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Welcome Fall With This Smell Good Combination!

Do you like the scents of Fall as much and you love the time of year? I know I do! I love mixing different combinations together to bring back my childhood memories! Thanks to Creative And Healthy Fun Food for this easy DIY Orange & Cinnamon combination! Click for the complete list of instructions!

*Cinnamon Sticks

Let us know in the comments below what you thought about this EASY DIY! I personally have this on the stove simmering almost every day! Want more fun recipe ideas, click here! As always, Happy Cooking!

Got Turkey? Let’s Smoke It!

With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, how do you plan on cooking your turkey? I have had it roasted, baked, deep fried, and smoked! There is something about the way it’s smoked that leave the meat so tender and juicy! Enter now for your chance to win this awesome Turkey Smoking Kit! Hurry, this ends November 17, just in time for Thanksgiving!

Handprint Frankenstein Cards DIY!

It is almost Halloween and this is the perfect little craft you can do by yourself, with kids, and everyone else! Thanks to Mom Dot, for this adorable Handprint Frankenstein Card! Below you will find a list of materials and full directions here!
Materials Needed:
*Green and black paint
*A black marker
*Cards, bag, paper (your choice)
*Googly Eyes

Did you have a scary good time with this adorable DIY? If so, then let us know in the comments below! Want more fun ideas on DIY’s, visit here! As always, Happy Crafting!

Mix Things Up With This Giveaway!

Shake things up a little with the Waring Drink Mixer. This professional drink mixer is just like what you’d expect to see at an old-time drug store, soda fountain or malt shop. It has two speeds and a 28-ounce cup, which makes it great for mixing up a Malted Caramel Shake! Enter up to 3 times a day through December 19!

Magnetic Cup DIY!

Are your kids going through more cups than you seem to own? I feel like I am constantly washing a new cup every 5 minutes! Not anymore, thanks to this brilliant Magnetic Cup DIY! I have tried this with several different methods, but this works the best! Below you will find a list of materials and directions!

*Plastic Cup (you can find these for $0.97 at Walmart or the Dollar Store)
*Magnets (you can find these at the Dollar Store too!)
*Hot Glue Gun & Sticks

1. Simply take your clean up and hot glue 2 magnets on the sides on the cup. Remember to place them on the same side just a few inches apart.
2. Let the glue dry!
3. Stick to fridge!

These are the simplest DIY and life hacks for this busy mom! Let me know what you thought of this FUN and EASY DIY in the comments below! I love hearing from our readers! In the mean time check out our other DIY’s here! Happy Crafting!