Why Women’s Fitness Attire Has Become Everyday Wear

fitness attireWomen’s fitness attire isn’t just for the gym: it’s for the house, the car, the store, and even the cafe.

As a matter of fact, it’s become everyday fashion.

How did we get here when just a few years ago none of us would dream of slipping out to get a bite to eat in our workout clothes? Keep reading to see what we found out about this trend.

Athleisure and Millennials

The young generation is at the forefront of this style trend. It started because of a need for comfy and casual clothing that was cooler than pajamas.

Quickly, they realized that this look could come from their gym clothes. Things like yoga pants and leggings could be both daily wear and workout clothes for women.

Finding stylish clothes could still be a challenge. Keep in mind that, when this trend was brand new, most fitness clothing companies just weren’t ready to see their clothes on the street.

While this was the first time that gym clothes were for more than just the gym, companies quickly realized there was money in selling stylish gym clothes under their brands.

Fitness Attire Companies Catch On

As the athleisure trend grew, so did the need for workout clothing companies to sell products fit for more than just the gym. The rich and famous became some of the top salespeople for this concept.

As celebrities ranging from Jessica Alba to Chrissy Teigen began to be photographed in their gym clothes (and looking great in them,) a trend became a full-fledged fever pitch. Soon, even sneaker companies were hiring celebrities like Kim Kardashian to advertise their brands.

The hiring of celebrities to represent brands became one of the two types of aspirational marketing associated with athleisure. The other was the communication of “the green smoothie woman.”

The Green Smoothie Idea

There’s a specific type of person we imagine wearing their yoga pants and running shoes to the supermarket: she loves to make green smoothies with her kids and starts her morning with a quick run.

The person who wears fitness attire everywhere is who we want to be because it implies that this person has their life together. This is a person who knows how to do every exercise with proper form, who doesn’t need a gym membership because she knows it’s possible to work out on a budget.

It’s an example of aspirational marketing. And while a lot of us normally wouldn’t fall for it, the fact that we have workout clothes anyway makes this an actually thrifty way to be stylish.

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