What to Know When Starting a Summer Camp for Kids

Are you interested in starting a summer camp? 

It can be a profitable and rewarding venture. If you ever attended a summer camp for kids, you know how impactful they can be. Many kids who attend summer camp create happy memories that stay with them for a lifetime.

Whether you are filled with nostalgia about your own camp experience, or you want to do something that makes an impact, starting a summer camp can be a great thing to do. 

However, running a summer camp takes a lot of time and effort. You have to create an environment that allows kids to play, express themselves, make new friends, and most importantly, want to return the following summer. The summer camp experience has to be parent-approved, kid-approved, and something you and your staff can execute with ease. 

For these reasons, knowing how to start a summer camp the right way is essential. 

Fortunately, by following a few tips and a few summer camp best practices, you can create the ideal foundation for your summer camp program. If you are ready to start a summer camp but aren’t sure where to start, this short and simple guide is for you. 

Choose the Best Age Group 

The first step for starting a summer camp business is to choose the age group of the campers you want to work with. Think about the age group you have experience with or the age group you feel the most comfortable creating a program for. Not only will restricting the age make everything else much easier, but it will also help you better target your niche. 

Determine the Theme of Your Camp

There are all types of camps you can start, ranging from a sports camp to one that is only for dancers. The theme of your camp depends on your experience, interest, and reason for starting the camp. You can also choose a general theme for your summer camp. 

Create a Camp Schedule 

The best summer camp has structure and a strict, daily schedule. Ideally, your campers should have an experience that is different from school, is enriching, but also provides them with the fun and activities kids expect. 

Choose the Location You Will Have Your Camp 

The next step is to choose where you will have your summer camp. There are a variety of summer camp options, depending on where you live. Choose a camp that has amenities and is in a natural setting so you can plan outdoor events for the children to enjoy. 

Know How to Make Your Camp Officially a Business

Before launching your summer camp, you need to make sure it’s an official business. Depending on a few factors, you may or may not need a business license to run your camp. Check your local city requirements to determine what actions you need to take to make sure your camp is legal. 

Acquire Insurance  

Just like any other insurance, summer camp insurance exists to cover you financially should any unfortunate events happen. Talk to an insurance agent and ask what type of insurance you need to purchase. Make sure you are following all the recommendations from your insurance agent. 

Implement Health and Safety Measures

When working with children, it’s essential to implement health and safety measures. You should have camp policies, medical staff onsite, the campground inspected, an emergency plan, and more. Make sure you are also following all local rules and regulations when implementing the health and safety measures for your camp. 

Set a Reasonable Price 

Although starting a summer camp can be rewarding, it can also be an expensive venture. For this reason, you need to make sure the price you set will cover your expenses while also bringing in a profit. 

Start by researching camps in the area to understand the average price for the area. Depending on your resources, you can also consider charging on a sliding scale to ensure all kids can enjoy your summer camp. 

Hire and Train Staff

It’s important to choose the right staff for your summer camp. You want to choose people who are great with kids, friendly, energetic, and have a sense of fun. Make sure to run background checks before hiring anyone and train your staff properly before the launch of your summer camp. 

Determine the Registration Process 

One important task you need to complete before you open your camp is to determine the registration process. You need a process that allows for pre-registration and is hassle-free for your campers. 

Consider using registration software to streamline the process overall. If you are not sure which software to use, visit www.info.ultracamp.com.

Create a Marketing Campaign

Once you have completed all of the steps to set up your camp, you have to reach parents so they can register their kids. To do this, you need to get the word out about your camp and all the fun and benefits a child will experience. Consider adding your camp to online directories, working with schools, encouraging referrals, marketing on social media, and more. 

Collect Feedback and Keep in Touch

After your camp is over, it’s important to collect feedback from your campers and stay in touch with their parents. The feedback you collect will help you improve your camp for the next year and keeping in touch with parents will help you encourage repeat campers. 

This Is What You Need to Know When Starting a Summer Camp for Kids

There are several things you should know before starting a summer camp for kids.

You need to determine the age group of your campers as well as the theme and the schedule. You also should know the location of the camp and understand how to make sure the camp is legal and safe for the kids. Make sure you are training your staff properly, marketing correctly, and keeping in touch to encourage return campers.

Follow these tips to start a summer camp the right way.

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5 Factors to Consider When Planning a Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party can be a lot of work, and sometimes things slip the mind. But not to worry because this article has got you covered. 

Whether you’re planning a big bash or a little get-together, there are always things to organize. Because unfortunately, the cake cannot make itself. But with the right preparation, your party will be a huge success. 

Keep reading to learn 5 factors you should consider when throwing a birthday party. 

1. Budget 

Before you start buying things, set your party budget. You should consider the number of attending guests, venue, food, drinks, decorations, and activities. 

Find the areas where you’re looking to save money and the areas where you can spend a little more. For example, if you invite lots of guests (meaning more food and drinks), you could make the cake or decorations yourself. 

2. Venue 

If the birthday party venue isn’t at your house, you’ll want to book a space right away. 

Popular places for a kid’s birthday party include inflatable bounce house facilities, arcades, or art studios. And for adults, museums, bars, spas, or restaurants are always a hit. But if the venue is where you want to spend a little less money, try the park, library, or beach. 

3. Theme 

Birthday party themes are tons of fun and can be great for children and adults alike. 

If you’re throwing an adult party, consider doing a theme honoring their favorite country, movie, or decade. Or if it’s a children’s party, consider a theme like under the sea, luau, or circus. 

And once you pick your theme, you can plan your activities and decorations around it. 

4. Gifts 

Unless the party is your gift, you can’t forget to grab the person of honor a present. 

If you’re not sure what to buy for a kid, you can always get a coloring book, a board game, or a children’s novel. And for an adult, gift cards, wine, and candles are usually a safe bet. 

And if you’re trying to buy for someone who has everything, consider these sustainable birthday gift ideas

5. Food and Drinks 

If your venue doesn’t supply this, you’ll want to offer some crowd-pleasing options in addition to a birthday cake. 

For appetizers or snacks, you could have chicken wings, pigs in a blanket, chips, veggies, or pretzels. Popular party dishes include pizza, hamburgers, salads, or sandwiches. And for drinks, you can serve water, soda, and alcohol (for an adult birthday party).  

But if you’re unsure about guest allergies or special diets, either reach out to ask or have a variety of different options. 

Now You Know What To Remember While Planning a Birthday Party 

Planning a birthday party isn’t always easy, but it will definitely be worth it in the end. The birthday boy or girl is sure to love whatever you put together. Now book that venue, buy some gifts, and enjoy the party!  

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How Emotional Therapy Can Help You and Those Around You

Many couples and families can fall into negative patterns of behavior. Once this happens, it’s very hard to break free without external assistance. The good news is that effective help is available. 

Emotional therapy is a great way to break out of negative patterns in a relationship and create new positive ones. This article explains the basics of emotional therapy and how it could help you turn your life around. 

What Is Emotional Therapy?

Emotional therapy is a short-term kind of therapy. It focuses on strengthening adult relationships. The adults involve work with a therapist to scrutinize the trends and patterns in their relationship. 

This enables them to create a more secure bond with each other and helps them to have a more positive and healthy relationship. This means it is particularly effective for married couples who are experiencing problems in their relationship. 

Who Can Benefit

Emotional therapy is an incredibly versatile form of therapy. Basically, it’s useful in any situation where the clients want to improve their relationship with each other. It’s often used for couples or families experiencing trust issues or emotions like anger or fear. 

It is also useful for couples in which one partner is dealing with a significant illness. While emotional therapy can solve issues with a relationship, it can solve individual mental health issues as well. For example, it might help with depression or anxiety.

It’s also useful if an individual in the relationship has experienced significant trauma. 

How Emotion Therapy Works

The defining feature of emotional therapy is that it focuses on making changes to your lives, here and now. Emotional release therapy is made up of three distinct phases. 

The first step is de-escalating the cycle of negative interactions between the individuals. At this point, everyone will start to get a new perspective on their position in the relationship. Emotional therapy recipients may realize the extent that they’ve been distant or insecure. 

Second, the individuals will learn to restructure their interactions with one another. The therapist will address their doubts and fears about the relationship. At this stage in the therapy, people learn to cooperate and communicate, using language that doesn’t push the other partner away. 

The final stage is consolidation. At this point, the therapist helps the clients identify how they got into negative relationship patterns. The clients will learn how to avoid falling back into these patterns in the future. 

What to Look for in a Therapist

When looking for an emotionally focused therapist, you should look for someone who has specific expertise and training.

A therapist who is qualified for giving emotionally focused therapy should have credentials showing that they’re capable of delivering quality emotionally focused therapy. Take a look for therapists with these skills in your local area. For example, check out somewhere like nytpsnyc.com.

Turn Things Around Today

If you’re ready to break the cycle of negativity and make some positive changes, you should consider giving emotional therapy. Many couples who have experienced years of relationship problems have turned things around with this technique. 

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4 Important Reasons to Schedule Your Postpartum Chiropractor Appointment

Did you know that almost 75 percent of women have lower back pain after they deliver their babies? With postpartum back pain being such a common issue, it is still important to address it after you give birth.

There are many chiropractor benefits that people are unaware of, and seeing a postpartum chiropractor can help you immensely as your body recovers from childbirth. Here are some of the main reasons that going to a chiropractor for back pain is a good choice.

1. Correct Your Posture

Pregnancy can drastically change your posture because you carry much more weight in your lower belly. Naturally, your posture is different after you deliver your baby, especially with repeated movements like picking the baby up.

A chiropractor to assist you with postpartum back pain will know exactly which muscles and joints need to be worked on in order to help you navigate your life as a new mother. You will be able to hold your baby in many different positions without experiencing as much pain.

2. Manage Postpartum Pain

Sciatica is a common issue for mothers after giving birth, due to nerve compression on the lower part of their spine. Even though it is more common during pregnancy, you can still experience lower back pain postpartum in the spine.

Along with back pain, many new mothers have pain in their upper back, neck, and shoulder areas. This often occurs from changing postures, as well as general stress. A chiropractor for back pain can help ease all kinds of discomfort.

3. Heal Your Pelvic Area

Pelvic floor issues are incredibly common after giving birth, so do not be surprised if your chiropractor wants to work on them. A weak pelvic region can cause problems like leakage and painful sex following childbirth.

One option is to attend pelvic rehabilitation as soon as possible after you give birth to your baby. You can start the healing process early and learn ways to promote pelvic health so you can be in better shape and feel more confident.

4. Improve Your Mood

A visit to the chiropractor for back pain can do much more than just treat your aches and pains. It can also improve your mood, especially if you suffer from a condition like postpartum depression. Eliminating physical pain can boost positive feelings and help improve your outlook on life.

When you suffer from postpartum depression, it can be difficult to manage along with caring for a newborn baby at all times. Visiting a chiropractor can give you a much-needed break from your baby, along with a good adjustment to take some of your physical pain away immediately.

Visit Your Postpartum Chiropractor Today

You should have to worry about excess pain after you give birth. By visiting a postpartum chiropractor for back pain, you can set yourself on the path to healing properly.

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5 Crafts Using Plastic Craft Lace

If you’re one of the many mamas working remotely, or from home right now, you’re not alone. You’re also not alone in trying to figure out how to keep your youngsters busy!

As a thrifty mom, looking for some easy craft projects to keep those little ones out of trouble, you’ve come to the right place! Great arts and crafts projects are easy to make when you’ve got plenty of plastic craft lace.

What’s plastic craft lace? How do you use it? We’ll fill you in on the top plastic lace projects.

You might feel surprised to find that you already have some, laying around the house!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get crafting with craft lace!

What Is Plastic Craft Lace?

Craft lace, or plastic craft lace, is like flat plastic yarn or string. It comes in spools of many different colors. You can use it for many arts and crafts projects.

Where Can I Buy Craft Lace?

You can get great deals on plastic craft lace online or at your local craft store. Be sure to watch out for deals in your local coupon circulator, or in your email inbox, so that you can get a good deal!

You’ll want to get a variety of colors as well, to make your projects stand out. ‘Fun packs,’ with multiple different colors are an economical and high-value place to start.

What Other Supplies Do I Need?

With just some plastic craft lace, you can get started right away! However, there are some other tools you might want to consider buying to help make your projects easier. These include:

  • Scissors
  • Clear-drying craft glue or a hot glue gun
  • Beads (for finishing projects)
  • Lanyard snaps or keychain rings (to secure the tops of the projects)
  • Pliers (to help pull the stitches tight!)

Top 5 Projects With Plastic Craft Lace

Now that you know what plastic craft lace is and where to find it, let’s get started on some easy craft projects!

1. Keychains

Sometimes called ‘boondoggles,’ these cute, chunky keychains are a great way to make your keys stand out.

For This Project, You’ll Need:

  • 2, 1-yard pieces of craft lace in different colors
  • Key chain ring (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Bead for the end (optional)
  • Craft glue

To Complete This Project:

1. Put your two pieces of lace together, and make an ‘X,’ with the strands meeting in the middle. If you want, you can use a keychain ring as the meeting point. It might be helpful to secure the ends with tape, until you get comfortable.

2. Keeping the laces parallel, take the lace on the bottom of the X, and loop the top lace down, and the bottom lace-up. This should make an ‘N,’ shape.

3. Take the second color lace, and weave it through the ‘N,’ formed by the first lace; over the top, and under the bottom.

4. Pull the 4 loose ends tight! You should have a neat, boxy pattern.

5. You can repeat this stitch, or get fancy, and add spirals and more laces to get a cool effect.

6. To finish, you can place a bead at the end, pulling all the strands through. Apply some glue and weave the ends of the laces through the bead.

7. Let dry and attach your keys! You’re ready to go!

2. Zipper Pulls

Don’t you hate it when a zipper breaks? You won’t anymore! With these super cute and functional zipper pulls, you’ll be able to repair your zip-ups in style!

For This Project, You’ll Need:

  • 2, 1-yard pieces of plastic craft lace in different colors
  • Lanyard Snap
  • Scissors
  • Bead for the end
  • Craft glue (clear drying)

To Complete This Project:

1. Slide the two pieces of craft lace into the lanyard snap, until they meet at an ‘X,’ in the middle.

2. Keeping the laces parallel, take one of the laces and form an ‘N,’ shape. Each end should be bent across the center point.

3. Weave the second lace over and under the ‘N,’ created by your first lace. It should look like a messy, loose box pattern.

4. Pull the four loose ends tight! You should have a neat box.

5. It’s the same idea going forward, but easier now! Repeat the weaving pattern until you’ve reached the length you want.

6. To finish, you can place a bead at the end of the zipper pull and attach with a little dot of craft glue. Weave the loose ends through the bead and tighten to secure.

7. Let dry and voila! Attach to broken zippers to give them new life!

3. Friendship Bracelets

Nothing makes you feel like a kid again like friendship bracelets. Make one to wear with your daughter to honor your special bond.

For This Project, You’ll Need:

  • Plastic craft lace in different colors
  • Beads, as many as you’d like to weave or braid in
  • Scissors

To Complete This Project:

 1. You have a couple of options for this project. You can follow the instructions for a keychain or zipper pull, OR you can do a simple 3-strand braid.

2. For the 3-strand braid, start with a simple knot to keep the three pieces of craft lace secured. Try adding different color beads as you go; this adds texture to your friendship bracelet.

3. When you’ve reached the desired length, either tie off the bracelet (as above) or finish the braid with a simple knot and dot of glue.

4. Affix the loose ends at the bottom to the knot at the top. Add another dot of glue for extra security.

5. Slip on your wrist; beautiful!

4. String Art Paintings

If you’re not feeling up to a longer, more complicated project, this creative painting idea can be a great way to go. As long as you don’t mind getting a little messy!

For This Project, You’ll Need:

  • Craft lace, multiple size pieces
  • Canvas, any size
  • Painter’s tape, to secure the strings
  • Acrylic paint or spray paint
  • Newspaper, for covering the workspace

To Complete This Project:

1. You need a sense of adventure for this project! Start by covering your workspace with old newspaper.

2. Make a geometric pattern or design on your canvas using the craft lace. You can wrap one strand around multiple times, or use several pieces for a different effect. Secure the lace on the back of the canvas with tape.

3. Paint over the lace using acrylic or spray paint. Let dry.

4. Carefully remove the tape and the lace from the canvas. The resulting pattern should be a beautiful design of white space and the paint colors you used. Discard the tape and painted-over lace.

5. Enjoy your homemade art!

5. Homemade Gift Tags

This is an easy way to get kids involved with holiday gifts: making homemade gift tags!

For This Project, You’ll Need:

  • Cardstock or heavy paper
  • Plastic craft lace, different colors
  • Single hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Markers, stickers, other things to decorate!
  • Craft glue (optional)

To Complete This Project:

1. For this project, have your young helper cut out pieces of cardstock or heavy paper. Mom can help with this part, or give them some scalloped safety scissors to make a cool border.

2. Decorate your tags; you can use markers, stickers, paint. The sky is the limit!

3. Punch a hole in the corner of your gift tag.

4. Secure the paper gift tag to the gift with plastic craft lace. You can use multiple strands for a colorful effect, or just one, whatever your preference.

5. To make ahead, tie the craft lace into loops around the paper gift tag, and secure with a dot of craft glue. These gift tags will be ready for the holiday season!

What To Do With Your Finished Projects

Now that you’ve mastered these projects with plastic lace, what to do with them? Read on for further inspiration!


You’ll love looking back at these projects when your little ones are grown. You’ll love remembering these crafts you made together!

Sell on Craft Websites

Once you get really good at making plastic lace projects, you can sell them! This is a perfect solution for a busy mom looking to make an extra few dollars.

Gifts for Family

Whether it’s gift tags or zipper pulls, your family and friends will love to receive gifts made with craft lace. These colorful, fun gifts will brighten anyone’s day!

Endless Creativity, Endless Possibilities

Now that you’ve discovered, or rediscovered, plastic craft lace, it’s time to let your creativity shine! These children’s craft projects are perfect for rainy days, travel activities, and simple, thrifty fun. But their utility doesn’t end there!

You can have your kiddos help you with these projects all year long. Who knows? It may even turn into an extra source of income for you or a great gift for someone you love.

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How To Travel on a Budget With Kids

Do you want to travel on a budget with your family? Hoping to ensure your family trip doesn’t break the bank?

Traveling with your kids can be a very fulfilling experience that will build memories for years to come. Unfortunately, however, it can be costly to go on a vacation with your family if you don’t know a few tips and tricks for doing so.

We’re here to help. In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can travel on a budget with your kids.

1. Go On Vacation During the Off-Season

One of the key things you can do to save money when traveling with your kids is to travel during the off-season. You can often get much better rates at hotels and attractions when you decide to travel during a less popular time of year.

However, remember that this varies based on location. You’ll want to do some research to find out what a great month or time to go will be for the destination you’re interested in.

2. Look Beyond the Most Popular Destinations

In addition to traveling during the off-season, simply going to a less popular tourist destination can also be a great choice as well. By checking for destinations off the beaten track, you’ll be able to find some great, budget-friendly places to visit.

The most sought-after tourist spots often come with high price tags as well. However, there are many other places that are just as beautiful and fun to travel to if you’re willing to do a bit of digging.

3. Consider All of Your Lodging Options

One of the best ways to save money on travel with kids is to make sure that you carefully consider your different accommodation options. These days, there are a lot of options besides just luxury hotels.

There are all sizes of guesthouses out there and there are also sites such as Airbnb and VRBO that you can use to find good deals on lodging as well. You may also want to consider going on camping trips with your kids if you want to ensure that your vacation is budget-friendly.

4. Have a Plan For Family Meals

Out of the many things you can do to save money on your trip, one of the best is to simply think carefully about meals in advance. Determine how many times you’ll eat out and on what days you’ll go to a fancy restaurant. Also, consider which meals you’ll simply make sandwiches back at your hotel instead.

Additionally, you may also want to save money by looking for a hotel that will provide breakfast for you and your family.

5. Carefully Consider Where You’ll Spend Extra

One of the ways you can make sure that you have a great vacation on a budget is to think carefully about when and where you splurge.

You should have an idea of what activities on your trip you’re willing to spend a bit more on. However, you should aim to only splurge on certain things, so carefully choose what those things will be ahead of time.

If you’re going to Newport Beach, for example, you may want to save some money in your budget for the mommy makeover procedure performed by Dr. Garrett Wirth.

Using These Strategies to Travel On a Budget

If you want to travel on a budget with your children, you need to think carefully about your plan. By making use of the above tips and creating a clear budget, you’ll be able to have a great time with your family for a reasonable price.

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The Benefits of CPAP Therapy: Will CPAP Therapy Help Me?

Did you know that sleep deprivation can impact your physical and mental health? You may feel exhausted during the day and have a hard time focusing at work.

If you’re sleep-deprived, we can help. In this guide, we’ll go over the benefits of CPAP therapy. When you use a CPAP machine, you will improve your sleep along with a host of other things.

Want to learn more? Keep reading.

Boost Your Mood

People who have uninterrupted deep sleep tend to feel more emotionally stable. If you don’t treat your sleep apnea, you will have an increased risk of depression.

Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

During the night, someone with sleep apnea will stop breathing anywhere between 10 and 30 seconds long.

Every time you stop breathing for a few moments, your blood oxygen levels will decrease. Reduced blood oxygen levels will strain your heart.

If you don’t treat your sleep apnea, you will have a higher risk of heart disease. CPAP therapy can help protect your heart. You’ll reduce the chances of heart problems.

Heart problems include coronary artery disease, an irregular heartbeat, and congestive heart failure.

Your Focus Will Improve

People who suffer from sleep apnea will have a hard time getting refreshing sleep. To function well during the day, people need to get restorative sleep each night.

CPAP therapy will help you breathe at night. You won’t wake up throughout the night choking for breath.

You’ll feel more focused when you wake up. Having a deep sleep at night will improve your ability to concentrate at work. 

Lower the Risk of Car Accidents

People who feel sleepy during the day have a more challenging time driving. When you feel tired, your ability to react to sudden changes during the drive gets impacted.

Reduce your risk of car accidents by getting deep sleep with the help of CPAP treatment.

Reduce the Risk of Stroke

People who don’t treat their sleep apnea will have an increased risk of stroke. Consider looking into CPAP treatment. CPAP therapy will reduce the chances of having a stroke.

Improve Your Partner’s Sleep

People who leave their sleep apnea untreated will interrupt their partner’s sleep. If you wake up throughout the night gasping for air, your partner will wake up too.

Similar symptoms of poor sleep will affect your loved one. Consider seeking CPAP therapy to improve your partner’s sleep.

Get a sleep study done today and find out if you have sleep apnea. Check out sleepinsights.com.

Now You Know the Benefits of CPAP Therapy

We hope this guide on CPAP therapy was helpful. Reduce your risk of heart disease, improve your focus at work, and be more alert while driving.

There are many benefits of CPAP therapy. Consider getting treatment today.

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