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My Unexplained Absence

I do want to apologize for not writing for the last 3 months. So much has been happening in my life that I just didn’t make this blog a priority. I was going to go back to work full-time, but my son had other ideas. I don’t want to get into all the details, but it’s been a very long and stressful time for us. We thought he was ADHD, but had him evaluated with a Pediatric Psychiatrist to find it he is actually Bipolar. I never felt he was truly ADHD, and some scary events took place that really made me question it. I’m glad I did since we took him off stimulants and he has been on a new medicine. His anxiety levels were extremely high which the stimulants contributed it to greatly. It hasn’t been a miracle, but I finally feel we are on the right path. Between the new medicine and therapy we are seeing some improvements and he sleeps and eats so much better now. I have been putting all my attention on him and I’m continuing to stay at home which is where I’m needed for now. I have many years to go back to work so I’m no longer stressing about it. I am going to slowly start getting back to my blog as it’s a nice release, and I could really use to make some extra money.

Frugal vs Green

Lately I’m noticing a new trend. More people are turning to books or sites about frugal living or living more simply. Many of these same people also want to help the environment. You can actually do both. For centuries people have practiced both, and it’s only become more of a trend in the last few decades. I do find it funny how thrift was considered cheap, but being “green” is cool and hip. I love these new buzz words. Most of the frugal tips I practice daily, not only save me money, but they are good for the environment. I wrote an earlier article about Reduce, reuse, and recycling. All of these ideas save money and are good for the environment.

Many companies are also trying to cash in on being green and “All Natural”. Clorox has come out with a whole new line of natural cleaners. I don’t have a problem with companies using non-toxic ingredients. I think it’s great, but you will pay a lot more for them. If you really want all natural ingredients, then just make your own cleaners or use these ingredients to clean your house. I use baking soda and vinegar on a regular basis for all my cleaning. The bottom line is research many of these new cleaners, and you might be surprised by the actual ingredients. Lessen your use of energy and resources like water will also accomplish both goals. There are tons of ways to your reduce your consumption so I’m not going to list them. Many of these ideas are very old fashioned that have been practiced for generations.

An Update….

Again I have to apologize for not writing new posts in a couple of weeks. Life has been pretty busy lately. I was substitute teaching at my son’s school almost on a full-time basis. My son was having some trouble with me being at school so I had to stop. While I’m a little sad, I must say I’m glad to be back at home again. I was tired after working all day that we were eating out more or eating more convenience food. I also was doing all my housework on the weekends so I didn’t really get to enjoy being with my family. It’s nice to be able to do my work during the week while my two guys aren’t home.

I also have quit doing paid posting on my blog. I am going to be cutting my other two blogs soon. I will have just this one again so I do plan on focusing on it more. I just didn’t have much time to work on it while I was working daily. I think for now it’s better I’m at home. I will say that working in a school is one of the best ways to work if you have school age children. I do plan on volunteering more at his school. This way I can set my hours, and I really enjoy having time to get the shopping done by myself. No more hearing mom can I have this or that? I can get into the store, grab what I need, and get out!

My plans for this blog include more posts about saving money, cooking more from scratch, some reviews on different products and such, plus so much more! I also have more daily frugal living tips to share. I am happy that I won’t be doing anymore posts which don’t have anything to do with my blog. That’s one of the pitfalls of doing paid posts for certain companies. You don’t always have a choice of what you want to write. I don’t advocate several of the topics that I was required to write about like diet pills and electronics. Instead I’m considering a couple of carefully selected ads that would complement my blog.

Sporty Cars

Lately I’ve been thinking about adding some performance parts to my car. I would really like to put a spoiler on the back. I already have a sporty looking car so I think a spoiler would just add to that look. I wouldn’t need to add my engine since it’s a turbocharge. It gives me lots of power especially when I need to pass on the highway.

Another Apology…

I have to issue yet another apology for my little break. I know it hasn’t been that long of one, but I’m really enjoying my time away from the computer. I have been doing more cooking from scratch and just spending more time with my guys. I also have some new projects around the house I am starting and will elaborate more in the week. I’m debating on the future of my other 3 blogs. I’m pretty sure House of Bargains is getting axed in the near future as well as WAHM Adventures. I can’t decide if I want to keep The Cajun Blogger or not. I like that one a lot, but I can post the same topics on this one. It’s really a lot of work keeping up with multiple blogs. This is my baby so I really want to continue growing it.

Be Smart About Diet Pills

Many diet pills will promise that they are the diet pills that work. Talking with your doctor first before using any diet pill is best. It could contain an ingredient that might interact with a prescription you are taking. It could also cause adverse side effects so be informed about the particular pill you are considering taking. Diet pills can help aide in weight loss, but it will be even more effective when coupled with good nutrition and exercise.

Car Insurance

If you are going to drive a car, then you will need low cost auto insurance. I’m so glad they have cracked down on uninsured motorists here in Louisiana. They still do random insurance checks from time to time. Of course our rates are much higher in this state compared to other states. If you ever have the misfortune of being in a car accident, then you will be grateful you have it.