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Get Your Free Vegan Cookbook Now!

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Have you ever tried eating vegan? No it is not as scary as it sounds! Don’t like vegetable, oh well then you might be scared! I go back and forth between vegan and not! I love the amount and different varieties of vegetable out there! Well if you’ve always wanted to try some amazing recipes then hop right over here and fill out out a form to receive your free vegan cookbook!

Dalmatian DIY For Your Porch!

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Dalmatians are iconic for their appearance with and around firetrucks! Do you love dogs? If so then you are going to want to do this super fun and easy DIY Dalmatian made from terra cotta pots! Below you will find instructions on how to make your own!

List of supplies:
*3 large terra cotta pots (for head and body)
*3 large saucers (these normally catch run over water) (for collar and feet)
*4 medium terra cotta pots (for arms)
*rope (to hold arms on)
8super strong glue (I like gorilla glue)
*acrylic paint:
*old black socks (for ears)
*dirt (for potting)
*some of your favorite flowers (for top)

*paint the pots according to the picture above, or add your own designs 🙂 Remember you are making this for you, so keep it personal!
*Let paint completely dry before you start assembling him/her!
*glue the bottom of pot onto the feet.
*run a rope through the hole in the middle pot out to each arm and make a knot. tie off rope where you feel comfortable with arm length.
*glue the middle pot to the bottom pot and let that dry!
*once dry glue the collar on top of middle pot then glue the head onto the collar!
*add some dirt, attach ears (I used gorilla glue to attache to inside of pot), add more dirt and plant your flowers!!!

Its super easy and fun for everyone!! I can’t wait to see what yours look like! Post your thoughts and finished products in the comments below!

For more DIY crafts click me 🙂

Win A Billabong Capsule Surfboard!!

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Know someone who loves to surf? My husband goes surfing at least once a week. He would love to win this one! Enter to win a 7’ funboard in their sunbaked geo print. Straight from the British Virgin Islands from their Summer 16 photoshoot. Part of a limited edition collection of surfboards from Billabong.

Get your surf on!

Win A Maxi Micro Kickboard!!

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Ok folks, you only have 35 hours left to enter to win an amazing maxi micro kickboard from Albee Baby!! Do you have children who would love to get this? You could win this now, then save it for birthday or Christmas presents! I know my son and daughter would love to win this fun toy!!

Time is running up!

YES!!! Free Sample Of Fancy Feast Medley’s!!!



My cat is crazy about his food.  I love the opportunity for free cat food samples because it gives him  the opportunity to try before I buy! To get your cat a free sample of Fancy Feast Medleys click here,  then the button on the web page is on the far right and it reads “Try it for free”.