Giddy Up: 5 Cowboy Accessories Your Kid Will Love

Cowboy Accessories

If you’re looking for gifts for your children that crank up the cuteness factor while keeping them entertained for ages, cowboy accessories are the way to go.

Rather than sitting your kid in front of an iPad or Xbox, you can give them the gift of some truly old-school playtime with some adorable cowboy and Indian accessories that they can enjoy with their siblings and friends. With that in mind, here are some of the best cowboy accessories for kids that you absolutely need to buy for their toy box in 2021. 

1. A Rootin’ Tootin’ Cowboy Hat

If you’re looking for cowboy accessories kids will love, a classic cowboy hat is an absolute must. There are countless ones to choose from. There is this classic cowboy hat for kids, complete with an authentic-looking rawhide finish that will leave your little one looking just like a miniature Clint Eastwood.

When shopping for cowboy hat accessories for young children, it is important that you carefully choose one that will fit their head size and shape. The last thing you want is for their little cowboy hat to keep falling off their head when they are trying to round up some cattle! 

2. A Wooden Stick Horse

To add a true element of play into your child’s cowboy action accessories collection, a wooden stick horse is a sure-fire winner. Wooden stick horses are great cowboy accessories for boys and girls and are among some of the most popular girl toys on the market in some parts of the world.

A great thing about wooden stick horses, also known as hobby horses, is that there is a huge variety of types available. You can choose a white princess stick horse or a classic brown cowboy stick horse, depending on what your kid will enjoy the most. 

3. Adorable Cowboy Boots 

No kid’s cowboy ensemble would be complete without some adorable cowboy boots for them to kick up some dust with. As this guide to the best toddler cowboy boots explains, there are a number of factors you will have to consider.

Like any shoes for young children, you will need to make sure that they are the right size and that they have the appropriate levels of child foot support so that they are comfortable at all times. 

4. Cowboy Books 

One of the best things about cowboy accessories is that it opens up a vast world of history, fantasy, and play that your children can become totally immersed in. That is why you should also invest in some classic cowboy books to inspire your little ones.

There are hundreds of classic cowboy books for you to choose from, ranging from classic short stories to illustrated cowboy adventures to real-life histories of some of the most famous figures of the Old West. 

5. Additional Cowboy Accessories for Kids

To complete your child’s cowboy collection, there are a few other accessories with buying. A child’s holster belt with a plastic sharpshooter toy or a spud gun are good options, but this is not for everyone.

A little leather satchel bag for them to carry their toys and cowboy books is also a good idea, as is a little fake bolo tie or some little cowboy pants. The list is really endless and will provide you with gift ideas for years to come. 

Treat Your Kids on the Cheap in 2021 

Investing in some cowboy accessories can be a hugely effective way to keep your children entertained, engaged, and learning on a budget. Rather than splashing out on fancy electronics, you can keep it old school and help your kids grow and play without breaking the bank. For more essential tips on treating your kids on the cheap in 2021, make sure to read our extensive Family Life guides for all of the expert budgeting advice you could ever need. 

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