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Rosemary Dinner Rolls!

What is your favorite thing at Thanksgiving? For me I love all of it, but I’d have to say the dinner rolls! I’ve had plain boring rolls all of my life until NOW! Cooking Classy has opened up a new door in the culinary world with a new flavor combination! Get ready to sink your teeth into the tasty bits of Rosemary Dinner Rolls! I would share some of the ingredients here, but I don’t want to down play this goodness! Click here to get the complete ingredients and directions, including step by step photos! PS: no drooling on your computer or phone!

Let me know what you thought about THIS!! I love reading your comments! Have a new twist on an old favorite? Feel free to share it too! Always, Happy Cooking!

Handprint Frankenstein Cards DIY!

It is almost Halloween and this is the perfect little craft you can do by yourself, with kids, and everyone else! Thanks to Mom Dot, for this adorable Handprint Frankenstein Card! Below you will find a list of materials and full directions here!
Materials Needed:
*Green and black paint
*A black marker
*Cards, bag, paper (your choice)
*Googly Eyes

Did you have a scary good time with this adorable DIY? If so, then let us know in the comments below! Want more fun ideas on DIY’s, visit here! As always, Happy Crafting!

DIY Butterfly Face Painting!

Need a quick and easy Halloween face painting idea? Here is a great DIY tutorial on an easy to follow Fall Colored Butterfly!

1. Sanitize hands!
2. Choose a design Decide which colors you would like to use.
3. Start at the corner of the eye and fan out. Do this like an X.
4. Then add the outter part of the wings in a second color.
5. Blend the two together lightly.
5. Draw the body, antennae, and outline the butterfly with as much or as little detail as you like.
6. Add gems or glitter as you wish.
7. You may like to add some color to the lips as a finishing touch.

**Member to use a Q tip for the lips for hygiene reasons**
**It is important to remember and clean out your brushes and sponges and dry them well**

Let’s us know in the comments below what you thought about this fun and easy to follow DIY Butterfly! If you liked this one, check out our other DIY’s here! Have fun and Happy Crafting!

DIY Festive Fall Mason Jars!

Do you want to add a little flair to your Fall decor but tight on a budget? I love money saving decorating ideas like these Fall Mason Jars! They set a great ambiance in the room too! Below you will find a list of materials and directions!

*Mason Jars
*Corn Kernels
*Plastic Pumpkins
*Votive Candles
*Glass Votive Holders

1. Place candle into votive holders and place votive holders in jars.
2. Add your decor around the votive holders almost to the top of the holders.
3. Place candle where you prefer and light!

I had some mason jars at home from other projects and the rest of the supplies I was able to find at the Dollar Store!!

Let us know in the comments below what you thought about this fun and festive DIY! For for cute ideas click here! Remember to be creative and have fun! Happy Crafting!

DIY Halloween Bottle Cap Monsters!

Fall and Halloween are the perfect times for some scary fun crafts! Get the kids together and gather a few supplies and make the most adorable bottle cap monsters! The kids and I are planning on make these this weekend! Huge shout out to Crafts By Amanda for this great tutorial on this DIY! Check out the full instructions here!

If you enjoyed this craft, let us know in the comments below! As always, check out our other DIY’s here! Happy crafting!

Easy Fall DIY With Paint!!

Are you ready to start decorating for fall? Maybe you have already! This is a good one to get the kids to do! Everyone loves to paint and there is little talent needed for this one! I can’t paint at ALL, but I can do this!! The materials like and directions are below!

*Card Stock (preferably white)
*Acrylic Paint (pick fall colors like: orange, red, brown, yellow, greens)
*Brown Construction Paper

1. First it would be a good idea to go ahead and cut out some tree trunks from the brown construction paper and glue to white card stock.
2. Put a little bit of each color of paint on a plate for your palate.
3. Begin dipping the tip on the Q-tip in the paint and make dots on and around the tree!
4. Keep doing this with all the colors until you feel your tree is complete.
5. Let dry and hang up!

This DIY is very simple and let you be as creative as you want to be! We would love to hear what you thought about this DIY and see all the fun creations you made! For more crafts, please check us out here!

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Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 3.31.04 PM copy
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