3 Best Celebrity Gossip Websites

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Although they don’t have the 10 million views they once had, millions of people still watch the Kardashians’ every move.

Wyatt Cenac has even called them the closest thing America has to a royal family. During these times of political turmoil, a New York Times essay even advocated reading celebrity gossip and celebrity websites to stay sane.

As Instagram reaches nearly a billion members, there are more ways than ever to follow our favorite celebrities. But everything we see on social media is never the full story. Reading celebrity news and gossip sites enable us to read between the lines and see what our favorite famous or infamous personalities are up to.

There are dozens of major celebrity gossip websites that people go to for learning about celebs. These three are the best celebrity websites to keep you entertained and informed.


If you’re not reading Oh No They Didn’t, you’re way behind. You’ll get a wide variety of celebrity gossip and important news about music and entertainment here.

They’ve got the hook-up on in-depth articles about what celebrities are up to and even what great games are coming out.

You can get information here before it shows up anywhere else. ONTD employs some of the best celebrity gossip columnists who have their finger on the pulse of Hollywood and beyond. If you love celebrity news, this is your one-stop shop.

2. TMZ

TMZ has been a powerhouse in the celebrity news industry for at least a decade. Short for Thirty Mile Zone, their reporters are great at stalking celebrities and getting the latest dirt about all of them.

They know everything about celebrities from their love life to who makes their fabulous accessories. This is similar to celebrity sites like Elfann.

They pride themselves on breaking new information first. Celebrities will even go to TMZ with exclusives to get ahead of other gossip columnists. When someone famous wants to break up with another famous person, they go to TMZ first to make sure they can control the narrative.

3. Perez Hilton

Perez of Perez Hilton has been dishing on celebrities for years. He’s legendary for not only breaking news but being able to see between the lines and call out BS when he sees it.

His tabloid news gives you all the good stuff, like which couple was fighting at which hot NYC bar this weekend or who might be cheating on their spouse. Celebrities beware: he’s usually right.

Celebrity Websites Are Meant To Entertain

While there can be some mean-spirited posts, they’re often only about mean-spirited people. Typically these sites just allow us a way to check out of our own drama and plug into someone else’s. It can be nice to find out other people are as screwed up as us.

If you’re interested in more ways to kill time online, contact us for ideas.

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