Too Busy to Date? How to Find the One When You Have No Free Time

The average American works about 35 hours per week. And, it’s safe to assume that folks who are trying to build a career work way more. Professional success is important. But, a lot of people invest so much time into it that they are too busy to find love.

Below, we’ll take a look at some tips to help you find the one even if you have a busy schedule.

Benefits of Having a Love Life

Finding love has a number of obvious benefits. Folks who find their significant other often feel more complete. And, they get support and motivation when trying to achieve their goals. One of the best ways to achieve an all-around healthy lifestyle is to find that special person to grow old with.

Here are some benefits of having a love life.

Lower Chances of Developing Addiction

People who have a special someone to spend time with are less likely to have addiction problems. Substance abuse is a big mental health issue in the US.

And, many believe that some of these folks turn to illegal substances and prescription drugs to fill a void. Falling in love with someone can help you live a plain life without relying on substance abuse.

Reduce Anxiety Levels

Anxiety can occur for a number of reasons. It affects millions of people every year. In some cases, anxiety attacks can be so debilitating that they lower a person’s life quality.

The good news is that having a soulmate can reduce instances of anxiety. Even when you’re not with that person, being in love has a relaxing effect. This, in turn, can help keep anxiety levels to a minimum.

Better Stress Management

Stress is also very common among adults of all ages. One of the best coping mechanisms is to vent and talk about our problems. A lot of people have a hard time communicating or they don’t have anyone to talk to. A supportive partner can listen and give you advice, resulting in better stress management techniques.

Increase Happiness Levels

The most obvious benefit of finding love is a happier life. Having someone to share both good and bad times will make both of you feel special. You can take romantic holidays and enjoy every minute you spend together.

How to Find the One When You’re Too Busy with Work

Thriving from a professional point of view is important. It will help you achieve other goals in your life. It’s the only way to cover your own basic needs without relying on someone else. And, it can also allow you to provide for your family and anyone who depends on you.

That said, investing most of your time in professional activities may lower your chances of finding love. But, you can still make small changes that can help you find the one without sacrificing your career.

Ask Yourself What You Want

The first thing you have to do is figure out what you want. There are many different types of relationships. Some are more casual while others have a serious nature. In order to find the one, think about what you want and the life stage you’re currently at. This is the only way to find a person who is on the same wavelength as you.

Dress to Impress

Humans are visual creatures, so you should pay attention to the way you look. That said, be careful not to obsess over it as it will give the impression of being shallow. You should make sure you look good even if you’re just heading to work. After all, if you don’t have a lot of time, then every minute counts!

Set a Goal for Social Events

Even if you’re busy, you can still squeeze in at least one social gathering every two weeks. Even work get-togethers are a good idea as they take place in a restaurant or public space. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start dating a coworker. But, you’ll be able to meet other people while you go out with a group you know.

Interact with People Whenever You Can

Every time you step out of your house, you should take the chance and interact with someone. Although it may not be common, you can start conversations with people at the supermarket and other places. It’s surprising to find out how friendly people are once you talk to them. And, you never know when or how you’ll meet someone special.

Never Stop Pursuing Your Passions

Finding love means choosing one who likes everything about you. You should never have to sacrifice your passions for the one. If you have a pastime like cooking, rock climbing, or practicing martial arts, don’t stop doing it because your partner doesn’t like it.

Don’t Date Someone Who Always Wants More

Dedicating most of your time to work is tough. Your soulmate should understand your situation and also put in the effort to make your relationship work. Dating someone who always wants more is a bad idea, especially if you have time limitations.

Have Fun in Your Dates

Dating should be fun, so don’t get all serious about it. Your first dates should have a fun element and involve a lot of laughter. You can slowly progress to serious dinners and what not. But, laying a fun foundation will improve your chances of long-term success.

Work with a Matchmaking Company

By working with a professional matchmaking company like Elegant Introductions you can improve the probability of finding love. These companies specialize in finding good matches and setting them up on a date.

Be Patient

Not meeting anyone may be frustrating. This is even truer if all of your friends are dating or getting married. Remember to always be patient and don’t force a relationship for the sake of it. Life always rewards patient people, so enjoy the ride until you meet your significant other.

Find Your Ideal Match Today!

Being too busy with work can reduce your chances of finding love. But, this isn’t always true. The tips above should help improve the probability of meeting a good match even if you invest a lot of time at work.

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Celebrity Travel Hack: The Airport Lounge Access on The Cheap

In 2017, over 4.1 billion people traveled by plane, this is roughly half of the number of people on the planet!

Are you ready to become a part of the statistics for this year?

Can you only afford to fly coach but want to get access to the best airport lounges? On long trips being able to stay in a nice lounge can make the difference between a layover filled with frustration and one that is pleasurable.

If you have been wondering how you can fly at cheaper rates and still get into the best lounges then you should read on because you are about to find out how to get cheap airport lounge access.

1. Get a Day Pass

You can get a Day pass for airport lounges. The amount you will have to pay is dependent on the airline that you choose. If you buy a day pass from an American airline company it will usually only be valid for American lounges.

If you are traveling internationally you can use the internet to find websites that offer passes to lounges worldwide. However, you should read the fine print carefully when purchasing these passes. Many will have specific time restrictions.

2. Get the Right Credit Card for Cheap Airport Lounge Access

One of the best and easiest ways to ensure that you do not get stuck in a dingy lounge is to get a credit card that gives lounge privileges.

However, most of these cards have an annual membership fee attached. If you are a frequent flyer then it goes without saying that the annual fee is worth it because it works out cheaper in the long run.

This may not be the case if you are not a frequent flyer. Some none frequent flyers don’t mind the fee though because they know that when they do travel, they can access the best lounges.

It’s a matter of personal choice.

3. Get Connected to the Right People

This may sound a bit presumptuous but it actually works from time to time. Many people have gotten lounge passes simply by asking someone who is going in if they can be their guest.  This is the cheapest way to become an airport VIP instantly.

However, if this idea makes you balk you can go on eBay and Craigslist. You will usually find a deal that will allow you to save money on guest passes. If you ever need to exchange the guest passes you have purchased then search the internet there are sites where you can exchange guest passes with others.

Final Thoughts

If you are ready to get cheap airport lounge access then you now know exactly how to do it. The key to getting the best deals on airport lounge passes is to know exactly what you want so that you don’t make mistakes when buying passes.

You also want to take advantage of what credit cards can offer since they provide a secure and guaranteed way to access the best lounges worldwide. Finally, you should try to connect with the right people so that you can take advantage of the association to get guest passes.

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Boozy Beauties: Creative Wine Cork Projects

With around 770 million gallons of wine consumed in the US each year, that means a lot of corks floating around. While many people simply throw away the corks, the craft-minded among us tuck them away. After all, cork is soft, resilient, and naturally waterproof.

You think, “Surely, there is some fantastic project where I can use all this lovely cork.”

It turns out there are lots of creative wine cork projects out there. Keep reading and we’ll give you an overview of five of them.

1. Wine Cork Coaster

If you drink wine on a regular basis, you want coasters around for your wine glasses. That native softness of cork means you won’t accidentally chip a glass on it.

A full-sized cork may prove a little tall for a coaster, so you should cut them in half crosswise. Then, you just turn them on end and glue them together. You can even add a decorative ribbon around the outside.

2. DIY Wine Cork Mat

For the longtime cork collector, you may want a project that promises to use up most of those wine corks. A wine cork mat is the project for you.

You’ll need a few things ahead of time, such as:

  • Sharp knife and cutting board
  • plastic shelf liner
  • Glue gun

Cut the corks lengthwise. Trim the shelf liner to the size you need. 

You can arrange the corks on the liner in a complex pattern or just cover it in rows. Use the glue gun to attach the corks to the liner.

Optional: A waterproof sealant helps prevent mildew.

3. Cork Vase

Glass vases offer clean lines and elegance, but sometimes you just want something a little different to frame those flowers. All you need for this project is strong glue, a vase, and corks. No cutting required.

4. Cork Keychain

This project ranges from dead simple to pretty easy. 

For the dead simple version, twist a screw eye into the end of a wine cork. Thread a split ring through the eye. Done.

For the pretty easy version, follow the directions for the dead simple version. Then, press an eye pin into the other end of the cork and hang a charm from it. 

5. Candle Holder

This is another project that’s very simple and doesn’t require many supplies.

You need two glass cylinders with approximately 6-inch and 3-inch diameters. Place the small cylinder inside the large one. Surround it with corks.

Put a candle into the small cylinder and enjoy.

Parting Thoughts on Creative Wine Cork Projects

The five creative wine cork projects listed above just barely scratch the surface of available ideas. The point, as always, is for you to find interesting uses for what you already have on hand.

If you discover you don’t have enough corks, don’t panic. You can ask your friends for their extras. You can even pick them up online or from a craft store.

Got a taste for cork projects but don’t have any cork handy? Check out our post on making a corkboard without any cork. 

Pawn Shopping: 5 Things Pawn Shops Always Buy (And Therefore Always Have for Sale)

Want to know the things pawn shops always buy?

You might be thinking of guitars, bikes, and jewelry. But how do you know what’s best to sell at your local pawn shop? 

We want to help you clean out your closet or garage and get some money! That’s why we’ve put a list together of the top five things that pawn shops will always buy.

Keep reading to discover what these five things are!  

The First Item on Our List of Things Pawn Shops Always Buy Is…Gold

While it’s rare to have gold lying around your garage, pawn shops will always buy gold. Gold is an asset that doesn’t lose its value. You can keep it for decades, and it’ll maintain its price. 

That means that pawn shops can never lose with this product. Pawn shop owners want products they won’t lose revenue if they don’t sell fast. They also want products that won’t hurt the business in case it flops on the market. 

Gold is always in fashion, so it’s always something pawn shop owners want!  

2. Jewelry 

Jewelry is like gold in the sense that you can always get jewelry to sell. Here’s the difference, there is a lot of jewelry pieces in pawn shops that aren’t real. Still, you can find real jewelry for cheap, and its always selling. 

Jewelry is a product in demand, and so pawn shop owners will only have an interest in real gold or diamonds.  

3. Guns, Guns, Guns!

People love guns in the United States, that’s no secret. Guns are always going to be rotating through pawn shops. This could be dangerous when you think about a previous owner and why they’re giving up their gun. 

Research the background on the serial number to make sure it’s got a clean record. You won’t have to worry too much about this though if its an old-timey gun. WWI and WWII guns are also popular. 

4. Bicycles 

Bikes are another one of those items that go in and out of the shop. They never go out of style because people like riding them. Think about you have: 

  • Kids riding to school 
  • Commuters to work [people wanting to save gas money]
  • Exercise and those seeking a healthier lifestyle

People always want a good bike to get around or have fun, which makes them a hot item. 

5. Musical Instruments 

Want to learn to play the violin, but don’t have the money for a new instrument?

Check out your local pawn shop for their musical instrument collection. There are many great discounts on musical products like guitars, violins, and pianos.

Be careful with electronics as they could always have underlying damage. Acoustic instruments are the best to buy because what you see is what you get. 

Tricks to Getting the Best Deals 

Knowing the things pawn shops always buy can come in handy when you’re doing spring cleaning. But why keep your frugal living only for one time of the year when you can do it all the time.

Read my blogs on how to live frugally.

That way, you can save up and spend on other things like cars, homes, or family trips. Stuck in a rut and need to make money fast?

Check out my blog on how to earn some extra spending cash

Baby Fat Be Gone! A Quick Guide to Weight Loss for Moms Who Are Too Busy to Work Out

It’s a discouraging fact for moms to face: most women who have given birth never return to their pre-pregnancy weight.

It’s easy to understand how this happens when moms are simply too busy to squeeze a workout into their hectic schedule. Your child’s needs come first and you may find yourself too pooped towards the end of the day to exercise.

However, with a little planning, it’s possible for even the busiest moms to sneak in ways of getting fit after childbirth. Here are some tips on weight loss for moms.

Walk or Run With a Stroller

There’s a reason why jogging strollers are a popular baby shower registry gift. They give a chance for busy parents to burn some calories while also taking the baby for a walk or run.

Jogging strollers are built to glide easily over bumpy surfaces versus a traditional stroller. They also make the ride more comfortable for your baby.

Keep in mind that physicians advise against taking a baby out in a jogging stroller until they’re at least eight months old. Their neck is still getting strong enough to support their head when they’re younger.

Work Out While You Wait

The luxury of having a solid half hour or hour to yourself devoted to exercise goes out the window when you become a mom. Let go of the idea that all physical activity must be done in so many minutes to be effective.

Instead, take advantage of daily moments where you can squeeze in bursts of exercise. When the baby is secure in their highchair and you’re waiting for their food to heat up, do several jumping jacks in the kitchen. Or squeeze in some squats while you brush your teeth at the end of the day.

They may seem like small actions, but they still contribute towards cardio health and working your muscles. When your kids are older and in school, you may find you have time again for a full workout.

Work Out With the Kids

Once your kids have learned to walk and run, you can squeeze in exercise by chasing them around the yard and playing simple physical games with them.

If your kids are older, consider taking up a physical activity you can share with them such as martial arts. Many schools offer classes both parents and children to take together, helping you get the heart pumping while spending quality time with your kids.

Bike riding, hiking, and roller skating are also fun activities to try out with your kids once they’re old enough.

If you’re trying to maintain a fitness routine when the kids are younger, then you may want to consider hiring a babysitter. Moms shouldn’t feel ashamed to hire help around the house to free up more time for themselves.

Resist Finishing Your Kids’ Meals

One of the sneaky ways weight can creep up is when moms finish their kids’ meals, particularly if their children are picky eaters. While this helps save food waste, it, unfortunately, creates mindless eating and putting food in our mouths when we’re not even hungry.

It’s important to stick to full, healthy meals regardless of how much food children leave behind to lose weight.

Stock Up On Healthy Snacks

Resist grabbing chips, cupcakes, and other calorie bombs by storing plenty of healthy snacks in case you get hungry in between meals. Eating healthy food sets a positive example for your kids as well.

Choose protein and fiber packed snacks low in sugar as these will satisfy you and help you maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Roasted chickpeas, nuts, cheese, jerky, peanut butter, and unsweetened oatmeal are all great options.

Get Enough Sleep

We know this one is tough, especially for new moms. How can anyone get enough sleep when there’s a newborn in the home?

But studies show there’s a connection between weight gain and sleep deprivation. Not getting enough sleep increases a hormone that causes food cravings. We also get hungry when we don’t sleep enough because our body is looking for an energy source.

This creates an unhealthy cycle where we may resort to coffee and other caffeine-fueled drinks to keep awake. If it’s possible to take advantage of your child’s nap time to grab a few zzzz’s yourself, then do so.

If your toddler or young child refuses to settle down at bedtime, it may be necessary to create a nighttime routine and enforce rules with them so you can get to sleep as well.

Watch Your Sugar Intake

Cutting added sugar from your diet helps stabilize your blood sugar and energy levels, and it eliminates empty calories. Adding a teaspoon of the sweet stuff to your morning cup of Joe won’t do much harm, but pay attention to food labels. A lot of packaged and processed food including yogurt and ketchup can hide excess amounts of sugar.

This doesn’t mean you should eliminate desserts and other treats from your diet. You should, however, watch your portion sizes and how much sugar you’re consuming the rest of the day.

Swap soda and other sweetened beverages for water. Dehydration can make you feel hungry when what you really need is refreshment.

If drinking plain water is a turn-off, add sliced citrus fruit, cucumber, and mint to your water to create a mocktail. You can also get a water bottle with a built-in fruit infuser to give your water flavor.

Try Condensed Workouts

Not every workout routine is an hour long. Many fitness instructors have created 10, 15, and 20 minute long workouts for anyone pressed for time and space who still wants to get into shape. A search on YouTube will turn up several mini workouts that you can try.

Many online body transformation programs recognize that moms are pressed for time and stressed out. Here’s more information from a body transformation coach on how to lose weight after pregnancy.

Weight Loss For Moms Takes Time and Discipline

Above all, don’t get down on yourself if you can’t stick to these weight loss and exercise tips every day. Weight loss for moms takes time, patience, and discipline. Stick with it and over time you should see the pounds begin to drop away.

Here at Thrifty Momma Ramblings, we love helping moms make the most of their busy lives while saving money at the same time. Read our other health and fitness posts for more tips on maintaining a healthy weight.

Fly in Style: The 9 Best Travel Duffel Bags for 2019

Nothing speaks of luxury and durability like an authentic leather duffel bag. A sophisticated accessory, it will enhance any wardrobe while communicating value and timeless style. 

But not all leather duffel bags are created equal. Cheaply made duffel bags can lead to split seams or cracked leather in a matter of a few months.

Or, like one of my good travel buddies, you could end up with a useless carry-on with broken straps in a crowded international airport.

But you don’t have to fall prey to inferior leather. Instead, read on to learn about the best travel duffel bags of 2019. 

Choose the Highest Quality Leather

What should you look for when it comes to finding a high quality, durable leather duffle bag? Start by scrutinizing the leather used to make it. 

Full Grain Leather

Full grain leather is the highest quality leather you can purchase. You’ll get decades of use out of it. What’s more, as the bag weathers, you’ll delight in the attractive patina it acquires.

Age will only continue to enhance its attractive weathered look and sheen, kind of like a fine wine. The story of high-quality leather is one of patience and craft. But as you’ll come to find out, the process proves worth the lovely end product. 

Bonded Leather

The same doesn’t prove true for inferior quality leather such as bonded leather or split leather. Bonded leather refers to the manufacturer’s practice of bonding patches of leather together using plastics and chemicals. 

The result? A product that lacks full grain leather’s durability and beautiful appearance. What’s more, it won’t have the inviting smell of high-quality leather.

Split Leather

Split leather refers to the practice of separating the leather from the grain at the grain junction. This result in a lower quality material that lacks durability. Manufacturers sometimes coat it with a polymer to mimic the look of grain leather.

Evaluate the Hardware

Besides the leather material used to craft the bag, you’ll also want to check out the hardware. Make sure the handles, locks, and buckles demonstrate sturdy craftsmanship. 

And don’t forget about the quality of zippers. They will make or break a good bag. Avoid plastic zippers, which won’t stand up to wear and tear. Instead, go with metal zippers such as YKK.

Scrutinize the Craftsmanship

All of the quality leather and hardware won’t make up for poor craftsmanship. Look closely at the seams and stitching. Quality stitches will appear small, tight, and barely noticeable. 

They should also look consistent. Besides checking the craftsmanship on the exterior of the bag, don’t forget to examine the bag’s interior seams and lining. Look for first-rate material choices and quality stitching.

Select the Best Leather Tanning and Color

The two primary types of leather tanning are:

  • Vegetable tanning
  • Chrome tanning

Vegetable tanning represents the more eco-friendly approach but one only used in the production of about 10 percent of leather goods. The process yields a thicker, stiffer, more durable product.

You’ll also prove pleasantly surprised by the luxurious leather smell and attractive patina. But you’ll pay for the process. Leather items tanned using natural materials cost more than their chrome tanned counterparts.

Approximately 90 percent of leather products undergo chrome tanning, a process that proves less expensive than vegetable tanning. But it also results in a less desirable product. 

In terms of color, quality leather items will range in hue from tan to dark brown and black. For a polished, professional look, always go darker. Dark brown, in particular, will stay beautiful and elegant looking even after a decade or more of use. 

Here are some more tips to ensure you look polished and professional no matter where you go. 

The Best Travel Duffel Bags of 2019

Now that you have a thorough understanding of what to look for in a high-quality leather carry on bag, let’s dive into the finest pieces on the market. Each of these nine bags boasts quality craftsmanship and the finest materials. 

1. A Made in Tuscany Leather Doctor Bag

When it comes to classic pieces with charming vintage appeal, look no further than the top-notch craftsmanship of a Made in Tuscany Leather Doctor Bag.

Crafted from the finest leather with an eco-friendly vegetable tanned patina, you’ll delight in the dependability and beauty of these leather bags. From their classic linings to antique hardware, they take leather duffel bags to the next level.

And you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised by each bag’s affordability. 

2. Coach Explorer Bag

Made of buttery calf leather, this durable carry on features a variety of zip pockets for convenience, a zip closure, and an interior fabric lining. It meets TSA regulations for size and also comes with a detachable nylon strap, luggage tag, and padlock.

3. Bottega Veneta Nero Intrecciato Medium Duffel

Manufactured for durability and ease of travel, this black beauty will last for decades.

It comes with two interior pockets, a detachable canvas shoulder strap, and a lock. Few travel bags appear so stylish yet perform so durably, which is reflected in the hefty price tag. 

4. Thom Browne Pebbled-Leather Holdall

For a distinctive look that you’ll never lose sight of in the airport, check out this gorgeous bag featuring racing stripes. The three-stripe pattern proves eye-catching and will help you find your carry on in a sea of luggage duffel bags.

It boasts a handy luggage handle and retractable wheels for days when you need to fill it to capacity. 

5. Barneys New York Leather Duffel Bag

Designed by Barneys’ in-house label, this bag comes available in brown or black with goldstone, polished hardware.

It features a black twill lining and plenty of room to stow all of your belongings. It also comes with a detachable shoulder strap. 

6. Leathario Rolling Duffel Bag

This leather bag combines classic appeal with modern convenience. Its bottom compartment allows you to separate items such as toiletries or shoes from the main compartment, and its wheels and retractable handle make it a practical option.

7. Hook & Albert Black Leather Garment Weekender Bag

Few bags prove more convenient when it comes to overnight travel. It offers a garment section capable of stowing up to two suits as well as sleeves for shoes. Belongings remain secure because of the top zip enclosure and zip pockets. 

8. Samsonite Leather Checkpoint Friendly Brief

Do you travel for business? Then, this bag’s for you. This sleek, professional-looking carry on includes lots of room to keep your business items organized and safe. 

You can stow your laptop in the 15-inch padded compartment as well as use the interior pockets for a phone, pens, and business cards. 

9. Grand Voyager 2 Bag

The Grand Voyager 2 holds its shape and boasts clean lines and modern leather styling. It contains handy zippered pockets to organize pens, business cards, your phone, and important travel documents including your passport. 

The Best Travel Duffel Bag

The best travel duffel bags represent an investment. But they’ll last for decades, growing more attractive with age. Just follow the tips above to find a bag that’ll go the distance for you. 

The right travel bag will help you stay organized, stylish, and ready for whatever travel throws your way. Read on for more ways to take the stress out of your next work trip. 

10 Tips for Finding High Quality Affordable Wedding Rings

The average cost of a wedding is over $25,000 dollars

Between the food, dress, venue, and everything else, most people empty out their bank for their special day. It looks great in pictures, but there has to be relief for your wallet somewhere in the mix. Could it be in the wedding rings?

There’s the silly saying an engagement ring should cost three months worth of salary. However, why break the bank when there are great rings for cheap? 

If you don’t believe us, make sure you keep on reading. We are here to show you 10 tips on how to find affordable wedding rings. Think all about the money you’d be saving and could use for the best honeymoon ever.

1. Set a Strict Budget

One of the quickest and easiest ways to find cheap wedding bands is simply not allowing yourself to buy expensive wedding bands. While it seems silly to point this out, many people fail to set and stick with a strict budget. This can easily put them in the hole when it comes to money. 

Take some time to sit down and research the average costs of wedding rings and the different options available. Look at your own bank account, and then come up with a budget for the ring. 

If you need help budgeting, don’t forget to hop online for helpful budgeting resources

2. Shop Online 

Successful ring shopping doesn’t have to mean strolling into Tiffany’s. Luckily, we have the advantage of the internet. It’s a wide world of cheaper opportunities.

Spend time looking at online jewelers and private owners. Not only are the costs usually lower, there are more unique options. Since they don’t have to buy bulk, they expand on the options available for purchase.

3. Look at Different Stones

Hear us out on this. What if wedding rings didn’t have to be diamonds? There are tons of inexpensive wedding rings options that include alternative stones

The stones in the rings can heavily represent an individual’s personality, and not everyone enjoys a diamond. If the person enjoys deeper colors with the same amount of beauty, look into stones like emerald or garnet. If they are old-fashioned and classy, consider a pearl.

You don’t have to complete cross diamonds out of the equation. The main stone on the rings can be something else while there are smaller accent diamonds around the band. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

4. Choose a Different Metal

While you’re looking at alternative stones, check out metal types as well. The usual choices are platinum or gold, but there are plenty of other metals that are equally as good. 

Popular cheaper options include cobalt chrome or Argentium silver. Both of these metals are silver and keep their tone without the need for re-plating. 

Unfortunately, there are no printable coupons for wedding rings, but looking at different metal options can introduce you to affordable wedding rings you wouldn’t have considered otherwise. 

5. Buy the Set

One of the best ways to save major money when purchasing wedding rings is buying the rings as a set. Many jewelers will offer a discount on the second ring if you pay full price on the first.

We know it seems scary to buy everything all at once. It makes the whole life commitment thing real. Take a breath.

Even though buying wedding band sets can seem a little overwhelming, it’s a great way to sit with your partner and discover your different tastes in jewelry. You’ll always remember picking out your sets together.  

6. Turn to Family

If you want a ring that is free and sentimental, ask your family if there are any family rings. These rings could come from a deceased family member or separated family members. 

A piece of jewelry can hold a lot of monetary and emotional value. Having something so special passed down to your for your wedding day will make a huge impact. Plus, you’ll have a unique ring. 

7. Alternative Options

Cheap wedding rings are great, but you don’t even technically need a ring. If you want a cheaper yet very permanent option, try a tattoo band. Many people are getting tattooed rings on their finger. 

It may seem a little extreme, but at least you’ll never lose it. It’s also great if you have a job that makes wearing a ring difficult. If a tattoo isn’t your style, some couples have even gotten piercings in their finger.

8. Buy at the Right Time

One of the best ways to find affordable wedding rings is planning out ahead of time and waiting for the right moment to purchase them. There are certain seasons retailers offer discounts so you have to be ready. 

A great time to look around for rings are near the holidays, more specifically right before or after Christmas. Jewelers will be running discounts on their products. 

9. Recycle a Ring

A wedding ring doesn’t have to be an elaborate band with expensive stones. A wedding ring doesn’t have to be brand new to you. 

If you have a few rings of your own that you rarely wear but also cherish, re-purpose them as wedding rings. Send them in to a jeweler for a good cleaning, and you’re all set. 

10. Prepare and Compare 

The most effective way to save money on any major purchase is being prepared in that purchase. This means spending plenty of time searching jewelers, viewing photos, and reading reviews. It also means comparing prices and sales.

Some people love a quick wedding process. How ever long you have until your ceremony, take all the time you can to decide on these important purchases. 

Finding Affordable Wedding Rings

There’s a lot of pressure around the big day. You have to find the photographer, order the food, and find the perfect dress. You also have the pressure of finding affordable wedding rings.

Not to worry, we are here to help with that. Above are 10 tips on finding wedding rings for your budget. Make sure you read above to save some money. 

If you want more tips on saving money or a coupon for this week’s dinner, make sure you check out the rest of our site.