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Coca Cola Share A Coke Sweepstakes!

Whether you are a Coca Cola fan or a Pepsi fan, you can enter to win this awesome sweepstakes! I love an ice cold Coca Cola on a hot summer day! Great paired with a hot dog, the pool, and my kids laughing in the back ground! How do you enjoy your Coca Cola? 500 Grand prize winners will win Coca Cola for a year! 1,000 first place winners will receive a $5 gift card good for 3 song downloads!! Enter to win now!

Free Refreshing 20oz Coca-Cola!

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Ok, you are either a pepsi or a coke person! I am a pepsi gal, but I will NOT pass up a free soda! Go here and get your free soda today! Hurry, I’m not sure how long this one will last! Yum!