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How to Survive This Holiday Season Without Blowing Your Budget

holiday budgetOne minute you have all your finances figured out and normalized, and then the holidays slam you.

If you have a history of blowing your holiday budget, you’re among the 74 percent of Americans who blew their Christmas budget in 2017, according to Forbes Magazine.

In January 2018, the majority of Americans were stuck with $1,054 in holiday debt, which was higher by five percent from 2016. You can avoid adding to that number and enjoy the holiday season by following these holiday budgeting tips.

Decide What Your Budget Actually Is

The easiest way to stay on budget for the holidays is to actually have one. An average of over $1,000 of credit card debt after the holidays is scary. And that doesn’t account for the cash purchases so many people make over the holidays before they even put a dent in their plastic.

In a post-holiday debt survey by Magnify Money, just half of the American respondents had a plan to pay off their holiday debt before March of the next calendar year.

Another 29 percent said it would take approximately six months. No wonder the holidays are so stressful!

By the time you pay off that debt, you have only a few more months until the holiday season begins. Then, the budget crunch begins all over again. This is not what the holidays are about.

Decide what your budget actually is, before that happens to you. Start by making a list of every single holiday expense you think you may have.

This includes events, the people you want to buy gifts for, travel expenses, and more. When you’re thinking of events, consider what gifts and attire you’ll need for them.

The biggest reason people go off budget is that they don’t have one. Don’t be embarrassed, nobody needs to know your budget but you.

Start Strategizing the Holiday Budget Early

Once you have your complete list of everything you need to buy this holiday season, be sure you know exactly how much you’ll have for the holidays. After that, you want to begin your strategy. It’s Operation Holiday Shopping time!

Do you really need that new dress or suit? If so, find a budget-friendly way to stay cute AND warm.

An easy way to stay on budget for the holidays is to start your shopping early. Plan that as one of your tactical approaches to Operation Holiday Shopping. The more you spend now, the less you spend later.

Be careful with this one though. Once you finish your shopping, you have to stop.

Look for Savings

Part of Operation Holiday Shopping needs to include realistic savings plans. This includes using things like Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals.

The American Marketing Association reports that Americans spent over $7.9 billion dollars on Black Friday in 2017. Of course, many Americans are using those funds on Christmas gifts.

But all too often the deals are so enticing that we spend a little bit on ourselves. Folks are walking out of Walmart or Best Buy with brand new televisions that they’re going to hang on their own walls.

It’s a good idea to start early on your mission to feed Christmas. But with retailers using Black Friday and Cyber Monday as their biggest cha-ching days of the year, it’s easy to blow your Christmas budget before the month of December even begins.

Use savings events wisely. There are a number of other ways to do so.

Handmade Christmas cards are another invaluable tip that should go on your holiday shopping tips list. You can also use points or cash from rewards programs at Christmas to help you save money.

When you’re making your Christmas budget, in the section where you’re adding up what you are spending, make a list of all of these types of rewards programs. Between cash back on credit cards or points programs, you could have hundreds of dollars of cash money sitting around to spend on the holidays.

That’s literally free money that will never leave your own pocket. Use it for a gift or two, or several!

Make a List and Check it Twice, or, Daily

It’s good to have a budget before you go into your holiday shopping, but it’s also important to stay on top of it every single day of the season. This will eliminate stress after the holidays when everybody is grumpy and feel like they have nothing to celebrate anymore.

Make the same list daily. Make note of what you’re buying today, how much you have to spend, where you’re going to shop and stick to this list. Have a plan on not just a total amount that you are going to spend, but even how much you’ll spend on each person.

Make the list, check it twice. Once before you head out and again when you get home. This keeps yourself accountable at the end of the day to make sure you stayed on point.

It’s okay to slip once in a while. Just be sure that you accommodate those slips the next day or….soon. Track all of it.

When You Can’t Decide What to Get Someone

Some of our biggest overspending occurs when we don’t have a plan. CNBC reported in November 2017 that an “alarming number” of Americans were still paying off holiday debt from the previous year.

This happens when folks don’t have a plan, which is the official term for, not knowing what you’re getting someone for Christmas.

When you make your budget, decide ahead of time what you’re going to spend on each person.

It’s very easy to have a holiday party and remember at the last minute you needed a secret Santa gift or a hostess gift. Then, you run into the mall on the way there and snag the first sparkly thing that you see. Unfortunately, it’s usually more than you would normally spend on that person.

But if you have a budget and include everything, you won’t have this problem.

We all have a group of people in our lives that aren’t in our immediate circle, that we desperately want to give a gift to.

The school bus drivers, dance teachers, pastors and priests, guitar lessons, mailmen – the list can go on and on.

When you don’t know what to get them, you’re going to overspend. Find ways to make large group gifts that you can hand out individually to these folks.

A case of wine can cost you less than $100 and covers all of these folks that touch your lives but don’t need a new television for Christmas like maybe your husband does. Little tins of baked goods wrapped in simple ties are even cheaper when you’re only spending money on the baking supplies.

Travel Budget Do’s and Don’ts

It’s difficult to make sure everybody that is special has a special gift, while still staying on budget. Then there’s the travel time and expense. In 2017, 107 million Americans spent Christmas away from home, which means that was a necessary line on their Christmas budget.

Put this in your budget early. From gas costs to hotels and food or flights, chances are you’re undergoing this expense at Christmas. This could be an area you want to check your rewards programs for.

It’s okay to be cheap here, but be wary of cheap deals with airlines at Christmas. Many airlines will offer cheap flights, then ding you an extra $100 for seat selection or an ounce over your luggage requirements.

If possible, plan your travel schedule with some flexibility. You just never know when a winter storm will ground your plane. Book your flights on the less expensive dates. Don’t complain when a storm grounds you, as you may be the first in line for a free hotel or free voucher for the next flight.

You also want to keep every single receipt when you’re undergoing delays at the airport. If you need to touch base with an airline after the fact, let them know the expenses you incurred during that delay. You could get some money back.

You also want to know the exact reason any flight is delayed, as this could help you with compensation issues after the fact as well.

Stop Spending and Enjoy the Season

Holidays are no fun when you’re worrying every single day about what your credit card debt is going to look like in January.

Create a budget, for every single person and gift. Know what you have and start shopping early. There is an abundance of ideas for awesome and affordable gifts for kids too.

Find every savings program or rewards program you can cash in on, and don’t use Cyber Monday events to refurnish the house. Those sales are going to be there after the holidays when retailers are looking to keep the shopping wave flowing.

Your holiday budget shouldn’t be weighing you down every day. Use these holiday shopping tips wisely, and you’ll be able to actually enjoy the season! That’s what it’s there for!

A Frugal Mom’s Guide to 15 Awesome and Affordable Gifts for Kids

‘Tis the season to spend all of your cash on gifts for your kids, right? But what if you want to economize while still indulging in the holiday spirit with little ones? Then, look no further than these creative and inexpensive gifts for kids.

Whether you’re looking for fun gifts for little boys or inexpensive gifts for girls, we’ve got you covered. Read on for fifteen frugal surprises that your children will love and so will your wallet.

1. Let’s Make Hot Dogs and Hamburgers!

Kids love pretending to cook. So, why not let them make their own hotdogs and hamburgers with all of the fixings? When it comes to gift ideas for children, they’ll love a wooden sandwich-making set for under $25.

Wooden toys represent the best choice for your little ones for many different reasons. When it comes to a fun sandwich making kit, look for a wide variety of ingredients including:

  • Cheese
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Hamburgers
  • Hotdogs
  • Hamburger buns
  • Hotdog buns

Because of their durable construction, wooden kits mark a great gift for kids three and up. So, let your kids practice their budding chef skills while learning how to use their hands to organize and manipulate objects–a perfect toy for your preschooler.

2. Ready to Bake Pizza?

Another great toy is the wooden pizza playset by Juguear, which comes in under $25. It lets your little ones bake their own pizzas with a variety of toppings. In fact, it comes with:

  • A pizza baking “stone”
  • Crust
  • Sauce
  • Bell pepper slices
  • Red onion slices
  • Mushroom slices
  • Pepperoni
  • A pizza cutter
  • A spatula to serve slices

Your children will spend hours crafting their own unique pizza combinations and pretending to bake them. Like the hamburger and hotdog set, the wooden construction makes for a durable toy suitable for kids ages three and up.

3. Handyman Time!

Kids will love Liberty Import’s realistic-looking mini toy drill set with three interchangeable drill bits. It comes in under $12 and will keep your kids entertained with its realistic drilling sounds and motion.

It requires 2 “AA” batteries, so keep this in mind when you purchase this gift. And because of small pieces, keep it away from children under three years of age.

4. Night Vision

What kid doesn’t want to strap a headlamp to their forehead and explore the world at night? A headlamp’s also a super handy gift for kids who camp, like to read in bed, feel afraid of the dark, or find themselves in a power outage.

When it comes to purchasing the perfect headlamp for your little one, look for an adjustable strap like TOTOBAY Direct’s Waterproof LED Headlamp. It requires three “AAA” batteries and comes in under $10.

5. Magnetic Letters

For under $20, you can purchase a gorgeous magnetic alphabet set that your little ones will love playing with on the refrigerator. Opt for a set with the letters in a brilliant rainbow of jewel colors as a lovely accent to your kitchen decor.

Look for a 57-piece set including both upper and lower cases so that your kids can master their alphabet and work on basic spelling. An ABC set offers a fun way for kids to work on their hand-eye coordination and ability to manipulate objects.

6. Magnify It

For less than $12, you can give the gift of scientific inquiry to your little ones with Backyard Safari’s Magnifying Glass. The magnifying glass lens measures three inches across and offers four times the magnification of the naked eye.

It comes with a no-slip grip and a hanging carabiner for ease of carrying, especially during hikes. Recommended for children six years and up, it provides an exciting introduction to the miniature world we often overlook.

7. Get Knotty

Knot-making represents an ancient art that has helped human beings survive for millennia. Now you can easily introduce your kids to this craft with Backyard Safari’s Survival Knots kit.

Coming in at under $20, it teaches kids how to make and use 12 different knots. These include:

  • Alpine Butterfly Loops
  • Dropper Loop Knots
  • Square Lashing

But the best part remains the fact it teaches kids how to use these knots in real-world survival situations. Recommended for kids six and up, it comes with paracords, plastic clips, reference cards, and more.

8. Launch Time

Toys+ makes some really fun variations on the parachute man toy. Our favorite? A four-pack of glow-in-the-dark parachuters in fluorescent colors.

The bright colors help you keep these parachuters in sight all day long. But it’s also fun and beautiful to give them a toss at night and watch them glow down to the ground.

They glow in different hues and prove 100 percent reusable. Their design avoids tangled strings, and they come in at under $15.

9. Slingshot Winexpensive kid gift ideasonder

Remember how much fun you and your friends had playing with slingshots as kids? But remember how many things you broke? Luckily, with Monkey Business’s Foam Strike Sling Shot, you get all of the fun of a slingshot without the destruction.

It blasts foam balls upwards of 60 feet and proves easy to reload. Because of the foam ball design, you no longer have to worry about broken windows or injured kids. But you still get all of the fun of slinging objects through the air for under $12.

10. Spirograph Fun

Kahootz Travel’s Spirograph Playset lets your kids enjoy the classic toy on the go. It offers endless design options and includes six spirograph precision wheels and two pens. What’s more, it comes with a 24-page sticky notepad.

Recommended for ages five and up, it’ll keep your little ones busy for hours, and its travel-worthy. So, get ready for quiet kids even on long road trips. Better still, it comes in at under $10.

11. Go Bead Crazy

What kid doesn’t like crafting with beads? Fortunately, Perler beads let your kids (ages six and up) create designs with large plastic beads and pegboards that can then be fused together using a hot iron in 10 seconds.

From cartoon characters to animals and more, your kids will love this easy-to-make craft that lets them get creative. A bucket of 6,000 beads comes in at under $10 making this a thrifty option, too.

12. We Can’t Forget the Play-Doh

Just think about how many hours of entertainment you got out of Play-Doh when you were little. For under $10, your kids can enjoy the same fun.

For example, the Play-Doh Basic Fun Factory Shape Making Machine comes with two colors of non-toxic Play-Doh, and a Play-Doh squeeze machine that lets you press the clay into a variety of fun shapes.

13. I Spy Books

I Spy books never get old. They also offer kids a fun way to learn how to read while practicing their observational skills.

Known for their rhythm, rhyme, and fun picture clues, I Spy books will captivate your kids. And at under $12 each, your wallet will thank you.

14. Find Your Story

Rory’s Story Cubes teach kids to let their imaginations run free for under $10. Each game represents a pocket-sized creative story generator, which reinforces children’s natural artistic abilities.

The game comes with nine one-inch cubes containing one of six different images on each side for a total of 54 images. When rolled, the images on the cubes combine in over 10 million different ways creating the basis for one-of-a-kind stories.

15. Puppet Theater Time

Aurora’s line of hand puppets prove well-made and beautifully detailed, and they come in at under $10 apiece. These hand puppets range from dinosaurs to wolves and horses and feature realistic styling and plush fabric.

They’re a great way to let kids explore their imaginations and get creative. They also feel cuddly and soft, offering a more expressive alternative to run-of-the-mill stuffed animals.

The Best Inexpensive Gifts for Kids

While the holiday season symbolizes family, togetherness, and tradition, consumerism definitely gets in the way. In fact, this time of year may make you want to curl up in a ball and stay home, far from the mad rush to the store.

Fortunately, inexpensive gifts for kids abound. Some of our favorites come in at under $25 or less. Yet, they offer kids the opportunity to build tactile skills while exploring their imaginations.

At Mommy Ramblings, we understand how important staying on budget can be. Yet, you still want to bring the magic of childhood to life for your little ones. Follow our blog for more nifty ways to economize while still enjoying your best life.

Cheap Gifts for Kids: 6 Creative Ideas That Are Outstandingly Affordable

cheap gifts for kidsUs mamas are always looking for the hottest deals to make our kids happy. We love to see their smiling faces when they open a gift they’ve been wanting. However, sometimes what they want can get a bit pricey.

That’s when we start to break a sweat. We’re here to tell you–don’t fret! We get that gift-giving can be expensive, but we’re here to fix that. Keep on reading to see a list of our top six cheap gifts for kids!

First on Our List of Cheap Gifts for Kids: Lanyards

This is a great gift for kids that want to deck out their home keys. With kids back in school, you want to make sure they’re excited about their items. But, we also want to ensure our kiddos are safe.

Deck out their lanyard with their name or favorite print design. Naming their lanyard will keep your child’s key in the right hands. Also, they’ll love carrying it around or connecting it to their backpack. You can check out the options here!


Little dinosaurs you’d find at your local store generally cost around a few dollars. If you’re looking for inexpensive gifts for kids, then this is your best bet! They’re great for bathtub play because they’re waterproof.

They’re not dangerous or harmful and make for a lot of fun.

Slime Time!

For any kids out there that love science, a slime kit would rock their world! You can buy pre-made slime for a couple dollars in the toy section of any department store. Don’t rule out slime kits.

The best part is, you won’t have to break your budget to get it. Slime kits also run below ten dollars.

Play-Doh Starter Pack

Kickstart any kid’s arts and crafts playtime with a play-doh start pack. These run for around five dollars. They come with different play-doh colors and different cookie cutter shapes.

Kids have loved play-doh for decades! That’s because you can never run out of fun activities to do with play-doh.

Dolls and Action Figures

Generic dolls and action figures also run for a couple dollars. These toys are great for the toddler that needs to keep their hand’s busy. And if your three-year-old flings it out the car window, you can find an exact replica within a few hours.

Rubik’s Cube

Do you have a kid genius on your hands? Then a Rubik’s Cube is the best gift idea for you. This awesome cube sets kids up for success. In fact, Rubik Cube’s can improve a child’s cognitive functions.

This is one of those toys that’ll help your child’s development! These cool little cubes range in size as well as price. You can spot one under ten dollars at most local stores.

Need More Trusty Frugal Ideas?

The are plenty of awesome cheap gifts for kids. This mama loves to bring you the best, most frugal ideas to make your family smile. Who said good times had to break your wallet?

Read up on our family life blogs to get more tips on how to save more to do more. Happy shopping!

4 Things Every Mother Wants for Her Birthday

what to get mom for her birthday

Did you know that most birthday parties spend around $500 on an average? And that’s just for kids’ parties!

Do you have to spend that much money on a gift for your mom? Is it necessary to go big and extravagant?

For some, it’s a great way of telling their mom how much they love them. Sometimes, it’s not about a physical gift.

Still wondering what to get mom for her birthday? If they have a successful home business, they could want something practical. They might want to spend time with you instead of having an elaborate party.

Read on to know things to do for mom’s birthday:

1. Remembrance

Moms always say that they aren’t bothered when you forget her birthday, but the truth of the matter is that they do. After all, they’re usually the ones who go for the extra mile to make their husband and kids’ birthdays feel special.

Most moms will appreciate simple gestures of remembrance, with them often getting teary-eyed with simple wake-up greetings or songs. This is the least you can do to make her feel appreciated.

2. Presents

Giving a birthday present goes a long way, and it doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy to mean something great for your mom. There are a lot of birthday gifts out there that will let her know the affection and appreciation you feel for her.

If you want to get fancy, the best birthday gift ideas for mom are oval diamond jewelry, so put a big smile on her face by giving her something valuable and beautiful. You can visit to browse the best present for your beloved mom.

3. A Great Dinner

A mom birthday celebration only succeeds when moms get the time off from their household roles. As her day goes by, make sure she doesn’t do any chores since she needs to have this time to relax and stop worrying about what she needs to do to make the house livable.

If you plan to give her a grand dinner, make sure she gets break from the chores. Get her to eat her birthday meal without interruptions. Make her feel like a queen in her special day.

4. Simple Wishes

If you want to show your love to your mom on her birthday, make sure to call her at least. You might get tempted to post on her Facebook wall instead. After all, the social media network has 2.2 billion active users and that’s a big audience to showcase your love.

However, you should go beyond the superficial.

The ideal situation is to greet her in a personal manner, but if you can’t, send your love through phone calls. Let her hear your voice–she’ll love it!

Learn What to Get Mom for Her Birthday Today!

Your mom’s birthday is something that you celebrate no matter what your age is, so if you don’t know what to get mom for her birthday, you can follow these tips. Always remember that they want to get some time off from their mom role and get pampered.

Looking for more great ideas for your mom’s birthday?

Why not visit us today and read our other guides? Here’s one about picking a purse that best suits your mom’s tastes. It will help you get one that’s comfortable, useful, and most of all authentic.

Gift Guide for Guys: How to “Wow” That Special Man In Your Life

gift guide for guys

Buying gifts for the important men in your life can be challenging, especially when it seems like they already have everything they need. But when the next special occasion arrives, don’t stress. Just get creative!

Need a little help coming up with out-of-the-box ideas for men? Look no further. We have everything you need to know right here in this handy gift guide for guys.

Keep reading to learn more!

Why Gifts Matter

When special occasions roll around, you may become overwhelmed with the task of selecting gifts for all your loved ones. After all, it can be a tall order.

However, it’s important to remember that giving gifts doesn’t just benefit the recipient; it benefits you as well. In fact, gift-giving is an important aspect of human interaction. It strengthens relationships and provides good vibes all around.

So, when the next birthday or family holiday starts creeping up, ditch the stress and focus on the amazing act of giving to others!

Gift Guide for Guys

When it comes to selecting and purchasing the best presents for men, we’ve removed the guesswork. Check out the ideas below to find a present that’s perfect for every gent in your life.


Do you know a gadget and gizmo lover? These cool gifts for guys who enjoy electronics are sure to impress.

A Surround Sound System

Every guy who’s into electronics and entertainment has dreamed of owning a surround sound system. Make this dream come true by getting him the best of the best.

Bose and Klipsch offer a truly luxurious quality for a theater-like experience. Or, if you’re looking for something a bit more affordable, search for options on Amazon like Logitech or Yamaha.


Does your special guy need an upgrade from the earbuds that came free with his cell phone? Check out some high-quality headphones that will help him enjoy his favorite jams in all their glory. Bowers & Wilkins, Bose, and Sony all provide truly luxurious listens.


Every man deserves to feel great about their wardrobe. So, help them out by giving them the gift of stylish accessories! Here are some winning options.

A Leather Briefcase

If the special guy in your life works somewhere that requires a briefcase, a well-made leather option can help him look and feel his best. Visit a local leather shop in your area and opt for a handmade design.

An Artisan Wallet

If you want a gift for him that combines style with uniqueness, look no further. NA KOA wallets are handcrafted, leather, and incorporate beautiful Polynesian tattoo art.

Instead of purchasing another boring, plain wallet, why not give him something truly breathtaking? Check out Nakoa’s website to discover more.

Luxury Gifts

If you’re searching for gift ideas for men who enjoy the finer things in life, these suggestions are perfect for you.

Carry-On Cocktail Set

This one is ideal for men who love to travel and enjoy a well-mixed drink. For craft cocktails at 35,000 feet, get the special guy in your life a carry-on cocktail set.

These adorable little gifts come with tiny (TSA-approved) non-alcoholic cocktail mixers. All you need to do is buy a bottle of your favorite spirit in-flight, and voila! You’ll have easy, delicious mixed drinks with a luxurious flair.

Timeless Timepieces

Quality watches are one of the best gifts for men of all time. They’ll never go out of style, and they’re the perfect way to show him that you care.

However, gone are the days where the only option is a $10,000 Rolex. There are lots of luxury watch companies to choose from now. So, do some research to find the brand and piece that best suits your man.

A Proper Shaving Kit

Men often don’t take the time to indulge in self-care rituals. Help out your man by giving him the gift of the perfect shave.

There are tons of luxury razors, shaving skincare products, and full shaving kits out there to choose from. You can even sign your guy up for a service that delivers replacement razors to him every month!

Gift Guide for Boys

Are you looking for awesome gifts for guys of a younger age group? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Check out the list below.

The Latest Gaming Console

If the youngster in your life is into gaming, he’s sure to be pining after the latest model of his favorite gaming console. Do some detective work to figure out what his current favorite is, and surprise him with the newest version. Right now, the Xbox One X, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch are the top contenders.

Looking for even more brownie points? Pick up a wireless headset that corresponds with his gaming system of choice.

Comic Book Kits

If you have a comic book lover on your hands, stimulate his creativity by giving him a make-your-own-comic kit. He’ll be able to craft his own stories and illustrations, providing him with a hands-on learning experience that he’s sure to love.

Streaming Devices

If you want to give the gift of entertainment without shelling out for cable TV, streaming devices are the perfect option for you. Affordable devices like the Amazon Fire TV stick or Google Chromecast allow seamless streaming of platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and more.

Pop! Figures

These days, it’s difficult to find a backpack, desk, or office without a Funko Pop figure decoration. These little figurines are fun and adorable versions of virtually any pop culture figure you can think of. Pick up a Pop figure of your boy’s favorite movie or TV characters for an easy and fun gift.

You’ve Got This!

As you can see, finding the perfect gifts for the special boys in your life doesn’t have to be a hassle. Just use the gift guide for guys above and you’ll have everyone checked off your list in no time.

And remember, giving gifts doesn’t just benefit the recipient. It should be a heartening, bonding moment for you as well.

So try not to stress. Instead, focus on the beautiful experience of giving and enjoy yourself!

Do you have any questions or comments about this article? Feel free to reach out anytime.

Your Guide to the Best Gifts for Mom

gifts for momMother’s Day is less than a week away – 6 days in fact – and you still haven’t gotten her a gift.

We all know our moms deserve the world, so it can be overwhelming trying to find that perfect gift. Regardless of whether you’re close with your mom or not, skimping out on a gift is not an option.

We’ve compiled a list of the five best gifts for mom to help you make her smile and show her how much you appreciate her. Read on to learn about the best gift ideas for Mother’s Day this year.

1. Jewelry

We all know the age-old saying, and jewelry will always be a classic gift your mom will love. When she wears it, she’ll be thinking of you and it gives her bragging rights to friends and family members as well.

While some jewelry can be expensive (and we know our moms are worth it), sometimes the shiny stuff just isn’t in the budget. Instead, consider getting her a charm bracelet.

Charm bracelets have been popular for the last few years and give you the chance to add to her bracelet for every occasion. Consider the Pandora Italy charm – this is perfect if your mother is Italian or loves to travel to Italy. There is an abundance of charms available, whether she’s a pet lover or world traveler.

2. My Garden

Another new trend going around lately are monthly subscriptions. These subscriptions range from items for your pets (Barkbox) and makeup supplies. If she’s a gardener, this is a great gift option.

Subscribe your mom to My Garden, a monthly subscription of garden plants, accessories, and supplies. Every month will include new seasonal collections. Each garden box includes 1 living plant or bulb, Cratejoy’s house-blend soil, and a unique decorative planter.

3. Tea Set

If your mom is a tea drinker, this is the perfect gift for her. If you’ve never shopped at Uncommon Goods, your world is about to get a little bit bigger.

With items that are just that – uncommon – you’ll find unique gift ideas for mom or anyone you may need, for any occasion.

With this gift, your mom will experience tea from around the world. The set includes 10 tubes of tea, each with enough leaves to brew a 6-8 cup pot, and an informative book full of background information and brewing tips.

4. Constellation Print

While we are on the subject of unique gifts, consider splurging for a constellation print. These prints are made to mirror what the night sky and looked like at a specific location and date.

Available in twelve different sizes with customizable messages, you can also choose the color and font. Whether you choose your parent’s anniversary, the birthdate of your sibling, or simply her first mother’s day, this is a unique gift she’ll cherish forever.

5. Spa Day

All moms deserve a day where they are pampered and spoiled. Take her to the spa of her choice and pamper her with deep tissue massages and manicures.

You can even make a day of it and join her! She’ll leave feeling refreshed, energized, and ready for whatever the week has in store for her.

Gifts For Mom

It can be tough finding the perfect gift for your mom, especially if she already has tons of knick-knacks and jewelry. This list has compiled gift ideas ranging from unique to back-to-the-basic ideas, each and every one a guarantee she’ll love.

Check out our website for other gifts for mom, deals, and giveaways, or other articles on crafts, money making, and more!

7 Quirky Gift Ideas for the Friend That Has Everything

quirky gifts

We all have that one friend or relative who’s incredibly difficult to buy for.

You know the one. She has plenty of money and can afford to buy herself anything she wants. She always tells you not to bother picking out presents for her, but you want to get her something anyway.

Or maybe she is plain old picky and nothing you choose is ever quite right.

Whatever the case, your quirky friend deserves some equally quirky gifts. Read on for some truly unique gift-giving ideas.

1. Give the Gift of an Experience

When your friend already has everything she could possibly need, it can be hard to pick out a good gift. Why not give her an experience instead of another useless object that will only collect dust?

Science says that experiences are more meaningful and make better memories than tangible items. If you choose an experience that you and your friend can share, it will help you bond and become closer.

What kinds of experiences make good gifts? Of course, it depends on your friend, her hobbies, her likes and dislikes. If she’s an adrenaline junkie, try a zipline trip, bungee jumping, skydiving, or driving a race car.

For less adventurous types, choose a cooking course, aerial yoga class, or a meet-and-greet with a favorite author, comedian, or performing artist.

2. A Subscription Box Is a Gift That Keeps on Giving

Subscription boxes are one of the hottest gift-giving trends of the past few years, and their popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

There’s a crazy array of possibilities, too. You can buy subscription boxes of yarn, books, socks, comics, snacks, soap, slime, and even sex toys.

Another plus of gifting such a box? They’re available at just about every price point since you control the length of the subscription.

3. Make It a Membership

Another of the best quirky gifts to give someone who has everything is a membership to a local attraction.

A year-long membership to a zoo, amusement park, museum, science center, nature park, public radio station, or historical site makes a great gift. And it isn’t just good for your friend. It also helps fund programs or helps the organization stay up and running.

Since most memberships come with a certain number of guest passes, chances are your friend will invite you along at least once during the coming year!

4. Consider a Charitable Donation

Find out what causes are near and dear to your friend’s heart. Then make a donation to an appropriate charity.

If your recipient is an animal lover, give a donation to the local humane society or shelter. An avid reader would appreciate a donation made to the local library or a charity that makes books available to low-income families.

To ensure that your dollars go as far as possible, check out Charity Navigator. Here you’ll find objective ratings and in-depth information about which charities you can trust.

5. For the Craft Cocktail Lover

Have a friend who loves bourbon, scotch, or other spirits? Maybe she’s an amateur mixologist who’s ready to take her hobby to the next level?

Either way, surprise her with truly thoughtful and quirky gifts from Red Head Oak Barrels.

Choose from a wide selection of kits that help anyone make whiskey, rum, and other potent potables at home. They even offer the aging barrels themselves, in addition to many accessories and accouterments perfect for anyone who enjoys a stiff drink or a good cigar.

6. Gifts That Give Back

Want to know exactly where your donation dollars are going?

There are several organizations that let you specify what your charity donation will buy. You can fund meals for shelter animals, mammograms for women in need, shoes for children, fruit trees for African villages, or a flock of ducks that will help a family earn a living.

Greater Good is one such organization; another is Heifer International. What’s wonderful about these types of gifts is that they aren’t just handouts. Often, they allow families and individuals to help themselves by earning a living. They empower people and improve lives.

What better way to honor your friendship than by paying it forward?

7. The Gift of Friendship

We’re going to close out this list of quirky gifts by suggesting something that might be the most meaningful of all–the gift of your time.

These days, it seems like our calendars get cluttered up with obligations and errands faster than you can say, “Siri, check to see if I’m free on May 7th.” It can feel impossible to carve out time for our family members, let alone our friends. And the older we get as adults, the easier it is to substitute a “like” on Facebook for a real, in-person interaction.

So tell your friend that you truly value her company by scheduling a regular date to get together and catch up. What you do during this time is up to you, but it would be fun to suggest a special activity.

Maybe it’s monthly mani-pedis with lunch to follow. Make plans to sing karaoke together or embark on a year-long quest to find your city’s best burger. It could be a girls’ night in with facial masks, silly movies, and a big bottle of wine.

Schedule a weekend getaway when you can put aside the stresses of everyday life and truly connect with one another. Or simply commit to finally going to that spin class she keeps pestering you to try!

What Quirky Gifts Have You Received?

Have you ever been given an experience, a membership, or a charity donation in your name? What quirky gifts have you given others, and how did they react?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject, so let us know in the comments!

In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments about this post, feel free to reach out and get in touch.