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Giddy Up: 5 Cowboy Accessories Your Kid Will Love

If you’re looking for gifts for your children that crank up the cuteness factor while keeping them entertained for ages, cowboy accessories are the way to go.

Rather than sitting your kid in front of an iPad or Xbox, you can give them the gift of some truly old-school playtime with some adorable cowboy and Indian accessories that they can enjoy with their siblings and friends. With that in mind, here are some of the best cowboy accessories for kids that you absolutely need to buy for their toy box in 2021. 

1. A Rootin’ Tootin’ Cowboy Hat

If you’re looking for cowboy accessories kids will love, a classic cowboy hat is an absolute must. There are countless ones to choose from. There is this classic cowboy hat for kids, complete with an authentic-looking rawhide finish that will leave your little one looking just like a miniature Clint Eastwood.

When shopping for cowboy hat accessories for young children, it is important that you carefully choose one that will fit their head size and shape. The last thing you want is for their little cowboy hat to keep falling off their head when they are trying to round up some cattle! 

2. A Wooden Stick Horse

To add a true element of play into your child’s cowboy action accessories collection, a wooden stick horse is a sure-fire winner. Wooden stick horses are great cowboy accessories for boys and girls and are among some of the most popular girl toys on the market in some parts of the world.

A great thing about wooden stick horses, also known as hobby horses, is that there is a huge variety of types available. You can choose a white princess stick horse or a classic brown cowboy stick horse, depending on what your kid will enjoy the most. 

3. Adorable Cowboy Boots 

No kid’s cowboy ensemble would be complete without some adorable cowboy boots for them to kick up some dust with. As this guide to the best toddler cowboy boots explains, there are a number of factors you will have to consider.

Like any shoes for young children, you will need to make sure that they are the right size and that they have the appropriate levels of child foot support so that they are comfortable at all times. 

4. Cowboy Books 

One of the best things about cowboy accessories is that it opens up a vast world of history, fantasy, and play that your children can become totally immersed in. That is why you should also invest in some classic cowboy books to inspire your little ones.

There are hundreds of classic cowboy books for you to choose from, ranging from classic short stories to illustrated cowboy adventures to real-life histories of some of the most famous figures of the Old West. 

5. Additional Cowboy Accessories for Kids

To complete your child’s cowboy collection, there are a few other accessories with buying. A child’s holster belt with a plastic sharpshooter toy or a spud gun are good options, but this is not for everyone.

A little leather satchel bag for them to carry their toys and cowboy books is also a good idea, as is a little fake bolo tie or some little cowboy pants. The list is really endless and will provide you with gift ideas for years to come. 

Treat Your Kids on the Cheap in 2021 

Investing in some cowboy accessories can be a hugely effective way to keep your children entertained, engaged, and learning on a budget. Rather than splashing out on fancy electronics, you can keep it old school and help your kids grow and play without breaking the bank. For more essential tips on treating your kids on the cheap in 2021, make sure to read our extensive Family Life guides for all of the expert budgeting advice you could ever need. 

When is Divorce Mediation Required?

Are you struggling through a divorce? Does it seem like you and your soon-to-be-ex can’t agree on anything? If so, it may be time to consider divorce mediation.

We know that it’s not easy to make this kind of decision, but it may need to happen if you’re feeling more stressed than normal about the divorce process.

If you’re thinking that it may be time to call in a divorce mediation lawyer, keep reading. We’re going to talk about how you can tell when it’s time to hire divorce mediation services.

Decisions Are Emotionally-Based

If you find that you and your soon-to-be-ex are fighting over decisions because of emotions, it’s time to hire divorce mediation lawyers. A divorce mediation lawyer can bring a third-party perspective that won’t be offended by anything that you or your soon-to-be-ex says.

A third-party such as these lawyers can help you and the other party make decisions factually rather than emotionally. This is especially useful when it comes to dividing time with children or important belongings.

These professionals may also be able to come up with a solution that you nor the other party can think of. Divorce mediation lawyers are experienced in making compromises and helping couples find a middle-ground.

The Situation is Time-Sensitive

If your divorce is time-sensitive, you need to contact a divorce mediation lawyer. They can help you and your soon-to-be-ex go through everything quicker and easier than you would on your own.

If one of you is looking to move, start a new family, or do something else quickly, hiring a divorce mediator is the best option.

Plus, hiring divorce mediation services can also help keep your argument out of the courtroom. So, you won’t have to worry about scheduling court dates or waiting for rulings. These timing problems tend to be the greatest issue when it comes to finalizing a divorce.

Money Is a Problem

Divorces aren’t cheap. In fact, it’s not abnormal for an individual to spend more than $10,000 on a divorce. Although, divorce costs vary by state.

Divorce mediators are cheaper options for those who are looking to get a divorce. Rather than pouring money into the court systems, you can wisely spend your money on someone who is looking to get your divorce done as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

A shorter divorce time saves money, not to mention that divorce mediators aren’t looking to fee you to death.

Learning More

If your divorce is stressful, time-consuming, too expensive, you need to consider divorce mediation. Nine times out of ten, this kind of help will get you out of the divorce easier and faster than any other route.

Plus, you’ll have an unbiased third-party double-checking everything to ensure that each party is treated fairly and kindly. Neither person can stomp on the other and demand things unfairly.

You can’t go wrong with hiring someone who’s looking out for both parties.

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Why You Should Rent a Water Slide for Your Next Party

Should you rent a water slide for your next party? The answer is yes as long as you like having fun and saving money.

Renting a water slide is an affordable party option that lets everyone have a little fun. You get built-in entertainment with little effort on your part. It’s a win-win.

Check out these reasons you should consider a water slide rental for your next party.

Affordable Party Option

Birthday parties can really add up, especially if you hire a party planner or reserve an expensive venue. One survey showed that 11% of parents spent over $500 on their child’s first birthday party, and another 25% spent between $200 and $500. 

Renting a water slide for your backyard is often much more affordable than having a party at an expensive venue, but it’s just as much fun. Party venues often limit the event to an hour or two, while water slide rentals give you a lot more time and flexibility in how you keep guests entertained.

You might also find yourself paying extra at a party venue if you have a large party. The base cost usually only covers a small number of kids with extra kids costing more. When you rent a slide, you pay the standard fee and can invite as many people as you want.

Variety of Options

Water slides come in a range of sizes and designs to give you your pick of options. You might choose a pink princess castle water slide to go with the princess party theme. You could go with a combination inflatable with a water slide and a bounce house to give the party guests more ways to play.

Minimal Setup and Requirements

You can plan your own party with lots of fun activities, but that creates a lot of work for you. Between picking activities, prepping the materials, and leading the activities, you have no time to just enjoy the party.

When you rent a water slide, the company sets it up for you. There’s no need for you to worry about getting things set up correctly.

When the party’s over, the company comes back to pack it up and take it away for you. The clean-up process is much easier, and you get out of doing all of the manual labor for the party.

Safe, Fun Party Activity

A water slide is the perfect option for summer birthday parties. Unlike a regular swimming pool, water slides don’t have deep water, which poses a risk to your party guests. Inflatable water slides are soft and cushioned, allowing kids to fly down them with little risk of injury.

A rented water slide adds a little extra fun to a typical backyard party. Instead of just running through sprinklers or throwing water balloons, your party guests can climb high and rush down the slide for a dose of kid-friendly adrenaline.

Private Water Fun

You can take your party guests to a public pool or water park, but you have to share the place with all the other guests. Reserving a private party at a water park can be very expensive.

With a water slide rental, you get the feel of a water park in the comfort of your backyard. It’s completely private and personal, so your guests can have fun.

Rent a Water Slide for Your Party

When you rent a water slide for your event, you get hours of fun in your backyard. It’s a unique, fun, and affordable party entertainment option.

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When Should You Start to Invest in Assisted Living?

Are you trying to build wealth? Do you want to invest your money into appreciating assets that will secure your financial future?

If so, then you need to consider turning to unconventional investment opportunities. It’s important to diversify your investment portfolio beyond the mutual funds and stocks that you may already be in.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at whether or not you should make the decision to invest in assisted living. We’ll give you all the info you need, including the pros and cons of this type of investment, plus a timeline as to when you should start investing.

Why You Should Invest in Assisted Living

Before we start talking about when you should redirect your assets into this particular venture, let’s first talk about the justification as to why assisted living communities are a good investment.

The first thing to consider is the average age of the population. Due to the baby boomer demographic, the world’s population is steadily getting older. Another causation of this is improved medicine that allows for a longer life expectancy.

Consequently, the demand for assisted living enterprises is rising at a surprising rate. The supply of these homes is not keeping up at quite the same rate due to increasing real estate shortages around urban areas. So the final consequence is an increase in the prices of assisted living communities.

This in turn causes those communities to be valued higher as assets.

The primary con of investing in assisted living facilities is that your investment will not be very liquid. You will have to pick a particular venture and invest money into it, and because the money is not very easily tradable the capital will be tied up for several years at the very minimum.

When You Should Invest in Assisted Living

If we’ve convinced you and you’re now really thinking about investing in this kind of facility, then let’s start to talk about timelines. As with all investments, the earlier that you can put your money in, the more your money will be able to grow in the long-term.

Consequently, you should definitely focus on investment as much as possible as early as possible. But be sure that you find the right enterprise to invest in.

Even though assisted living facilities’ values are on the rise, not all retirement homes are good investments. You want to pick one that is run by an excellent management team and has positive reviews across the board. This will help to ensure its long-term success that will net you a positive rate of return.

Use a service like to identify the right investment. 

Keep Planning for the Future

Whether you decide to invest in assisted living communities or other asses, be sure to keep planning for old age by putting your money to work for you in various investment assets.

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4 Signs that Your Aging Parent Needs Care at Home

Watching your parents age is something not commonly planned for. It’s not easy watching them get older and becoming more dependent on you and others for simple daily tasks. As they age and these things happen, it might be beneficial to have someone there in the home with them to monitor their health and help out as needed.

How will you know if your parents need care at home? Care at home services are beneficial when your parents suffer from any of the following points. Continue reading below to find out more! 

1. They Can’t Remember Their Medication 

If your parents must take several medications a day to stay healthy, then it’s important none of these medications are forgotten. Having someone there to ensure they take their medications as needed is ideal. When a care at home service/professional is at the home with them, they’ll make sure your parents get their daily medications on schedule. 

This can also give you some peace of mind, knowing that no medication is forgotten. 

2. They Need Help Getting Around

If your parents have begun to lose their mobility, then having someone there with them at all times can reduce the risk of falls and other accidents. There are a few modifications you can make in their home to also help reduce the risk of accidents. Remove all rugs that can be tripped on, install a ramp to their front door if needed, install handlebars in the shower and near the toilet, and more. 

With these modifications and the help of professional home-care services, your parents will remain safe in their own home. 

3. They’ve Become Antisocial 

When’s the last time you saw your parents interact with other people? Do they tend to stay inside the house, watching their television shows, and keeping to themselves? Attending different community activities can be beneficial for your parents’ mental health. 

Church groups, exercise classes, or even getting out to walk around the block are all great ways to boost their interactions with the world. Having a professional there with them can provide the transportation needed to attend these activities. 

4. They Can’t Maintain Proper Hygiene 

Proper hygiene is also important for aging parents. When your parents begin to have trouble maintaining their personal hygiene, then it’s time to have an at-home care service come into the home to help them. Maintaining proper hygiene is important because their health can soon deteriorate following a lack of hygiene. 

When someone’s there to ensure they brush their teeth, shower, change their clothes, and stay groomed, you won’t have to worry about health issues associated with a lack of hygiene. 

Do Your Parents Need Professional Care at Home?

Are your parents in need of professional care at home? Use the information given in this guide above to determine if your parents might benefit from having a professional caregiver in the home with them. 

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Caring for an Elderly Parent: The Basics Explained

There comes a time in many of our lives when we find ourselves with the responsibility of caring for an elderly parent. The caregiver roles reverse.

This transition is confusing for many people. We aren’t taught best practices for elderly care and no one can prepare you for having to “parent” your aging parents. We want to help. 

Whether you’re planning ahead or you’ve already been thrust into this situation, we have a brief guide for you. Keep reading to learn how to care for your elderly parents.

Decide If You Can Meet Their Needs

Not everyone is wired to be a good caretaker. Whether it’s adults or children, some people aren’t cut out for the job (or willing to do it). There’s no shame in that.

Even if you’re an excellent caretaker, it’s possible that your parents have needs that you can’t meet. You need to work together with them and their doctors to decide what their specific needs are, and then you need to decide if you’re able to meet them in your home or by visiting theirs. 

If not, consider seeking out a great assisted living community. Many elderly people have mobility, health, and elderly pain management needs. If you’re not able to meet them, a professional is best.

Make the Home Accessible

If you’re going to have your loved one move in, or if they’re staying at home while you check in, make sure that the home is accessible based on their desires and abilities. 

Do they have any mobility limitations? Would it be safer if there were handrails or a sitting area in the shower? 

Your loved one wants to be independent for as long as possible, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make life a little bit easier and safer.

Keep Open Communication

Some people forget that their elderly parent is still a mature adult who deserves to have their opinions valued. Keeping an open line of communication. Needs are going to change over time, and this is the easiest way to stay on the same page.

You shouldn’t make assumptions about what your parent wants or is capable of. For example, some people infantilize their parents when they move in and don’t let them help around the house or do any tasks. These things can be enriching rather than bothersome, so you can be doing more harm than good. 

Allow Space for Help

Everyone needs a break sometimes. If you’re a full-time caregiver for your parents, make sure that you let other people help you (and reach out for help yourself!).

These people can be family members, friends, or even professionals who are experienced in respite care. Your parent doesn’t need to take over your life. You can be a compassionate caregiver while also taking care of yourself.

Caring for an Elderly Parent Can Be Hard, But Fulfilling

No one can prepare you for the full experience of caring for an elderly parent, but you don’t have to worry. People have been caring for their elders for all of documented history. You have support, and when in doubt, you can always seek external help to give your parents the quality care that they deserve.

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Keep Your Family Safe: How to Install Outdoor Security Cameras?

Increasingly, people are aware of the benefits a good security system brings. Perhaps most important are outdoor security cameras, as they can help catch suspicious individuals before they are able to breach into more vulnerable areas of a home or facility.

Knowing how to install outdoor security cameras properly is important. Improper installation can lead to blind spots, device failure, or even lawsuits. Join us today as we review proper installation techniques so that you can secure a facility with cameras the right way!

Know the Law

Before you install any surveillance system, be sure to research local law. Find one of several online guides on surveillance law and figure out how the law works in your state. Then, research your specific place of residence to make sure there aren’t more particular laws in place too.

Generally speaking, it is both illegal and unethical to record in locations you can expect nude or underdressed people to be present without those individuals’ express consent. If a person can expect a reasonable degree of privacy (such as in a bathroom or shower facility), recording is almost always prohibited. For outdoor cameras, this usually won’t be a concern but should still be kept in mind.

Also common, but not universal is the requirement a given location clearly post that recording devices are in use in a given area. In some cases, you may also not be permitted to install recording devices in such a way that they are difficult to see.

Once you familiarize yourself with the specifics of applicable law, it’s time to actually start choosing where you’ll be placing your cameras!

Choosing Installation Location

Cameras are commonly installed in sub-par locations and conditions. It is important to remember that if the device cannot pick up a good image, it isn’t of much use to you. A wireless camera installed outside signal range won’t pick up an image at all!

First, make sure to choose a camera of at least moderate quality. It needs to be reliable and pick up a high enough quality image that details, like the features of a suspicious person, can be picked out. 

Then the camera needs to be placed at a good angle. You want to make sure you have as few blind spots as possible. Prioritize key entrances (including windows) and areas in which theft and vandalism (or more serious crimes) are of concern.

Finally, the area must also be well-lit. Good lighting can deter criminals in itself but also ensures that your surveillance system is fully functional at night. While some cameras have visibility in the dark, lighting is both inexpensive and can ensure image quality is at its best.

Remember that bright doesn’t equal good. Your camera’s sensitivity to lighting conditions will depend on the model you buy. As a general rule, you want the lighting to be even and moderate, rather than dark or bright and harsh.

How to Install Outdoor Security Cameras

Once a location is chosen, it is time to install your device! How you need to approach this process will depend on whether you’ve chosen a wireless or wired option.

Wireless cameras are generally quite easy to install. The first step should be installing any appropriate software onto the devices you’ll be using to monitor the camera footage. A purchased device will come with instructions on how to do this and most companies will provide needed software without additional charge.

Then you can install your wireless camera anywhere within range. Remember that its wireless signal needs to reach a given hub so it can “talk” to the rest of your security system. If a camera’s signal isn’t reaching your hub, you either need to move the camera or your hub.

It’s a common misconception that wireless cameras need internet to use. This isn’t the case; wireless WiFi security cameras require certain devices to be installed nearby by you can have a WiFi setup without being connected to the internet.

Wired cameras are similar except now you are going to need to install a series of wires to a hub (often a DVR hub) rather than need to wirelessly connect to a hub. (This is a complicated enough process that we will discuss it in its own section.)

Keep in mind that both types of cameras require power. “Wireless camera” is something of a misnomer. While cable management is much easier for wireless devices, they still need to be plugged into a power source.

Cable Management

Cable management is a blanket term in the tech and security industry for how one manages the many cables electronic devices require. Wireless cameras only require a plug that goes to an outlet, but wired cameras each require a wire to travel their length to a hub.

For outdoor cameras, this may mean dozens or more feet of cable. If you’re choosing a wired option, plan accordingly. You will need to chart a path from the camera to the hub to run a cable, making sure foot and vehicle traffic won’t damage the cable in any way. 

This task can be labor-intensive, requiring you to drill through walls and sometimes even requiring digging. Done wrong, wires may become an eyesore and/or be at risk of becoming damaged from everyday wear. 

Skipping the Headache

If the above sounds complicated, and it can be, consider hiring professionals to help with the installation. can help with all your security needs, camera installation included. They can help with placement and installation so that whatever location you need to be secured is kept safe from intruders. 

Knowing how to install outdoor security cameras is hard. Even once you know the basics, there’s making sure your image quality is good and consistent. Hiring security professionals lets you skip that process.

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There’s also our collection of the many deals we’ve spotted online for those looking to save even more. And as something of a callback, don’t forget that you’re not saving anything if it’s stolen later in a crime! Security is an important and far too frequently ignored part of both a safe home and a safe place of business.