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The Importance of a Clean Beard and Using the Best Hygiene Products

There’s nothing like a nice, clean beard. Beards have a way of taking a man’s appearance to the next level.

But while facial hair is an attractive attribute, there are some maintenance steps that are required to keep intact. Otherwise, you’ll just look like a lumberjack, and you don’t want that. 

Not only do you want your beard to look pleasant, but it’s important to keep it in good condition by making sure that it’s clean and healthy. But how do you do that?  Well, take a look at the male grooming tips below for maintaining an impressive beard.

Maintaining Good Hygiene

Let’s face it, a clean beard is all about maintaining good hygiene. You should not neglect the hair on your face. It’s an essential part of your body that requires routine care. 

In fact, your beard is probably one of the main areas that you want to tend to because it’s the first thing that people will see when they look at you. Without the proper care, beards can get really gross, and you want to avoid that as much as possible.

Prevent Bad Odor

Did you know that your beard can smell bad? If you don’t wash it regularly, it’ll begin to accumulate foul odors. It’s just like the hair on your head.

 As time goes on, the sweat and debris that gets caught in your beard begins to create a “garbage can” environment. Therefore, you should wash your facial hair, and do it as often as needed.

Eliminate Itchiness

If your beard is dirty, chances are it’ll begin to itch. The last thing you want is to walk around constantly scratching yourself. Washing your beard gets rid of flakes, debris, and other substances that can lead to itchiness.

Also, much like your head hair, your facial hair can develop dandruff. You don’t want flakes all over your face or falling onto the front of your shirt. So, keep your beard clean!

Retain Moisture

After a while, your beard can become quite brittle. Again, much like the hair on your head, it requires moisture. Moisturizing your beard keeps it nice and sleek. 

Trust us, you don’t want it feeling or looking dry. The good news is, there are many beard products out there designed to help you keep your facial hair in tip-top condition.

Prevents Lice

If you didn’t know, lice not only can live in the hair on your head, but your eyebrows and beard as well. You don’t want that! That is bound to lead to a very uncomfortable experience.

Furthermore, it’s not hygienic. You want to make sure that you have a clean beard, so you can avoid health complications associated with dirty facial hair.

Less Tangles

A dirty, matted beard will definitely lead to tangles. In order to prevent this, moisturize your facial hair regularly and brush it. By doing so, you’ll cut down on the possibility of having tough tangles. 

When your beard is matted, it could hurt to get all of the knots out. Plus, if the situation gets too bad, you may have to cut some of your beard and start over.

Eliminate Rough Ends

The ends of your beard hair are much like the hair on your head. After a while, the ends can become unruly. Beard hair can also get split ends and single hair knots. 

Therefore, it’s a good idea to trim your facial hair when necessary. It helps to keep it looking dapper. Unless you’re going for the wild and untamed look, a trimmed beard is the way to go.

Keep it Feeling Nice

A clean, groomed beard isn’t just about the way it looks. It’s about the way it feels, too. If you have a partner that comes into close contact with your beard, you don’t want it feeling rough to them. 

But it’s not just about other people. You should also want your facial hair to feel nice to you as well. But only a moisturized, groomed, clean beard feels pleasant to the touch.

Using Quality Products

This particular tip isn’t so much about the importance of a clean beard, but the way in which to keep your facial hair looking impressive. You want to invest in it. 

Don’t just wash your beard with the soap that you use to clean your body. Opt for products that are geared towards beard care. If you use cheap shampoo or body soap, it can really strip the hair on your face. 

Again, much like head hair, it’s prone to becoming brittle, getting split ends, and looking dull.

Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated

This last tip is also about maintaining the look of your facial hair. You’ll want to have a healthy diet and stay hydrated in an effort to keep your facial hair in pristine condition. If you’re in the process of growing a longer beard, it starts from the inside out.

Water and healthy foods are a great way to give your body the nutrition that it needs to grow your facial hair. It’s also the way to maintain it and keep it looking healthy.

The Key to Maintaining a Clean Beard

A clean beard is a must. You have to treat it like any other part of your body and perform self-care every once in a while.

Honestly, it’s just like the hair in your head, except it’s growing out of your face. Some of the same things that you do to keep your hair healthy, you should do for your beard as well.

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6 Simple Pest Control Tips for Homeowners

With home prices now averaging around $287,000, that’s an asset that you want to keep in pristine shape. A big part of that is keeping a pest free home. After all, insects and rodents can damage everything from insulations to wiring to the very support structure of your home.

Yet, many homeowners struggle every year to avoid or clear out common household pests. If you’re one of these homeowners, it can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle.

Minimizing or getting rid of pests is possible. Keep reading and we’ll give you six solid pest control tips to help you win the battle.

1. Mind the Cracks and Gaps

Like it or not, your home settles as it gets older. The can cause cracks and gaps around windows, doors, your foundation, and even between your walls and roof. These are entry points for pests of all kinds. Invest in some silicone caulk and expanding foam to seal those up.

2. A Clean Kitchen

Kitchens become a major source of attraction for pests of all stripes. If you leave dirty dishes in the sink or leave out food on counters, it becomes a food source for pests. Even crumbs can attract insects and rodents.

Stay on top of your dishes. Wipe down your counters and stove regularly.

3. Trash Disposal

When disposing of your trash, especially in an outdoor bin, you must keep the top firmly closed. Otherwise, it acts as an invitation for insects, rodents, and larger animals like raccoons. The firmly closed trash can is a key residential pest control method.

4. Repair Screens

The screens over your windows do an excellent job of keeping insects out, as long as they remain in good repair. If they have even a small hole, bugs will find that hole. Fix any damaged screens as soon as you find the problem.

5. Declutter

Clutter accumulates in every home, but it also provides lots of convenient hiding spots for pests to live and reproduce. Decluttering your home from time to time deprives pests of that convenient cover. Plus, it also makes cleaning easier for you.

6. Pest Control Services

If you’ve already tried everything you can think of without success, it’s time for some assistance from professional pest control services. They can target specific pests and provide preventative measures to keep the pests away. You can head over here to check out some more info about pest control services.

Pest Control Tips and You

As you may have noticed, most of these pest control tips are activities you can carry out. At the same time, adults lead busy lives. You can’t fix every problem in an afternoon.

Focus your efforts where you see the most problems. If you routinely leave food out, make putting food away a priority. If there are a lot of cracks and gaps around your home, take a couple of weekends to seal them. Work your way through the tips over time.

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Diamond Jewelry Cleaning: A Complete Guide

For some people, their engagement ring is, by far, their most expensive piece of jewelry. It’s something they cherish and want to keep in the best possible condition.

And the best way to do this is to use the best diamond jewelry cleaning methods. Then, you can be sure that your prized tennis bracelet or family heirloom will stay in tip-top shape for a long, long time.  

You don’t even need to hire a professional cleaner; you can do it yourself at home. Here is the only jewelry cleaning guide you need for your diamond jewelry.

Option 1: Use Dish Soap

If this is your first foray into cleaning diamond jewelry, don’t pull out the big guns on your first try. And when you are cleaning jewelry that has a high sentimental value or is an antique piece, you need to be gentle.

First, fill a bowl with warm water. It’s better to do this in a bowl and not in a sink so you do not drop the jewelry down the plughole by accident. Add a generous dollop of dish soap and use your hand to lather the water.

Submerge your jewelry for around 20 to 30 minutes. Then, take it out and brush away the loose grime with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

You can either leave the jewelry to air dry or you can pat off the excess with a soft towel. But it is better to leave it to air dry regardless so the hidden particles of water don’t get trapped in your jewelry box. Water can tarnish some precious metals. 

Option 2: Use Baking Soda

When you follow jewelry cleaning tips for diamond jewelry cleaning, you need to take into account the other materials in the piece too. When cleaning sterling silver diamond pieces, you need to consider that this material tarnishes often.

So, you will likely need to use a stronger cleaning agent when washing diamond sterling silver jewelry. Follow the same steps as the previous method but add a teaspoon of baking soda instead of dish soap.

You might need to leave it for over two hours but you should check on it at regular intervals to ensure there is no adverse reaction. Rinse the jewelry under a warm tap before you pat dry.

Option 3: Degreasing Solution

Does this jewelry cleaning advice with at-home ingredients leave you feeling uneasy? You can use professional cleaning solutions instead.

Rub a jewelry cleaner or a degreasing solution onto your diamond pieces and leave them for 30 minutes. Then, brush them with a wet, soft-bristled toothbrush to lift the loose dirt. Wash the jewelry under a tap and pat dry like the other methods.

Diamond Jewelry Cleaning Made Easy

Cleaning pieces of jewelry with high monetary or sentimental value at home might seem daunting at first. But now you know the best diamond jewelry cleaning methods, you can keep your bling looking sparkly without spending a lot.

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How Do I Choose a Professional Cleaning Company in My Local Area?

The average American spends almost 24 hours a month cleaning. That’s a full day gone!

With that, many people are turning to residential cleaning companies. These people can come to your home once for a deep clean or visit on a regular basis to keep your home looking and feeling great.

It saves time and, often, money, and the job they do is invaluable.

If you’re thinking of getting some professional cleaning, how do you choose the right company? By considering all of these factors. 

Listen to Referrals

The first thing you should do is simply ask around to get the ball rolling.

If you’re not sure where to start, ask friends and family if they’ve had professional cleaning done and what they thought of it. They might have a local cleaning company to recommend — or one they recommend you stay away from!

You can also post on social media and ask for people’s suggestions. That way, you can curate a list of companies to look into and talk to. This is often the best way to get started. 

Consider Reviews

When you have some house cleaning services to check out, consider their reviews. 

If they’re a very new company, they may not have many to think about. If they’ve been around for a while in the cleaning industry, however, there should be some reviews to check out on places like Google and Yelp.

If they have very low ratings, think twice. Look at the one-star ratings and consider why they were left.

Sometimes customers are unreasonable, and sometimes they’re not! It’s usually easy to tell from the reviews and responses.

Reviews aren’t everything, but they tell you a whole lot about the company. 

Ask About Experience

Most of the best home cleaners will have a lot of experience behind them. This isn’t true of everyone, of course — there could be some new companies who are great at what they do — but if you don’t want to take any chances, they should have a lot of experience behind them.

Ask how many years they’ve been in business and what kind of places they’re used to working with. You can also ask to talk to past clients to make sure they do a good job, as sometimes a lot of experience doesn’t mean good experience!

Consider Your Schedule

You should make sure that the cleaning company can work on your schedule. If there are only certain days when you’re happy with someone cleaning the house, that’s one of the first things you should ask about.

They might be booked up on those days, or not work them all!

This could be dependent on whether you’re home or not, or simply the days you need the house to be extra clean. Your reasoning is your own, but the residential cleaning company you choose needs to be able to work with that. 

Consider Their Communication

Their communication style needs to be good for you too. Do they have an online booking system? Do they text, e-mail, or call?

Whatever your preferred communication style is, matters. Some companies may be old-school and not have anything except calling, and others may be more text-based.

There’s nothing wrong with either method of communication, but it needs to work with what you’re comfortable with. 

Weigh the Costs

People are often surprised that residential cleaning companies can end up cheaper than doing it yourself. This is because if you’re doing it yourself, you have to buy equipment, supplies, etc. If a deep clean or anything specialist is needed in your house, it can add up!

A cleaning company has all their own supplies, which helps.

This, of course, is only true if the company is reasonably priced.

You should ask them for a quote and weigh up every consideration when it comes to cost. Never go with the cheapest company automatically without considering everything else, or you might end up with a bad job being done.

However, if you weigh up the cost in consideration with everything else, you should end up with a solid choice.

Consider What Matters to You

There’s also something else to consider: what matters to you personally, about processes?

For example, you might have pets and need pet-friendly supplies to be used so that they don’t end up accidentally poisoned. You might need someone who’s understanding that your cat is shy, and will work around them. Or you might feel passionate about the environment and want a particularly green company.

Whatever matters most to you and your house, you should take it into account. There’s a cleaning company out there for you, so no need to compromise!

Go With Your Gut

In the end, you also have to weigh up everything and consider how you instinctively feel about the company you’re considering.

If you don’t feel good about them, consider why. Do they not work with your schedule? Do they seem unprofessional? Can’t get those bad reviews out of your head?

Whatever the reason, you should ultimately feel good about whoever you choose. 

Now Get Some Good Professional Cleaning

If you take all of these things into account when choosing a company to do professional cleaning for you, you’ll end up with a good one. Remember to read reviews, ask about their communication and scheduling, and ultimately choose the one that feels good for you.

Remember, if you have one who isn’t working out, there’s no shame in switching either. 

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3 Signs You Need to Change or Clean Your Refrigerator Water Filter

Did you know that there could be all kinds of contaminants lurking in your home’s tap water? From aluminum and ammonia to silver and uranium (and everything in between!), it’s not uncommon at all to find at least a few contaminants in tap water.

You can greatly reduce the chances of these contaminants making their way into your body by utilizing a refrigerator water filter. A fridge water filter will remove any traces of these contaminants and prevent them from taking a toll on you.

The only thing you’ll need to do is install a new water filter in your fridge every so often. You will have to replace a water filter once it starts showing certain signs of trouble.

Here are three signs that will indicate that you need to change a water filter or, at the very least, clean a water filter in your fridge ASAP.

1. Your Fridge’s Water Doesn’t Taste Good

Have you noticed that the water that comes from your fridge doesn’t taste as good as it normally does? This is one of the first signs that will show that your refrigerator water filter needs to be replaced or cleaned as soon as possible.

Until you make it a point to put a new water filter into your fridge, it’s going to continue to provide you with water that will be offensive to your taste buds.

2. Your Fridge Isn’t Delivering Water to You Quick Enough

It shouldn’t take two minutes for your fridge to deliver enough water to fill up a normal-sized glass. If it’s taking that long, it could be because of water pressure issues related to your refrigerator water filter.

When a water filter starts to get old, it will begin to get clogged up with the contaminants that it filters out of water. This will stop it from being able to deliver water as quickly as usual. 

3. Your Fridge’s Water Filter Light Is On

If you bought your fridge within the last 10 years or so, it should have a water filter light that will turn on when it’s time to replace or clean your refrigerator water filter. You should keep an eye out for it and act accordingly when it lights up.

If you have a GE brand fridge, you should order the right refrigerator water filter for it and have it replaced.

Make Sure You Clean or Replace a Refrigerator Water Filter on a Regular Basis

Your refrigerator water filter will help to get your home’s drinking water as clean as it can be. But a water filter is only going to work well for a limited amount of time.

Once you start to see the signs listed here, you’ll know that you need a new water filter. You should spring into action and get your hands on one so that your fridge water filter can continue to work its magic.

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4 Hacks for Removing Pet Stains from Carpets

We love our pets. They offer us unconditional love and the best type of company. As loving and entertaining as our pets are, they can also be a bit naughty at times. 

Accidents are also bound to happen every now and then. Even a well-trained pet might have an accident or two on the carpet. When this happens, what’s your initial reaction? 

Do you quickly begin to panic? Do you automatically assume your carpet’s ruined? Don’t worry, your carpet can be saved.

You simply need to know a few tricks on how to remove pet stains from carpeting. With all the best tips and stain remover hacks in mind, you can keep your carpets looking and smelling brand new no matter how many accidents or stains your pet may cause. 

In the guide below, you’ll discover a few hacks on how to remove carpet stains and pet odors. Continue reading to get started!

Treat the Stain ASAP

Before we get into the basics of stain removing, there are some things you should know first. For starters, as soon as you see a stain on your carpet, you should treat it immediately. If you allow a stain to set into the carpet, it’ll be more difficult to remove the stain and the odor associated with it. 

As soon as you notice a stain, take a rag or paper towel and dab the spot. Don’t rub the stain, as this can cause it to spread to other fibers. Instead, gently pat down on the stain until no more of it is transferring to the rag. 

You may have to use a few different paper towels or rags until no more of the stain lifts from the carpet. Once you’ve gotten to this point, you can then begin to treat the stain with your cleaning solution. 

1. Dish Soap, Baking Soda, Hydrogen Peroxide

To create this solution, you’ll mix equal parts of the blue Dawn dish soap, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. This cleaning solution works well on just about any type of stain, and you most likely already have these products in your home. To clean a stain using this solution, you’ll need to mix the three ingredients up and then pour a small amount of the solution on the stain.

Once the stain has lifted, you can gently dab the area to remove the stain and the cleaning solution. If you need to do this process more than once, that’s fine as well. Once you’re done, you can lightly wet a rag towel and gently pat the area to help rinse it. 

To dry the carpet, take a clean dry rag towel and dab until no more moisture comes out of the fibers. The rest will air dry, so be sure not to place anything on top of the wet area. 

2. Baking Soda and White Vinegar

Pet urine is no match for a baking soda and vinegar cleaning solution. Baking soda helps deodorize the fibers while the white vinegar helps to disinfect and dissolve the stain. Do keep in mind that you’ll want to use white vinegar only for all cleaning purposes. 

To clean with these products, you’ll first want to dab the stain to remove as much of it as you can. Then, pour a small amount of white vinegar on the stain. You’ll then sprinkle some baking soda on the area. 

You’ll start to see the stain fizz up, which means it’s working. Let it sit for 24 hours. You may need to block the area off to keep children or pets off of it. 

After 24 hours, vacuum the baking soda, and the stain and smell should be gone. 

3. Hydrogen Peroxide, Essential Oil, Water

To create this cleaning solution, you’ll need one part hydrogen peroxide, two parts water, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix together these ingredients in a dark bottle and shake. The number of essential oil drops you use will depend on how strong you want it to be.

It’s a good idea to start with about 5-10 drops and then work your way up to more if needed. Spray the mixture on the stain, wait several minutes, and scrub in an inward circular motion to prevent it from spreading to other areas of the carpet. Once done, dab or blot the area with a dry cleaning rag until the stain is gone. 

Repeat this process a couple of times if needed. 

4. Contact Professional Cleaners

We know just how difficult it can be to remove stubborn stains caused by house pets. When your carpet is past the point of cleaning on your own, then don’t hesitate to contact professional carpet cleaners. The professionals use high-quality cleaning products and equipment to ensure your carpets are left feeling brand new. 

Hiring professionals can help you save time and frustration. It might even be a good idea to hire professional cleaners twice a year or more to keep up with stains. 

If your pet is constantly having accidents inside the home, then you may also want to consider installing a pet door. Pet doors make it easy for your pet to step outside and use the bathroom when needed, meaning fewer accidents inside to clean up! You can learn more about pet door installation here

Removing Pet Stains Is Simple With This Guide

That, “oh no” moment you have once discovered a pet stain on your carpet is no more! Now, when you find pet stains on your carpet, you’ll know exactly how to remove them. Using these carpet cleaner solutions and stain remover hacks will keep your carpets clean and smelling fresh.

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7 Benefits of Professional Hospital Cleaning Services

Are you wondering how to keep a hospital clean?

Cleanliness is important for so many reasons, especially when you are working in a hospital. A hospital is full of vulnerable people who have health conditions that can likely be spread to other patients, staff, visitors, and more. 

Cleaning a hospital the right way is also essential. The methods you use at home are not sterile enough to clean the various germs and diseases that live in the average hospital. 

Fortunately, by hiring hospital cleaning services you can ensure your hospital is cleaned effectively and efficiently. If you are wondering if using professional hospital cleaning services is necessary, here are the benefits you can expect to experience. 

1. Benefit From Professional Services 

One of the many benefits of hiring commercial cleaning services is their professionalism. When you hire a team of experts, you are benefiting from their professional methods, supplies, and equipment. This generally results in a better finish overall.

2. Maintain a Healthy and Sterile Environment

A good reason to hire a hospital cleaning crew is to maintain a healthy and sterile environment. This is essential for keeping you, your patients, your guests, and your staff safe. 

3. Meet Compliance Standards

If you are wondering about the benefits of healthcare cleaning services, one benefit is meeting compliance standards. Healthcare facilities have strict health and safety standards to meet to stay in compliance with the various rules and regulations. By hiring a professional team, you can have the peace of mind that your hospital is compliant.  

4. Prevent Cross-Contamination 

One of the best benefits of hospital cleaning services is preventing cross-contamination. The smallest mistake, such as not cleaning a door handle or knob, can result in the spread of disease and infections throughout the hospital. 

This can lead to sickness, death, lawsuits, and more. Fortunately, you can reduce your chances of this problem with a professional cleaning team. 

5. Improve Employee Productivity

The importance of hospital cleaning includes improving employee productivity. When your employees are working in a clean and healthy space, they can get more done in less time. 

6. Maintain a Good Reputation

One of the major benefits of professional hospital cleaning services is maintaining a good reputation. If your hospital has a reputation for being dirty, you will likely face a host of problems that can lead to closure. 

7. Increase Profitability  

When your hospital is clean, your staff are healthy and productive, and your reputation is excellent, your chances of being profitable increase. People will trust your hospital and trust the care they will receive there, which will result in increased revenue. 

These Are the Benefits of Professional Hospital Cleaning Services

There are many benefits you will experience when using professional hospital cleaning services.

You will benefit from their professional methods and equipment. You will also maintain a healthy and sterile environment, meet compliance standards, and prevent cross-contamination. Best of all, you will improve employee productivity, maintain a good reputation for the hospital, and increase profitability. 

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