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Save Time and Money at Disney World With These 8 Practical Tips

Are you planning a trip to Disney World?

Visiting Disney can be a magical experience, but only if you plan ahead and arrive prepared. Otherwise, you might wind up wasting tons of time and spending a fortune.

If that sounds stressful, don’t worry. This article is for you! 

We’ll cover eight essential tips for visiting Disney World, handpicked to help you save time and money. Keep reading to learn more.

Top 8 Tips for Visiting Disney World

With over 20 million annual visitors, Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is the world’s most-visited theme park. So, showing up unprepared can leave you standing in line for hours, spending more than you want, and enjoying your vacation less.

For the best experience possible, follow these Disney World vacation tips: 

1. Buy Tickets in Advance

Did you know that most theme parks increase their entrance fees every year? Buying your tickets in advance can help you avoid these price hikes and save a bundle on admission.

Plus, the longer you stay in the park, the cheaper each day becomes. But, only if you buy ahead! Adding an extra day or two to your trip suddenly can add hundreds of dollars in unnecessary spending.

2. Stay on Property

Most room rates include complimentary shuttles to and from all the different Disney parks. For you, that means no parking or rental car fees.

Plus, you’ll have easy access to Disney’s Extra Magic Hours. On these select days, certain parks open earlier or stay open later, and staying on property will give you a head start on the crowds.

3. Shop Around 

Discounts for Disney are few and far between. But, sales on tickets, hotels, and vacation packages do exist.

Frequent fliers should contact their airline about reduced rates. And, if you work for a major US company, research whether they offer any benefits for taking a trip to Disney World. You might be surprised at what you find! 

4. Free Activities

Some hotels offer free nature walks, campfire sing-alongs, movie nights, and more! You can also find free shows and boat rides in smaller parks like Disney Springs.

Traveling with kids who like to use their hands? Plan a stop at the Lego store, where your family can spend time using the hands-on play tables and check out larger than life Lego models of Disney characters.

5. Avoid Peak Season

Visiting outside Disney’s peak season, which includes major holidays and all of the summer months can save you up to $50 a day in park admission fees. And, visiting during the week is far cheaper than on a weekend when it comes to ticket and hotel prices.

Disney World crowd calendar can help you find your perfect dates, avoid unnecessarily long lines, and get you the best value for money possible. 

6. Plan Your Meals

You should avoid all-inclusive meal plans if you want to visit Disney World on a budget.

Be sure to travel with plenty of healthy snacks for before and after your day in the park. These can come in handy while you’re waiting for an early morning shuttle, or if you want to piece together a low-cost meal in your hotel room, too. 

Pick where to have meals in advance. Otherwise, you might end up spending extra on pricy restaurants or spend hours waiting for a table. 


You’re planning to spend days in the sun and Florida heat, so you and your family will definitely get thirsty. Skip the cost of disposable water bottles by bringing your own.

Every quick-service restaurant on Disney property will provide water and ice to guests free of charge, even if you don’t buy a meal. This can save you up to $5 per refill, and it’s an earth-friendly way to improve your trip.

8. Skip Some Extras

Simply put, if it doesn’t sound essential, you probably don’t need it. Skip extras like photo packages and character meals. We promise you’ll never miss them.

Instead, opt for extra spending when it comes to experiences like visiting water parks or taking a side trip. 

Start Planning Today

Now that you’ve got some time and money-saving tips for visiting Disney World, you’re probably excited to start planning.

Remember, you’ll save the most if you start looking for discounts on admission and accommodations months before your visit. Plus, with this strategy, you’ll have plenty of time to save up for a few little extras.

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5 Tips for Visiting Disney World on a Budget

Did you know that Disney World attracts over 58 million visitors each year?

If you’re planning a vacation to Orlando soon, learning the best Disney tips and tricks can help you save tons of money.

Do you want to learn how to visit Disney World on a budget? Keep reading to learn 5 different ways you can get more bang for your buck.

1. Plan Your Trip During a Slow Season

If you want to know how to do Disney World on a budget, planning your trip during a slow season can make all the difference. People who want to save money on all of their Disney tickets should check out the Disney Crowd Calendar to score the best deals. As a general rule of thumb, avoiding school vacation weeks and holidays is a guaranteed way to save.

2. Weigh the Pros and Cons of Hotel Locations

One of the most important tips for visiting Disney World is to take your time choosing your hotel. On one hand, staying off-site can help you save hundreds of dollars. However, these savings come at the cost of your convenience.

Although staying in a Disney hotel is more expensive up front, you can save more in other ways. Many locations offer free meals, transportation, and the closer proximity gives you more time to explore the parks. After you weigh these pros and cons, you can make the decision that suits your unique needs best.

3. Visit One Park Per Day

Lots of visitors are drawn to the Park Hopper ticket that allows you to visit any park in one day for $169. If you plan on going to the parks on multiple days during your stay, it’s a lot cheaper to buy one ticket per park. Since there are plenty of rides and attractions to keep you entertained, you’ll be busy all day and night tackling one park at a time.

4. Bring Your Own Food and Water

One of the easiest Disney World tips to follow is to bring your own food and water. Since meals and snacks at Disney are extremely expensive, packing a sandwich, a water bottle, and some fruit can help you stick to your budget. Just remember that Disney doesn’t allow people to bring in coolers, so pack items that can withstand a little heat.

5. Don’t Make Impulse Purchases

As you wander through Disney, you’ll be surrounded by festive treats and fun merchandise. If you want to have the full Disney experience for your photos, buy Disney-related clothing and accessories online beforehand where the prices are more affordable. Don’t forget to pass on unnecessary perks like all-inclusive meal plans or Memory Maker photo passes.

Going to Disney World on a Budget Can Still Be Magical

If you follow these 5 tips for visiting Disney World on a budget, you can plan the vacation of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Do you want to know other ways you can become a thrifty globetrotter? Explore our site to find more traveling and finance tips.

Thrifty Vibes: 13 Cheap But Thrilling Things to Do in Upstate New York

Did you know that traveling can have a positive impact on your physical and mental well-being? Consider booking a trip for your next vacation.

Are you wondering what to do in upstate New York? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over must-visit sites in upstate NY.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

1. Orange County Farmers Museum

Do you want to learn more about farm life? Consider visiting the Orange County Farmers Museum in Montgomery. Check out the extensive collection of farming artifacts and tools.

The museum also has exhibits that showcase life as a 1800s farming family in the Hudson Valley. There are events throughout the year. Attend a backyard chicken keeping class or a beekeeping workshop.

If you want to visit this farm and need a route there, check out airport transportation.

2. Boldt Castle

In Alexandria Bay, you can check out this stunning castle built-in 1900. George C. Boldt started to build this castle for his wife, but she died in a sudden event. The castle got abandoned for over 70 years.

Today, it’s restored and is a top tourist attraction. You can check out the yacht club and castle. Access this castle by a private boat, ferry, or tour boat.

3. Corning Museum of Glass

If you’re in Corning, consider checking out this museum. Kids can get hands-on experience and learn about the technology behind glass.

You can see a live demonstration of glassmaking or take part in gallery activities. There are over 50,000 pieces at the museum, so consider spending the day or an afternoon.

4. Eleanor Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt Homes

In Hyde Park, visit Val-Kill. This is a National Historic Site dedicated to Eleanor Roosevelt’s former home. Go on a tour of the cottage and enjoy the stunning grounds.

Two miles away, check out Springwood, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s home. You’ll get a chance to visit the presidential library, house, and museum.

5. Minnewaska State Park Preserve

Head to Kerhonkson and visit this preserve found on the Shawangunk Ridge. The park has many rocky terrains, waterfalls, and dense forests.

Enjoy scuba diving, biking, rocking climbing, and boating. Go for a hike with a friend. After, take a refreshing swim in a glacial lake called Lake Awosting.

6. National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

Head to the historic Cooperstown. You can check out the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

You don’t have a guide in this museum, so you can have fun walking around the three-story building. Learn about the history of the sport on the second floor. You can see the past and present ballparks on the third floor.

End your visit by checking out the learning center found on the first floor. The Hall of Fame features over 300 plaques of the best baseball players.

7. Fort Ticonderoga

Visit an old French fort, once called Carillon, in Ticonderoga. This is an excellent spot if you’re a history buff.

This fort got used during five battles and two wars. The restoration during the 19th century became an inspiration for travelers and artists.

You can go on tours of the museum and garden during the day. There are also musket and cannon demonstrations. Kids can enjoy activities and exhibitions in the garden and fort.

8. Adirondack State Park

Consider heading to Lake Placid and visit this park that spans over 2.6 million acres. You can go kayaking, fishing, or biking.

Do you love to hike? Check out the different trails with various levels of difficulty. Enjoy a scenic drive through the park.

9. Ausable Chasm

Did you know the Ausable Chasm’s called the Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks? You can go floating on a tube or raft down the Ausable River.

Consider hiking with a friend, and enjoy the spectacular views. For adventure-seekers, consider rappelling or rock climbing.

10. Natural Stone Bridge and Caves

In Pottersville, check out the hiking trails, caves, and waterfalls. These trails are one of the best attractions in the Adirondacks. Enjoy a guided tour or try out gemstone mining with your family.

11. Seabreeze Amusement Park

This amusement park located in Rochester has over 70 attractions. Enjoy the water and amusement park with your family. There are rides, fair food snacks, and the view of Lake Ontario to enjoy.

12. The Strong National Museum of Play

The Strong’s also located in Rochester. Enjoy checking out the World Video Game Hall of Fame and the National Toy Hall of Fame. You can also learn more at the International Center for the History of Electronic Games.

The goal of the museum is to help educate people on why play is so essential for human development.

Enjoy checking out collections of toys, dolls, and electronic games. Some exhibits include favorite characters from Sesame Street and the Berenstain Bears.

13. The Wild Center

In Tupper Lake, the Wild Center includes the Wild Walk, a museum, and other attractions. Check out the Wild Walk and enjoy this above-ground trail.

Indoors, you can learn more about the Adirondack landscape and watch otters swim. Enjoy hiking trails, canoe trips, and a play area for kids.

In the winter, go on a snowshoe tour and learn more about the animals braving the cold season. 

Now You Know What to Do in Upstate New York

We hope this guide on upstate NY attractions was helpful. Make a list of the top places you want to visit in upstate New York.

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What Is the Cost to Travel Around Australia Once You’ve Arrived?

In 2018, there were over 9.5 million visitors to Australia. That’s about a 1 million person increase from the previous year. No doubt about it: the time to travel to Australia is now.

We know that it can be expensive to get to Australia. But what is the cost to travel around Australia once you’re there? Is it expensive?

It doesn’t have to be! Learn all about the various methods to travel around Australia once you’ve arrived.

Travel by Plane

Traveling by plane to get around Australia is the fastest, but it’s also likely to be the most expensive. The average cost of a flight in Australia is $30 per 100 kilometers (about 62 miles). 

Additionally, planes usually only travel between the larger state and regional cities. So if you want to see the iconic destinations, it’s perfect. But if you want to see the coast or smaller towns along the way, this won’t be your transportation of choice.

Most travel distances are only about 2 hours by plane. If you’re traveling far, like from Sydney to Perth, you’ll likely need to take a plane, since they’re more than 2500 miles apart.

Travel by Train

Trains are a nice way to travel because they’re a great way to take in the scenery as you travel. Of course, it’s also slower than air travel, less convenient than traveling by car, and more expensive than traveling by bus.

Unfortunately, the train system isn’t very extensive and might not take you where you need to go. And it can get pricey. For example, it will cost almost $700 go from Sydney to Perth and it will take you more than 60 hours!

Some opt for a train adventure. Doing this, you’ll pay a set price and get a nice cabin, accommodation, meals, and excursions. Most of these journeys cost over $1,000.

But trains for day trips are a viable and more affordable option. There are several trips that you can take that are only a few hours long and cost less than $50.

Travel by Bus

Traveling by bus is one of the cheapest options to get around. Unfortunately, it also means you have to stick to the bus timetables. 

East coast buses are relatively inexpensive. They’re usually about $35, or you can take a night bus for around $70. It’s not the most comfortable or luxurious option, but it’s a cheap and easy way to get around.

The west coast is quite a bit pricier and it may be cheaper to fly in and out. A Greyhound pass can cost you more than $500.

Travel by Car

Finally, you can rent a car. This option is inexpensive and offers the most flexibility. You can go wherever you want whenever you want. Use a car hire directly from the airport and reap the benefits immediately. 

Car rental starts as little as $25 per day. The longer you rent your car, the cheaper the daily rate. You can keep your belongings with you instead of stowing them away and worrying about their whereabouts. 

Don’t forget about the cost of fueling your vehicle. A full tank will set you back $70-80 there, so add that in to your budget when planning the cost to travel around Australia.

Now You Know the Cost to Travel Around Australia!

Now you know the cost to travel around Australia! Looking for more travel tips for your next adventure? Bookmark LL World Tour for all the latest travel news and tips.

What Percentage of My Income Should I Save for the Family Vacation?

Around 40 percent of Americans say that they aren’t going on vacation this year because they cannot afford the cost.

But, you don’t simply need to accept that you cannot afford to get away with the family. Of course, the expense of going on vacation can be huge.

And yet, you’re probably asking yourself the question – what percentage of my income should I save to go on vacation?

Here’s our guide to putting money away for your travel plans below. Check it out below!

Start Budgeting in Your Daily Life

There are tried and tested methods for budgeting your income in your daily life. This ensures that you don’t spend more than you can afford.

Moreover, if you follow the rules of budgeting, you’ll also be able to save a little bit at the end of each month for your vacation.

The most popular budget type is dividing up your expenses in necessities, wants, and future savings. This ought to be distributed by 50% for necessities, 30% for wants, and around 20% for savings.

You could allocate your vacation spending to either your wants or your savings. This probably depends on your financial circumstances.

Check out to ensure that you can afford to go on vacation from your monthly paycheck. 

Estimate Your Vacation Budget 

You need to work out the amount you want to spend on your family vacation. This could be your dream travel experience or a budget-friendly trip.

Make sure that you browse the web for the best deals on flights, accommodations, and entertainment. You don’t want to spend more than you have to. 

This should allow you to calculate how much you need to spend on your biggest expenses on vacation. However, don’t forget the costs of eating out, transportation, and fun activities.

Determine Your Priorities

When you’re considering how much you need to spend your income on vacations, you have to think about what is most important to you.

If you really want to go to Disney World, you may only be able to afford a few days rather than a week. However, if you prefer a week’s vacation, you need to rethink your destination.

Everyone has different priorities when they’re on vacation. Once you know yours, you can determine how you’re going to spend your budget.

How to Save Money on Family Vacation?

There are dozens of ways to save money while on vacation.

Do you find eating out in restaurants too costly? Hire an apartment, shop for groceries, and cook for the family instead.

You can usually afford to go on vacation as long as you make some cuts to your expenses while you’re on your traveling trip. 

What Percentage of My Income Should I Save for a Family Vacation?

If you want to save for your family vacation, you need to set aside money each month to ensure that you have enough to enjoy a getaway at the end of the year.

Now you know the answer to the question “What percentage of my income should I save for a family vacation?”, you can concentrate on planning your trip.  

Do you want to know more helpful money-saving tips? Check out our blog here!

5 Key Tips for Visiting Greece on a Budget

There are many reasons to visit Greece, Athena the Goddess Wisdom, the Parthenon, and the breathtaking Agean sea. Like many, you may be dreaming of a Greek vacation but is there a way to see Greece on a budget?

The answer is yes, with a little planning and some insider knowledge you can take in all the wonder of Greece without breaking the bank. 

When traveling on a budget, the first thing you have to do is plan. So grab a notebook and a computer and get to work.

1. Getting There

Getting there is a big expense depending on where you live, however, it doesn’t have to be. Check out to find inexpensive flights from locations abroad. You can also use them to travel once you arrive in-country.

2. Rent a Car

Grabbing a cab everywhere you want to go can get expensive fast. When you rent a car you can see more of the area on your time and at a much lower price.

3. Get Travel Insurance

I know you may be thinking this isn’t a good way to spend your limited funds, but you would be amazed at how inexpensive it is. Things happen, and if it does happen this way you are saving the rest of your travel funds versus spending it to get home.

4. Accommodations

You have lots of options here. You can really get to know Greece by exploring some of the out of the way islands and cities. When you stay in Athens, or in Mykonos you can expect to pay higher prices than in other more remote locations.

Hostels are a great way to stay inexpensively, but if you aren’t interested in sharing accommodations explore AirBnBs. If you really want to see a larger city say on the outskirts and drive into the city for the day.

5. Travel in Low Season

Traveling in the low season requires some pre-planning. Not everything is open during the low season so you will want to check in advance. Also, the low season in Greece can be cold and rainy so dress accordingly. But if your budget is tight this is a great way to see the history of the country in an economic way.

Not to mention you don’t have to fight as many crowds when you explore the natural wonders that Greece has to offer. 

Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean you have to miss out. It is cheaper to eat like a local and a lot more fun. Focus on taking pictures, verses buying souvenirs as a way to document your trip. And slow down, there is a lot to see in this historical section of the world.

Do You Love a Good Deal Beyond Seeing Greece on a Budget?

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Follow us to learn how to see Greece on a budget or save on your prescription drugs. Our community is large and strong, join us and save. 

Your Guide to Finding the Best Cruise Rooms

Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy city? Why not take a relaxing journey by sea instead?

In 2018, 28.5 million people took a cruise trip. That’s almost a 7% increase from the year before!

Before you book your big cruise trip, however, it’s important to keep the accommodations in mind. 

Here are five tips to help you find the best cruise rooms available. With this guide, you can find exactly what you need to make your trip enjoyable and relaxing. Start cruising through these tips!

1. Location

First, you need to consider where the cabin is located on the ship. The wrong spot can make you seasick throughout your entire journey. Doing your homework, however, can help you find the cruise rooms best for lulling you straight to sleep. 

If you get seasick a lot, you want to look for a cabin that offers stability. 

You’ll feel less rolling and rocking the lower and more central you are within the ship. Try to find cruise rooms at the lowest level, midship. 

The higher the cabin, the more likely you’ll rock, roll, and feel sick.


Next, you’ll want to consider cabins with proximity to certain locations. If you’re interested in sunbathing the entire trip, look for a cabin closer to the upper-deck. For those who enjoy partying all night, try a room midship, near the entertainment venues.


Considering noise can also help you determine which cruise rooms are in the best locations. 

Most cruise lines place their more expensive cabins on the highest decks. These rooms are often located below the pool deck. However, choosing a room in this location means a lot of noise. 

While these rooms are considered “nicer,” you’ll also have to prepare for a lot of hollering and chair-scraping. 

Instead, find a room that’s located a little lower. Your best choice for avoiding noise is a cabin that’s between other cabins. 

You’ll also want to avoid cruise rooms that are near:

  • Staterooms
  • Lounges
  • Bars
  • Self-service launderettes
  • The ship’s engines or thrusters

These areas are likely to produce the most noise. 

2. Amenities

Every cabin will come included with basic amenities. These often include:

  • Climate control
  • Soaps and shampoos in each bathroom
  • A cabin steward to clean your room

Some cabins, however, offer additional perks. 

For example, choosing a suite will provide you with priority boarding. You’ll also have an in-cabin bar set up.

A spa cabin, on the other hand, sometimes include fancy showerheads or yoga mats within the cabin. Even solo cabins come with extra privileges, such as access to an exclusive lounge. 

Here are a few other perks to consider when choosing between cruise rooms.


During your vacation, you don’t want to worry about pesky little details. Instead, a concierge can take care of those matters for you. For example, they’ll:

  • Make your dinner and spa reservations
  • Book fun shore excursions
  • Complete requests with the front desk

These services are often included within the price of the suite. 

You might also receive a welcome basic full of drinks, fruits, and other snacks. Some ships also have an exclusive concierge lounge where you can relax privately.


Having a personal butler can change your cruise ship experience as well. Make sure to review the specific services the butler offers. For example, they can:

  • Deliver room service from difficult-to-find restaurants
  • Refill your cabin’s mini-bar based on your specifications
  • Serve in-cabin meals course-by-course

They’re also available to unpack and repack your bags or prepare an in-suite cocktail party just for you!

Other Amenities

Here are a few other amenities you’ll want to consider when choosing your cabin:

  • Access to exclusive spaces on the ship
  • Spa luxuries (including discounted treatments and fitness classes)
  • Walk-in closets
  • Whirlpool bathtubs
  • An in-cabin dining table for dinner parties
  • Bathrobes
  • Fancy skin and bath products

These amenities can ensure your cruise is a luxury experience.

3. View

The demand for cruising has increased by 20.5% in the past five years. As more people head aboard, they’re all likely looking for the perfect view. 

If you want a room with a balcony, determine which direction it’s facing. Aft balconies are at the back of the ship. You’ll have a 180-degree view of the stern!

Since these cabins are at the back of the shop, they’re often distant from many activities.

Promenade cabins, on the other hand, look out onto the walk-tracking that circles the ship. Some rooms have obstructed views with limited visibility, so watch out.

4. Size

Cruise cabins now come in all shapes and sizes. Here are a few details to consider about the size of the room.

Space Outside

Many people enjoy spending their time outside but want to avoid public areas like the sun decks. For a private experience, consider getting a cabin with a balcony. Then, you can enjoy the sun, avoid the crowd, and relax in your own quiet space.

Make sure to check the weather to determine if a room with a balcony is worth the price. 


Different cruise lines offer unique cabin setups. For example, some have large living areas with smaller, sectioned off sleeping spaces. 

When choosing between cruise rooms, make sure to explore these layouts. 

If you’re taking a cruise with family, you might want more space. You’ll also want to consider a room with pullout sofas or bunk beds. These accommodations can help you maximize space. 


If you want space for the entire family, consider a suite. Suites come with plenty of room, so you won’t feel cramped. However, consider how much time you’ll spend in the suite beforehand.

5. Budget

Finally, you’ll want to consider your budget when choosing a room. Often, the price will come down to the options you chose above. Try to set your budget early on.

That way, you have some indication of what you can afford before choosing your cabin!

All Aboard: Your Guide to Finding the Best Cruise Rooms

Ready to cruise off on a relaxing getaway? With these tips, you can find the best cruise rooms available. Now you can enjoy your journey in the laps of luxury!

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