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6 Major Signs You Need Commercial HVAC Repair

Did you know that the commercial HVAC market in the United States is a $14 billion business? That amount is expected to grow as technology advances.

However, as powerful as modern HVAC systems are, they are still prone to problems. A commercial HVAC unit needs to cool a much larger area than standard residential systems. And this means that they’re more vulnerable to complications.

It’s not always easy to know when you’re experiencing HVAC problems. Luckily for you, we’re here to help with just that. So if you’d like to learn more then keep on reading and we’ll take you through the top signs you may need commercial HVAC repair.

1. The HVAC System Is Short Cycling

Does your HVAC unit turn off soon after it starts up? This is known as short cycling. This is a problem that will interrupt your air conditioner’s ability to push out cool air and force the machine to shut down early.

If you don’t repair this problem as soon as possible then it will only get worse. 

2. Airflow Is Getting Warmer

Your air conditioner is supposed to make the air in your space cooler, not warmer. So if it’s getting hotter in your office, that’s clearly a problem and should be repaired. 

3. Airflow Is Too Weak

Your machine should be sending out strong and steady airflow. First, you want to check the vents and filters. If everything looks good, then it might be a problem with the fan or ductwork.

You want to have a professional technician check out the unit. If you try to fix it yourself, you could end up making the problem worse.

Make sure that you hire reputable technicians, like those at Industrial Mechanical Contractors (

4. Something Smells Off

When you run your air conditioner, do you smell a musty odor? If so, then you might have a clogged condensate drain on your hands.

You’ll want to call in a technician to clean out the unit.

5. Energy Bills Are Too High

You should know before installing your HVAC system that your energy bills are going to be higher than the average home. However, you’ll still want to look over energy bills and determine if they seem out of whack.

If you see high spikes, that might mean that there’s something wrong with the HVAC system.

6. You Can Hear Loud Noises 

Modern commercial HVAC units should be relatively quiet. A low hum is usually normal.

If you hear clanging, screeching, or rattling sounds, then that’s a problem. A piece might be loose or something might have fallen off. 

Repair Your Commercial HVAC System Before It’s too Late

If you don’t regularly maintain your commercial HVAC system then it could fall into disarray and need repair. If you notice problems, you’ll want to make sure that repairs are made as soon as possible so that the problems don’t get worse. Paying attention to your mechanical systems will help you keep your office comfortable and help you save money in the long run.

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How to Deep Clean a Bathroom: The Key Steps

Having a clean bathroom is part of a positive home experience, but the process isn’t always fun. One survey of 2,000 Americans found that 41 percent of respondents hate cleaning the toilet, and that’s just the start.

If you’re thinking about the best way to do some bathroom cleaning, we’ve got some great tips for you.

Check out these key steps on how to deep clean a bathroom, so you can get more enjoyment from this important space in your home.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Before cleaning a bathroom, you’ll need to get the clutter out of the way. Remove all toiletries, soap, and toothbrushes from your bathroom vanity and other areas first.

When you clear the clutter, you can start with a clean slate to make wiping down surfaces easier. Added bonus: it’s a great time to toss out old or expired items and make room for new ones.

How to Deep Clean a Bathroom: Wipe all Surfaces

One of the most important deep cleaning tips for your bathroom is to wipe every single surface thoroughly. Make sure you pay close attention to the baseboards and around the toilet.

Use a quality disinfectant to help kill nasty germs and bacteria. Give your faucet handles, doorknobs, and towel racks a little bit of extra TLC.

Of course, the main area to wipe down will be your sinks and the vanity top. But you should also clean off every area surface that your hands and feet touch daily.

Remember to focus on the floor and mop it clean with a quality hard surface flooring cleaner. Now is also a great time to wash all of your bathroom rugs and towels, too.

Clean the Shower, Tub, and Toilet

It doesn’t take long for soap scum to affect your shower and bathtub. Wet the walls, floor, and doors of your shower or tub before you start cleaning.

Use a heavy-duty cleaning solution that eliminates mildew, mold, and grime, and scrub everything thoroughly. If you have a tile shower and floor, consider enlisting the help of professional grout cleaning services for a thorough clean.

Once the scrubbing is complete, rinse everything with clean water. When you think about how to deep clean a bathroom, remember to toss any fabric shower curtains in the washer and dryer.

Cleaning a bathroom should always include the toilets. Use a toilet cleaning solution and a long-handle scrubber to get rid of rings and marks. Let the solution sit for about 15 minutes before you scrub it away.

A Clean Bathroom is a Happy Bathroom

Keep these tips in mind for how to deep clean a bathroom the right way. With persistence and a regular schedule, your bathroom will stay squeaky clean every week.

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Commercial Cleaning : 5 Practical Ways to Keep Your Restaurant Clean

Almost 150,000 single-location restaurants operate in the United States. If you’re a restauranteur, attracting customers could be difficult.

Keeping excellent restaurant hygiene will make this process easier. With new safety guidelines in place, you might feel lost.

Do you want a good starting point for your commercial cleaning efforts? If so, read on and learn some tips:

1. Make a Sanitation and Cleaning Checklist

Consider making a cleaning routine for your FOH and BOH staff. Ensure they double down and sanitize your restaurant. These task items are for high-traffic surfaces, such as:

  • Doors
  • Chairs
  • Tables

Put some cleaning tasks on surfaces where personnel place food. After that, clean used supplies and equipment as part of closing activities.

The best way to remember is through task management apps. These allow you to assign each task to a specific staff member. It lets managers enforce accountability through the shift.

2. Pick the Right Cleaning Products

All products have various intended uses. Some might not be unsuitable in a kitchen environment since it’s where chefs prepare food. 

Consider working with your suppliers to find products adhering to the EPA disinfection criteria. Ensure employees also understand how to use them properly. For example, they should know the right amount of cleaning solution for water dilution.

3. Understand the Differences Between Cleaning and Sanitizing

The recent health crisis could phase out your standard cleaning practices. After all, they might not prevent the spread of the virus anymore. Cleaning removes food and dirt, but sanitizing gets rid of germs.

Any surface coming into contact with food should go through cleaning and sanitation. Your staff should use the following steps:

  • Scrape
  • Wash
  • Rinse
  • Sanitize
  • Dry

Encourage employees to disinfect their hands before preparing food. It becomes more vital when they touch other people.

4. Ensure Good Staff Hygiene

Employees without good hygiene practices have no business cleaning. Post extra signs in employee restrooms, reminding them about wearing gloves and masks.

For example, removing masks with unwashed hands means the former also became contaminated. Regardless, reinforce your staff expectations to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

5. Consider Outsourced Restaurant Cleaning

If you find maintaining in-house staff tedious, it’s time to hire commercial cleaning solutions. These people specialize in ensuring clean restaurant premises. They cover all bases, from clean cooking surfaces to waste disposal areas.

However, you must be conscientious when picking commercial kitchen cleaning services. A good starting point is to search for online reviews. You can also ask for recommendations from trustworthy people.

Doing so ensures they live up to your expectations without breaking the bank.

Learn More Commercial Cleaning Tips Now

We hope our commercial cleaning guide helped start your sanitation efforts. Never let the lack of knowledge result in disaster, such as food poisoning.

However, restaurant cleanliness is only the beginning. Discover some marketing strategies to advertise your restaurant better.

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How to Clean Wood Stairs: A Quick Guide

A great staircase is much more than a way to move from one floor to another, they represent much more and can actually have a positive psychological impact. Wood stairs, especially, have a unique and classic feel to them. Without proper maintenance, though, they can quickly become a hindrance.

So, how do people properly maintain wood stairs? Well, it’s important to consider factors like age, finish, and type of wood. These are variables that determine how you’d go about cleaning wood stairs.

If you’re interested in figuring out how to clean wood stairs, consider reading the wood stairs cleaning tips below!

Learning How to Clean Wood Stairs

Cleaning wood stairs is an easy task, but many people don’t know where to start. In this wood stairs cleaning guide, you’ll get a quick look at the process from beginning to end. First and foremost, make sure you know what kind of wood you’re working with. In some cases, it might mean you’ll need different cleaning products. This guide has wood cleaning advice that’s safe for most wood stairs, though.

Wood Stairs Cleaning Equipment

You can use mild solutions, like dish soap diluted in water, when mopping your wood stairs. You can also use wood cleaning solutions for, what some might consider, better results. But, either option works. In terms of equipment, you’ll want a broom, vacuum cleaner, mop, bucket, microfiber cloth, and pair of gloves. 

Prep Your Wood Stairs

Before getting started, clear any and all items that are cluttering your staircase. Next, grab a broom and sweep the steps to clear dust, starting at the top and finishing at the bottom. For optimal results, you’ll want to use your vacuum cleaner and repeat the process, following a left to right pattern on each step.

The Cleaning Process

Now you’re all set for mopping your wood stairs. Fill your bucket with diluted dish soap or wood cleaning solution. Soak your mop and ring it until it’s only slightly humid. Here, again, start from the top of the staircase and work your way down, following a left to right pattern on each step.

If necessary, you can repeat the mopping process, waiting for the wood stairs to dry before each pass. In most cases, three passes is more than enough. You might consider, though, reaching out to home cleaning companies like MaidLuxe LLC to get the job done. That is, if you’re too overwhelmed to clean the wood stairs yourself.

Polishing Wood Stairs

For best results, you’ll want to polish your wood stairs. This is where your microfiber cloth comes in. You can also use a microfiber mop, but it’s not necessary. Apply wood polish solution to your cloth, but make sure it’s only barely humid. Slide it along each step, re-applying wood polish solution after every few steps.

Wood Stairs Maintenance

Now you know how to clean wood stairs! The process is quite simple, and getting your hands on the right equipment is easy. Remember to start the prep process from the top of the staircase, for the sweeping, mopping, and polishing processes. Keep in mind that adding the right finish to your wood stairs is also important, but not a part of the cleaning process itself. In most cases, the polish itself is more than enough to leave your wood stairs looking fantastic. Now all that’s left is to maintain your stairs over time!

How to Choose the Right House Maid Services for You: A Guide

Did you know that 2.2 million people in the United States work in private homes as house maids? Or that most of these domestic workers are home care aides?

Apart from the families who are uncomfortable having someone else in their home, many use house maid services. They prefer to hire the services because of tight schedules and lack of energy to do housework. Others think it’s an unnecessary expense.

If you are looking for exemplary service, you should know where to start. Many people focus on the costs of house cleaning services, but there is a lot more than that.

For you who decide to hire a house maid, go through the following tips to find the best.

Get Referrals

Before hiring, you may want to know how it goes from family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Best reviews are from the people you know. There are other sources of reviews like online resources and past customers.

Consider at least three different maid or cleaning services. You may also want to work with individual cleaners. Depending on your choice, get the one who is the best fit for your home needs.

Interview Different House Maid Services

Ideally, it’s advisable to chat with your next house maid. You are likely to speak to a representative for larger cleaning services like a company. No matter the choice, ensure you prepare your list of things you must know.

They include experience, responsibilities, rates, terms, number of days, etc.

Consider Background Checks and Liability

You must know the person who will have access to your personal space. Consider Top Mops Cleaning for their reliability, trustworthiness, and responsibility. The company does background checks on its employees and maintains liability insurance.

The best cleaning services must be reliable. Be ready to discuss the details of such liabilities, including on-site injuries and damages.

Define Your Agreement

After deciding on a cleaning service, proceed by outlining the arrangement details. This outline defines how often they come, hours and services offered, and price. Include the rooms, items, and floors to be cleaned.

Discuss all home specifics while taking them through a tour of your home.

Learn About the Products They Use

Professional maid services often tailor their cleaning products for today’s household problems. But this doesn’t mean they can’t use harmful products and tools. Knowing the cleaning tools and products is essential because you want to keep your loved ones safe.

The professionals are very adaptable to discuss the products and, if necessary, recommend the safe ones.

Never Make Hasty Decisions, Follow Our Guide

Choosing the best house maid services is a serious process that needs sound decisions. You’ll want to work with the best services, but this depends on your evaluation. Remember that choosing the right maid service is worth a better living for you and your loved ones.

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Should You Bother Hiring Local House Cleaning Services? Yes!

Did you know that there’s a great alternative to spending hours each week cleaning your home?

73% of people report that they hate cleaning their homes. Yet, having an unclean house poses a series of health risks. Dust can aggravate breathing problems, especially in people with asthma, for example.

Unclean homes also contribute to stress.

Hiring local house cleaning services can solve this problem. Below, we’ll get into the specifics of hiring house cleaning services. Keep reading to learn more!

Get a Deeper Clean

When you hire local house cleaning services, you’ll get a cleaner house. 

People who clean their own houses don’t necessarily know the best ways to clean a house. They may not use the best tools, either, making their job harder.

House cleaning companies equip their workers with the right training and tools to clean a home. They specialize in staying up-to-date with the best equipment. They also understand what types of chemicals work best on each piece of furniture. 

As such, their cleaning processes are often better and more efficient.

Spend More Time Doing What You Love

The average American spends more than an hour every day cleaning their home. This prevents them from relaxing after work and contributes to feelings of stress and burnout.

It also keeps people from spending valuable time with their families or friends. 

When you hire maid services, you free up a greater portion of your week to spend however you like. Many people even choose to leave the house on family outings during their scheduled cleaning! Others pursue new hobbies or take care of other errands.

Know Which Local House Cleaning Services to Hire

Hiring the right team will contribute to your overall satisfaction with your cleaning service. So, you should do your research before you schedule your first appointment.

To do this, get recommendations. Ask your social network or co-workers for the contact information of their cleaning services. If no one in your network hires cleaners, read reviews. 

It’s important that you read reviews on third-party sites. Companies often pick the best reviews to feature on their websites. So, go to platforms like TrustPilot or Yelp for a more accurate picture.

If you want a reliable cleaning service, try Hubbard’s Maid Service.

Think About Your Cleanliness Level

Before you choose a service, think about your own cleanliness level. Some people want homes without a speck of dust. Others only want their cleaners to do a cursory cleaning. 

Then, do your research into the thoroughness of each cleaning service. If you want your home deep cleaned, call the agency and ask if they provide in-depth cleaning. 

Want to Learn More?

Now that you’ve learned more about getting local house cleaning services, you’re ready to hire the best cleaning services!

Don’t be afraid to shop around. Sometimes, clients try out a maid service only to discover that they don’t love the service. If this happens, try a new company! You might find one that better fits your budget and preferences.

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Closet Organization Ideas That Make Updating Your Wardrobe Simple

The average American family spends $1,800 every year on clothing, which explains why our closets are overflowing. 

Keeping our closets organized makes us feel less stressed and makes it easier to track our belongings. But there are occasions when you realize you have too many clothes or shoes for your closet. Luckily, there are tricks to streamline your attire and maximize your space. Perhaps you’re currently struggling with your closet and you’re looking for inspiration. 

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place for closet organization ideas. Here’s everything you need to know.

Purge Your Closet

Every smart homeowner understands the power of purging your clothes.

As you remove each item, ask yourself how often you’ve worn it and if you’re planning to in the future. You should also, try on each item of clothing in front of a full-length mirror so you can decide whether it fits or makes you feel great.

Further, create a “Keep”, “Donate”, and “Toss” pile as it will help organize your clothes. Try on each item of clothing in front of a full-length mirror so you can decide whether it fits or makes you feel great. And don’t forget to use a laundry service for any items you’re giving away. 

Store a Dresser Blowing Your Hanging Clothes

The best walk-in closet features a dresser beneath the hanging items. Not only does this free up space in your bedroom, but it keeps your clothes organized. Plus, you needn’t install anything, simply shove it against the wall and you’re sorted.   

Get an Extra Rack

One of the top closet organization tips is to get an extra clothing rack. This is especially useful if you don’t have enough room for a dresser. Further, adding a vertical clothing system lets you maximize floor space, perfect if it’s already tight. 

Create Zones 

The best organizer creates zones in their closet. This is a fantastic way to compartmentalize your belongings, especially if you have a huge collection of accessories like shoes or hats.

Decide how you want to group the items, such as keeping bottoms together or arranging clothes based on their bulkiness. 

Install Drawers and Shelves 

Another great closet organizer tip is to install drawers and shelves. This will keep your clothes organized and make them easily accessible. A bonus is a simple DIY project that won’t break the bank. 

If you’ve still got too many clothes, then vacuum seal them. You don’t need fancy gadgets, simply grab drawstring trash bags and use your regular vacuum. Then, store these vacuum-sealed items on a shelf or at the back of your closet so it stays organized. 

Use These Closet Organization Ideas Today

Hopefully, you’ll use our closet organization ideas. 

Start by decluttering your closet, store a dresser beneath your hanging items, and create zones to keep your clothes compartmentalized. You should also install drawers and shelves for an effective DIY hack. Good luck with organizing! 

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