Technogel Pillow Giveaway & Review!

Contour Pillow: Source

I was lucky enough to be sent a Technogel Pillow of my choice to review and Technogel was generous enough to allow me to offer one to one of my readers to giveaway!



Contour Pillow box: Source

First…here’s my review of the Technogel PillowI chose the Countour Technogel Pillow because I am a stomach sleeper who is desperate to become a back sleeper! Right now, to my husbands dismay, I sleep on my face like a mountain climber.

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Yes, actually just like that, climbing to clipart dreamland. So I’ve been looking up tips to switch to back sleeping:

  • Meditation: I wish I can do this, but I just can’t get the hang of it! I’ve bought books, listened to people guide me through…and still I fail every time!
  • Pillow under the knees: I actually love this and so do my dogs, they think it’s another bed for them on the bed!
  • Melatonin: A natural sleep aide. Yes, I take this occasionally when I want to sleep before 1am! For some reason I cannot fall asleep before 1am without it, but I use it to try and trick myself into falling asleep on my back.
  • Any suggestions…please let me know!!
Contour Pillow with cover: Source

No matter how hard I try every night I wake up on my face and usually in pain; ever since I switched to the Technogel pillow, I still wake up on my face without the pain. I hate leaving this pillow, it’s so comfortable!! I love it so much my one dog Spot has developed angry feelings towards it and actually attacked it! lol, Spot is such a funny guy…

It actually does keep you cooler than normal pillows as well, because even with the air conditioning blasting and sometimes with the windows cracked in the winter (yes I do that!) I am uncomfortably hot before bed and have trouble sleeping because of it. With my handy, dandy Technogel I haven’t really had that problem. It’s crazy, but amazing. 



I love that these are made in Italy, because in case you didn’t know, I’m very much Italian and proud of that, so sleeping on this pillow just feels right. Plus they are part of the Dr. Scholl’s family of amazing products!! 



Contour Pillow under covers: Source

Did I mention that these pillows have a two year warranty? A two year warranty, on a pillow. So when you gawk at the money you spend on them, think about that…and think about how much time you spend sleeping and how unbelievably important sleep is before you buy those $3 Kmart pillows and wake up sore and grumpy every morning! You deserve a good nights sleep and you deserve to sleep with a nice pillow and mattress! 



The only thing I wouldn’t recommend this pillow for? Pillow fights! Not if you want to keep your teeth anyways and/or like your schnoz the way it is, because this pillow is heavy. 



I really have nothing but good things to say about this pillow, except that I wish it came in a two pack so my husband would back off! I absolutely love it!!



On June 14th @Technogel and @FitFluential had an amazing Twitter party where they gave away three…THREE Technogel pillows!! I’m putting together a post full of their wonderful sleeping tips for all of you that weren’t able to make it. I was going to throw them right into this post for you, but there are SO many, that I can’t do it in a timely fashion and keep up with other obligations! 

So other than more of these amazing pillows and someday perhaps a mattress showing up at my doorstep 😉 here is what I hope to see in the future from Technogel:

  • Laptop cushions/coolers – I think their material would be ridiculously amazing for this based on how cool it keeps me at night and how comfortable this would be on your lap! 
  • They have mattresses, but no mattress toppers…you know that would be squishy and awesome, especially for traveling. 
  • Dog beds – for my lovely furry little babies, especially when they start to age.

Just a few thoughts anyways… 

If you have any questions about it ask me or the wonderful Technogel team on Twitter or Facebook

Also visit their websites at and and find out more about their amazing pillows!

Below is the rafflecopter for the Technogel Pillow Giveaway, please let me know if you have any questions or if any links are broken here.

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