Sun Hats for Children

Top 3 Reasons Why Sun Hats for Children Are Important

Did you know that without proper protection, sunburn can start within as little as 11 minutes in the sun

Luckily, between finding a shady spot and slathering yourself in suncream, it’s possible to avoid sunburn but still enjoy a day in the sun. When it comes to children, it’s not quite so easy. 

Children are far more susceptible to additional heat-related illnesses, and they’re often reluctant to sit in the shade. This is where sun hats can help. 

Read on to find out more. 

1. Enjoy Longer Days Out 

Have you ever had a meltdown because you’re too hot? Most people have in some form or other! Now imagine you’re an overheated two-year-old – can you blame them for throwing a tantrum? 

Unfortunately, once they’ve overheated, there’s not a great deal you can do to cool them down (unless you’re at the beach, of course!). 

Sun hats for toddlers are one of the best preventative ways to stop that tantrum in its tracks. Sun hats provide a protective layer that stops heat and sun from beating down directly on their faces.

Therefore, they’ll stay cooler for longer, and you can enjoy a long, sunny day out. 

2. Avoid Heatstroke 

Heatstroke is every parent’s worst nightmare. Whereas adults are usually self-aware enough to realize something is wrong, kids don’t always understand why they feel unwell. 

Heatstroke is not uncommon in children and happens when the body creates more heat than it can release. Heatstroke is very severe and can lead to brain damage and death if not treated quickly. 

As well as limiting time in the sun, wearing a sun hat is one of the best ways to prevent heatstroke. Sun hats reduce the amount of solar radiation that reaches the head and allow your core temperature to stay stable. 

Babies are particularly prone to heatstroke as they can’t always communicate their needs; a baby sun hat can help their temperature remain stable even on the hottest days. 

3. Skin Protection

Finally, sun hats can help protect your child’s delicate skin from harmful UV rays. Prolonged UV exposure can lead to cellular changes and skin cancer. 

Start your kid off with healthy habits from a young age, and they’re more likely to keep protecting themselves in later life. A sun hat drastically reduces the amount of sun and UV rays that reach the head and neck. 

Sun Hats For Kids: An Essential Investment 

If you haven’t already considered sun hats for your children, you’re really missing out! The best sun hat can keep them safe from UV rays, protected against heatstroke, and fashionable! 

Just don’t forget to pack the water and sunscreen too. You won’t regret it. So what are you waiting for? Time to purchase a sun hat today.

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