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8 Places to Find Stylish Inexpensive Jewelry Online

How much are you willing to spend on jewelry? Some designers charge thousands of dollars for one delicate piece. Some even in the hundreds of thousands range.

That’s absurd! There’s no need to break the bank when it comes to jewelry.

You can find exquisite pieces from affordable designers online. They’re high quality, well made, and gorgeous designs.

Style shouldn’t come at a hefty price. You don’t have to go broke when affordable jewelry brands exist. Keep reading for eight places you can buy inexpensive jewelry online.

1. Etsy

The number one stop for affordable jewelry is Etsy. This powerhouse of designers has something for everyone. No matter your style, you can find a handmade, one of kind gem for you.

Etsy is awesome because it allows independent designers to sell their work. When you buy something from an Etsy seller, you’re supporting a person. Not a giant corporation.

There’s also a high chance that the piece you buy is 100% unique. Everything is handmade and no two pieces are identical.

You can search for your specific jewelry needs like material type and size. Also search by themes, styles, and designs. If you like a designers work you can often ask for custom pieces made for an extra cost.

Prices vary from $1.00-$100.00.

2. H&M

Are you someone who tends to lose their jewelry? One day you’re wearing earrings, the next day they’ve disappeared. Your friends and family have stopped buying you jewelry for gifts.

If that’s you, it’s super important not to spend on a fortune on jewelry.

You want the freedom to wear trendy statement pieces but without the price tag. Enter H&M, the mecca of cheap on-trend jewelry.

Since fashion experts choose everything at H&M, you can guarantee each piece is in style.

Plus, everything’s so cheap you won’t feel guilty for losing them. You might even start receiving jewelry for your birthday again.

Prices range from $3.99-$29.99.

3. Machete

You can wear Italian-sourced jewelry without paying for insane shipping fees. Machete is Atlanta-based but uses materials from Italy.

Each piece is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. There’s nothing worse than sore earlobes from heavy hardware.

Besides gorgeous necklaces and earrings, Machete also makes hair accessories. You can add hair ties, clips, and bands to your outfit. Their most popular items are hoop earrings, stud earrings, and pastel hair clips.

Prices range from $9-$78. Affordable and chic!

4. Vrai & Oro

Dainty, simple jewelry pieces are all the rage right now. There’s something about delicate metal that makes an outfit look expensive.

Luckily, the pieces themselves don’t have to be pricey. Vrai & Oro specializes in simple jewelry for an affordable price. And, many of their pieces have ethically sourced diamonds.

Since they’re owned by parent company Diamond Foundry, Vrai & Oro gets discounted diamonds. Each design is made in the US, so you can rest assured that your diamond jewels come from an ethical place.

If you’re looking for a unique diamond engagement ring, this is your store.

Prices range from $55-$85 which is incredible for diamond jewelry!

5. Think Engraved

Nothing says “I love you” like a personalized necklace. Whether your mom, sister, or best friend’s birthday is coming up, engraved jewelry makes a great gift.

At Think Engraved, you can find the perfect rings and bracelets for any occasion. They specialize in engagement rings, prom gifts, and men’s rings.

For men to wear jewelry, it must feel masculine and classy. Thing Engraved only uses the best quality of sterling silver and 14k gold.

Some of their more popular items are the birthstone rings and necklaces. These make great gifts and stylish accessories. They even customize the engraved writing; you can find more info here about their designs.

Prices range from $24.99-$79.99.

6. Dotoly

This affordable online store targets pet lovers and animal enthusiasts. All jewelry is furry-friend inspired. There are pet themed pieces as well as wild animals.

For the sloth lovers, there’s a ring that has a tiny sloth clinging to your finger. Have a specific breed of dog you love? You can shop by animal and breed for your specialized preference.

They offer a range of ring, earring, and bracelet styles. The materials used vary between gold, silver, and copper. Some designs are even size-adjustable for the most comfortability.

If you’d prefer a more unique piece, check out the handmade section. These designs use materials like resin, clay, and shrink plastic.

Prices range from $9.99-$29.99. You won’t find a better deal!

7. Amelia Stardust

You’re quirky and eclectic. You want jewelry that depicts pop culture while also adding style to your outfit. Amelia Stardust is your ultimate affordable jewelry destination.

This brand is for unique and fun shoppers. Earrings come in the shapes of hot dogs, planets, and lightning bolts. You can even find subtle Harry Potter references, like the Deathly Hollows earrings.

Many of their pieces are throwbacks to 90’s fashion. Check out the plastic coil chokers and beaded anklets. Besides jewelry, they also sell patches, enamel pins, and hats.

Prices range from $1.00-$24.

8. Cents of Style

Jewelry should make you feel great when you wear it. At least, that’s what Cents of Style aims to do with their pieces. Each design tries to bring empowerment and strength to its wearer.

Pendant necklaces say phrases like “Actually, I can” and “Soul Sister”. Cuff bracelets boast messages of self-worth, confidence, and fierceness.

Besides metal materials, many of their pieces use vegan leather for a more natural style. Designs can go with a variety of outfits from day to night.

Prices range from $9.95-$19.95.

Want More Stores That Sell Inexpensive Jewelry Online?

It shouldn’t cost a fortune to wear stylish jewelry. Luckily, finding affordable pieces has never been so easy. There are hundreds of awesome inexpensive jewelry online stores to find your next necklace.

Check out the eight online stores above for gorgeous, affordable, and fun pieces.

For more tips on finding affordable jewelry and other frugal living ideas, read more on the blog!

Top 10 Tips for Buying Men’s Jewelry

mens jewelry

Have you ever noticed how much jewelry the man in your life wears? While most people think these kinds of accessories are for women, many men love to wear jewelry.

Whether it be a watch on their wrist, a ring on their finger, or even earrings and chain necklaces, men definitely know how to wear jewelry. In fact, most men feel naked without their go-to pieces!

There’s nothing wrong with expanding your man’s collection, though. Before you get him another bottle of cologne for his birthday or send dad another new wallet for Father’s Day, see what kind of men’s jewelry you can buy.

Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect men’s jewelry piece.

1. Consider His Go-to Style

Some guys wear nothing but gym clothes and simple styles all the time while others can be seen in a suit any day of the week. There’s also the guys who love the laid-back hipster look and those who prefer to be more put-together and preppy.

Which kind of guy is the man in your life? Think about this before you go shopping. Understanding his style will come in handy as you navigate all the options of men’s jewelry in the store.

2. Pay Attention to the Material

Just as there’s a noticeable style difference between a plain t-shirt and a flannel that’s clearly been thrifted, there’s a difference between a leather watch band, a gold watch, or some sort of athletic material. This goes for bracelets and necklaces/chains, too.

Pay attention to your man’s preferred material before you go shopping. The last thing you want to do is find the perfect bracelet only to realize you need something made of metal, not leather.

3. Choose a Color

Another detail worth focusing on right off the bat is the color of men’s jewelry you’re looking at. In the same way that you have a preference between gold and silver or brown and black, your man does, too.

Think about this as you browse men’s rings, bracelets for men, and more. Maybe even consider his favorite pair of dress shoes or the color of the belt he wears every day before narrowing down your options.

4. Understand Proportions

As you start to get a better idea of what your man might like, think about what will actually look good on him. Not every guy can pull off a huge watch with a big, flashy face. On the other hand, some guys are built too thick for thin watch bands or small necklace chains.

You have to imagine the men’s jewelry on him. This way, you’re not just shopping for what catches your eye the most in the store, but what will look perfect for his body.

5. Know His Fit

Have you ever had to get a ring resized because your boyfriend didn’t know what it was? Your man is going to have to go through the same thing if you don’t know his size.

You’re also going to need his wrist measurement for a watch or bracelet, and it wouldn’t hurt to have some sort of idea about how long he likes his chains.

6. Stick with the Classics

Maybe you already have the right sizes written down and you know exactly the kind of color and material your guy likes. Shopping for men’s jewelry should be smooth sailing, right? Not necessarily.

The next thing to consider is how flashy you want to be. Even if your boyfriend is known for lavish suits and over the top tie patterns, he needs something that’s going to complement all of his looks.

Always go with the classic jewelry pieces over the flashy ones. Such a move makes it easy for your man to wear his new jewelry when going to work, on a night out, and sometimes, even to the gym!

7. Consult a Jeweler

If you’re really at a loss for what to buy or where to even begin, consult a jeweler. Whether the person behind the counter is a man or a woman, he or she has seen plenty of ladies like you come into their store. They know how to take a description of your man and his style and run with it.

Before you know it, the jeweler has all kinds of men’s necklaces, earrings for men, plenty of watches, and much more for you to choose from. Not to mention, they can help you make the final decision if you’re stuck between two options.

8. Ask a Guy Friend

While it’s always great to make friends with the jeweler, another thing you can do is bring a guy friend along. Bring your man’s best friend when you go shopping or ask one of your buddies to join you.

Either way, make sure you have a man present. He can help point you in the right direction and offer the kind of male perspective you need to make the best choice.

9. Look at the Price

Just when you think you’ve found what you’re looking for, check the price tag. It’s one thing to discover an amazing piece of men’s jewelry and another to be able to afford it!

More often than not, you don’t have to break the bank. Simply keep looking until you find the best jewelry item that fits your budget.

10. Consider How Long It Will Last

The final thing to think about is how long the jewelry will last. This is both in terms of style and durability.

Style comes down to what is hot now and what is always timeless. Keep this in mind when you’re tempted to go for something trendy over a classic item.

More so, take a second to consider how strong the materials are. Invest in real precious metals and strong diamonds/stones whenever you can. This way, you can trust the jewelry you buy will last for many years to come.

You can click for more about different diamond cuts, strengths, and sizes.

Styling Men’s Jewelry with Different Outfits

Whether you’re shopping for the most stylish man you know or you’re looking for men’s jewelry to give him a bit of a fashion boost, your guy needs to know how to pair his new jewelry with various outfits. This way, he can go from the office to the dancefloor to a casual date night while wearing what you’ve bought him.

But, being fashionable doesn’t mean breaking the bank! For tips on saving money on men’s jewelry like chains, rings, and more, click here.