8 Tips to Improve Circulation For Better Health

improve circulationIn case you didn’t know, your circulatory system is really important. It’s responsible for maintaining and nourishing inherently every cell in your body!

While many factors can impact your blood flow, there are many fantastic ways to improve circulation naturally.

Let’s get to our favorites!

1. Move Your Body

You already know that consistent exercise is good for you. You know that it keeps your bones and muscles healthy, torches calories, and tones your body. You also know that it’s vital for maintaining good physical and mental health.

Did you know that exercise can also help improve circulation?

That’s because activities that increase your heart rate boost blood flow around the body. The takeaway here? To move is to improve circulation.

So, get running, hiking, climbing, lifting- whatever activity you like, and stay consistent with it.

2. Drink Tea

Not only can it keep you warm on a blustery winter day, but tea also has numerous health benefits.

Teas contain antioxidants, which can boost heart health and improve circulation. It’s as easy as drinking a cup or two a day.

Just be mindful and avoid prepackaged tea bottles (they often contain preservatives and added sugar). Stick to looseleaf bags of green, white, or black tea.

3. Stand and Stretch

Ever heard the warning, sitting is the new smoking? Whether it’s true or not, repeatedly sitting in the same position can wreak havoc on your circulation.

Furthermore, most of us have poor posture when we sit and do work, which can exacerbate the circulation issues.

Try this instead: put a time on your phone and make sure to get up and walk around or stretch every half hour.

Walk to a colleague’s office instead of firing off an email. Take the stairs to another suite instead of hop in the elevator. Most of us are far too sedentary- you need to take conscious steps to break this habit.

4. Pay Attention to Your Feet and Hands

Poor foot or hand circulation can lead to numerous problems, including strokes or heart attacks.

You probably know that it’s important to layer up your body when your cold, but this also applies to your hands and feet.

This is especially important if you have medical conditions. You’d be amazed to learn what do diabetic socks do. You’d also be amazed to discover that there are many ways compression can help you live a happier and healthier life.

5. Stay Hydrated

The world runs on water, and your body is no different. It’s important to stay hydrated to improve circulation and maintain your overall health.

Get yourself a refillable water bottle (preferably one that you’re excited to use), invest in a water filter system if needed, and get sipping.

Drinking enough water each day will make you feel infinitely better. This is not an area worth skimping out on!

6. Quit Smoking

Here’s yet another reason proving why cigarettes are terrible for you.

They can damage nearly every organ in the body, including your blood vessels, lungs, and heart. They also clog our blood vessels (you know the ones sending blood to the heart and brain).

Smoking impacts all your blood vessels, from the ones associated with aging to the ones related to tooth loss and hearing.

If you needed another reason to quit your habit, consider this one: if you need to improve circulation, it’s nearly impossible to do while smoking.

7. Eat the Right Foods

You aren’t surprised that a healthy diet can improve circulation, are you? As it turns out, there is some substantial evidence suggesting that the food you eat plays a huge role in boosting your circulatory system.

Fish – Research shows that Omega-3 Fatty acids can benefit the heart and improve blood circulation. Not a big seafood fan? Consider taking a fish oil supplement.

Nuts – Nuts contain Vitamin B3, which can boost your blood and stave off circulation issues. Grab yourself a handful of almonds, walnuts, or cashews.

Seeds – Many seeds contain Vitamin E, an essential vitamin shown to keep blood flowing. Consider the following ‘superfood’ seeds- pumpkin, chia, and flax.

Citrus fruit – Vitamin C can serve as a natural blood thinner, which helps prevent excess plaque build-up. Feast yourself on pineapples, mangoes, kiwis, or oranges to get your Vitamin C fix.

Dark chocolate – Here’s your permission to eat chocolate! Cocoa contains antioxidants and flavonoids, which improve blood circulation. The darker the chocolate, the better it is for your help. And, remember: a little goes a long way. This is not permission to gorge!

8. Add Herbs & Spices

Eating a diet rich in superfoods can improve your blood circulation, but sprinkling on the following spices can also go a long way, too!

Garlic – Garlic helps prevent plaque build-up and can even stimulate blood flow. Yes, your breath may stink, but your circulatory system will thank you for the added boost!

Gingko Biloba – Gingko Biloba can improve blood circulation and increase flow to all systems of your body. It can also support your energy levels!

Cayenne pepper – It heats your body up, and it also can supercharge your circulation by basically strengthening your cardiovascular muscles. This super spice can also improve nutrient absorption and aid in digestion.

Parsley – Next time it’s on your restaurant dinner plate, nosh it down! Parsley can act as a natural circulatory booster because it contains Vitamins C and B12.

Ginger root – Ginger can also open up blood vessels. It contains many anti-inflammatory properties, which also boosts your immune systems.

Improve Circulation Today

By integrating the following suggestions into your routine, you’ll be well on your way to improving circulation.

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