An Update….

Again I have to apologize for not writing new posts in a couple of weeks. Life has been pretty busy lately. I was substitute teaching at my son’s school almost on a full-time basis. My son was having some trouble with me being at school so I had to stop. While I’m a little sad, I must say I’m glad to be back at home again. I was tired after working all day that we were eating out more or eating more convenience food. I also was doing all my housework on the weekends so I didn’t really get to enjoy being with my family. It’s nice to be able to do my work during the week while my two guys aren’t home.

I also have quit doing paid posting on my blog. I am going to be cutting my other two blogs soon. I will have just this one again so I do plan on focusing on it more. I just didn’t have much time to work on it while I was working daily. I think for now it’s better I’m at home. I will say that working in a school is one of the best ways to work if you have school age children. I do plan on volunteering more at his school. This way I can set my hours, and I really enjoy having time to get the shopping done by myself. No more hearing mom can I have this or that? I can get into the store, grab what I need, and get out!

My plans for this blog include more posts about saving money, cooking more from scratch, some reviews on different products and such, plus so much more! I also have more daily frugal living tips to share. I am happy that I won’t be doing anymore posts which don’t have anything to do with my blog. That’s one of the pitfalls of doing paid posts for certain companies. You don’t always have a choice of what you want to write. I don’t advocate several of the topics that I was required to write about like diet pills and electronics. Instead I’m considering a couple of carefully selected ads that would complement my blog.

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