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Wow, Check Out What You Can Win!

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Here is an offer where you can enter to win a Glo-Fish Aquarium Kit, from Tetra!


  • (10) Grand Prizes – 20-gallon glass aquarium, a LED hood, a Tetra® Mini Heater, a Tetra® Whisper® 20 Filter, a GloFish® 13″ LED Light Stick, three GloFish® Plants, and one GloFish® Yellow Anemone. Also, a 10” Tetra® GloFish® Cycle Light, Color-Changing Plant(s), a Color-Changing Décor item, GloFish® Food, and GloFish® Water Treatment.

Who Wants To Win All of THIS!!

On June 17, 2016 Finding Dory captured the heart all across the country! Now you can enter this amazing giveaway from Zak and have Dory and all of her friends right in your very home! My kids fell in love with Finding Nemo and have fallen in love again with Finding Dory! Hurry and enter, this is too precious to pass up! Below you will find the COMPLETE list of prizes 1 lucky winner will receive!

  • Glass Tumblers Set of 4
  • Dinnerware Set of 3 with a Plate, Bowl and Tumbler
  • Fish Shaped Plates (One Dory, One Nemo)
  • 3 Section Plate
  • Placemat
  • Easy Grip Flatware Set with Fork and Spoon
  • Optix Sip N’ Slide Tumblers (One Dory, One Nemo)
  • Tritan Water Bottles (One Dory, One Nemo)
  • Illusion Tumblers with Straw (One Dory, One Nemo)
  • Canning Jar Tumbler
  • Dome Tmblr
  • Flip N’ Sip
  • Spin Tumblers (One Dory, One Nemo)
  • Additional 3pcs of Misc Finding Dory Drinkware
  • Lunch Bags (One Dory, One Nemo)
  • Reusable Sandwich Containers (One Dory, One Nemo)
  • Finding Dory Shaped Snack Container
  • Fish Tank
  • Life Jacket
  • Pool Toys
  • Beach Towel
  • Band-Aid
  • Crest Toothpaste
  • Kellogg’s Cereal