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Grab This Hot Deal Before It Is GONE!

Do you want to swim like the pros do in the olympics? Then you will want to snag these OMore Swimming Goggles that are non leaking anti fog swim goggles with UV protection for men and women. As a bonus they’ve added a premium silicone swim cap!! Make sure you use this promo code, EQH5H4SZ, to get this amazing combo for just $8.99 plus free shipping with Prime! Order now!

Chill Out With A Free Blizzard Today!

Blizzard_Large copy
Nothing cools me off during the summer quite like some yummy ice cream1 I love the oreo blizzards from Dairy Queen! Now you can get a small blizzard when you download the app! It super simple and you can delete once you have your treat in hand! Yum! Go now!