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Oh No! Major Hot Dog Recall!

Are planning on grilling hot dogs this memorial day weekend? You want to check out this recall! This recall impacts two major national brands, Nathan’s and Curtis. However, only one product from each brand is subject to recall. They are:

Nathan’s SKINLESS 8 BEEF FRANKS, 14 oz.
Curtis BEEF MASTER Beef Franks, 16 oz.

John Morrell produced the hot dogs on January 26, 2017, and the products’ “Use by” dates are August 19, 2017 (Nathan’s) and June 15, 2017 (Curtis). Both packages also bear the establishment number “EST. 296” on the side of the package. I love Nathan’s Hot Dogs, so I will be checking my packages to see if they are affected!

DIY Flower Pot Shelves!

memorial craft copy

Wanting a fun and festive Memorial Day DIY? Look no further! This super affordable craft can be painted with different colors to match your decor or holidays! Below you will find the simple and easy to follow directions:

*4 cinder blocks
*Red Spray Paint (i would find one with a primer in it)
*2 pieces of wood (cut to the correct width of cinder blocks and how over long you want)
*Blue latex paint

-thoroughly spray pain the cinder blocks. You might need a few coats as the cinder blocks do absorb some paint. Make sure you lay card board or a cloth down if you want to protect ANYTHING from the spray pain! Let dry completely! While the cinder blocks are drying go ahead and paint both pieces of the wood! You might want to do 2 coats on them! Once everything is dry, it is time to assemble! Place 2 cinder blocks where you want them, add a shelf, and repeat until finished! Add some colorful flower pots and decorations and you are DONE!

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