Parenting 101: How to Stop Siblings From Fighting?

Stop Siblings From Fighting

When having two or more children, you dream of them becoming best friends and wanting to do everything together. Yet, as they’re growing up, you’ll find you need to endure bickering, arguing, and sibling rivalry.

Siblings can go from playing with each other peacefully to a full-on fistfight in a matter of seconds. As a parent, it can become overwhelming and frustrating. You’re asking yourself, “why can’t they just get along?”

If you’re looking for tips on how to stop siblings from fighting, we can help. 

Be sure to keep reading for our parenting 101 guide on how to stop siblings from fighting with each other. 

Talk About Being Siblings

As an exhausted or overwhelmed parent, you might be asking, “Why do siblings fight?” One reason could be that they feel tension or sibling rivalry in their relationship with each other. 

It can be difficult growing up as an older sibling when you feel like you have all the responsibilities thrown on you. While younger siblings can feel like they can’t do as much as their older siblings can. You’ll find that this dynamic can lead to siblings fighting because they don’t understand the family structure. 

One way to help your children is by talking to them about being siblings. Let them know that they’re all in this together. You should encourage your children to be on each other’s side instead of against one another. 

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Become Aware of Their Needs

Sometimes children act out because they’re craving your attention. A great way to avoid sibling fights is by making sure that each of your children feels that you love and value them equally. 

The best way to do that is to spend time with each of your children. Make sure to show them lots of attention and affection. Giving them hugs and kisses can help to make them feel love and acceptance. 

You should also make sure that you don’t compare your children to one another. Each of your children is on their own paths as they grow up and mature.

One might do something sooner than the other or not at all. Pointing out these differences can make bring on a sibling rivalry which will cause more fights. 

Making sure that each of your children has their own space is also vital to avoid fighting. It can be necessary that your kids need alone time or space with their own things. Be sure that you are aware of their needs and help to fulfill them. 

Reinforce Positive Behavior

If you’re wondering how to get siblings to stop fighting, one of the best things you can do is reinforce positive behavior. That means when you notice your kids are playing together without fighting, recognize them for it. Let them know that they’re doing a great job and you appreciate it. 

When you let your children know the things that they’re doing right, they will be more likely to continue doing them. You’ll keep seeing that behavior again because your children know that it makes you happy. 

For example, you can say statements like, “Good job taking turns with that toy,” or “You solved that problem together really well. Let’s all watch a movie to celebrate!” 

Reinforcing positive behavior will help to deter your children from fighting in the future. They know that it makes you happy for them to get along, therefore they will be more likely to try to get along with one another. 

Make sure that you’re always keeping an eye out for the good things that you’re children are doing and not only the bad. Focusing on the bad things can hurt your relationship between you and your children. 

Remember It Is Normal

As a parent, we want our children to live happy and fulfilling lives, yet when they’re always fighting with their siblings it can be difficult. You might be asking, “Is it normal for siblings to have physical fights or verbal altercations?” 

Yes, it is normal for children to fight and have disagreements, especially when they’re with their siblings all the time. Yet, we never want them to turn physical where someone can get hurt. 

Sometimes it is best to let children work their fights and disagreements out on their own. Try to give them some tips and advice so that their disagreement doesn’t escalate into a physical fight. Make sure that your advice is always fair and neutral. 

Many times it is better to coach your children through their fights so that they can work it out when you’re not around. If sibling fighting can be civilized, it will be easier for them to solve the problem and move on. 

After a fight happens, sit down and talk with your children about why they were fighting. If they resolved their fight on good terms, be sure to recognize them for that. 

You should also point out how they should have handled the situation better. If one person was yelling, they need to work on their tone of voice during disagreements. Everything can get better over time if you handle things in a civilized manner. 

How to Stop Siblings From Fighting With Each Other

If you’re trying to figure out how to stop siblings from fighting, be sure to use our parenting 101 guide tips and tricks. Over time you will learn how much fighting is normal for your kids to grow and build healthy relationships. Yet, you can also realize the best ways to step in and resolve issues. 

Remember, consistency is the key with children. Whenever you find a solution that works, stick with it. 

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