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EntreCard Top Droppers for February

Another month has come and gone. The year is already starting to fly by, and it seems like we just celebrated the new year. I want to thank all my top droppers and everyone who drops by my little ole blog. I have met some wonderful bloggers through Entrecard. I hope they will have less downtime in the future. It would be nice to see some good improvements implemented at Entrecard.

Here are the February Top Droppers:

  1. Rambling Thoughts
  2. Positive Men
  3. The Cooling Stream
  4. Funky Town Disco Music
  5. bethere2day
  6. Photography by KML
  7. Mutual Love
  8. Serian Man
  9. Graphic Texts
  10. Unofficial Chart Blog

EntreCard Top Droppers for January

WOW! Another month down in the new year of 2012! I can’t believe it’s already February which is my birthday month. Yes I celebrate a whole month of me! Just kidding, but I will be turning another year in 20 more days. No I will not be sharing my age as a lady never tells her age.

I want to thank all the people who drop my blog regularly. My new blog theme has been installed on WordPress as early this morning. I should be in my home very soon. I am so excited, and I cannot wait for everyone to see my new blog theme.

1. Fell The Beat of The World

2. Photography by KML

3. A New Concept for a New Life

4. My Life’s Perception and Inspiration

5. Bouncing on Words

6. My Kids Are My World

7. The Ad Master

8. Dwayne360

9. Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife

10. Seek No More

EntreCard Top Droppers for December

Here is the first post for the new year! I can’t believe it’s already 2012. Time really does fly by, and December is already over. It proved to be a busy month with the holidays. This is a brand new year with lots potential. I have listed the top 10 EntreCard top droppers for December. These are great blogs you should stop by and read. Thanks again to everyone for dropping by.


EntreCard Top Droppers for November

November has come and gone. We are now in full swing of the holiday season. I wanted to take a little time to thank all of my Entrecard top droppers for November. I appreciate the time you took to read my blogs and for the comments. I have found so many great blogs to read through Entrecard, and have made some good friends. Thanks again for dropping by.

  1. Comedy Plus
  2. Serian Man
  3. Zenith
  4. Dragon’s Alley
  5. Digital Rebel350
  6. Rambling Thoughts
  7. Funky Town Disco Music
  8. Picture to People
  9. Awww…Mondays
  10. My kids are my world

Using Social Networks for Your Blog

I have several social networks that I belong to for personal and also to pick up more readers for my blog. I think using them is a big advantage for your blog. It’s a great way to meet other blog writers, share ideas, and readers. I recently joined Twitter and I love if you follow me. I’ll return the favor. I also joined Networked Blogs through Facebook. I also have the older ones like MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog. I was using Entrecard but I haven’t been as involved with that once since I don’t always have to time to drop cards daily. I’m sure there are some other great sites, but these are a few that I really like. If you have a site that you would like to share then please leave a comment. I love hearing about new websites and ways to pick up new readers.

March Entrecard Top 10 Droppers

I haven’t posted one of these in a couple of months for which I would like to apologize. I am now back in the habit of doing my daily 300 card drops. I want to thank my top 10 droppers on Entrecard for March. I really appreciate the drops. I hope you guys enjoy the link love.

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