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WOW!! Check Out This RECALL!!!

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This is a HUGE recall of Breaded Chicken Products so pay attention. OK Foods has recalled almost 1 million pounds of breaded chicken products. Brands in this recall include Farmington, Great Value, Spring River Farms, Chickentopia & MORE! These items are being recalled due to reports of metal in the food. More details click here!

YIKES!! Check Out This Recall!

So you are getting ready to have family and friends over for a day of fun and food this Thanksgiving. You might want to read this latest recall on Heinz HomeStyle Gravy! Stay safe this holiday!

Product Name: Heinz HomeStyle Gravy: Pork

Packaging: 12 oz. glass jars

“Best By” Date: 12/27/2017

Manufacturer’s Code: MU6F04 4Q

UPC Code: 013000798907

WOW!! This Is A HUGE Recall From Target!

Target has recalled 127,000 Halloween-themed LED gel window “clings” because of the choking hazard they pose to children.

According to a notice posted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the recalled was issued because the clings can come apart and expose the inner decal and LED/button battery compartment. If a child were to find the button and try to swallow it, there’s a chance they could choke.

Recall Alert On Blue Bell AGAIN!

Blue Bell has recalled Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, both pint and half-gallon size, and Two Step products in the half-gallon size due to listeria concerns from the company that makes one of the ingredients. For more information please check this out!