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Costco Raising Membership Costs!

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Starting June 1st, Costco will be increasing the price of their membership. The annual membership fee will change from $55 to $60 and Executive memberships will increase from $110 to $120. The maximum annual 2% reward for Executive members will also increase from $750 to $1,000.

What are your thoughts about this price hike? I personally don’t mind it one bit because Costco goes above and beyond to look out for their members and employees. A $5 increase equals out to just $.42 extra a month. I am a big fan of the healthier food and snack options they’ve started to carry. Plus, the membership fee really does pay for itself throughout the year! What do you think?

Costco Friday Ad for 2016

Costco Friday Ad for 2016. Grab your sneak peak of what sales you will want to grab for Black Friday from Costco. This is a great place to pickup those gifts for everyone in your life. They have everything for your personal beauty and skin care needs clothing, toys, food, appliances plus much more! Check out below the Costco Friday Ad for 2016 and save!

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No one really wants to read about recalls, but these are in place to keep our families safe! They want whats best for our families, so if there has been a mistake or an accident, they like to let us know. Check out the latest recall notice from Costco
“This is a Costco food safety alert CRF frozen foods and the FDA have announced an expanded recall of all frozen organic and traditional vegetable products. These products are being recalled due to the possibility of list area contamination. Products include organic and non-organic broccoli butternut squash carrots cauliflower court at monday(?) May green beans peas as well as various vegetable medley Zen stir fry products. Our records indicate that you purchased one or more of the CRF frozen food items covered by this recall. A full list of products are being recalled by all companies who received these products is available at www.costco.com slash recalls. If you have any of these CRF frozen food products in your freezer. Please stop eating them and return them to your local Costco for a full refund. Please call.”

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