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15 Facts About Sunscreen That’ll Blow Your Mind and Keep Skin Safe

Are you the person who goes to the beach with all kinds of sunscreen? Maybe you have one bottle for your body, one for your face, and another for your kids. Most parents think that’s all they need to keep their skin safe from the sun.

While it’s a good start, there is much more to consider when it comes to sun safety and using sunscreen properly. To get a better understanding of this, check out the following facts about sunscreen.

1. You Can Get a Sunburn on a Cloudy Day

We’ve all been there – it’s a cloudy day and all your kid wants to do is go to the pool or take a walk on the beach. If it’s not that cloudy, go ahead and indulge them, but don’t forget the sunscreen!

The sun’s rays are powerful enough to break through the clouds. If you aren’t careful, you and your little one can get a sunburn even if the sun isn’t technically out.

2. Keep Your Sunscreen Away from Direct Heat

Some people make it a habit to keep sunscreen in the car during the summer. While this may sound smart at first, it’s actually a bad idea.

The car gets incredibly hot, causing ingredients in the sunscreen to separate. Once the bottle cools down, everything won’t mix together in the way it’s been made to do. Keep in mind the heat rule also applies to sunscreen that’s sitting in direct heat when you’re at the beach, by the pool, or playing an outdoor sport.

3. Always Put Your Sunscreen on at Home

Whatever kind of fun you’re up to this summer, always apply sunscreen on at home. This gives your skin plenty of time to soak in the protection it needs.

If you wait to get to where you’re going, you’re actually exposing yourself. A half an hour here or there may not seem like much, but it adds up when you think about all your beach days and other outdoor plans all summer long.

4. Reapply Even When Under an Umbrella

A lot of people apply at home and think they’re fine for the rest of the day. This is even true for adults who spend hours under an umbrella in their bathing suit.

While an umbrella provides a cozy space out of direct sunlight, it doesn’t protect your skin. You can still get a sunburn under there, so reapply as needed.

5. Low SPF Doesn’t Really Work

What if you’re trying to get a tan? Should you just use an SPF of 5 or 10?

Honestly, save your money if that’s the level of SPF you’re going for. These won’t do much to help you out. Always reach for an SPF of 30 and above – your skin will thank you later.

6. Broad Spectrum Is Your Best Bet

Another thing to pay attention to when comparing sunscreen labels is whether or not it’s broad spectrum. This is the best way to go. Anything else won’t give you the extent of protection you need to best prevent a sunburn.

7. There Is an Average Amount to Apply

No matter how tall or short you are, or how curvy or slender, there’s an average amount of sunscreen for everyone to apply.

The face requires about a marble-size of sunscreen for full coverage. Additionally, all the bare skin on your body needs no less than a shot glass size, which looks something like a golf ball. Always apply at least this much, then more as needed.

8. Don’t Forget to Coat Sensitive Areas

Speaking of applying sunscreen, remember your sensitive areas. Apply directly on the back of the ears, the neck, and the top of the feet. Do the lining of your bathing suit or your clothes, too, as their exact placement can move while you move your body.

9. Scars and Tattoos Also Need Sunscreen

Some people think their scars or tattoos don’t need sunscreen. If anything, these areas of the body need more!

Scars are still a part of your skin. Even if a certain part of your skin doesn’t look like it used to, it’s vulnerable to the rays of the sun and needs protection. If you have scars you want to treat, you can contact the American Skin Institute.

When it comes to tattoos, exposure to the sun can affect the coloring of your skin’s art and do damage to the skin itself, too.

10. Sunscreen Alone Doesn’t Fight Skin Cancer

Unfortunately, putting on sunscreen isn’t enough to fight skin cancer. There are many other ways your risk for this condition increases. Not to mention, cancer can honestly happen to anyone.

11. You May Need a Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin

Maybe you’re hesitant to use sunscreen in the first place because of a reaction you’ve had to it before. Don’t automatically assume you’re “allergic to sunscreen.” There’s no such thing.

It is possible, though, that you’re allergic to an ingredient in the sunscreen you’ve been using. Look for all-natural options to keep your skin safe from the sun and to protect your body as a whole from unwanted reactions.

12. Not All Sunscreens Are Made Alike

There’s the matter of all-natural sunscreens versus traditional over the counter options, then there are plenty more details to look into. Not all sunscreens are made with the same regulations and requirements.

This is something to keep in mind if you’re traveling overseas this summer. You may want to bring your favorite brand with you instead of buying it there. Or, you could discover someplace with better sunscreen regulations after a bit of research!

13. Animal Sunscreen Is a Real Thing

Here’s something you may have never considered before: sunscreen for your pup. Many people love to take their dog to the beach or at least on a long summer walk.

What most owners don’t realize, though, is that dogs can get melanoma, too. Better your pet’s odds of not getting this skin disease by finding dog sunscreen for them.

14. It’s Never Too Late to Start Wearing Sunscreen

At the end of the day, sunscreen is a necessity. There’s no way around it. No matter if you always wore it as a child or if you’re just discovering the benefits of it now at 30 years old, you need to wear it.

It’s never too late to start, and there’s no better time than now.

15. You Need Sunscreen in the Winter, Too

Last but not least, remember sunscreen is a year-round necessity. Find a brand you love and put it on your face and body every day for the best results. Think of it as something that goes after your moisturizer, but before your everyday makeup.

Most importantly, don’t forget sunscreen when playing winter sports. If you love skiing, snowboarding, tubing, or even just a little bit of fishing, you need to show your skin some care. The more of an effort you make now, the better your skin will be for years to come.

Educating Your Children on Facts About Sunscreen

Many mothers deal with fussy children who hate putting on sunscreen or have to watch the clock closely to make sure their child’s sensitive skin doesn’t burn.

Wherever you are on the parenting spectrum, make the effort to share the facts about sunscreen with your children. Such an effort empowers them from an early age to make the right choice when it comes to protecting their skin.

For more ways to keep your children happy and healthy this summer, click here!

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