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Earn DOUBLE CASH BACK with Ebates & $10 Gift Card for New Users!


Earn Earn DOUBLE CASH BACK with Ebates & $10 Gift Card for New Users!

New users get a $10 Gift Card when you make your first purchase of $25 or more!

Save more money by shopping online and earn CASH BACK through Ebates!

Right now you can earn DOUBLE CASH BACK at stores like Walmart, Kohl’s, Macy’s, JCPenney’s and many more!

Great way to start stocking up on gifts during the year or buy yourself something.

Why not earn cash back on the stuff you already buy and make some cash back to buy yourself something!

I have already earned over $40 on the items I have bought online!

Bath & Body Works BIG Semi-Annual Sale Online & In Stores (6/12)


WOO HOO!! Bath & Body Works BIG Semi-Annual Sale is ONLINE right now!

It starts tomorrow in all the stores!

SAVE BIG! Many Signature Body Items are only $3 each! WOW! I also have a $10 off $40 purchase coupon that was mailed to me.

Use Code: BBWSALE1040 to make $10 off $40 puchase. Free Shipping with $50 or more online purchase!

Don’t forget to use EBATES to Earn 2% Cash Back when you shop online!

FREE $10 Bonus for NEW USERS & Share the Love on Ibotta!


If you still haven’t joined Ibotta yet, then you can get a FREE $10 Bonus for NEW USERS & Share the Love on Ibotta!


Send this to your friends and tell them that they can earn an extra $10 if they redeem 5 offers within their first 2 weeks of registering!

Offer valid for new, first-time Ibotta users only!

You only need $5 to cash out!

I have earned over $200 in 5 months from just buying the items I already do!

It is easy to use and you can use it conjunction with coupons for even more savings!

Even if you don’t use coupons, then you can still use it as it is super easy and already on your phone. Not sure which size to buy then you can scan it to make sure before purchasing! How easy is that?!!

You can use it at Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Target, Krogers, Dollar General, Family Dollar, and lots of other stores!

My Storage Solution for My Stockpile!


Most serious couponers have already seen the show Extreme Couponing, and already know about many couponers use the shelf for as a storage solution. I thought this would be a great way to hold my stockpile for my giveaways I do, donations, gifts I buy, and my own stockpile. I do have a really big bathroom closet, but it’s so deep that I can’t always see in the back. I need a flashlight which can be a pain. I am happy to have a shelf to hold items and I can see it all now.

I have it in my spare bedroom that is used for storage. I bought the shelf at Sam’s Club for $35 and it can hold up to 1,000 pounds! It’s very sturdy and I love how easy it is too see it all. I also bought some Sterlite 6qt clear containers to hold makeup, toothbrushes and dental floss, samples I get in the mail, and nail polish plus razors. I can see everything inside the containers which is also nice. It feels good to finally have everything organized and will make picking up items much easier. It will also make doing my famous mystery box giveaway much easier and can put even more goodies in those boxes!

Many times when we buy stuff on clearance or sale, then we can’t find it. How is that saving you money if you have to repurchase items. It’s not and that is wasting money. You can find cheaper shelving solutions, but I wanted something very visible and sturdy. I priced quite a few shelved but this was a great value for my money. This shelf will last for years and I can also use it in the garage or anywhere late if I wanted.

How do you organize your stockpile? I am not an extreme couponer but I just needed something to keep it all organized so this was the perfect storage solution for me.

My Dollar General Shopping Haul! I Paid $5.16 for a 93% Savings!!!


I just had a great shopping haul at my Dollar General. Totally unexpected to find the AMAZING deals I just found!

My son wants to get into being a coupon shopper like his mom. I like the extra help but I am also using it as a way to help improve math skills like adding and subtracting in your head. Too many times I see cashiers get that blank look when they have to figure it out without the aid of the register. Some can but so many can’t today.

Being a bargain hunter has immensely helped me with my math skills and percentages as well.

I found Oral-B Complete Toothbrushes marked down to $1 and I had 2 $1 coupons so FREE!

I had another Oral-B toothbrush coupon for a $1 but they only had the indicators so I bought 2 for 50¢ each making those FREE!

So 4 FREE toothbrushes! I also found the Colgate Optic White Mouthwash 8oz bottle marked down to $1.50!! I had the new $0.75 off any one Colgate Optic White Mouthwash
I printed out! So only 75¢ for the bottle!

Whitening Plus System for only $1.50 out of pocket after $2 off coupon! I got 2 Cover Girl products for $1 each.

I got the L’Oreal eyeliner for FREE and Foundation for $1. Poise wipes were just a penny with their Dollar General coupon I printed.

My grand total after coupons was $5.76 with tax!!! This was easily $70 worth of products! That is a savings of 93% off retail!

My #1 TIP is ALWAYS check clearance! You just never know what good deals you can find!