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6 Places to Go if You’re Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids is much different than traveling alone or with a friend or spouse. If you’ve ever traveled with children before, then you know how much work it really is. There are many things to take into consideration before bringing children with you somewhere. 

For example, is the place you’re traveling to child friendly? Can you use your stroller? What type of public transportation is there?

Are there things to do there to keep the children entertained? There are some places that are better to travel to with kids than others. In the guide below, you’ll discover several of the best places to travel with kids. 

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1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a great travel destination if you’re looking to keep your little ones entertained the entire time. There’s so much to do, including Disneyland, Ngong Ping 360, Ocean Park, and even a tram ride that’ll take you to Victoria Peak! The little ones will have a blast here.

Navigating around Hong Kong is simple due to many different public transportation options. The trains can get quite full during the busy hours, so the smaller the stroller the better, but otherwise you shouldn’t have any problems. Don’t forget to ride the Star Ferry as well. 

It gives you the opportunity to avoid busy streets and observe beautiful views of the water. 

2. Route 66

The historic Route 66 road trip takes you from Chicago to Santa Monica. If you have an RV, then it’s time to load up the kids and hit the road! This road trip can be completed in about two weeks.

There’s also much to do along the way. In Chicago, be sure to visit the Navy Pier. In Springfield, stop by The Land of Lincoln where Abraham Lincoln resided. 

In Tusla, you can visit the Big Blue Whale of Catoosa! These are just a few of the many attractions along the route. 

3. California 

California is another great destination option when traveling with children. Here, you have Disneyland, Death Valley National Park, the Golden Gate Bridge, Lassen Volcanic National Park, and so much more! Your options here are endless. 

While visiting, you can also check out a Dream Big Children’s Center. These centers are dedicated to providing warm, welcoming, and fun ABA (applied behavior analysis) centers for young children. 

4. Colorado 

The last stop on our list is Colorado. Colorado has many great outdoor activities for young children to do and many places for them to explore. Manitou Springs is a great place to let the children explore. 

There’s even a historic penny arcade with a park nearby. Colorado also provides many hiking trails, and snow sledding opportunities as well. 

When Traveling With Kids, Be Sure to Consider These Stops

Traveling with kids is much more work than when traveling without them, but it’s worth it in the end. You want to give your children a wonderful experience they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Use the tips listed in this guide above to ensure you do just that!

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10 Fun and Cheap Activities for Kids

During the coronavirus pandemic, around 93% of American households with school-age children had to do distance learning from home.

This makes children’s downtime more essential than normal because they can’t enjoy the afternoon with friends or leave the house. Luckily, with a little creativity, it’s possible to keep your little ones entertained.

If you’re looking for cheap activities for kids, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 to inspire you.

1. Plan a Scavenger Hunt 

Brainstorming fun activities for kids?

Scatter items around your home and read out a list of riddles (e.g. “a food that easily cracks”) to the little ones. Reward children with trinkets whenever they get one but give the overall winner a big prize like choosing dinner that night.

Or, if you’ve got kindergartners, try a nature color hunt. This is where you paint the inside of a used egg carton in different colors and ask the kids to match each one with a real-life object. For instance, find a daffodil in the backyard and put it in the yellow pocket.

2. Build a Blanket Fort 

One of the best cheap indoor activities for kids is to build a blanket fort as a family. Not only does it get your children away from the screen, but it encourages creativity. You can even turn it into a competition to see who can make the biggest or most unique blanket fort.

3. Make Gingerbread Houses

If you’re looking for cheap Christmas activities for kids, spend the afternoon making gingerbread houses. Gather plenty of frosting, candy, and get everyone involved to make colorful houses either as teams or individually.  

Or make holiday cookies like snowmen or reindeers, perfect for children of all ages. Let the younger children add pre-measured ingredients and decorate their cookies with their favorite toppings.

4. Schedule a Family Fitness Class 

Your child’s school will have plenty of school activities for kids planned so break up lessons by having a family fitness class, so your little ones get their daily exercise.

You can either practice yoga by watching YouTube videos or try a new sport and practice in the yard. Don’t worry about intense workouts, just set aside 20 minutes a day to get your little ones moving between classes.   

Or, to make it less serious, throw a dance party as it’s a fantastic way to relieve stress, laugh, and move your body.

5. Go for a Long Walk

Parents planning easy activities for kids shouldn’t underestimate the power of afternoon walks. Make sure you follow the social distancing guidelines and go out when there are fewer people like around dusk when your neighbors are having dinner. 

You could also drive into the countryside so your little ones can immerse themselves in nature while enjoying the fresh air.

6. Movie Marathon 

A fantastic way to keep the kids entertained is to throw a movie marathon night. Get comfortable on the couch with cushions, blankets, and make sure there’s a steady flow of popcorn. You can either watch a series like Harry Potter or the Minions movies for younger ones. 

Or if you want to make it educational, put on documentaries suitable for children like March of the Penguins and Walking with Dinosaurs.

7. Cook Together 

Cooking healthy meals with your kids teaches them how to eat a balanced diet and helps them become adventurous eaters. These skills are invaluable, and your child will carry them throughout their life. You can whip up homemade pizza, chicken skewers, and fajitas. 

More competitive families can have a cooking competition. To do this, divide the family into two teams and hand out five ingredients for everyone to work with, and set the timer. Make it more exciting by adding random ingredients like trying to incorporate marshmallows into a savory dish.

8. Garden

Gardening has many advantages for children such as teaching responsibility, letting them explore with their senses, and offering mood-boosting benefits. Not to mention, plenty of family bonding time. 

Planting a vegetable garden is also productive as you can harvest them later on. You should grow green beans, tomatoes, and root veggies like carrots, so you have plenty to eat. If you’re a beginner, start small by creating 11 rows so there’s enough spacing between the plants.

Don’t worry if you live in an apartment, simply grow vegetables or herbs in containers and place them on your windowsill or balcony.

9. Backyard Camping 

You may be unable to visit the nearest National Park, but you don’t have to sacrifice a weekend camping. Invest in a firepit, or make your own, so you can make s’mores and spend the night camping in the backyard. And you mustn’t forget to share child-friendly ghost stories for entertainment.

10. Game Night 

Ditch the consoles and bring out old-school board games for the whole family to enjoy. Try a new one next week to keep it interesting and try Twister, Risk, and parlor games like Charades. You can also have a tournament night with children’s card games like Go Fish, Snap, and Old Maid.

Those Are Cheap Activities for Kids 

Now you know the best cheap activities for kids. 

Whether it’s planning a scavenger hunt in the yard or working out together, it’s important children are getting enough exercise, fresh air, and are stimulated amidst all their schoolwork. Make an effort to switch activities up during the week so they stay excited while you bond. Have fun!

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This Is How to Encourage Kids to Exercise

According to the CDC, 18.5% of children and adolescents are obese. Being so overweight at a young age sets the stage for a number of health problems later on in life, such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. 

For many, weight and other health issues develop from living a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, the best way to help children be healthy is to encourage exercise. But how can you help motivate them to get up and get active?

Keep reading to learn about some of the different ways you can encourage kids to get moving and be healthy. 

Be a Role Model

As any parent knows, children learn and develop habits by watching their parents. This means that your health practices will carry over to them. Make sure that you lead a healthy and active lifestyle to help encourage them to do so as well. 

Try to find time a little time each day to be active. Most importantly, make sure that you have fun while doing so. Kids will want to start joining in on the fun.  

Encourage Friendly Competition

Sometimes, children won’t be interested in something until you or other kids are as well. One way to motivate kids to get moving is by turning it into a friendly competition.

Turn it into a contest and see who can run faster, jump higher, or hold their breath while swimming for longer. Again, this will help make the experience fun, motivating kids to try harder. 

Limit Screen Time

Most experts agree: too much screen time can have a serious impact on children’s health. While computers, tablets, and phones have their perks, make sure to control and limit the amount children spend on them. 

Instead of playing video games all the time, help your kids sign up for an afterschool program or play a sport that they like. 

Make It Fun

Remember that kids want everything to be fun. If you can’t find a way to make health and fitness exciting, then they’re not going to want to get into it.

Try finding exercises that will help them stay active but also allow them to enjoy themselves. Many kids enjoy doing things like soccer, swimming, and dance. is one example of a great play to get kids active through dance. 

Use Exercise as Transportation

Talk to any person over the age of 65, and you’ll hear them go on about how they used to walk 10 miles to school. While that distance may be a bit extreme, encouraging kids to use exercise as transportation can be a good idea.

Whether it means biking to see friends or walking to school with you twice a week, encourage them to see physical movement as the best mode of transportation. 

Encourage Kids to Make Health and Fitness a Priority 

Everyone should strive for a healthy lifestyle, regardless of age. By working to encourage kids to exercise and stay active, you’ll lay the foundation for them to be healthy throughout the rest of their lives. 

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Exercise for Kids! 5 Super Fun Ways to Get Your Kids to Exercise

Wondering how to get your kids to exercise more?

Are you worried that your children aren’t as active as they should be?

While there is a lot to think about when raising children, exercise for kids is one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked. To grow up healthy and strong, it’s important that your kids get adequate exercise and remain active on a consistent basis, rather than staying inside all of the time.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Below we’ll tell you about 5 super fun ways you can get your kids to exercise more.

1. Get the Right Gear

One of the best ways to get your kids to play outside and to exercise more is to make sure that they have the right toys and gear to do it.

Buying a trampoline, bicycles for your kids to ride, or owning other fun outdoor equipment can make a huge impact on how much exercise your kids get. Backyard playsets can also be great for kids and can encourage them to stay active.

2. Consider Active Gaming

These days, many kids prefer to stay inside playing video games instead of going outside and doing fun activities. If you’re desperate to get your kids to exercise more often then you might not want to reinvent the wheel or ask for too much too soon.

Getting a motion-controlled gaming system such as the Wii that requires players to stand, move, and wave their arms to play can be a great gateway to a more active lifestyle. The Kinect for the Xbox or the Playstation Move can also be good options.

3. Encourage Team Sports

Encouraging your children to join their school’s basketball team, baseball team, or another sports team can be a great idea and will benefit your kids in several ways. These sports will get them moving on a regular basis and will also be a great social activity that can help them make new friends.

However, if none of the sports at your child’s school appeals to them there are other options. Karate, ballet, gymnastics, swimming, and even yoga classes can also be good possibilities.

4. Take an Active Vacation

Another great way to get your kids to be more active is to take them on a fun vacation.

When going on a trip to the beach, for example, you can give your kids a chance to swim in the ocean, try their hand at snorkeling, play mini-golf or fly a kite. A hiking or kayaking trip to the mountains can also be a lot of fun.

Going on a vacation to a fun destination can open up new opportunities for outdoor activities and this can make being active a lot more exciting for kids.

5. Become a Great Role Model

One final thing you can do to get your kids exercising more is to become a role model. If your kids see that you’re living an active lifestyle, they’ll naturally want to join in and learn about the activities you’re doing. Many kids want to be like their parents and will take on the same habits and interests.

By living an active lifestyle, regularly exercising, and trying new activities often your kids will want to do the same.

Understanding the Importance of Exercise For Kids

If you’re trying to make sure your children grow up happy and healthy, you need to take exercise for kids into consideration. Be sure that you’re using the tips above to get your kids into the outdoors and to help them become more active.

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7 Reasons to Send Your Children to Private Catholic Schools

If you have children ready to enter the school system, then you’ve most likely put some thought into what type of schooling you want for them. If your children are already in the public school system, then you might have considered switching them into a private school. Private Catholic schools provide many benefits to our children. 

Whether your child is experiencing academic issues at public school or other issues, it’s never too late to make the switch. If your children aren’t school age quite yet, then this is an option that you should strongly consider before placing them into public schools.

Making the right decision for your children takes time and effort. You want to be sure that you’re always doing what’s best for them. To help you with your final decision, here are several reasons why private Catholic school is a great alternative to public schooling! 

Continue reading below for everything you need to know. 

1. Exposure to Catholic Faith

When growing up Catholic, you want the same for your children. If you and your family practice the Catholic faith, then you’ll want to place your children in a school where the same faith and religion is taught. 

Exposing your children to Catholic practices each day is the best way to build a solid Catholic foundation. Upon graduating from a Catholic school, students are also more inclined to continue attending church into their adult years. 

Many Catholic schools have children attend mass at least once a week and offer a religion class built into the curriculum. Other Catholic practices and activities will also be offered to students. If you’d like your children to grow up as Catholic citizens, then placing them into Catholic school is the starting point!

2. Smaller Classroom Sizes

Catholic schooling also provides smaller classroom sizes for your children. The smaller the classroom size, the more opportunities that your children have for one-on-one time with their teachers. Teachers are able to focus on individual children, their grades, and their progress more when there are not as many students in the classroom.

When there aren’t as many students in the classroom, students are able to focus on the curriculum better as well as there are less distractions. If your children begin to fall behind the other students, teachers will also have more time and the ability to work with your child by implementing learning strategies that might work better for him or her.

3. Sense of Community 

Children who attend Catholic schools are given a sense of community. The other students who attend the school most likely attend mass on weekends with their families as well. Because Catholic schools are normally smaller than public schools, you and your children will begin to make friends with everyone at the school as you’ll all attend the same church and school.

Aside from this, all students and parents will be asked to participate in numerous fundraisers, church programs, and other school activities. This is what builds a strong sense of community. Imagine bake sales on Sunday mornings, Saturday markets, Wednesday bingo nights, and spaghetti dinners on Fridays. 

These are just a few of the community events that you can expect to become a part of after signing your children up for private Catholic school. 

4. High-Quality Education

Unlike public schools, private Catholic schools don’t have to abide by the standard way of teaching students. Teachers at private schools are allowed to create their own lesson plans and teach in ways that they believe their students will learn best. Religion is also considered a mandatory class to take at most Catholic schools. 

Scores shown by the National Assessment of Educational Progress also prove that students who attend Catholic schools are more likely to do better in math and reading.

5. More Parent Involvement 

Because many private Catholic schools have different ways for parents to save on tuition, there’s more parent involvement. Private school isn’t free, but if you, as a parent, contribute to the school and community, you could save money. For example, the school could have you run the fish fry or bingo night to receive a discount.

Aside from receiving discounts, private Catholic schools also encourage parent involvement in any way possible. These schools want you and your family to be members of the church, not just the school. They also want you to come out to each event and celebrate with them. 

6. Mandatory Uniforms 

Mandatory uniforms might not be your children’s favorite thing about private Catholic schools, but it’ll soon become one of yours. Compared to public school, mandatory uniforms mean you don’t have to worry about what clothes are or aren’t appropriate for your children’s school. 

You also won’t have to argue with your children in the morning about what they want to wear to school that day. Every child wears the same thing every day. This reduces bullying, embarrassment, and competition amongst the students!

7. Single-Sex Options

When placing your children in public school, you have no choice but to place them in a co-ed environment. Private Catholic schools, however, have co-ed and single-sex options. Some of these schools accept boys and girls while others only accept one sex. 

If you’d like your children to be in a single-sex environment, then you’ll have that option! This could be beneficial for helping your children stay focused on their school work and not worried about impressing the opposite sex or these types of distractions while at school.

It’s Time to Consider Private Catholic Schools!

Your children deserve the best education available to them. Consider these benefits of private Catholic schools listed above and then make the best decision for your children!

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10 Pool Safety Tips for Parents Taking Their Kids to Swim

Are you planning a family trip to the pool?

A day out at the pool can be a great place for family bonding and is fun for all ages; not just the kids. Unless you practice good pool safety, the fun can soon turn dangerous or life-threatening. But you might not even know what good pool safety practices are.

Don’t worry! Read on for 10 pool safety tips that will keep your family safe and enjoying the fun of the pool.

1. Don’t Leave Kids Unsupervised

Most pools have the rule that kids under 14 can only use the jacuzzi or swim if there is an adult there to supervise. If there are a few adults present at the pool, then set up a rota to watch the kids. This way, the kids are under constant supervision but the supervising adult isn’t getting tired or distracted.

Even a small lapse in concentration can bring trouble so this way it’s avoided. Accidents happen and even children who are competent swimmers should be supervised at all times.

2. No Diving!

It’s a normal rule at most pools that diving headfirst into the water is not allowed. This is because if the water is not deep enough, you or your child can hit their heads on the bottom of the pool. Or if the dive is not executed properly it can end up in injury.

Make sure your kids are jumping in deep enough water, feet first. Or using the slides feet first. Never let them slide down headfirst or jump from the slides. This will help prevent pool injuries. Or worse as if they hit their heads, they could easily go unconscious in the water.

3. Don’t Allow Glass Near The Pool

Another safety tip is to not allow glass outside for the kids, especially not near the pool. In fact, this is a good rule adults should stick to too. When hands get wet, they become slippery and glasses can slip from the hand and smash on the floor.

Broken glass and bare, wet feet are a disaster waiting to happen. So it’s a good idea to ban glass around the pool area for all the family to prevent any accidents from occurring.

4. Don’t Allow Kids Under Six In The Jacuzzi

Pools with jacuzzi facilities will often state that infants, toddlers aren’t allowed in. This will often apply to any kids under 14 too. This is because the water gets too hot for younger children to comfortable withstand safely.

If there is a jacuzzi area, or if older children and adults are enjoying it already, it’s important to keep an eye on the younger ones. You don’t want them slipping or falling in, or trying to follow the older kids to end up scalded.

5. Bring Inflatables

Not only are inflatables fun for kids and adults alike, but they are also useful for safety too. But, to maximize their usefulness, restrict the number of inflatables in the pool at one time. This will help you keep an eye on your children and pinpoint where they are in the pool.

Be watchful, as inflatable rafts can overturn with ease. When done, make sure to take all inflatables out of the pool. If not, it might tempt young children to try and reach in to grab them.

6. No Running!

As with wet hands, wet feet can cause a danger of slipping. As such, you should put in place the rule with your kids that there is to be no running by the poolside. You should only allow walking.

Also, ban roughhousing as this can get out of control and can cause one or more of those involved to slip into the pool. We all know that the tile or concrete pool surroundings aren’t forgiving to wet feet.

7. Keep Rolling Toys Away From The Pool Edge

Make sure you keep rolling toys away from the pool area. Normally it’s young kids who enjoy playing with these toys. And they are also the most prone to pool accidents too. You don’t want to increase the risk by combining the two.

Factor in slippery, wet surfaces with unstable feet and rolling wheels, it’s a recipe for disaster. So be safe, and keep track of the types of toys taken to the pool. Anything unsuitable, remove it as soon as possible.

8. One For The Adults – Don’t Swim Alone

This goes without saying when it comes to kids, but it’s something the adults in the family should bear in mind too. Don’t swim alone! Even the best, most seasoned swimmers can have accidents or emergencies.

You might suffer from cramps, or a heart attack and not be able to get out of the pool by yourself. Be sure that you are swimming with someone else who can assist you in the event of a crisis. You should also ensure that others know where anyone who is going to the pool is at all times.

9. And One For The Kids – Don’t Leave Without Saying ‘Bye’

As with swimming alone, leaving the pool by yourself can be hazardous too. If older children want to leave with their friends, then make sure you know where they’re going.

Kids, and adults, should always let the people they’re with know when they’re leaving. For kids, always let your parents know who you’re going with, where you’re going and be back at the time they tell you.

10. Be Prepared!

Make sure the pool you’re visiting, or your pool at home is prepared. There should be rescue equipment, CPR instructions and a first aid kit at the least. It’s important that there are life jackets there, especially at least one kid’s life jacket. Or if not, bring your own.

Ensure emergency numbers and phones are accessible in case of an emergency. If you’re prepared, it will allow for a more relaxed time knowing that if something happens, you can handle it.

It’s Not Cool To Ignore Pool Safety Tips

So there you have it! If you follow these 10 pool safety tips, your family will be sure to have safe fun and stay safe at the same time.

Be aware of wet surfaces and how they react to wet feet. Slipping from running or roughhousing is a real danger. Also, keep any objects that could be hazardous because of the water away like certain toys and glasses. And most importantly, be vigilant. Make sure you know where the kids are at all times.

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4 Fun and Inexpensive Things to Do with the Whole Family

Let’s face it: going out is expensive, and increasingly so. A night out on your own with your partner can produce a bill that can be headache-inducing. And taking your entire family out for some enjoyment? May your wallet someday recover.

That’s how it feels, of course, but that doesn’t have to be the reality. In truth, taking your family out (or keeping them in!) for a day of fun can actually be inexpensive. You just need to know what kind of activities to look at and how to pull them off at the proper price. 

Looking for some inexpensive things to do with your family? Read on, and we’ll walk you through some of our favorite options. 

Visit a Local Museum

Maybe going to the museum was never really your thing. But if you haven’t taken the time to explore the local museums in your community, your missing one of the most inexpensive and potentially most interesting locations in town. 

Art and historical museums are treasure troves of information and excitement. They can be a great place to expand your children’s understanding of the world and provoke conversation. They can be an amazing learning experience for your kids as well as yourself. 

The added benefit? They are often dirt cheap. Many museums are free to access or offer pay-what-you-want passes. Even museums that are more expensive often have particular hours or days where you can attend for a highly discounted rate. 

There are also many museums that cater specifically to younger children. These children’s museums prioritize interactive and hands-on learning that helps to keep your younger children engaged and excited.

They might be having such a good time that they don’t even realize that they’re learning too. 

Throw Together a Movie Night at Home

Taking your whole family to the theater can be quite expensive these days, with theater prices on the rise everywhere in the country. This is especially true if you want to spring for popcorn or snacks. 

Luckily, with the improvement in home theater systems, you can replicate the theater experience cheaper in your very own home. Instead of watching the latest new release, take a chance on something smaller. If it’s just you and your spouse, take a stab at an independent film that might be more interesting and rewarding than the standard fare. 

If you’re watching with your kids, try picking something out for the whole family. Share with your children a movie you watched and loved when you were their age. While they may initially balk at the idea of watching an ‘old’ movie, you might be surprised how well they end up responding (the power of cinema). 

You might even find that this kind of sharing can help bond you closer over a shared love for a work of art. 

If you really want to make movie night an event, invite over some friends and put a blanket fort together. Throw a projector up and screen it on the wall so the movie is large and loud. It’s one of the best nights in you can imagine, and barely has to cost you a dime. 

Go Bowling Together

One of the best day out activities for a family might be to hit the bowling alley. No matter what age your kids are, they’ll likely get a thrill out of knocking down pins. And if you haven’t bowled in a while, you might be surprised at how much enjoyment you get out of it yourself.

Some bowling alleys are more expensive than others, so you might want to do your due diligence in finding the right spot. Many bowling alleys offer family discounts, so inquiring about those might help save you significant money in putting the day together. 

These days, many bowling alleys also double as arcades. That means even if your kids aren’t huge on the idea of bowling, they might be more into ice hockey, driving games, or other fun and exciting games. You can visit here to see more about what I mean. 

Bowling is a great place to bring some friendly competitiveness into the family dynamic. Who knows, you might even end up with a professional bowler on your hands someday. 

Break Out the Chalk

Remember the simpler pleasures of your own youth? This was a time before cell phones and video games seemed to rule the public attention. If you were handed a ball or piece of chalk, you could entertain yourself hours. 

Instead of decrying the current generation for their media addiction, give your kids a chance to experience the same. If your kids are fairly young, giving them a big collection of chalk and the length of your driveway can be an exciting prospect.

That’s a large canvas within to work, after all. This can be a great family activity, or simply something to keep them occupied while you relax in a lawn chair and watch them work. The key thing is that it’s incredibly inexpensive, and there’s no real clean up involved either. 

Simply allow their chalk masterpiece to exist until the rain comes along to wash everything clean. 

Inexpensive Things to Do with Your Family

It can be hard to afford a real day out with your entire family. With that many heads to feed and entertain, the costs can be astronomical. Luckily, the above inexpensive things to do can keep everyone happy and fulfilled just as easily.

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