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STOP And Read This Class Action With Hydroxycut

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If you purchased Hydroxycut Products between May 2, 2009 through February 15, 2017 you could be eligible for a class action cash rebate! If you do not have proof of purchase you can get back up to $14 per bottle for up to 2 bottles. If you do have proof of purchase you can claim the amount you have paid on your receipts!

Love Coconut Water? May You’ll Get A Piece Of $1 Million!

Have you ever grabbed a bottle of Harmless Harvest Coconut Water? Well you might be in for a shock with the latest $1 Million Class-Action Lawsuit! WHAT?! I know, check this out! Apparently according to reports they chose to use words like 100% Raw and 100% organic, when in fact they actually used nonorganic ingredients on their labels and “reportedly purchased from street vendors and unknown supply sources,”! Wow, so I guess you better be careful before you slap a label on something! Did you purchase this sometime between September 30 2011 – December 2016, then this applies to you! Unfortunately they have not released the forms to file for this class-action lawsuit! Please keep your eyes out on this one! I still drink coconut water! Do you?