best breakfast is that breakfast foods are naturally comforting.

Foods like pancakes, waffles, and french toast have a high carb content that makes them feel like a warm hug in your stomach.

It’s hard to feel unsettled while eating fluffy pancakes and bacon.

3) You’ll Be Satisfied Until Lunch

When you’re hungry you perform worse at work and are less productive.

Low blood sugar can cause mood swings and headaches. This is why having a big breakfast is so important.

When you eat enough calories in the morning, you’ll feel full and satisfied until lunchtime when you can have another meal.

Not sure what to eat for breakfast to keep you full? Check out my nutrition advisor for ideas on how to get the proper vitamins and nutrients.

4) Breakfast Makes You Thin

Studies show that people who eat breakfast are thinner than those who don’t.

This is because breakfast kickstarts your metabolism to get it working throughout the rest of your day. Breakfast literally means “break the fast”. When you’re asleep, your body is in fasting mode and your metabolism slows down significantly.

The first meal you eat during the day breaks this fast and revs your metabolism up again. You want to be sure that you’re starting up your metabolism as early in the day as possible so that it’s burning calories for you all day.

Eating a healthy breakfast will also ensure that you’re satisfied enough to not binge eat at lunchtime. Sensible meals that are balanced cut out senseless snacking throughout the day.

Have Your Best Breakfast Every Day

Make it a goal to prepare yourself a nutritious breakfast every single morning.

Your breakfast should be the largest meal of the day, as your body has the rest of the day to burn it off.

Treat yourself to a high protein breakfast to ensure you stay satisfied longer.

If you have any questions about this article or want to contact us for any reason, please do so here.

How a Happy Married Life Translates to a Happy Every Day Life

Think you are too overwhelmed by life to take time for your marriage?

Think again.

Taking just a little time to tend to your marriage can translate to a happier and less stressful daily life. Here are some small ways you and your spouse can maintain a happy married life, and in turn, bring out the best — and happiest — in each other.

Express Gratitude

This word is all the buzz right now — and for good reason. When people feel appreciated and valued by their spouse, they generally feel more committed to their happy married life — not to mention to their happiness overall.

Next time you notice the dishes had been done before you got home or your spouse put your favorite sheets on the bed, take a minute to stop and really say thank you. And that goes both ways. Let your partner know how much you appreciate him by tucking a little note in his briefcase or sending her flowers just because she is awesome.

Sweat Together

Instead of hiring that Saturday night sitter, find someone to watch the kids in the AM. Replace date night with date day and go on a hike, swim in the ocean or find a bike path. Exercise releases endorphins, allowing us to feel happier and less stressed, and making exercise something you and your spouse do together will help you stay committed to your health.

Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

This isn’t good for anyone involved. Biting off more than you can chew will leave you stressed and overwhelmed, and not following through will leave your partner disappointed. Doing this repeatedly can lead to resentment on both sides.

If something is too much, say no and explain why. It’s better than making a commitment and backing out later.

Share Domestic Duties

No one wants to spend their Saturday morning scrubbing toilets, so don’t let the dirty duties fall on one person. It’s sure to lead to negativity and underlying resentment, the worst enemy of a happy married life.

Remember that cleaning schedule you and your college roommates made and posted on the fridge? Try creating one of those with your spouse — and get the kids involved, too. That way no one person drowns in all the domestic duties and the kids learn healthy housekeeping habits from the start.


Laughter actually is the best medicine. Laughter changes our body’s physical make-up, so making time to laugh together should be a priority. Share that funny story from the office, put on one of Netflix’s best comedies after the kid’s go to sleep, or plan a date night at a comedy show.

Laughter will get those endorphins pumping, so make an effort to associate it with your partner.


Remember at the very beginning when you talked to your spouse for hours about absolutely everything? Somehow, it is easy to get to a point where conversations revolve around grocery lists and kids’ soccer schedules.

Poor communication often means you are no longer asking for — or getting — what you need from your partner. Fixing this isn’t always easy. Try Sam Nabil Counseling Services if you and your partner need some help learning to communicate again.

Have Respect, Even When That Means Sacrifice

His mom is having surgery and needs help this week? He should go; you’ve got the kids.

He finally got into the grad school of his dreams, but it means moving to Montana for two years? Ok, you can do this. You’ll pick the next home after he’s graduated.

Making these kinds of sacrifices show your partner how much you respect his needs and believe in his dreams. Keep the faith (in each other).

Celebrate Your Happy Married Life

Looking for a way to celebrate the happy life you’re building for your family? Maybe it’s time for a getaway with your loved ones. Taking time to recharge together is the perfect way to restart your journey towards happiness together.