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Work From Home Full Time? Here are Tips to Be More Productive

work from home full timeAround 60% of the working-age population in the United States is employed. The unemployment rate tells us that about 4% are classified as unemployed.

That leaves 36% unaccounted for, many of which are self-employed.

This is indicative of a significant trend.

Millennials are going to work for themselves instead of employers. Workplaces are changing as a result.

In today’s challenging job market, you may decide to work from home full time whether or not you are self-employed. Here are some tips to make sure you’re successful!

Create a Schedule

A frustrating thing that happens when you work from home is you must repeatedly reinforce your business hours.

In a perfect world, working hours should be a time when you are not disturbed.

But short of taping a “DO NOT DISTURB” sign onto your back, popping in your headphonesaddict earbuds and hoping for the best, that’s probably not the reality of your situation.

If you have other people living with you, it’s important you carve out some special time for working. To do this effectively, you must create a schedule.

Creating a schedule does a couple of things for people who work from home:

  1. It helps you time block your day so you know what needs to be accomplished and how much time you have to do it.
  2. It can be printed or added to a shared calendar with housemates. It lets everyone know that you are working.
  3. In the event that you have to work in a ruckus environment, it helps you prioritize which items can be completed in that atmosphere and which work items need to be completed during a time when you are able to focus.

Having a schedule is good business. It’s not just for people who work in the office.

Break Habits That Are Too “Homey”

Have you dreamed of the day you will work in your pajamas with an oversized mug of coffee in your hand?

Well, if you work from home full time, keep dreaming!

People who work from home should break habits that remind them of how comfortable they are with their daily home-life routine.

This includes:

  • Wearing pajamas instead of getting dressed
  • Doing chores during your scheduled work hours
  • Tending to the needs of others, when possible leverage family or daycare to assist with children
  • Sleeping in
  • Working in a comfortable space

We are creatures of habit. And it’s easy to fall back into ones that make us less productive at home. To avoid this, be aware of what habits make you feel “at home” when you are working and break them during your work day.

For best results when you work from home full time, avoid the comfortable spaces like your bed or a couch. Instead, set up an organized workstation and make it the focal point of your workday.

Work From Home Full Time and Love It!

Working from home is rewarding in any profession. In many cases, it comes with benefits like setting your own schedule, an increase in time spent with loved ones and flexible, unconventional work hours.

But when you work from home full time the struggle is real. You’ve got to stay focused if you are going to submit quality work.

By creating a schedule, sticking to it and breaking cozy habits you will be on your way to freedom from micromanagement.

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