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Tips on Thinking Thrifty When Shopping for Home Goods

woman shoppingLooking to decorate your home? You’d better have a budget.

Everyone has certain expectations when they set out to decorate their home. That is until they’re faced with a harsh reality – decorating is expensive.

We’ve all seen those shows on HGTV. Young couples build up a lavish dream home with nothing more than a small budget and a few professionals.

But real life isn’t TV. Kitchen remodels alone cost over $20,000 on average. So it’s important to be thrifty when looking for home goods.

Are you in need of some new curtains? Or a new faucet, or even a couch? Here are our tips on how to saving money. Read on to learn more.

Use Decorating Hacks

You can’t afford your favorite item. So what?

There’s no shame in going for something a little bit more cost effective. Try to buy alternative home goods that look good and don’t break the bank.

There are all sorts of decorating hacks that can accommodate your vision. You can buy a succulent instead of a potted plant, purchase a rug, or look into inexpensive rohl faucets to add a touch of class to your bathroom.

Try spending big money on the items that draw the most attention in a room. You can splurge on curtains, drapes, and throw pillows but hang back on trinkets and nonessentials.

You can still stick to your budget and get the look you want. You just have to be a savvy shopper.

Stick to a Cash Budget

We’ve all been there. You get upsold when buying your home goods.

It’s easy to set a budget for yourself. But it’s even harder to stick to it.

One way to ensure you stick to your budget is by taking out cash. That way you don’t have to worry about going over budget.

A common issue with home goods shoppers is they fall in love with an item way out of their price range. By sticking to cash, you’re forced to fixate only on items within your budget.

Save yourself the headache of overspending by leaving your credit card at home.

Consignment Store

Thrifty shoppers know where to shop. That means cutting out big name chain retailers.

Save your money by taking a trip to a consignment store. Consignment shops are a step up from thrift stores in that only sell gently used items. The owner will sell their goods back to the shop in return for a cut of the final sale.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t take a trip to a thrift store too. But finding quality items there can be like finding a diamond in the rough.

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, there’s no greater place than a consignment store.

You can further save money by looking at their clearance sections and shopping when you know a valuable sale is underway.

Thrifty Home Goods

Decorating your home doesn’t have to be expensive. You just have to get your hands dirty.

You’ll be well on the way to your dream home as long as you have a firm budget, shop at the right places, and use a few hacks.

Still looking for deals? Contact Thrifty Momma for more tips on finding the right deals for you.


5 Essential Last Minute Shopping Tips for Any Occasion

last minute shoppingWhile we all like to think we are collected and prepared, there will always be times where life gets ahead of you. You will find yourself staring down the barrel of a birthday or anniversary without any gift or plans for the day.

Don’t panic, we have your back with these five golden tips on how to become the master of last minute shopping for whatever occasion.

Looking for a Gift Last Minute is No Reason to Worry

With next day, or even same day delivery now an option for online shoppers everywhere, there really is no need to panic about gifts. If you take these five essential tips into consideration you will be able to call yourself a last minute ninja.

Always Stick to Your Budget

It can be easy to throw a budget out of the window. Whether it is because of the guilt you feel at forgetting the event, or because you don’t have the time to look around for the best price. However, that is a big mistake because it can cause more problems than it solves.

Set a budget per person, or per gift, and stick to it, no matter what.

Email Works Well For Christmas Cards

Christmas is here and you need to send your corporate cards out to customers. However, if you find yourself forgetting the final delivery dates, it doesn’t matter if you have cheap business Christmas cards or not, they need to arrive on time.

In times such as this, never forget that an email card is a great alternative in the modern corporate world.

A Gift Card is a Valid Gift Option Not Only When Last Minute Shopping

Gifting someone a voucher for a shop, or a chain of shops is a simple but great gift for you to give. It means that you are giving the person receiving the voucher the ability to choose their own gift.

Use your Credit Card Points for Extra Benefits

For many of us, the credit card is a dreaded necessity, however, it can be used to work to your advantage. Many companies have different schemes and plans that allow you to save or spend points linked to your credit card purchases. If you save these up they can give you an extra bonus when it looking for a last minute shopping gift.

Approach Your Shopping with a Plan

This applies to all instances of gift shopping, but it is especially important when you are last minute shopping because there are always a lot of distractions that are ready to pull you away from your goal.

If you hit the shops, either physical or virtual with a solid game plan, then you will be laden with all the right gifts before you know it.

Giving is About the Experience and the Thought Behind it

The important thing to remember with gifts is that it is the thought behind it that really counts. You can make people happy with a simple gift that really shows you know them as an individual.

Whether you are buying in advance, or last-minute, that fact does not change.

Happy shopping!