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5 Things to Look for When Buying a Bluetooth Headset

bluetooth headphonesA Bluetooth headset can give you freedom in more ways than you think.

When paired with a compatible cell phone, these devices allow you to make calls and listen to music while keeping your hands free to do other tasks. In states where it may be illegal for you to use your cell phone without a headset or speakerphone while driving, this alternative may be your only option to keep you out of trouble.

They’re a handy tool. But before you go out and buy the first one you see there are a number of things to consider, including quality and price. It’s important to have done some research to make sure you’re buying what you need.

These five things will help you get a better understanding of what to look for when shopping for a new Bluetooth headset.

What to Look For When Buying a Bluetooth Headset

1. Fit and Feel

First, you need to know how you’re going to be using the headset. If you’re planning on listening to music while you run or dance, for example, you’ll need a headset that works well with excessive movement.

Deciding which style of headphone you want is also important. Bluetooth headsets can be on-ear, over-ear, in-ear, open back, and most other styles employed by wired headphones.

2. Sound Quality

You want your headset to sound good. This might seem like common sense but sound quality matters if you’re on an important call or listening to music.

Certain headset models will come ready to rock thanks to improved HD stereo sound technology.

Be on the lookout for headsets with aptX support. It offers enhanced sound quality that’s good enough for most people under most conditions.

3. Battery Life

It’s important for your headset to have a long battery life, especially if you need a charge to last all day at the office plus the morning and evening commute.

Many manufacturers will list a product’s battery life, but the best way to get accurate information on how long a single charge will last for a specific model is to check out reviews. A real customer’s take on how long a battery lasts while performing everyday tasks will give you the best insight on battery life.

4. Special Features

Many new headsets have cool features like voice-activated commands, extended use ranges, noise cancelation, and multipoint paring.

Some headsets also come with a micro USB port that allows you to use your phone or tablet’s charger.

If you’re looking to improve your listening experience, definitely check out headsets that offer these kinds of features.

5. Price

Prices for Bluetooth headsets can get a little crazy, but not all super-expensive devices are worth the money.

Expect to pay more for all those added features. Do your research first to make sure you’re buying exactly what you need within the price range you have set.

If you’re on a budget, a look at websites that showcase the best Bluetooth headphones under 100 might be a good place to start.

Another way to find great deals is to keep checking websites with “hot deals” and “coupon pages.”

There you have it. Keep on the lookout for these five things and you’re sure to find the right headset for you.

How To Make Money From Home As A Mom

work from homeBeing a stay-at-home mom is a job on the rise; 56% of moms in the US want to stay home to enjoy time with their kids. But sometimes the cost of living makes that difficult–or does it?

Moms who want to stay home should be able to earn a living. This article contains jobs moms can do from home while toddlers nap or older kids go to school. Flexible hours make these jobs perfect for any mom among the 56%.

Keep reading to find out how moms can earn money from home.

Make Money as a Work-At-Home Mom

Earning money from home is freeing for moms because these opportunities allow parents to do what they enjoy most–spend time with their kids.

The following list includes both hourly gigs and jobs moms can complete in spare moments between feedings and diaper changes. Finding a balance between both types of gigs can help create a solid income.

Pay-Per-Task Jobs

These jobs don’t require workers to be present for several hours at a time. They’re great for moms who have young children running around. They can fit them in between mom-tasks with ease.

  1. Take paid surveys. These can take anywhere from a few minutes to longer, but allow flexibility. Survey-takers don’t have to work scheduled hours. This is a great job for while kids are napping.
  2. Get into product testing. Testing parenting products not only opens possibilities to find great new products for parents and kids but can also be a way to deduct products from your income during tax season. (This may depend on where you live; check with a tax professional.)
  3. Get paid to search. There are programs that pay for search data. Just install and use search engines like usual. This money-maker is great anytime.

Pay-Per-Hour Jobs

Gigs that pay per hour can provide a steadier income. These are great for budgeting but can require more time on the job at once. For moms whose kids are in school, these gigs are a great way to never miss the bus or pickup.

  1. Transcribe audio or become a virtual assistant. Both of these require basic computer skills, such as typing. Some transcription jobs can be done without special equipment.
  2. Open an online store. Find a crafty item that’s fun to create and target it to a niche market. Kids can even help create crafts, which makes this a fun family-bonding source of income.
  3. Start blogging. Blog about being a parent, about books, about cooking–whatever topic is of interest. Blogs can be great places to earn ad revenue, promote product reviews, and more.

Some of these gigs, like blogging, can take some time to get traction. Keep at it and supplement with gigs that pay off sooner to strike a nice balance.

What Do You Need to Get Started?

No matter which of these gigs is most interesting, professional profile pictures can help connect moms with their clients, customers, and readers. A profile picture can help create a brand for moms who want to work from home.

It might also be a good idea to consider a website or social media presence–both great places to use a profile picture and showcase your best work.

Where Will You Begin?

Which of these gigs is most exciting? Share thoughts on work-from-home opportunities for moms in the comments section below.

How to Get Cheap Health Insurance for Self Employed Moms

health insurance for self employedNo one can dispute that health insurance is important, especially in a country with healthcare costs that are so high. 45.7% of companies provide health insurance for their employees.

But what do you do if you’re self-employed? 31% of self-employed people with no employees have no insurance. How can you avoid being part of this statistic without breaking the bank?

Read on to find out more about health insurance for self-employed people!

Understand What’s Available in Terms of Health Insurance for Self Employed

Healthy insurance may feel like a must, but there are many options to choose from in the kind of insurance you can get.

Federal or State

Under the Affordable Care Act, states must either run their own insurance marketplace or use the federal one.

On these marketplaces, you’ll find private companies selling government-vetted policies that offer a variety of coverage amounts.

Healthcare Sharing Ministry

If government-run exchanges aren’t your thing, you can still find reasonable health insurance for self employed people.

With healthcare sharing ministries, your monthly premium contributes to not only your healthcare but other members of your same group.

This is a great way to cut costs, though, as with everything, research is needed to ensure you’re getting the right coverage for you and your family’s needs.

Health Savings Account

A Health Savings Account, or HSA, is great if you’re looking for a lot of control over your health funds.

An HSA is a high-deductible health plan. Essentially, you put all the money you want into a special account, and then, as long as you spend it on medical expenses that meet the qualifications, you pay no tax or penalty on the money withdrawal.

And, the best part, the money is still yours! So if you need it for a non-medical emergency, you can take it out (keeping in mind possible taxes and penalties), and use it!

Price Comparison: Your Ticket to Savings

Competition is the true beauty of the marketplace. Compare health insurance prices to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Look for Savings

Health insurance can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be excessive. Look for ways like these to decrease your costs.

Choose the Degree of Coverage

Less coverage means more savings. The ACA offers a “metal” rating system so you can choose a coverage plan that’s right for you. Platinum covers 90% of your out-of-pocket costs, Gold 80%, Silver 70%, and Bronze 60%.

Check for Subsidies

Depending on your income (less than 400% the poverty level), you may qualify for significant savings if you buy through the state marketplace.

You may also get a tax break from your health insurance simply for being self-employed on line 29 of form 1040 if your self-employed income is less than enough to cover to premium.

To do this, report your profits on Schedule C, then deduct the premiums until your Schedule C is equal to zero. Then report the leftover premium costs as an itemized deduction on Schedule A.

This may or may not work, but it’s worth a try to save money on health insurance for self employed!

Looking for a way to bring in some extra cash to offset insurance costs? Check out easy ways to make money here.

Curious about more ways to save money or improve your self-employed mom life? Feel free to contact this blog!

How To Work From Home and Manage Your Time

Working from home can be a blessing and a curse.

You can go to work in your pajamas! If you’re a parent, you’re there when the kids get home from school. There’s lots of flexibility.

But, with all that flexibility, it’s easy to get off track. The TV is only a few feet away. You notice the laundry is piling up.

It takes discipline to keep yourself on task. But it’s worth the effort! Research shows that remote workers tend to be happier overall.

If you’ve recently started to work from home, it’s essential to put your time management skills to the test. Keep reading to set yourself up for success.

Create a highly functional office space

Be more productive when you work from home by setting up a great office space. It should be a designated area that is only used during work hours.

This helps you create a routine. When you step into the space, work begins. When you leave, the work day is over.

After you’ve picked out a spot, decorate it in a way that inspires you.

It should also feel like a real office. Get a filing cabinet instead of shoving papers in drawers. Get a separate phone line or try a service like American Voicemail.

Get into a habit of clocking in and out every day. Train your brain that places like the couch are for breaks, and the office is for work.

Schedule breaks throughout the day

When you work in an office with other people, the flow of the day is established for you.

When you work from home it’s easy to lose track of time. If you’re working too hard, you’ll eventually burn out. Hopefully, you aren’t working so hard that you forget to schedule some vacation time once in a while!

Then there’s the flip side. You find yourself eating lunch, then suddenly you realize you’ve wasted two hours.

Fix this by scheduling your breaks. You can try starting and ending your break at the same time every day.

Want more flexibility? Set a time limit for a lunch and two short breaks. Take them when you feel like it.

Set a timer, and when it goes off, get back to your to-do list!

Create a daily and weekly to-do list

To avoid wasting time, create two to-do lists for yourself.

Start your week by making a list of goals for the next 7 days. Try to organize them from most important to least.

At the end of each work day, create a smaller to-do list for the following day. Look at the things to be accomplished for the whole week. Try to take one difficult task and few easier tasks to round out your daily list.

Be honest with yourself about what you can achieve that day. Don’t set up unattainable goals that will make you feel badly when you don’t succeed.

The more you can cross off on your list, the better you’ll feel. In turn, your productivity will go way up!

Do you have any work from home tips that we missed?

Let us know in the comments!

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