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5 Reasons for Women to Get a Master’s Degree

reasons to get a masters degree

Did you know that in 1880 only 11 women were awarded a master’s degree? By contrast, men earned 868.

Times have changed. In 2015, women earned 452,118 master’s degrees, while men were granted only 306,590. It seems graduate school provides particular benefits to women since they are pursuing degrees in such high numbers.

Perhaps you are thinking of going back to school and getting your master’s degree. What are the advantages of graduate school? And what are the reasons to get a master’s degree?

In this article, let’s explore those questions together. Maybe the answers will inspire you to get your degree. Read on!

1. More Employment Opportunities

To become a doctor or lawyer, you must have a graduate degree. There are other fields, though, in which a bachelor’s degree is no longer sufficient for an entry-level position. These fields include public affairs, social services, and higher education administration.

For other jobs, graduate school may not be required, but is preferred. Obtaining a master’s degree will help you overcome more hurdles in the application process. It will also help you beat out less-qualified candidates.

When women advance up the corporate ladder, they benefit themselves, of course. But they also inspire the next generation of young women, setting up a cycle where more and more educated women succeed in the workforce.

2. Higher Salary

A potentially higher salary is one of the biggest reasons to attend graduate school. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals with a master’s degree earned $12,000 more per year in 2013. The financial reward on your graduate school investment is definitely something to consider.

How much more money you earn is tied to your chosen field of study. Jobs in business, finance, and sales all reward master’s degree recipients. Other fields to consider are education administration, early childhood teaching, and healthcare.

This is not a trivial concern for women, who have historically made less money than men. Greater financial resources can also help pay for child care and raise the whole family’s standard of living.

3. You Can Change Careers

You may be working in a job you dislike. Or you are dissatisfied with your overall career choice and want to start again.

You aren’t stuck. A master’s degree offers the chance to change your career and start something brand new.

Depending on your chosen field, graduate school degrees only take two to three years. Some degree programs may require undergraduate coursework before you get started. But you will still be on your way to a new career in just a few years.

Many graduate students attend school part-time. Now you also have the option of pursuing this masters program online. Quite a few degree programs let you study on your own schedule online.

This is a great advantage for mothers since it eliminates the need to find and pay for childcare.

4. Graduate School Degrees Give You Valuable Skills

Pursuing a master’s degree can give you the additional skills you need to be successful in a higher-paying job. If new technologies or methods are emerging in your field, a master’s degree will help you stay ahead-of-the-game.

This is especially useful for women, many of whom come in and out of the workforce. Staying competitive ensures you are not left behind.

5. Respect

It feels good when you earn a graduate degree. Your stamina and hard work will be a source of pride.

Employers recognize these qualities too. The master’s degree on your resume shows them how dedicated you are to your field. It also demonstrates you are competent enough for senior positions.

Wrapping Up Reasons To Get a Master’s Degree

There you go! Now you have five good reasons to get a master’s degree. It will strengthen your self-confidence and give you the skills required to advance up the corporate ladder.

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