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5 Tips for Dating as a Single Parent

single parentLet’s face it, the thought of having to climb out of your comfy spot on the sofa to go on a date as a single parent isn’t one that lights up many peoples thoughts. Dating can be intimidating and something that as single parents, you push away.

After all, you have so many other things to focus on, how could you find time to begin dating again?

With 10 million single mother-led families in the United States, three times the number in 1960, it’s time we recognized that dating is something that you’ve been putting off.

To make the whole process easier, and to help single parent’s everywhere get the motivation they need to ditch the sweatpants in favor of something a little more flattering, we’ve put together this article.

Get ready for the five best tips you need for understanding how to date as a single parent.

Why Is Dating So Hard in 2018?

Before we can dive into understanding the best way to date, it’s first worth looking at why dating seems to be so challenging in 2018. With 19% of brides saying they met their spouse online, you’d think dating in the modern age was all about online dating.

In reality, many people think it’s all about dating apps and swiping, but there are still a lot of people founding relationships in the traditional manners. It takes a wider perspective to realize there are more options available than you think.

Here are The 5 Best Tips on Dating as a Single Parent

Dating doesn’t have to be difficult, use these five different tips to give yourself the best chance of finding the partner you deserve.

1. Don’t Go For The Cyber Checkout

Yep, you heard us, don’t put all your eggs in a cyber basket. In other words, don’t rely on online dating as your only means of dating. You might be asking yourself is eharmony worth it, or should Tinder be the only option?

One of the best ways to get out there and meet somebody who shares your interests is to join a group. You can still use the wonderful world of social to help you in this process.

Apps like Meetup are a great way to meet events and groups going on in your local area. Facebook groups are another fantastic way to become part of a community that meets up regularly.

Don’t be afraid to open the conversation flood-gates anywhere you are. It may seem like the zoo and the toy store aren’t the ideal love making zones, but a simple ‘hello’ and ‘how are you’ can go a long way in meeting people outside of your usual circles.

2. Trust Your Gut

If there is one thing that’s true about the human body, it’s that we have an uncanny ability to be right. Often you may find yourself saying, ‘I told you so’ to yourself after a bad situation but don’t forget to follow your instincts.

If your body is telling you to speak to that cute barista in Starbucks, it might be because your gut is right. Remember that as a single parent, your time is precious, valuable and limited.

When you’re out on dates, consciously ask your body “does this feel right?” You need to notice what sensations you feel in your stomach.

Remember that your body holds a lot of wisdom. If you notice anything that’s uncomfortable, trust your body and take note.

3. Don’t Wait to Long To Start Dating Again

Remember that re-entering the dating world can be a scary thing to do. One thing to consider though is that it’s sometimes easier to re-enter the dating world when you haven’t been alone for too long.

Once you’ve taken the necessary time to recover, why not try and get your feet wet? You don’t have to do it at a pace that you’re uncomfortable with, but just getting yourself back out there again can be an important step to take, to begin you back on that journey.

Sometimes people can get overly comfortable, especially as a single parent. This means when they re-enter the dating world, it brings with them a whole host of new complications.

Making sure you aren’t set in your ways and open to change can be a challenging thing to come to terms with, but remember you can start out slowly. Take it one step at a time, give yourself the chance to be in control and go at your pace.

4. Don’t Become Sexually Intimate Too Soon

Experts all over town will tell you this is a big one. Many people have a false understanding that sexual intimacy is a big part of dating.

We sometimes believe that no adult would be willing to wait for sex. Sometimes it’s because you might be craving the attention, other times it’s because we want not to disappoint.

What you need to remember is that sex bonds two people together emotionally. This can make it incredibly difficult to leave the relationship even if other aspects of your connection aren’t matching up.

Remember to not jump into bed with just any suitor, at least not until you are ready. If you want to take your connection emotionally to the next stage, trust your gut. Remember that a good match will wait for you, after all.

5. Nothing But The Truth

There is a very big difference between discretion and lying. This is especially important as a single parent.

If you think it’s ok to have extramarital sex when any questions come up with the kids, you should be able to answer them (appropriately to their age) why and under what terms. If you feel that you can’t do that, then you shouldn’t do it.

As with all things in life, behave as you want your kids to when they reach that early stage of adulthood. Remembering to be completely truthful is also an incredible way to communicate in relationships.

Telling a new partner exactly how you feel and at what pace you want to go helps them to be empathetic towards you and your situation.

Dating As a Single Parent Shouldn’t Be Hard

You know it shouldn’t be hard, but sometimes it is. Finding that fearless faith as a mother or father can be challenging. But, by understanding these five tips and how to implement them into your life could just make that hardship a little easier.

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6 Great Sources of Protein Other Than Meat

Sources of Protein Other Than Meat

Do you think that your family eats nutritious meals?

You may think that you’re giving your kids the best foods possible, but a study on daily nutrition found that empty calories make up nearly 40% of the average kid’s diet.

Do you want your child to eat better and reduce their empty calorie intake? Give them more protein in their meals.

Meat is the go-to source for protein, but when you have to appease picky eaters meat may not be the best choice. Luckily, there are sources of protein other than meat your kids can eat.

Where To Find Sources of Protein Other Than Meat

Kids are notoriously picky eaters. Moms who may have tried low carb or paleo dishes at dinner time know how hard it can be to introduce new foods.

Finding meatless sources of protein can help your child’s overall diet. When you rely more on vegetables and grains in meals your kids can get more vitamins and minerals.

Curious about what things you should add to your diet? If you want to up your protein and reduce your meat consumption, try out some of these foods.


Quinoa is a grain that most people consider to be a superfood.

This wholesome grain has 8 grams of protein in a serving, but its high amount of protein isn’t the best part about this food.

Quinoa is also high in iron, magnesium, and fiber. It’s very versatile, and many people use it as a substitute for rice.


Tempeh is a vegetarian soy food that’s been eaten throughout Asia for hundreds of years, but it has recently become popular in the west.

Tempeh is very high in protein. One cup of it can have up to 31 grams of protein. It’s also an excellent source of calcium.

If your kids don’t like tofu, try introducing them to tempeh. Some people prefer its taste to tofu because of tempeh’s slightly nutty flavor.

Protein Powder

If you want sources of protein other than meat, protein powder is the ultimate meatless protein source.

Protein powder isn’t for people in need of a post-workout nutrition boost. It can also help add supplemental protein to your diet.

Do your kids love smoothies for breakfast? Add a scoop of protein powder to their smoothies or extra nutrition.

If you want more ideas on how to use protein powder and which brands are the best, check out The Ultimate Guide To Protein Powder.

Rice And Beans

Want something simple, delicious, and high in protein? Go for something classic like rice and beans.

When it comes to sources of protein other than meat, rice and beans can’t be beat. This utterly simple food can have 7 grams of protein in a serving. The meal is also full of important nutrients like methionine and lysine.

If you want to switch things up, substitute the beans for chickpeas or lentils for a tasty dinner with high protein.


Do you want a go-to substitute for meat, but don’t want to use tofu?

Seitan has been taking the vegetarian and vegan worlds by storm. Because it’s created by mixing gluten with herbs, spices, and stock (or water), it’s much more flavorful than tofu.

This meat substitute has been in use for thousands of years, and a serving can have almost 21 grams of protein.

Peanut Butter

Want the ultimate kid-friendly source of protein? Look no further than peanut butter.

Go beyond pairing it with jelly if you want to give your kids something different. Spread it on waffles in the morning, or serve a big dollop of it with bananas and celery.

Your Turn

Now that you know what foods to use, it’s time to get to work!

If you’re not sure how to use some of proteins, check out the list of recipes on the Meatless Monday website. They have tons of recipes that don’t use meat, and plenty of them are kid-friendly.

If you’re interested in other nutritious meals, check out our post on healthy and tasty breakfasts you can make.

Top 5 Cool Fashion Trends That Don’t Break the Wallet

cool fashion trends

Spring is just around the corner. The world will soon be full of fresh vegetation, baby animals, and cool fashion trends for spring.

Women get a bad reputation when it comes to clothes and shopping. There’s a stereotype that women spend far too much on clothes that they’ll wear once.

To some extent this is true. About 50% of women say that they don’t use 25% of their wardrobe. Seventy-three percent of women say they update 25% of their closets every three months.

Luckily, there’s no need to spend tons of money on fashion if you know how to shop thriftily. These cool fashion trends will help you stay up-to-date without breaking the bank.

Original Denim

This spring, original denim will be in. Clothes hoarders and thrift shopper rejoice.

The original denim trend means we’ll see more jean jackets and original cut denim pants out and about. These pieces pair perfectly with other trendy spring items like floral blouses and romantic, flowy dresses.

If you’ve held onto your clothes from the 90s, see if you have any old denim pieces in there. You can also ask friends and family if they have any old pieces you could take off their hands.


Trench coats will always be a spring trend as the temperatures rise and the rainy season starts.

This season, you’ll notice updated silhouettes as well as traditional cuts. One new take on a trench that we love is one with bell sleeves from Mango.

Outerwear is something we recommend splurging on for a better quality coat that will last you a bit longer. This is especially the case for a piece that will continuously come back into style each year.


Florals will pretty much always be a spring trend. After wearing blacks and greys all winter, we can’t wait to don pretty pastels that reflect the new flowers blooming around us.

You don’t have to buy these pieces new. Check out which floral pieces you have from last season that are still in good shape.

Consignment shops are also a great place to check at the beginning of spring. In many cases, you can get items from your favorite labels at a deep discount.

Sheer Details

This spring, you’ll notice many tops with sheer top layers and sheer sleeves. Designers love the chance to play with delicate details, light, and transparency.

This trend has filtered its way down to the fast fashion houses where you can sheer pieces for little money. The drawback is that these pieces won’t last for a long time.

From fast fashion to plus size clothing, you’ll love the chance to play with different sheer pieces this spring.


Lavender is an underrated pastel. Thank goodness you’ll see tons of it this spring.

You’ll notice lavender sweaters, dresses, accessories, and shoes all featuring lavender. We recommend sticking with one apparel piece and one accessory to prevent you from ending up with a closet full of lavender.

More Cool Fashion Trends for 2018

There are plenty more cool fashion trends to keep an eye out for this year. You’ll also see lots of red, sequins, fringe, lace detail, and updated suit pieces.

As you shop for older pieces like denim and trench coats, remember you can easily repair or patch up anything that looks a bit worn. Check out our sewing guide to help you get started on fixing your thrift store finds.

8 Budget-Friendly Romantic Weekend Ideas

romantic weekend ideasDreaming of a romantic getaway but wondering how your wallet will ever stretch for one?

Spending a weekend away is a wonderful way to reconnect with your partner and create some new memories.

A lot of couples, however, skimp on getaways as a way to save money. But romantic weekends don’t have to cost a fortune.

There are definitely ways to save some dollars and spend a memorable weekend with the one you love. Read on for more insight into some budget-friendly romantic weekend ideas!

1. Do Nothing

Turn your own home into a romantic getaway, without having to spend much of anything!

If you have kids, see if your sister-in-law or mother can take them for the weekend or even for just the day. Wipe your weekend clear of appointments and other engagements, turn off the technology, and light some candles.

Have your favorite food delivered, go for a walk near your home, or simply sleep in and have long talks over breakfast.

A lot of people underestimate the value of a staycation in this way. But having nowhere to be or nothing to do can be the best type of romantic weekend.

2. Seek Out A Waterfront

You don’t have to book tickets to Hawaii in order to experience a waterfront. Sign you and your honey up for a lakeside weekend retreat for an affordable, romantic excursion.

With the onset of AirBnb, it can be easy to find luxurious waterfront accommodation at any nearby lake or oceanside town. You may also be able to find lakeside cottages, resorts, or recreational areas in your area.

A waterfront getaway is one of the best romantic weekend ideas because it gives you so many options.

You could spend a relaxing weekend renting a small coastal cottage, for example, and save dollars by cooking your own meals, exploring the seaside, and reading on the porch.

Or you could rent kayaks for the day and paddle along a gleaming lake surface. You may even try out river rafting.

3. Visit a National Park

National parks are everywhere, and they can be easy and affordable to travel to. When it comes to romantic weekend ideas, a national park is a budget-friendly and beautiful destination.

Just hop in a car and drive to your nearest national park. Drop by the visitor’s center for a free map and then experience the magic of the park yourself.

Depending on the park you’ve chosen, and how outdoorsy you feel, you may be able to hike, glimpse steaming geysers, and take photos of wildlife.

If it’s the right season, bring along your camping gear for a romantic getaway. Don’t forget to bring cooking supplies and plenty of water.

4. Travel During the Off-Season

If you’re keen to visit a dazzling city like New York or Italian villa in Europe, it’s still possible to do so. Just travel during the off-season for more affordable rates and budget-friendly options.

Visiting Chicago during the off-season, for example, can mean cheap hotel rates and less crowded museums and other attractions. You may be surprised at the prices you can find.

If you can swing it, try traveling during the week, too. Sometimes accommodation prices can dip on a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

5. Do A Winery or Brewery Tour

If you live in an area known for its fine wines and craft beers, why not spend a weekend trying some of the best?

Some people assume that winery tours are expensive. While this may be the case in some areas, there are plenty of affordable tour options out there.

In many cases, you can spend a solid day sipping wine and eating cheese, and not spend more than $100 per person!

Tours are also ideal if you just have time for one day and/or night together. What’s more, many tours include transportation in the total cost.

6. Take a Mini Road Trip

Road tripping can be incredibly memorable and romantic, especially if you’re seeking a low-key, budget-friendly getaway. Simply pack some provisions, hop in the car, and away you go.

Explore some of those nearby little towns you’ve been dying to experience, or leave the GPS at home and just drive.

You can stay overnight at a campground if it’s the right season, drop by an AirBnB, or linger at a bed and breakfast.

7. Book a Cruise

When it comes to romantic weekend ideas, cruises are always at the top of the list. But they are also affordable options for anyone seeking a romantic excursion of any kind.

Cruises come in all shapes and sizes. The good news is that most cruise prices are all-inclusive, meaning you’ve got accommodation, food, and experiences included.

If you’re looking for a more extended romantic getaway, browse cruises for an affordable option. You may even be able to snag a 7-day cruise for as low as $499!

8. Try a Spa Weekend

Treat you and your loved one to some spa indulgence. A spa weekend can be relatively easy on the wallet, especially if you sign up for couple’s massages or treatments, which are often discounted.

You may even be able to experience spa treatment as part of a weekend hotel or resort package. This is quite common and often fairly affordable, given that packages are often for a weekend or single overnight stay.

Check out deals and coupons for affordable local spa treatments if you prefer to stay in town. You may be surprised at the promotions and discounts you find!

Or stay at the Old Orchard Inn for a weekend and indulge in their spa offerings.

Romantic Weekend Ideas

It is definitely possible to plan a romantic weekend getaway that is easy on the wallet.

Depending on the season and your own interests, consider visiting a nearby national park or taking a mini road trip. Indulge in a spa weekend, book an affordable cruise, or seek out the nearest waterfront.

Don’t underestimate sites like AirBnB and Groupon for helping you find affordable weekend travel solutions.

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