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Tips for Getting a Great Price on a New Web Camera

adobestock 34299159Webcams have become a staple in our society. We use them to communicate with friends and family.

Webcams are useful for long distance job interviews and other areas of the professional world. And webcams help you keep in touch with people who live far away.

Webcams are useful for a variety of reasons. But if your laptop or phone isn’t built with a webcam, buying one can be expensive. However, there are ways to save money on a new webcam.

Don’t be behind during a long distance work conference or keeping up with the long-distance family member. Here are ways to save money on a web camera.

Read Reviews

Buying a cheap webcam may seem like the best idea.

But there’s a lot that goes into the quality of a webcam. Common issues faced with cheap cameras include low resolution, low frame rate, and bad focus. You want a cheap web camera, but you don’t want one that’s bad quality.

It’s important to read reviews. When you see a cheap or discounted webcam, be sure to research the camera.

The best way to be sure a camera is a great quality is to see what others have said. Go to the retailers’ page and read the reviews. You can find professional reviews and even demos online.

There are also articles that review different cameras and includes the prices. Find these articles and find a great webcam that’s affordable.

While a cheap camera may not be the best, you want to pay for some kind of quality. You don’t want your camera buffering or showing a low-res image when you’re talking to your family or a future employer.

Buy an Older Model

It’s not uncommon for a camera to have a price reduction; when a company releases a newer model, they discount the older model, even though that camera is still great quality.

Maybe there’s one particular camera you had your eye on. But don’t purchase that camera immediately.

When it first goes on the shelf, it’s more expensive. Wait a year and buy it. After the camera has been out for awhile, it’s reduced in price. When an updated or new camera is released, that camera will decrease even further.

Look for Discounts

What’s the best way to get amazing quality web cameras for cheap? Find discounts. You can even find good discounts on HD-quality webcams.

Just be careful about the sale cameras. Some of these are off-brand and cheap models that didn’t sell, so retailers offer them at a cheap price to get them out of their inventory.

But if you can get a nicer camera for a discounted price, you might as well look for high-quality and brand name cameras that are on sale or sold cheap.

You can find these cameras online and at discounted retailers.

Black Friday and Holiday Deals

The easiest way to find a high-quality web camera for cheap is by looking for Black Friday and other holiday deals.

With eCommerce options and in-store specials, there are lots of ways to purchase an amazing webcam for cheap during the holidays.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are your best bets. The discounts are the best, you can avoid waiting in long lines when you order online, and there are plenty of webcams to choose from. But keep in mind, these products usually sell out fast.

If the webcams sell out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, most stores have deals all throughout the holidays.

Even after Christmas, you can still find discounted cameras. These stores are trying to sell their holiday inventory and open up their store for new products.

The holidays are the perfect time to treat yourself to a discounted webcam.

Know the Price Range

Compared to other cameras, web cameras aren’t that expensive.

You can get a decent webcam for about $50. Compared to other cameras, that go for at least $200, the price of a webcam isn’t bad at all. There are more expensive, but these are the extremely fancy cameras professionals use.

If you’re looking for a webcam for gaming or for communication, you don’t need anything fancy. But you do want a camera with good resolution and durability.

For the good quality cameras with bare minimum features, you should know their price range.

For a decent camera, expect to spend between $20-$55. If you’re buying a camera in the $20 range, expect it to be an unknown brand so be sure and do research. Name brand and great quality cameras are between $30 and $50.

Anything above $50 and you’re getting some of the best webcams on the market.

These cameras are best if you stream yourself gaming or offer any online classes. But if you simply want to talk to friends and family, the lower price webcams will work fine.

When You Will Need to Spend More on a Webcam

You can’t beat the price of a traditional webcam, but you may need a specialty web camera.

These are more expensive. If basic webcams won’t satisfy your needs, you need to know when you need to shell out more money. Fortunately, there are cheap options with these cameras.

Security Cameras

If you want a good security camera system, expect to spend at least $100.

These cameras are concealed, oftentimes looking like another object.

But fortunately, you can get these cameras discounted. A perfect example is Sentel Tech wifi camera. These cameras are amazing, offers more security for your home, and they regularly have sales.

Network Cameras

These cameras are similar to standard web cameras, but transmit the data through a wireless network.

These are mainly used for television, security purposes, and video conferences. The main difference is these cameras need to be connected to wifi.

Expect to spend around $300 for one of these cameras.

Time to Buy a Cheap Web Camera

Webcams can do a lot. You can talk to friends or have a long distance job interview.

Some even have the technology to record and stream. Whether you want a fancy webcam or a standard one, there are ways to find discounted webcams.

For more ways to save money, look at our money-saving advice.

What to Look for in a Reliable Car Subwoofer

subwooferImagine driving on a long highway or in bumper-to-bumper traffic without good music to listen to. It will probably drive you crazy.

Whether you like listening to Vivaldi’s ‘Summer Movement 3: Presto’ or Dr. Dre’s ‘Let Me Ride’, the music will be lifeless if you can’t appreciate the thumping bass lines. Low-frequency sounds or bass is best heard with a quality car subwoofer.

And while factory-installed speakers already have subwoofers, these are usually small and inadequate. To have a complete audio experience, you need to add a superior subwoofer to your existing car audio setup.

Here are some tips on how to shop for a quality subwoofer for your listening pleasure.

The Delicate Balance Between Convenience and Customization

Adding a subwoofer to your car is like building a desktop computer. You can choose the components yourself or you can buy a prebuilt one.

It is a lot simpler than a PC rig because there are only three major pieces: the subwoofer itself, the enclosure or speaker box, and the amplifier. These come in different packages and your choice will depend on the degree of customization you prefer.

If you’re a do-it-yourself guy or gal, you probably dig being able to select the individual parts yourself. Component subwoofers are speaker only and you have to buy the enclosure and amplifier separately. This will give you the highest degree of customization but is also the most challenging to put together.

Enclosed subwoofers are for the middle of the pack types. These subwoofers come pre-mounted in a speaker box. You still have to choose an external amplifier for this setup.

For some, the simplest is the most elegant. Powered subs are already a complete package of a speaker, enclosure, and amplifier. These are compact and easy to install. Powered subwoofers are effective bass speakers but may not be as powerful as a more customized rig.

If you want a car subwoofer that blends in perfectly with your car’s interior, vehicle-specific subwoofers are a perfect choice. These can fit in out-of-the-way spaces like the car door. Like powered subwoofers, these type of speakers can’t produce a really big bass sound.

The Technical Stuff

A review of the different specs to look for in a quality speaker will come in handy if you are looking to buy your car a subwoofer.

  • RMS (root mean square) ratings apply to both the amplifier and the speaker. For amplifiers, it is a measure of the continuous power it can produce. For subwoofers, it is a measure of how much of that power the speaker can handle. It is important that both ratings match.
  • SPL (sound pressure level) is the unit for sensitivity, which refers to the amount of power you need to supply to a speaker to produce a given volume. A high SPL rating means that the subwoofer is more efficient.
  • If you want to appreciate really low-frequency sounds, look for subwoofers with a high-frequency range.
  • Impedance, like RMS ratings, is another spec that you need both values of your amplifier and speaker to match. This ranges from 2 to 8 ohms.

Audiophile or Not, a Car Subwoofer Is Essential to Enjoy Good Music While Driving

It’s all about the bass. A quality subwoofer brings realism and depth to your overall listening experience.

Do you have the perfect car stereo setup? Describe yours in the comments below. You can also check out our other shopping guides.

How to Find Your Dream Wedding Dress

wedding dress

Once the question is popped and you have a sparkling engagement ring on your finger, the fun of planning a wedding begins.

But while many brides dream of their wedding day and the dress that they’ll wear, finding that dress for real can be a challenge.

Luckily, with a little planning and consideration, you can make finding your dream wedding dress a breeze.

Keep reading to a few easy tips for finding and buying the perfect dress for your big day.

Find Your Perfect Shape

With so many different dress options out there, it can be easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for your dream wedding dress.

Starting the process by narrowing down your options to only the shapes that you like will help.

You don’t necessarily need to limit your search to a single shape. After all, each dress will fit differently, and you may find that you like several different dresses in several different shapes.

But most brides will find that they do not like certain shapes. For instance, if you can’t imagine walking down the aisle in a dress that is as wide as you are tall, you may be able to rule out ballgowns.

By narrowing down the shapes that you like and those that you don’t, you’ll be able to give your attendants at bridal stores a better idea of what you’re looking for. In turn, they’ll be able to pull dresses that fit your style better, to help you find your dream wedding dress.

Set a Budget

There are gorgeous bridal gowns out there for every budget. Even high-end designers like Morilee Madeline Gardner offers gowns for every brides’ budget.

But to avoid trying on dresses and then being disappointed when you fall in love with one and can’t afford it, it’s best to set your budget from the start and then stick to it.

If you start shopping and have trouble finding a dress within your budget, consider whether you could make some extra money before the big day to make up the difference.

If you do decide to go above your budget, just make sure that you don’t go so far beyond it that you leave yourself and your new spouse in debt as a result.

Choose the Right Color

While it may seem odd to freshly engaged brides-to-be that you need to consider what color you want for your bridal gown, it’s actually an important detail to think about before you start shopping.

While white may seem like the obvious answer, the reality is that “white” can mean many different things.

Bridal gowns come in so many different shades of white and ivory that the options can seem endless. To help narrow it down, you need to make a few key decisions.

First, decide whether you want bright white. While some brides want to stick to tradition and choose white, it can be an unflattering color for some skin tones.

If you decide to stray from bright white, you should then think about what shades of off-white will complement your skin tone. For instance, if you have fair skin, bright white may make you look washed out, while ivory with yellow-tones will make you glow.

If you aren’t tied to tradition, you could also opt for a dress in a shade other than white.

While studies show that 93 percent of brides choose a white or off-white shade, an increasing number of brides are opting for non-traditional hues, like red, pink, or black.

Imagine Your Dream Wedding

When you’re in a bridal store trying on beautiful gown after beautiful gown, it can be easy to fall in love with all of them.

To make it easier to narrow your options, try to picture your wedding day.

Think about how you want to look when you walk down the aisle. Will you be floating down the walkway of a massive church in a gown that rivals the setting’s beauty? Or will you be barefoot in the sand in the glow of a beach sunset?

Picturing your big day will help make it easier to decide what your dream wedding dress looks like.

Consider the Details

Besides choosing the color and shape of your dream wedding dress, you’ll also need to think about what kinds of details you like.

For instance, you could choose all-over lace or a few lacy details, a touch of bling or a dress that’s covered in glitter.

Knowing which details your dream dress must-have can help rule out some dresses, and make it easier for attendants at bridal stores to help you find your dream wedding dress.

Know Your Setting

Just as picturing your big day can help you figure out what your dream dress will look like, considering the setting of your wedding can help ensure that you choose a dress that is both beautiful and functional.

For instance, a long-sleeved, heavy gown may leave you miserable if your dream wedding is an outdoor event on a hot summer day.

If you’re dreaming of a beach wedding, consider whether a long, full ballgown will get in your way or pick up sand during your walk down the aisle.

If you’re traveling for a destination wedding, you’ll need a dress that you can pack easily, or else make arrangements to have it professionally delivered or steamed and prepped when it arrives at your destination.

Choosing Your Dream Wedding Dress

Finding and buying your dream wedding dress doesn’t have to be a challenge.

By setting and sticking to a budget, considering your options and what you like before you shop, and keeping your big day in mind while trying on gowns, you can find the perfect dress.

Regardless of what you choose and how much you spend, a wedding dress is a big purchase. To help make it a little easier for you and your future spouse’s finances, check out these DIY tricks for living frugally.

Start following them now, and you may be surprised at just how much you can save on everyday expenses, giving you more to spend on your dream wedding or your dream honeymoon!

7 Ladies Accessories that Will Add Flare to Any Outfit

ladies accessoriesDo your outfits feel a little bland? Are you looking for a way to spice things up without investing a whole new wardrobe?

A few well-chosen accessories can make all the difference! Add a brightly colored scarf or some jewelry to jazz up a plain black dress, or make a statement with a bold new purse.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes adding accessories, don’t worry. Check out the list below to learn about the seven ladies accessories that every woman needs.

1. Scarves

We normally think of scarves as winter accessories, but they also work well during other seasons. Something small and lightweight, like a luxury silk bolero scarf, adds flair to your outfit, and you can also use them as head wraps and belts.

2. Purses

A good purse is essential. When you’re shopping for the perfect bag, be sure to take its size and shape into account:

  • Short women look taller with small handbags
  • Tall women look best with midsize to oversized styles
  • Short women also look taller with long, rectangular bags
  • Tall women benefit from round shapes
  • Most women look best with a bag that hangs to the mid-torso

3. Wallets

Like a purse, a good wallet is key.

You’ll need a wallet that fits easily into your purse (or purses). You also need to think about the type of currency you’ll carry in it — do you need to carry around quarters for the laundromat? — as well as its storage capabilities — is there room for your driver’s license and credit cards?

4. Jewelry

You can never have too much jewelry, right? If you’re looking to enhance your collection, think about buying pieces that work well with your skin tone and face shape.

Gold jewelry and earth tones look best on people with warm skin tones, while silver and bright colors look best on cooler skin tones.

5. Sunglasses

Whether you prefer aviators, wayfarers, or oversized, sunglasses can be both flattering and functional. Look for pairs that block at least 99 percent of UBB rays and 95 percent of UVA rays.

6. Watches

A reliable watch is another important functional accessory. Watches come in tons of varieties, with round and square faces and tons of different colors and styles of bands.

If you wear a watch on a daily basis, look for a neutral-colored band that will match every outfit. You can also invest in watches with interchangeable bands; that way, you’ll always have an option to match your style and mood.

7. Hats

Whether it’s snowing or sunny, there’s a hat for every season. Look for a floppy, wide-brimmed hat to wear in the summer or a cute knit beanie for fall and winter. The options are endless!

How to Buy Ladies Accessories Without Breaking the Bank

Upgrading your closet doesn’t have to be a drain on your wallet. Follow these money saving tips to find affordable ladies accessories.

Look for Discounts

Before you head out, scour the internet for coupons and discount codes. There are often lots of offers available that very few people take advantage of. Since some stores offer online-only deals, you might also be able to get the accessories you’re after without leaving the house!

Check Out Thrift and Consignment Stores

Thrift and consignment stores are great for finding gently used accessories at a fraction of the price you’d pay at a regular store. You’ll be amazed at some of the hidden gems you can find!

Earn a Little Extra

If you really want a more expensive item, look into ways that you can earn a little extra money to help pay for it. Sell old clothes and accessories online or at a consignment store. You can also take paid surveys online and take advantage of cash back offers.

Whether you’re looking for more fashion advice or more tips on saving money while shopping for the styles you love, we’ve got the answers. Check out our other blog posts today!

Where Can You Find the Best Baby Clothes?

best baby clothesFinding the best baby clothes for your little one can be an exercise in frustration. Babies gain up to two pounds a month, and by the time they’re one year old, they’ve usually tripled their birth weight.

Since your baby is going to grow like a weed, finding cute, comfortable clothes that won’t break the bank can be challenging.

Luckily, we’ve got all the best tips for finding baby clothes for your little miracle:


Target has a massive selection of baby clothes, and the clothes from the Cat and Jack collection are adorable. You can find adorable graphic T-shirts for just $3. Target is a great place to shop if you’re on a budget and the perfect place to find basics for when you’re spending time at home.

Tobias & The Bear

Born in 2013, this clothing line was started by two moms with a background in fashion. Both moms were discouraged by the lack of comfortable, cool offerings for their boys.

They launched a successful, well-known and collection of unisex leggings with a focus on cute prints. The fabrics used are kind for babies’ skin, and you’ll find that these clothes offer great value for money.


The Nickis baby range is adorable. The website sells brands from Gucci to Burberry. While these are unlikely to be everyday clothes for your baby, this is the place to pick up that perfect outfit for a special occasion.

If you look after these clothes well, you’ll get a lot of wear out of them, and can even pass them down to younger siblings.

Baby Gap

Baby Gap is a favorite for baby clothes for a reason. They can tend to be on the pricer side, but if you keep an eye out for sales, you can get some incredible deals. The clearance section is also a good opportunity to pick up some gorgeous clothes for a steal.

If you haven’t yet seen the baby girl dresses, you’ve been missing out. Check them out, and you’ll be wondering why they don’t have them in your size.


Believe it or not, but Amazon is a great place to find baby clothes. It’s particularly good for shoes, and you’ll find super affordable clothes in all sizes, colors, and styles.

Considering babies won’t even walk in their shoes and they grow so quickly, choosing a cute pair that won’t break the bank is a must.


Carters is another place where you can find some of the best baby clothes around. Not only are they super cute, but they’re almost always having sales. If you love dressing your kids as tiny adults, Carters is the place to go.

They also have gorgeous character outfits and tiny graphic t-shirts.

Where do you get the Best Baby Clothes?

There is now a larger range of baby clothes than ever before, with new designers constantly releasing lines.

Have you shopped at some of the above stores? Or do you have another great suggestion to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below or get in touch!

3 Expert Money Saver Tips You Need in Your Life

money saverDo you ever feel like every month you try to save some money, and every month you come up short of your goals? It seems like no matter how hard you try, something comes up and you can never get ahead.

If so, don’t feel bad. You certainly aren’t alone in your struggles to save.

According to a survey conducted by the Federal Reserve, “nearly 50 percent of Americans wouldn’t be able to come up with $400 in savings in the event of an emergency.”

This statistic certainly is frightening. However, there are steps you can take to ensure you’re not one of these Americans.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 expert money saver tips you need in your life.

1. Create a Plan

As French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Now, even though he probably wasn’t talking about financial savings, the quote undoubtedly still applies.

It may seem obvious, but creating a detailed savings plan is something many people overlook.

Use a spreadsheet to create a plan that includes how much money you want to save and in what time period. Also, include what you want to save for. Is it a nice vacation or are you paying off a loan? Doing so will help you keep yourself accountable and on track.

Many banks actually have easy-to-use savings planners built into their apps, so be sure to check these out.

2. Be a Smart Shopper

Many people are under the impression that “smart shopping” means buying items that are of lesser quality.

However, this simply is not the case.

There are many ways to be a smart shopper without comprising quality. Here’s what we suggest:

Buy Out of Season

Buying a pool in July or a Christmas tree in December might be the “festive” thing to do, but it’s not always the financially savviest.

Nearly every product you buy has a demand cycle. Buy when demand’s the lowest, and you’ll save some money. Buy last year’s model when shopping for tech devices. Buy sweaters during the summer. And buy holiday decorations after the holiday is over.

Buy Lasting Products

Sure, a 6-pack of shirts from a big box retailer may seem like a good deal, but how long are those shirts really going to last you?

Often times, buying the quality item that is more expensive will save you more money in the long run.

Ask For Discounts

It never hurts to ask for a discount before purchasing.

Often times, a quick chat with a customer service rep is all you need to get a discount on a big purchase item.

3. Earn More

Sometimes the best way to save more is to earn more.

Now, this may seem impossible for someone who works a salaried job with no overtime pay, but really anyone with a little dedication can find ways to earn more money.

Here are a few simple ways to earn more:

  • Sell items on eBay, Etsy, or Amazon
  • Work as a freelancer — writing, photography, graphic design, etc.
  • Get a part-time job on nights or weekends
  • Take paid surveys online

Money Saver Tips Can Save the Day

Hopefully, these tips help kick your saving efforts into gear.

Saving money is hard for everyone, so don’t get discouraged if you’re off to a slow start.

What’s your favorite expert money saver tip to follow? Let us know in the comments below.

How to Choose the Perfect Dress Shoes for Work

dress shoesWomen and our shoes. Thanks to the Internet, the possibilities are nearly endless. That doesn’t mean we can wear whatever we want, whenever we want.

Every day you open the closet and every day you ask yourself the same question: “What shoes do I wear to the office today?”

For the not-so-fashion-conscious lady out there, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Today, we’re talking about how to pick out the perfect dress shoes for work, so that your boss notices your killer pitch and not your worn-out soles.

The Best Dress Shoes for Work

Classic Black Pumps

When in doubt, throw on these dress shoes to wear to the office. They go with nearly every possible ensemble, from skirts to suits.

Just like the lady wearing them, they’re sophisticated and business-like, but can still be sexy when they need or want to be.

If you like having the illusion of longer legs, have a backup pair of neutral colored pumps. To keep it as professional as possible, go with a two-inch heel or shorter.


As long as the style is business-like, these shoes are great, especially if you’re in a busy office where you find yourself getting up and walking around. These shoes are the best for having style without sacrificing comfort or mobility.


Keep a pair of boots around. If a rainy day hits, you don’t want to ruin your pumps or flats.

It’s not hard to find a pair of these shoes for pretty much any occasion — not just a thunderstorm. Plus, they’re great for helping ladies who wear small sizes shoes look like they have more proportionate and balanced feet.

Shoes You Should Never Wear to the Office

Open-Toe Shoes

If your office attire is business formal, business professional, or business casual – and let’s face it, if you’re working in an office, it’s likely one of these three — open-toed shoes should not be considered dress shoes.

Crazy Colors

Pinks, yellows, and oranges. You love them and every lady has a pair or two in her closet. Unfortunately, they aren’t appropriate for work so Monday through Friday, leave them at home.

This rule includes shoes that have polka dots, zebra or leopard prints, and any other trendy patterns or designs.


You know what they say, “The taller the heel, the less appropriate it is for work.”

Who says that? We do.

These shoes are great for a girl’s night out or clubbing, but for business attire, they really aren’t doing it for us as dress shoes.

Flip Flops

If you’re looking to get canned, one great way to do so is to wear flip flops to work and see how many times you can walk by the CEO’s office before being reprimanded.

It won’t take long.

Wrapping it Up

So now you know what to wear and what not to wear. You can’t go wrong with a classy pair of pumps or even some nice Mary Jane’s.

A lot of your attire possibilities depend on your office’s dress code. To next level your outfit, match your shoes with your bag and any other accessories you’re rocking that day.

What do you think about today’s post? Leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.