Commercial Cleaning : 5 Practical Ways to Keep Your Restaurant Clean

Ways to Keep Your Restaurant Clean

Almost 150,000 single-location restaurants operate in the United States. If you’re a restauranteur, attracting customers could be difficult.

Keeping excellent restaurant hygiene will make this process easier. With new safety guidelines in place, you might feel lost.

Do you want a good starting point for your commercial cleaning efforts? If so, read on and learn some tips:

1. Make a Sanitation and Cleaning Checklist

Consider making a cleaning routine for your FOH and BOH staff. Ensure they double down and sanitize your restaurant. These task items are for high-traffic surfaces, such as:

  • Doors
  • Chairs
  • Tables

Put some cleaning tasks on surfaces where personnel place food. After that, clean used supplies and equipment as part of closing activities.

The best way to remember is through task management apps. These allow you to assign each task to a specific staff member. It lets managers enforce accountability through the shift.

2. Pick the Right Cleaning Products

All products have various intended uses. Some might not be unsuitable in a kitchen environment since it’s where chefs prepare food. 

Consider working with your suppliers to find products adhering to the EPA disinfection criteria. Ensure employees also understand how to use them properly. For example, they should know the right amount of cleaning solution for water dilution.

3. Understand the Differences Between Cleaning and Sanitizing

The recent health crisis could phase out your standard cleaning practices. After all, they might not prevent the spread of the virus anymore. Cleaning removes food and dirt, but sanitizing gets rid of germs.

Any surface coming into contact with food should go through cleaning and sanitation. Your staff should use the following steps:

  • Scrape
  • Wash
  • Rinse
  • Sanitize
  • Dry

Encourage employees to disinfect their hands before preparing food. It becomes more vital when they touch other people.

4. Ensure Good Staff Hygiene

Employees without good hygiene practices have no business cleaning. Post extra signs in employee restrooms, reminding them about wearing gloves and masks.

For example, removing masks with unwashed hands means the former also became contaminated. Regardless, reinforce your staff expectations to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

5. Consider Outsourced Restaurant Cleaning

If you find maintaining in-house staff tedious, it’s time to hire commercial cleaning solutions. These people specialize in ensuring clean restaurant premises. They cover all bases, from clean cooking surfaces to waste disposal areas.

However, you must be conscientious when picking commercial kitchen cleaning services. A good starting point is to search for online reviews. You can also ask for recommendations from trustworthy people.

Doing so ensures they live up to your expectations without breaking the bank.

Learn More Commercial Cleaning Tips Now

We hope our commercial cleaning guide helped start your sanitation efforts. Never let the lack of knowledge result in disaster, such as food poisoning.

However, restaurant cleanliness is only the beginning. Discover some marketing strategies to advertise your restaurant better.

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