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Yes! I Love Free Cookbooks!

Love to cook? Get a FREE Jiffy Mix Recipe Booklet when you complete the short form! This is a new and improved booklet, which includes many new and updated recipes along with some of their old time favorites, such as Jiffy Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, Jiffy Oatmeal Cookie Mix and Jiffy Sugar Cookie Mix. Allow 4 weeks for delivery!

WOW! Look What You Can Win!

Are you ready for some new lighting in your home? How about a chance to enter to win a Kichler Lighting Package, from build.com. Enter now! Check out these awesome prizes below:
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FREE Live Camera Feed of Santa’s Reindeer

Live Camera Feed of Santa’s Reindeer


You and your kiddos can watch a Live Camera Feed of Santa’s Reindeer

You can also download the FREE APP on your phone or tablet.

When does Santa feed the reindeer?

Santa will be feeding/entertaining the reindeer 3 times a day every weekday (11am, 6pm & 9pm ET) and once a day on weekends (6pm ET) until the Christmas Eve take-off event.

When does Santa feed the reindeer?

PST (Pacific) – 8AM, 3PM & 6PM
MST (Mountain) – 9AM, 4PM & 7PM
CST (Central) – 10AM, 5PM & 8PM
EDT (Eastern) – 11AM, 6PM & 9PM
GMT UTC – 4PM, 11PM, 2AM

PST (Pacific) – 3PM
MST (Mountain) – 4PM
CST (Central) – 5PM
EDT (Eastern) – 6PM

When will Santa take off on Christmas Eve?

Even without power we will still be able to broadcast Santa taking off on Christmas eve! Santa and his elves will be prepping the sleigh for takeoff at 8pm Eastern time. The event will not be broadcasted to mobile devices due to technical difficulties. Make sure you have a laptop or desktop computer ready if you want to watch the show. If you are not in the Eastern Time Zone we’ve listed some other major time zones below:

PST (Pacific) – 5PM
MST (Mountain) – 6PM
CST (Central) – 7PM
EST (Eastern) – 8PM

Spooky Halloween Candle Light Cups!

Spooky Halloween Candle Light Cups!


This is a great and super easy craft perfect for Halloween. This is safe for the kids to help you create them and a great project for school or home school.

All the instructions are on the pictures.

1) Use plastic colored cups.
2) Use a maker to make the faces on the cups upside down on the cup.
3) Make sure you use LED tealights so it doesn’t burn the cup.
4) Place 2 or more lights under the cup and great to put on stairways or for a party.

Make a Fun 4th of July Popsicle Stick Craft!


Make a Fun 4th of July Popsicle Stick Craft! I found this great craft on Popsicle® Newsletter

This festive flag is a whole new way to wear red, white and blue. Get creative — anything’s possible with Popsicle®!

(First 2 steps are optional) as you could use craft sticks.

Step 1: Eat 8 delicious Popsicle® pops (yum!).
Step 2: Laugh at all the jokes on the Popsicle® sticks!
Step 3: Paint 4 of the Popsicle® sticks red, 4 of them white and 2 of them blue. Let dry.
Step 4: Cut the blue Popsicle® sticks in half.
Step 5: Arrange the Popsicle® sticks in a rectangle and glue together, layering the blue sticks on top in the left-hand corner.
Step 6: Cut star shapes out of white paper, glue onto sticks, and let dry.