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Boozy Beauties: Creative Wine Cork Projects

With around 770 million gallons of wine consumed in the US each year, that means a lot of corks floating around. While many people simply throw away the corks, the craft-minded among us tuck them away. After all, cork is soft, resilient, and naturally waterproof.

You think, “Surely, there is some fantastic project where I can use all this lovely cork.”

It turns out there are lots of creative wine cork projects out there. Keep reading and we’ll give you an overview of five of them.

1. Wine Cork Coaster

If you drink wine on a regular basis, you want coasters around for your wine glasses. That native softness of cork means you won’t accidentally chip a glass on it.

A full-sized cork may prove a little tall for a coaster, so you should cut them in half crosswise. Then, you just turn them on end and glue them together. You can even add a decorative ribbon around the outside.

2. DIY Wine Cork Mat

For the longtime cork collector, you may want a project that promises to use up most of those wine corks. A wine cork mat is the project for you.

You’ll need a few things ahead of time, such as:

  • Sharp knife and cutting board
  • plastic shelf liner
  • Glue gun

Cut the corks lengthwise. Trim the shelf liner to the size you need. 

You can arrange the corks on the liner in a complex pattern or just cover it in rows. Use the glue gun to attach the corks to the liner.

Optional: A waterproof sealant helps prevent mildew.

3. Cork Vase

Glass vases offer clean lines and elegance, but sometimes you just want something a little different to frame those flowers. All you need for this project is strong glue, a vase, and corks. No cutting required.

4. Cork Keychain

This project ranges from dead simple to pretty easy. 

For the dead simple version, twist a screw eye into the end of a wine cork. Thread a split ring through the eye. Done.

For the pretty easy version, follow the directions for the dead simple version. Then, press an eye pin into the other end of the cork and hang a charm from it. 

5. Candle Holder

This is another project that’s very simple and doesn’t require many supplies.

You need two glass cylinders with approximately 6-inch and 3-inch diameters. Place the small cylinder inside the large one. Surround it with corks.

Put a candle into the small cylinder and enjoy.

Parting Thoughts on Creative Wine Cork Projects

The five creative wine cork projects listed above just barely scratch the surface of available ideas. The point, as always, is for you to find interesting uses for what you already have on hand.

If you discover you don’t have enough corks, don’t panic. You can ask your friends for their extras. You can even pick them up online or from a craft store.

Got a taste for cork projects but don’t have any cork handy? Check out our post on making a corkboard without any cork. 

DIY Computer: How to Build a Powerful PC (and Save Money, Too)

Did you know in 2017, roughly 262.5 million PCs were shipped to customers around the world? If you’re thinking of buying a PC of your own, you might be caught between building your own PC and buying a pre-assembled model.

While a pre-assembled model can be more convenient, you’ll find that building your own PC can make things more cost-efficient. That said, the thought of building your own PC might intimidate you.

This post aims to highlight some of the key things you need to consider if you’re looking to build a DIY computer. Though you may have concerns about your ability to build a PC, this post should help you navigate your doubts.

Let’s begin!

Benefits of Building Your Own PC

One of the great things about building a PC is that you can end up with an incredibly powerful computer without having to fork out a ton of cash.

Now, if you want a really powerful PC, you’ll still need to spend a good chunk of change. But it’s a lot less than what you’d pay if you decided to buy a pre-assembled PC.

Plus, building your own PC also makes it easier for you to perform upgrades later on.

Naturally, as software progresses, you’ll find that your existing setup is no longer able to cope. To deal with this, you can invest in new components to boost the power of your custom-built PC.

This isn’t always an option with a “standard” PC.

Sometimes manufacturers will make it so that certain parts of a PC can’t be removed. They may even build the computer in an awkward manner, which makes it hard to upgrade vital components.

Finding a Decent Processor

The processor is like the brain of the computer. The more powerful the processor, the harder you’ll be able to push your PC.

When buying the processor, you’ll want to stick to proven brands like AMD and Intel. It’s generally quite easy to identify which processors are the most powerful.

Intel has a range of ‘i’ processors, which range from i3 to i7. As you might’ve guessed, the i7 processors are the most powerful. AMD follows a similar pattern, with the Ryzen 7 showcasing some of the best the company has to offer.

You’ll also notice that are different versions for a given processor model. You should aim to buy the latest version of the processor you’re interested in, as this will improve the lifespan of your PC.

Sourcing a Graphics Card

As the name suggests, the graphics card is responsible for performing all graphics-related tasks. This includes tasks related to gaming, but also those related to creative software such as Photoshop and AutoCAD.

The amount you spend on a graphics card comes down to what you want from your PC. For instance, if you’re going to use it for gaming, then you’ll need a graphics card that’s on the higher end of the price range. 

When buying a graphics card, Nvidia is often the best option. The GTX1050 is a good option for casual use. But if you want something that’s really powerful, then consider getting the RTX 2080 Ti. 

Invest in RAM

RAM is the short-term memory of your computer, and the more powerful the RAM, the more your computer can handle at any given moment.

At the minimum, you’ll want to have at least 8GB of RAM in your computer. But if you’re going to use your PC for intense tasks like video editing, then 12GB of RAM might be a better option. 

Installing RAM is incredibly easy as you just need to plug a “stick” of RAM into the motherboard. Thus, if you want to save money, there’s no harm in buying a small amount of RAM to start with. If you later find that you need more, you can just buy another stick and plug it in.   

How to Choose a Motherboard

The motherboard houses some of the vital components of your PC. A lot of motherboards are designed to work with specific components, so it’s key that you look out for this ahead of time.

For example, some motherboards will only house chips produced by Intel. Others might just have 2 RAM slots, thus limiting the total RAM you can have for your computer. Certain motherboards will also be very selective with the kinds of graphics cards they’ll support.

Picking the Right Power Unit

You need to find a power unit that’s going to meet the power requirements of your motherboard. If you don’t know what the power requirements are for your motherboard, the manual should have the correct information.

It’s critical you don’t buy a power supply that costs less than $40. Such power supplies are likely to be of low quality and can present a serious hazard to both the components of your PC and your home. 

Before you invest in a particular power unit, it’s a good idea to verify the level noise it produces. To do this, find some YouTube videos that let you hear how noisy the power unit is.

How Much Storage Should You Pay For?

Like a lot of other things we’ve covered in this post, the amount of storage you require will depend on your personal needs.

If you’re constantly dealing with large files, consider getting a hard drive that’s at least 500GB.

For people with a temperamental internet connection, having a lot of storage can be helpful. A large hard drive allows you to download your content ahead of time. Following this, you won’t have to stream your content and struggle with drops in connection.

Keep in mind that, you can always get yourself an external hard drive, should your internal hard drive run out of space.

With the help of a USB hub, you can actually make use of multiple external hard drives at the same time. If you’d like to see an example of a USB hub that can help you do this, you can get more info here. 

Choosing the Correct Case

The great thing about choosing a case is that you have a lot of control over the appearance. Because of this, you have the option of selecting a case that matches the design of the room that contains your PC.

That said, the first thing you need to think about is whether the case is going to be suitable for all the components you’ve purchased.

This is easy to overcomplicate, but for the most part, you need to make sure the case will comfortably house the motherboard. If it can do that, then everything else should be okay. 

Do You Know How to Build a DIY Computer? 

After reading this post, you should have a much better appreciation for what it takes to build a DIY computer. 

Knowing what you want from your computer makes everything else easier. Of course, if you’ve never built a PC before, you’ll probably make some incorrect assumptions about your needs. 

If that happens, it’s no big deal. After all, the good thing about a DIY computer is that you can upgrade it, as soon as you feel like it’s not able to keep up with you.

Want to create a home office that’s worthy of your new PC? Check out this post for some tips on how you can design the perfect home office.  

Decorating Porches and Pathways: How to Stamp Concrete the DIY Way

Outdoor spaces are often sought after in new homes. This isn’t surprising given the many health benefits of being out in Mother Nature.

Do you have an outdoor space that is looking a little sad due to old or damaged concrete? Is this the main reason you’re avoiding hosting a summer party?

Don’t worry. Do you want to get that beautiful stamp concrete look without the financial blow to your wallet? Keep reading for all the tips and tricks you need to know!

Choose the Right Color and Texture

Before you jump into mixing concrete, think about your space. What color or style would play well with the environment? If you have a minimalist style home, choosing bright orange or blue is likely the wrong choice.

No matter your specific tastes, there are many decorative concrete options for you.

Easy to Follow Steps for Stamp Concrete

It seems more complicated than it is. Follow these simple steps to get a beautiful surface that will last.


Get your existing concrete area clean before taking any further steps.

It has to be squeaky clean so the new layers will adhere to one another. This means any remnants of paint must go. If you are struggling, consider using a diamond blade with a grinder.

Power wash as the last step to remove any remaining debris.


Mix one part muriatic acid with eight parts water. This solution will etch the concrete. Spread it with a broom and be careful, as the solution can cause burns.

Once the fizzing stops, add a second solution (eight parts water, one part ammonia) to the concrete. This will neutralize the acid. Power wash the surface once more.

Prep Porch and Skim Coat

In preparation for the skim coat, tape off any edges next to doors and your home. Follow manufacturer directions for your specific skim concoction.

Once mixed, apply the skim coat to wet concrete. Work away from the house. Let this coat sit for a few hours.

Apply Finish Coat

Once the skim coat has set, you will apply both the finishing layer and a textured layer. The textured layer will be thicker, as this is what you will be stamping the pattern into.

Be careful to spread the layers nice and even across the entire surface.

Stamp, Wait, Color and Seal

After the texture layer has set, start from an edge and stamp the pattern you’ve decided upon. Pay attention to placement. Alter the direction and orientation to ensure a random look.

Let it dry between six and eight hours. Once it is dry, smooth any noticeable bumps and edges. Once you are happy with the appearance you can grab the paint!

Tape off the house and doors. Apply a stain using a pump sprayer. You likely will need to use a primer before applying the color. Wait around an hour between paint coats.

Avoid letting paint pool in any puddles and clean up spills immediately.

Put Your Personal Stamp on the Project and Enjoy

As you can see, it 100% is possible to create a stamp concrete look on your own!

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Top 5 DIY Closet Organization Ideas That Don’t Break the Bank

Your closet is a mess.

It becomes an act of labor to simply sift through it and pick out an outfit each day. If you want to fix this, you need to learn some tips for organization that can be helpful and effective.

Below you’ll read top tips for closet organization without breaking the bank. Use these tips and start shopping around for whatever you need to upgrade your closet.

Invest in a Fitted Wardrobe

When you buy a fitted wardrobe, you instantly have a built-in tool to organize your clothes to the best of your ability.

By shopping for Bespoke fitted wardrobes West Lothian, you’ll see what is on the market and can make upgrades accordingly. You’ll find a variety of options that can help you organize everything from your shoe collection to your work outfits.

Be sure that you have a budget in mind so that you can buy what you need, with the help of some professionals that also guide you.

Install Drawers For Clothing and Valuables

When you’re organized and able to find your clothes and belongings, it makes your days so much easier.

This can be a great DIY project that will pay huge dividends. One of the best ways to organize your closet is to buy a set of drawers. Installing these drawers in your closet will let you know the best ways to pick out clothing, jewelry and any other important belongings.

Most importantly, your closet won’t be cluttered and you won’t feel stressed due to the mess. Having your belongings laid out will allow you to also beat decision fatigue, which eats away at your will and focus every day little by little.

Set Up a System For Closet Organization

Above all, have a system of organization for your closet.

This is a foundational step that doesn’t cost you a dime. For instance, do you want to separate your clothes by item type, color or size? When you know which organizational method works best for the way you think, it’ll be easy to organize your closet accordingly.

Create and Use Partitions

Make sure that you also set up partitions to keep your closet organized.

These partitions will act as a barrier so that you are able to prevent mixing your clothes up. Make sure that the partition is built tough, but also easy to sift through whenever you need it.

Find Displays For Your Shoes

Shoes are one of the biggest ways to clutter your closet. When your closet is jam-packed with shoes, it’s difficult to find what you need.

Instead, you can purchase shoe displays that let you separate sneakers and sandals from dress shoes. Having these displays in place will not only make going through your closet less stressful but also protect the shoes.

Shop Around for Cheap Organizational Tools

However you plan to organize your closet, make sure to find the organizational tools that you need.

If you’re on a budget, find deals on these closet organization tools. Browse through our site daily to find the latest hot deals on anything you are looking to buy.

DIY Project: How to Build a Basement Wine Cellar

basement wine cellar

Do you dream of building your own basement wine cellar?

If you’ve finally gotten to the point where you can make that dream a reality, you might not know how to get started. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can follow to get you going in the right direction.

In fact, if you keep reading, you’ll learn exactly what you need to think about if you want to build a basement wine cellar of your own. Read on to learn more.

Start Planning Your Basement Wine Cellar

You might not realize it, but building a wine cellar is very complicated. There are many factors you need to take into account if you want to do things the right way.

First, you need to decide whether you are going to be doing the work or if you will be hiring someone else to do it for you. If you do not have a lot of experience with DIY, it is a good idea to hire a professional company.

You also need to assess the state of your basement. If it is in bad shape, you will need to spend some money restoring it before you can turn it into a wine cellar.

One of the main things you will want to look out for is dampness. A lot of basements tend to become the victims of water damage. You might also want to look out for issues regarding pests.

You also need to think about how much you can budget. You then need to price everything so you can figure out if your budget will let you complete the project.

If your basement has a lot of stuff in it, you will need to spend some time removing the excess items.

Invest in an HVAC System

If you are going to be storing wine, you need to make sure you are storing it within a controlled temperature range. If you can’t do this, your wine is going to go bad.

The easiest way to do this is by investing in an HVAC system. You will likely need to hire a company to help you install this HVAC system.

When you are working with an HVAC company, make sure you check their paperwork. It is important that the HVAC company is certified and licensed. You can check if they have valid credentials by inputting their details into relevant state-owned websites.

Make sure you tell the HVAC company what your requirements are.

It is important you tell them what level of humidity you want to achieve as well as the ideal temperature range. For most basement wine cellars, a temperature range of 55-59 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. In terms of humidity, you should aim for around 60% and 70% humidity.

Does Your Basement Need Electricity?

If there is no electricity in your basement, you will need to get this taken care of.

Pay the money needed to hire a professional electrician. Again, make sure you do your due diligence when hiring an electrician.

It’s worth mentioning that you shouldn’t hire an electrician until you have planned out the layout of your wine cellar. Once you have planned out where everything is going to go, you will know where the power outlets need to go.

If you do not plan this properly, there will be wires trailing around your basement. This looks untidy and also represents a trip hazard.

Invest in the Floors and Walls

You will also need to make sure your walls and floors are up to standard. If your basement does not have a good floor, install a new one.

This floor needs to be insulated and it needs to be moisture resistant. Specially treated hardwood tends to work well here. You can also use porcelain tiles.

You will also need to do the same for the walls. You might need to install a vapor barrier within your walls. You will also need to install insulation that has a high “r” value.

All this work will ensure that the temperature within your wine cellar remains consistent. It will also reduce the amount of work the HVAC system needs to do. This can help keep energy bills under control.

Install the Right Type of Door

You also need to install a door that will help keep your wine cellar the right temperature. Ideally, this will be a door that forms a tight air seal. This will help keep moisture at a consistent level too.

If you need help sourcing or installing a door like this, speak to a specialist door company.

Moving Past the Technical Details

Once you’ve taken care of all the technical details, you need to think about other parts of your wine cellar.

For instance, you might want to invest in some wine racks. The kind of wine racks you buy will depend on the kind of design you want in your wine cellar.

If you’re nearing the end of your budget, you can always buy second-hand wine racks on eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

If you want somewhere to sit in your wine cellar, you might want to get furniture too. If you don’t have a theme in mind, consider investing in some wine barrel furniture. That way, your wine cellar becomes a place to enjoy wine, not just to store it.

Build a Beautiful Wine Cellar

A basement wine cellar is something a lot of people want in their home. Building a wine cellar, however, isn’t always easy.

In this post, we’ve taken a look at some of the things you can do to build a basement wine cellar of your own. You need to decide if you are going to hire a contractor to do the whole job for you.

Even if you are going to do things on your own, make sure you hire people for specific jobs. You should also think about investing in some furniture too.

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4 Basic Skin Care Tips For Glowing Skin

skin care tips

With winter coming to a close, it’s time to take off those sweaters and reveal the skin we wear underneath.

And unless you’re one of the less than 10% of women who loves their skin, I’d guess you’re contemplating how hard it would be to wear a sweater through the summer months.

Here, I’m going to give you some skin care tips that will leave you feeling confident and ready to shed those second layers and embrace the sun.

Skin Care Tips For Your Face

We’ve all been there: rushing around trying to make sure everything is in order and the kids have their homework finished all while trying to make sure you’ve met your deadline.

In the rush of a busy schedule, you may have forgotten to wash off your makeup before bedtime – again. No big deal, right?

Actually, wearing your makeup that long can cause your pores to become clogged and dry out your skin.

A great product people have been talking about is the Aztec Indian Healing Clay. This is a product with a huge bang for your buck that works wonders for your skin.

Looking for fragrance and oil-free products can also be beneficial for the health of your skin because it can help you avoid irritation throughout the day.

1. Moisturizing

The average human has about twenty square feet of skin on their bodies. That means it’s time to get moisturizing!

There are different moisturizers for different skin types and you can find them all at affordable drugstore prices.

The best time to apply moisturizer is in the morning because it prepares your skin to take on the day.

2. You Wear What You Consume

A great way to keep your skin glowing all year around is adequate hydration!

Women should drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep their skin healthy and pure and to wash out toxins.

A great way to motivate yourself to drink enough water is to infuse it with your favorite fruits overnight like strawberries, blueberries or even cucumbers for a crisp, fresh taste.

3. Sweat Makes Healthy Skin

Exercise is a terrific way to make sure your skin is healthy and glowing.

Dermatologist Noelle S. Sherber says it’s because you’re supplying your body with oxygenated blood.

Sweat also unclogs your pores and helps reduce acne.

But remember to rehydrate!

4. I Dream of Glowing Skin

As if we didn’t a reason to sleep in already.

According to a study from Alaska Sleep Clinic, lack of sleep physically alters the appearance of your skin through increased cortisol levels which in turn cause the inflammation that breaks down the proteins in the skin.

These proteins are responsible for the shine. Thus, your skin appears ashy and blotchy.

Apparently, sleep is also a natural moisturizer. Through the perspiration that naturally occurs during the sleep cycle, your body is helping to smooth wrinkles.

Lack of sleep can target stress in the body and affect collagen in the skin. When collagen becomes thinner, skin starts to show signs of aging.

With these simple skin care tips, you’ll never feel the need sweat it out in long sleeves during Summer again.

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7 Star Wars Party Ideas for Real Jedi Masters

7 Star Wars Party Ideas for Real Jedi MastersAstonishingly, Star Wars: The Force Awakens made approximately $238 million during its opening weekend!

So it’s not surprising Star Wars is a favorite theme for parties! Whether you’re a die-hard fan, or you’re kids are- here are some fabulous star wars party ideas that we’re sure you’ll love.

Star Wars Invitation Ideas

It’s always best to start at the beginning, and there wouldn’t be a party unless you invited your guests!

If you have the time, we recommend making one of these fun star wars themed invites.


For this design, all you need is an average size piece of white cardstock. Just cut it out into the shape of a lightsaber, and color the handle grey and the beam bright blue or green.

Then, print your party details using a silver marker on the beam. The silver stands out well against the bright colors and always fits in with sci-fi themes.

Picture Collage

Create a picture collage on a Word Document of your favorite Star Wars stills. On the second page insert, the details of your party.

Now, you can print your invites out- just make sure they’re double-sided.

This ensures your pictures are on the front and the party info is on the back!

Fun Masks

This one’s our favorite style of invite! Simply, punch a hole in the corner of your chosen form of invite and then attach it to a Star Wars-themed mask. This would also work for T-shirts.

For ideas, be sure to check out these t shirts for some inspiration!

Be sure to add on the invitations that your guests have to wear the masks to your party!

Star Wars Party Food Ideas

No party’s complete without food. Check out these on-theme delectables:

Edible Lightsabers

Grab a bag of large pretzel rods and cover three-quarters of each rod in either green, blue or red frosting. These look surprisingly authentic!

Jedi Jell-O

Make your favorite Jell-O flavor, once it’s cooled use Star Wars shaped cookie cutters to cut out your Jell-O. This treat always goes down well!

Ewok Food

This idea’s excellent if you’re short on time. Simply, rename trail mix as Ewok Food. Be sure to print out a label so your guests get it!

For more Star Wars party ideas, check this out!

Create Lightsaber Napkins

These are super easy to do, yet they’re really effective. All you need to do is to purchase block colored blue, green, and red napkins.

Then, Google ‘free lightsaber handle napkin printables’. When you find a design you like, print as many as you need. Cut them as required and wrap them around the napkin as necessary- secure with tape!

Then voila you have mini lightsaber napkins- super cute!

Did You Enjoy These Star Wars Party Ideas?

If you loved this article as much as we did writing it, then we’re confident you’ll enjoy the other features on my blog.

Be sure to type ‘party’ into the search bar, and then loads of other party ideas, hints, and tips will pop up.

Alternatively, if you have any questions or comments about this blog post, please feel free to reach out and contact me. I love hearing from readers- speak soon!