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Android or Iphone User Easily Earn $110 in one Year!

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Android or Iphone User: Join Smart Panel, the new and exciting online community for survey takers where you can share your experiences about how you use the internet. Get Smart Rewards for sharing your thoughts and Opinions! Earn $5 just for joining, and $5 every month you are an active Smart Panel member. Panelists who continue to remain active will also receive a loyalty bonus every three months.

As an active Smart Panel member, you can make a difference and at the same time earn $110 in 12 months, $170 in 18 months, and $230 in 24 months, just for simply using your devices like you do everyday. What’ll you do with your rewards?

Join Smart Panel and start earning!


Get Free Target, Walmart, Best Buy, or Amazon Gift Cards From Tellwut Survey Panel!

Get Free Target, Walmart, Best Buy, or Amazon Gift Cards From Tellwut Survey Panel!

Join Tellwut Survey Panel Today! then confirm you email and start earning your Free Gift Cards.

I love Tellwut because most of their surveys and polls take less than 30 seconds to complete!! Plus new polls and surveys are added daily.

Members of Tellwut can simply log into their accounts to take all of the available surveys for that day. Do note that invitations to complete surveys are not typically emailed so make sure to login and check for new ones.

Quickly Earn 300 points towards those Free Gift Cards as a New member to Tellwut will receive 100 reward points immediately after signing up. 100 additional points are awarded upon providing shipping information, and a further 100 points are awarded for providing other account information.

Join Tellwut Survey Panel Today!

Some gift cards are mailed, others are e-mailed in the form of e-vouchers. The method of delivery is stated in the rewards catalog.

Sign up For EarningStation Today! Earn Free Gift Cards!


Sign up For EarningStation Today! Earn Free Gift Cards!

EarningStation provides you with the easiest way to earn gift cards online. With our high-paying surveys, discount shopping offers, and other fun ways to earn! You are able choose how you earn and when you earn. Start today and before you know it you will have earned Free Gift cards to your favorite stores!

Sign up For EarningStation Today! Earn Free Gift Cards!

FREE Diadermine Lift Color Correction to Test

Sign up for Toluna to see if you qualify to get FREE Diadermine Lift Color Correction to Test!

You can earn $1-$5 each time you qualify and take surveys.

Test products for free and share your opinions!

How to sign up:
1.) Sign up with Toluna
2.) Confirm your email and sign-in
3.) Find the “Explore” tab on top of the page page, and find “PRODUCT TEST AREA” tab (sub-menu of Explore)
4.) If you are chosen to test this month’s FREE product, it will arrive at your door in a few weeks!

Note: They offer product testing and surveys every month. You can also keep the products that you test.

Complimentary Subscription to Magazine Of Your Choice


Take a Quick Survey and Earn Complimentary Subscription to Magazine Of Your Choice!

Just register and take the survey which earns you $20 in rewards points. You can use those points to get a year subscription at NO COST TO YOU! $20 magazine credit after completion of simple survey. Many magazines can be redeemed for $10, $15, $20 and up.

They also offer some really fantastic magazines at no cost throughout the year that you can get.

Remember you can earn points once a week by taking the short survey.


VIP Voice – $25 Gift Card

VIP Voice $25 Gift Card – This reward is guaranteed once you take a specific survey so signup, then confirm your email and start taking surveys and see if you get it! 

JOIN HERE FOR FREE and start earning now!

We know you have opinions on the products and services that you use. Share your thoughts with us and they will be amplified to the decision makers behind your favorite brands.

In return, you’ll be treated like a VIP, with the opportunity to win vacations, electronics, gift cards and other great prizes. New prizes and other special offers are available every day!

Guaranteed Rewards:
•         VIP Voice $25 Gift Card –This reward is guaranteed once you take a specific survey, see if you get it once you signup.
•         Special Offers Page – these offers vary monthly – on average there are between 4-6 each month.
Sweeps/Auction Based:
•         Sweepland – users earn points for each survey and can put them toward various prizes below. We are also offering a special cash prize of $250 and a chance to win 10k VIP Voice Points in the VIP of the Month Contest.
•         Bidland – similar to Sweepland where our users earn points however the good thing about Bidland is that if they do not win the prize, they get to keep their points earned. Nothing is lost. It creates a very competitive and exciting environment for our members as they keep checking to see if they won the prize. We have winners chosen daily.