Why You Should Rent a Water Slide for Your Next Party

Rent a Water Slide

Should you rent a water slide for your next party? The answer is yes as long as you like having fun and saving money.

Renting a water slide is an affordable party option that lets everyone have a little fun. You get built-in entertainment with little effort on your part. It’s a win-win.

Check out these reasons you should consider a water slide rental for your next party.

Affordable Party Option

Birthday parties can really add up, especially if you hire a party planner or reserve an expensive venue. One survey showed that 11% of parents spent over $500 on their child’s first birthday party, and another 25% spent between $200 and $500.¬†

Renting a water slide for your backyard is often much more affordable than having a party at an expensive venue, but it’s just as much fun. Party venues often limit the event to an hour or two, while water slide rentals give you a lot more time and flexibility in how you keep guests entertained.

You might also find yourself paying extra at a party venue if you have a large party. The base cost usually only covers a small number of kids with extra kids costing more. When you rent a slide, you pay the standard fee and can invite as many people as you want.

Variety of Options

Water slides come in a range of sizes and designs to give you your pick of options. You might choose a pink princess castle water slide to go with the princess party theme. You could go with a combination inflatable with a water slide and a bounce house to give the party guests more ways to play.

Minimal Setup and Requirements

You can plan your own party with lots of fun activities, but that creates a lot of work for you. Between picking activities, prepping the materials, and leading the activities, you have no time to just enjoy the party.

When you rent a water slide, the company sets it up for you. There’s no need for you to worry about getting things set up correctly.

When the party’s over, the company comes back to pack it up and take it away for you. The clean-up process is much easier, and you get out of doing all of the manual labor for the party.

Safe, Fun Party Activity

A water slide is the perfect option for summer birthday parties. Unlike a regular swimming pool, water slides don’t have deep water, which poses a risk to your party guests. Inflatable water slides are soft and cushioned, allowing kids to fly down them with little risk of injury.

A rented water slide adds a little extra fun to a typical backyard party. Instead of just running through sprinklers or throwing water balloons, your party guests can climb high and rush down the slide for a dose of kid-friendly adrenaline.

Private Water Fun

You can take your party guests to a public pool or water park, but you have to share the place with all the other guests. Reserving a private party at a water park can be very expensive.

With a water slide rental, you get the feel of a water park in the comfort of your backyard. It’s completely private and personal, so your guests can have fun.

Rent a Water Slide for Your Party

When you rent a water slide for your event, you get hours of fun in your backyard. It’s a unique, fun, and affordable party entertainment option.

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