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DIY Twine Hanging Flower Pot Cans!

flowers copy

Hanging plants are all the rage these days, right? I love the simplistic look these adorable natural hanging pots! Another great thing about these is that if you don’t have a green thumb (like me), you can put succulents in these pots, either live or fake! Only you would really know! Follow these super simple DIY instructions below to liven up your place!

What you need:
* 2 or more soup cans (cleaned and dry)
* a spool or 2 or twine (any shade is fine, make it personal)
* hot glue works great for this
* a hammer
* a nail

How to make them:
First off you are going to completely clean and dry out your cans. Then you are going to hammer holes into the side of your can near the top opposite from each other, so you can put some string to hang them. Then take your hot glue, twine, and your can. Start at the bottom and dab some glue and place the end of your twine there. You might want to hold it for a second or 2 to make sure it stays. Next you are going to keep doing that while wrapping your twine around the can over and over glue about every other row or every few inches to make sure it won’t come off. You will get the idea as you start working on the 1st one! Once done, go ahead and run some twine through the holes you made earlier with the hammer and nail. Tie twine together to hang. Add dirt and a flower if you are going to live route or some paper, foam, dirt, or whatever if you are going to fake route! If you don’t want to hang them, they are also super cute placed in groups together around the house; in the bathroom, entry table, kitchen table, dresser, or where ever else you would like!

Did you love this fun quick and easy DIY? We would love to see your personal touches on these beauties! Let us know what you thought of these!Check out our other DIY ideas!

Dalmatian DIY For Your Porch!

dalmation pots copy

Dalmatians are iconic for their appearance with and around firetrucks! Do you love dogs? If so then you are going to want to do this super fun and easy DIY Dalmatian made from terra cotta pots! Below you will find instructions on how to make your own!

List of supplies:
*3 large terra cotta pots (for head and body)
*3 large saucers (these normally catch run over water) (for collar and feet)
*4 medium terra cotta pots (for arms)
*rope (to hold arms on)
8super strong glue (I like gorilla glue)
*acrylic paint:
*old black socks (for ears)
*dirt (for potting)
*some of your favorite flowers (for top)

*paint the pots according to the picture above, or add your own designs 🙂 Remember you are making this for you, so keep it personal!
*Let paint completely dry before you start assembling him/her!
*glue the bottom of pot onto the feet.
*run a rope through the hole in the middle pot out to each arm and make a knot. tie off rope where you feel comfortable with arm length.
*glue the middle pot to the bottom pot and let that dry!
*once dry glue the collar on top of middle pot then glue the head onto the collar!
*add some dirt, attach ears (I used gorilla glue to attache to inside of pot), add more dirt and plant your flowers!!!

Its super easy and fun for everyone!! I can’t wait to see what yours look like! Post your thoughts and finished products in the comments below!

For more DIY crafts click me 🙂

How to choose a garden marquees

There’s nothing quite like a marquee when it comes to creating a celebratory, fun atmosphere in a beautiful outdoor setting. These heavy duty tents come in a variety of sizes and designs, and can be used for events such as weddings, children’s parties or for as a simple social gathering place for friends and family.

Marquees don’t have to be expensive and if you’re looking for a low-cost canopy or gazebo option you have a number of choices depending on your budget.


Image by David Higgs, shared under a Creative Commons Licence

The many uses for a marquee

This type of venue option is perfect for those sunny, spring, summer and autumn months, and there’s something just that little bit more festive about an outdoors party.

Garden marquees aren’t just for parties and weddings, there are plenty of other events that can take place inside a canopy, including family parties and picnics or they can be used as additional spaces on camping vacations or simply to provide shelter around a patio area. These canopies come in all different sizes to suit your needs and can be conveniently folded down and stored away if you’re not looking for a permanent garden structure.

Choose your design

A marquee is a lot more than just a simple ‘tent in the garden’ and today’s designs can come with clear plastic windows, durable frames and can be fully sheltered or semi-enclosed.

Pop-up designs are very popular as they take little effort to erect and larger tents do come with added water protection and floor coverings. You can also find gazebos with canvas walls that can be pushed aside to give an open-curtain effect and this is great for those hot days. A range of colors is available including the popular white for weddings as well as green, purple, natural sand and black.

Budget, standard and luxury

The type of structure will make a difference to the price – for instance a simple freestanding garden canopy is great for providing some shelter over your patio furniture and this is a very inexpensive option.

Luxury marquees for larger events and parties can hold over 100 people and these do come with windows, heavy-waterproof canopies and powder-coated frames, and the quality will be reflected in the price. The amount you pay will depend on the size you require (standing capacities usually start at around 18 people and progress upwards) but the smaller party tents are very inexpensive and a gazebo will cost even less.

Garden centers and auction websites are good places to search and compare marquees and you’ll find that prices aren’t hugely expensive; there’s also the option to purchase a second-hand unit if you wish. If the event is to be a one-off then you can always considering hiring for the day or weekend and this can be a financially cost-effective option to suit your budget.

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