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Yes! Enter To Instantly Win This Sticky Pad!

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Hate losing your phone is the car? There never seems to be a good place for it to go! Well now have a chance to win this awesome product! Never lose your phone again with 8 PACK Fixate Cell Phone Pads,Sticky Anti-Slip GEL Pads,can Stick to Glass, Mirrors, Whiteboards, Metal, Kitchen Cabinets or Tile, Car GPS! Go now and win!

  • Good quality viscous GEL pad, better fixed on the surface of the object.180 °sticky mobile phone will not fall, will not cause damage to the surface of the items.
  • &.Ease of use: free paste, random removal, free to carry, free to use. Can be used on the car, home, the company or more wall decoration.
  • &.The temperature of the strong endurance; -20 ° C ~ +80 ° C, the use of nature will not change.
  • &.Easy to clean: non-stick oil, when there is oil or dust, the impact of sticky or can not paste, rinse with water, without any detergent, without a cloth wipe, just hand gently dry, and then return to the original use effect.
  • &.NOTE: Do not use in the place where the automobile SRS (supplementary Restraint System)is. On an uneven surface or frosted surface of the items, tack will decline. For best results, gently press on the pad for 1-2 seconds

Win ALL Things Internet!

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We can’t seem to get away from technology so why fight it! The new wave of technology is rapidly changing the way we interact with things around us. From basic remote controlled lights to advanced security systems, IoT is everywhere. If IoT hasn’t (yet) entered your life, we’re here to help change that with a prize package containing virtually everything you need to connect your home, your car and even your luggage. In this prize package, you’ll find tablets for 2, an Android phone, Bluetooth speakers, a complete Nest package, a Samsung SmartThings home monitoring kit, Tile tracker tags, the Automatic car monitoring dongle, Google Chromecast, Ring doorbell, Chamberlain garage door connection kit and several Anker chargers and cables. What are you waiting for?! Enter now to win!