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How to Save for a Vacation on a Tight Budget

how to save for a vacation

Vacations are expensive. Let’s face it.

How are you supposed to take an enjoyable vacation when you’re pinching every penny in your everyday life? There’s gas, plane tickets, daily excursions, food, and more. When you tally up the costs, even a camping excursion can rack up a large sum.

But the vacation you want to take could be the experience of a lifetime. If you have a family, you want to do your best to create valuable memories that will last. If you’re a solo-traveler planning to backpack Europe, it’s likely that you’re aching for that trip and are just seeking for a way to make it happen.

Here’s the thing: it’s entirely possible to inch away towards the sum you need to have an excellent vacation. Read on, and you’ll find out a few key ways to save money and put it away towards a vacation.

How to Save for a Vacation

1. Where are You Blowing Your Money?

It’s understandable to splurge a little on things like coffee and snacks whenever you stop for gas. We all have those little guilty pleasures that we shouldn’t be spending money one, but is that where you want your money to go?

If you add up the cost of your weekly spending on non-essentials, you’re likely to find that you’re spending a lot more than you had previously thought. Things like soda, treats, movie tickets, and the like are all things that be eliminated.

If you dedicate yourself to a year without, say, drinking soda, you’ll be able to save maybe a thousand dollars alone on that front. Not to mention, you’ll be a lot lighter for that hike through the Andes!

The most important thing you can do to save money for your vacation is cut out non-essential spending, and set aside the money you would use whenever you have a hankering for that bag of Doritos, or can of soda.

2. Garage Sale

It can be difficult to start saving when your vacation fund is meager. It’s a lot easier to set money aside when you can see the result of your frugality. A great way to get your savings started is by having a garage sale.

Gather up all of the stuff you don’t need- old clothes, microwaves, knick-knacks, whatever. Often times you can get rid of a lot of clutter while making a couple hundred dollars to tuck away for your trip.

A lot of times neighborhoods will have community garage sale days. These are great because everyone knows that there will be a sale, giving you a lot of traffic that you would otherwise miss out on. If you don’t have a community garage sale day, you can always advertise on Facebook a few days in advance to get the word out.

3. Pawn Shops

Pawn shops are often a place that your parents tell you never to enter. They rouse images of people selling their priceless items just to have money for gas or cigarettes. This is definitely not the case, and you can get some value out of the things that you couldn’t otherwise get rid of on Craigslist or similar sites.

Know that you won’t get the full value for your items. Resort to pawn shops only if you know that you’re not going to be able to sell your items to anyone else. Additionally, if you’re not having luck selling online and your trip is coming near, pawn shops are a great way to get that last little cushion that you need.

4. Get a Side Job

There are a lot of employers that are just looking for part-time work. If you already have a full-time job and you need a little extra cash, consider finding something that only requires you to work one or two days a week.

There are plenty of part-time gigs on Craigslist or Indeed, and you won’t be tied down to a commitment that you aren’t able to come through for. Another thing to consider is working for a delivery service, or taking online surveys.

You will find a lot of little side-gigs online if you do a little research.

5. Get a Separate Savings Account

It’s really easy to dip into your vacation fund when you need new tires or your old bicycle needs a tune-up. If you’re not in dire need of money, do your best to find out how to get the money you need in other ways.

Your vacation will never happen if you keep pulling money from your savings. An easy way to avoid this trouble is to create a separate account to save your vacation money in.

You can set limits on withdrawals, having a way to keep your money safe from yourself. If your wallet gets too tight you can always use the money for something you need, but if your goal is to go on a vacation try to discipline yourself and save what you want to save.

6. Seek out Deals

There are a lot of sites online that send email blasts with travel deals. Whether you need to take a survey or subscribe to a website, you may find a lot of discounts online.

Additionally, keep an eye out for plane tickets far in advance. You’ll often find the best deals if you’re thinking ahead and planning your trip a few months out. In fact, if you buy the tickets early, you’ll be more inclined to save that money and dedicate yourself to planning your trip.

Use the Resources at Your Disposal

There are so many great ways to find deals on vacations available online. Do some research and make sure to fine-tune your trip to your preferences and your family’s needs.

If you’re having difficulty finding extra money to set aside for your vacation, take advice from other people who have done it. Often times it takes that friend or individual online who has a special trick or trip. Be sure to look around online for advice on travel or budgeted living.

5 Great Cost-Saving Ideas for Your Retail Business

cost saving ideasWith the average small business set to spend over $75,000 on digital marketing this year, retail businesses need to find ways to cut costs to compete. Between the demands of even the tiniest businesses to have brick and mortar locations and the pressures of competing online, retail is feeling the squeezed.

You need to engage with some cost-saving ideas if you want to stay afloat in the current climate.

Follow these 5 tips to ensure you can run with the herd.

1. Do Your Own Marketing

Using social media and search engine optimization tactics, you can do a lot of marketing on your own.

When people use search engines, they’re either looking for the answer to a question or for a specific product. By creating a blog to answer frequently asked questions about your products and services, you can address both needs. Use local terms and the most important keywords to ensure you capture lots of traffic.

Share these posts along with great looking photos of your products on social media. Follow people in related industries and respond to comments to increase engagement.

2. Combine Scheduling With Payroll

There are lots of different software solutions available for payroll and for scheduling. The most common mistake small businesses make is to have separate services. Save costs for your business by finding a solution that can do both.

When you have a combined payroll and scheduling service, you can keep track of your labor costs. This data allows you to get to know when things are picking up and where they’re slowing down.

3. Keep A Tight Watch On Inventory

Having inventory that sits around on your shelves is like having a depreciating currency. When you have inventory, you should be just a couple of days away from having it in customers’ hands.

Inventory that sits around and collects dust can fall out of trend, go bad, or begin to fall apart. If you feel like your retail execution plan is failing, take some time to reassess it.

4. Run Online Only Promotions

Online-only promotions can help you get a feel for how well new products will sell. If you’re thinking about branching out, it could be a big investment to buy a bunch of new product and try to get customers excited about it.

Instead, see if you can get a partial order from your distributor to test how well it does with your customer base. Check out this guide to selling online if you’re new to the concept.

5. Give Customers What They Want

Instead of tirelessly promoting one product when customers clearly prefer another, focus on perfecting that product they already enjoy. Listen to their feedback and try to give them more of what they want. Once you show that you’re listening to them, they’ll listen to you and trust your judgment.

Cost-Saving Ideas Need To Suit Your Style

If one of these cost-saving ideas starts to cost you more money to implement, it might not be ideal for your retail business. Your first few solutions should require no new investment before you start scaling back your spending.

If you’re in the middle of a growth spurt and find you need to bring on some new staff, check out our guide for running a good pre-employment screening.

How to Coupon for Beginners: The Complete Guide

how to coupon for beginners

Orlando, Washington, Charlotte, New York, and Atlanta.

You probably know a lot about these cities, individually. But with that single sentence, you’re most likely wondering “Why the grouping?”

The simple answer: Couponing!

In a CNBC article, it showed that these five cities are the top when it comes to frugal living. And frugal it is, what with each person saving more than $200. New Yorkers who used coupons top the list in amount saved, at a whopping $476!

This shows just how they’re worth every second you download or cut them out.

And this how to coupon for beginners guide we’ve come up with will show you how it’s done. Time to get all those pennies and dollars saved!

1. How to Coupon for Beginners Starts with Knowing Where to Start

First things first: Know where you can get those coupons.

You don’t have to look hard and long, seeing as there are just so many sites you can obtain them from. After all, the value of distributed consumer packed goods coupons total to a $470 billion in the U.S. alone!

Just do a quick Google search using the keyword “coupons” and you’ll get 141 million results in less than a second. That’s how popular these money-savers are, and how easy you’ll find them to access.

Going traditional is a great way to start though. Start with your newspapers and magazines. These are some of the best sources of coupons. Especially the papers with the most extensive circulation or coverage.

From here, you can go around and ask your non-coupon-using family and friends for their copies of the papers and mags. So long as they’ll just put these up for recycling after reading, they’ll be more than happy for you to put them to better use.

And there’s the World Wide Web of course. Just check out these Enfamil coupons Walmart accepts. With that $5 discount for a price of less than $5, that makes it almost free. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that?

Here’s a how to coupon for beginners reminder though:

If the store you want to use the coupons for don’t have at least five products you’re looking for, save the coupons for next time. It’ll be just a bother, not to mention waste of time, effort, and gas if you can only get a couple of products in one go.

2. Start Organizing

All those cut outs can quickly turn into a disastrous mess. So, before you start cutting them into itsy bitsy pieces, get yourself an organizing kit. It can be envelopes, folders, or binders.

The important thing is, organize them depending on how you usually work things out. For instance, it’s a good idea to color code them based on their use.

Check out this more in-depth how to coupon for beginners tip on color-coding:

  • Use a green folder or binder for discount coupons on vegetables and other produce
  • Red for meat and poultry
  • White for household cleaning solutions, detergents, dishwashers, etc.
  • Yellow for tools and DIY supplies

These are just examples, but feel free to use them or base your own strategies on them. They’ll all boil down to helping you save time and energy once you’re at the store.

3. Compare Discount Rates

Just because you’ll already get discounts from them doesn’t mean they’ll all give you the same amount of savings. You still have to do a bit of research to figure out which coupons offer the biggest money-saving deal.

So, take the time to compare the deals each coupon offers. Also, make sure to check out the stores themselves carrying the products you want to get.

This way, you can find out if the store has its own promotion. And if it has a better deal, then you can save up the coupon for your next hugely-discounted shopping expedition.

4. Matchmaking Time

Here’s a must-remember how to coupon for beginners trick: Learn the art and science of coupon matchups!

Sometimes, there are items you can use multiple coupons on. By matching these up, you’re on your way to getting even more savings. A few examples of stores that allow this coupon matchmaking technique are Walmart, While Foods, Walgreens, Target, and Rite Aid among many others.

Since you’re most likely doing your shopping in one go, it’s best you plan for the matchups a few days before. It takes time to determine which coupons match with what, but the huge savings you’ll get is definitely worth the time.

5. Focus on Your Needs

Coupons are definitely some of the most ingenious money-saving inventions for consumers. However, incorrect use can lead to you spending more than your initial goal.

As a newcomer to the world of couponing, a problem you most likely will encounter is sorting through all the rubble of coupons you may not need. Especially those that will make you spend more despite your goal of actually pinching pennies.

So, a how to coupon for beginners you should never forget is to prioritize clipping for items you have the greatest need for. And it starts with figuring out what exactly you need right away.

Perhaps you need children’s milk, such as Enfamil, for your kids. Or maybe you’re low on household supplies, like detergents, bath soaps, dishwashing liquids, etc. Whichever the case is, it’s a good idea to check your pantry and supply storage to find out what you’re lacking or low on supply in.

And from there, focus your coupon search on just these items.

6. Make a List

Making a “To-Do List” is crucial to productivity. It lets you organize and prioritize your tasks. Following this list then results not just in timely completion of your tasks, but better output too.

The same applies to couponing. When you create a list of items you need based on your needs’ urgency, you’ll have an easier time finding coupons and getting those that give you the greatest savings.

In addition, you can use the same list when you do the shopping itself, as it lets you avoid the pitfalls of the aisles. Not having a list puts you at risk of forgetting your main goal, not to mention the possibility of impulse buying.

So, before you head out to your next extreme couponing adventure, don’t forget this list. It can make a huge difference in your expedition’s success, as well as your wallet’s thickness.

Want More Money-Saving Tips?

Looking for more advice on thrifty living and saving money? We’ve got you covered!

Go and explore our blog site for more great life hacks to save money while still living comfortably.

Stop Paying $300 for Glasses – Here’s How!


Don’t you hate it when you are reading your favorite book and just cannot seem to read the words that are right in front of you? What about when you are driving and the street sign up ahead is just a big blur? Poor eyesight affects 4.2 billion people around the world, but fortunately, 80% of all visual impairment can be either avoided or cured. 3 out of 4 people in America use vision correction, but only 22% of those wear contacts. That means a whopping 71% wear corrective lenses. If you are one of these people, you have to hear this!

Get your prescription glasses in the privacy of your own home for crazy low prices.


Let’s be real. Who has time to go to an optician, try on all these different kinds of glasses, get fitted and measured for the perfect style and come back hoping they fit, to pick them up. I don’t know about you, but I am way too busy to put up with those hassles if I don’t have to. And that’s the thing: You don’t have to!

This is where GlassesUSA.com can help!

If you lost your glasses it’s no problem. Take a selfie, jump online and upload it to GlassesUSA.com. Now start shopping with their virtual try-on. You can see what all their glasses look like as if you were in the store trying them on. Black thick frame, rectangular, frameless, business, vintage… the possibilities are endless. GlassesUSA.com also offers prescription sunglasses and multifocal lenses. After choosing the ones you like, check out and then anxiously await the arrival of your new glasses.

And you won’t believe this part. You not only save time and trouble, but you will save MONEY. Lots of it.

The cost of a complete pair of glasses starts at only $48.00 before any coupon discounts. And, clear prescription lenses are included for free with every frame purchase. So you choose the frames, and they put in your lenses…. for FREE!
In case you have hesitations about trying an online store, glassesUSA.com gives you risk free shopping with FREE shipping and returns, free exchanges, price match and a 365 day product warranty.

I know things don’t seem like they could get any better, but I do have one more thing.

GlassesUSA.com offers 50% off your first pair of glasses when you create an account.

Trust me, GlassesUSA.com prices are fabulous. Just a few clicks of your mouse to compare with other companies will prove to you that GlassesUSA.com cares about their customers and tries to give them the best quality glasses at the lowest price.

So stop squinting and start shopping at GlassesUSA.com.


15% Printable Coupon for Famous Footwear

famous footwear

Click here to get your 15% Printable Coupon for Famous Footwear (online or in-store)!

Take 15% off your entire purchase at Famous Footwear. Print your coupon to shop in-store or online. Sale dates 3/27/15 – 4/5/15.

Coupon is valid from March 27th to April 5th.

There is a limit of 21 pairs of shoes for this coupon and it cannot be used on gift cards or previous purchases.

52 Week Money Savings Challenge


You can print out the 52 Week Savings Challenge PDF HERE

So, I am sure you have seen so much hype about the 52 Week Money Savings Challenge all over social media. Some people have also modified it to save backwards where you start with week 52 socking away $52 and then taking away $1 each week so at the end of the year you only need a $1. Honestly either way works but only IF you stick with the plan. Many people lose their resolve to save and forget all about it.

I prefer to do it the way the plan was intended and I will tell you why. Many of us can easily save $1 to start with and then week 2 just $2 more saved. If you print out the sheet then you will see your savings growing weekly. This is called the snowball effect. Do something small and stick with it and before you know it, it’s grown into a substantial amount! It keeps you motivated to stick with it and you might decide to add even more each week! This is great not just for Christmas but maybe a Vacation fund or just to have an emergency fund. Life happens and so many times we aren’t prepared for a flat tire, or needing a new hot water heater or junior needs a new pair of eyeglasses. The best part of this plan is that by the last week, you will have saved $1,378.00!

Many people also question this is great but I don’t work or I can barely make ends meet now. I am showing people how they can make real and legit money by taking surveys, testing/reviewing products, and signing up for free items and entering giveaways. These survey sites below are all legit and real people are making real money to help pay for extras like a vacation or Birthday or Christmas gifts!

I signed up but I don’t qualify for anything? Make sure you are filling out your profiles in full and taking polls and pre-qualifying surveys. Sometimes these sites are looking for a certain demographic. I have lots of readers qualifying and earning money!

Springboard America
Opinion Outpost
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Valued Opinions
Inbox Dollars

If you see a site that you use and make money with then please comment below so I can add it to the list!