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Need Space? 4 Insanely Cheap and Easy Home Storage Solutions

Since Marie Kondo burst onto our screens, people all over the world have found the urge to declutter their homes.

If you’ve caught the tidying up bug, you may already be looking for ways to downsize. 

It’s not just about throwing things out. It’s also about finding the best ways to store them.

That’s why you need efficient home storage solutions.

In this post, we’ll tell you which ones are worth using.

Declutter with these Home Storage Solutions

You don’t need to renovate your entire home to install new storage space. Instead, you can simply buy a few cheap products to make your life easier.

Read on to find out the best ones.

1. Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are a great alternative to shelving. 

Put them on your kitchen counter to keep your utensils, on your shower wall to hold your shampoos, soaps, and sponges, or on your vanity desk to keep makeup and nail polish.

If your storage cabinets aren’t enough to hold all of your belongings, hang baskets on the outside of them to add extra space.

As well as keeping things inside these handy baskets, you can also hang things off them, too. 

2. Pegboards

If you have some empty wall space in your kitchen, put up a pegboard.

Then, you can attach hooks to hang your pots, pans, and utensils. It’s a quick and versatile way to store objects that are too big or awkward for cupboards and drawers.

That way, you don’t have to worry about fitting them inside your other storage spaces, or having them jam when you’re trying to get them out.

They’re right there whenever you need them, so you can just grab and go!

3. Garage Storage Cabinets

Do you just throw everything in your garage when you don’t need it?

This can turn the entire room into a danger zone, making it unusable for anything else. When you eventually find a use for the things you’ve kept there, it can be a nightmare just to find them.

Install some garage storage cabinets, and you can free up that space and put it to better use.

They can be custom-built for you, so you can have any size, color and finish you want. 

4. Foldable Storage Bins

Storage bins are great, but they can also be bulky. Sometimes, that defeats their purpose.

When you’re not using them, they simply take up more space. That’s why you should buy ones that can be folded down to be flat. 

You can find plastic ones that can be collapsed down with a click, or cloth ones that fold easily. 

Downsize the Right Way

Use these home storage solutions, and you can enjoy a tidier, more organized home.

There’ll be no more tripping over objects that have been left lying around and endlessly searching for things when you need them. This means one less source of stress in your life. 

If you need some more advice with your downsizing operation, we can help you.

Read our guide on how to declutter an overcrowded home for some extra tips. 

Best Budget Mountain Bike: How to Ride and Save Money

Have you ever dreamt of mountain biking, but dismissed the thought because you couldn’t imagine spending thousands on equipment?

Surprisingly, it doesn’t need to cost that much.

The good news is that there are options for all of us – even those on a budget. And buying a mountain bike can actually save you some serious money.

Keep reading to learn how you can bike to save money and find the best budget mountain bike to fit your lifestyle.

Why Buy a Mountain Bike?

Improve Your Stress Levels

Living in a fast-paced world, we are all affected by stress. Exercise can be the best way to reduce stress, but it seems to be the first thing to go when we’re feeling under pressure. 

If you can start to incorporate biking into your daily routine, the exercise may be as beneficial to combating stress and depression as a medical intervention.

Yes, exercise can be hard on our bodies, but studies have shown that exercise actually conditions our bodies to deal with it in the way that they were meant to. This means that people who are in good physical condition are actually better at handling stressful situations than people who are not.

Save Some Cash

We know this is the reason you’re here: How can biking save you real money?

First of all, biking to and from home can seriously cheapen your daily commute, whether that’s to the office, the grocery store, or running errands. While it varies among location, the average cost of a daily roundtrip commute is $12, with the average worker spending approximately $2,600 a year commuting. 

If you make the decision to start biking to work, you won’t be alone. Over the last decade, the number of people biking to work has increased by roughly 60%.

Also, if you live in a city, you won’t have to pay public transportation fares or parking fees.

Bonus: If you currently pay for a gym membership, you might find that it’s unnecessary after biking to and from work for a few weeks. Think about those rock-hard thighs and calves.

Bike Styles

There are several different styles of mountain bikes, depending on their purpose and the exact type of riding you’re looking to do. 

Trail Bikes

Trail bikes are the most popular (and the most practical for beginners) because they will attack any trail or challenge. They are great for anything from city streets to dirt roads. 


Cross-country bikes are built for speed. They are lightweight and have tires that provide extra traction for moving through snow or sand. Cross-country bikes are best if you’re looking to get somewhere fast.


All-mountain bikes are the most capable full-suspension models. They are typically the most expensive option – and definitely not required for the casual biker or commuter.


There are specialized bikes, such as fat bikes, which can tackle any terrain and downhill bikes that are designed for speedy, downhill descents. These are high-performance models for riders with the most experience.

Finding the Best Budget Mountain Bike 

With so many options, it can be difficult to tell whether or not you’re purchasing the best mountain bike for the money.

As with most extreme sports, you can spend thousands of dollars on your mountain bike set-up, but if you are just getting into the sport, you don’t need to. 

Most of us don’t need the bells and whistles that come with the super expensive bikes, so a high-suspension or specialized model may not be worth the cost.

Beginners need a quality bike with a solid frame, good tires, and that can smoothly transition from streets to trails or a bumpier terrain.

Best Mountain Bike Deals

Here are a few of the best deals currently on the market:

  1. Diamondback Overdrive 29 ($569.99): The Overdrive 29 is a classic aluminum hardtail bike with some serious handling precision. With disc brakes and 29″ wheels that allow you to avoid obstacles and quickly stop, it is one of the best entry-level bikes available – and Diamondback offers impressive quality for an inexpensive bike.
  2. Kawasaki Mihara Fat Bike ($499.99): Offering a lightweight frame on a solid steel fork, the Kawasaki Mihara is a great bike for beginners because it’s more robust and less complicated than most bikes on the market. Thanks to the wide tires, riders can confidently ride over rocks, rough terrain, and even deep snow and sand.

  3. Kingttu EURG6 ($252.64): This dual-suspension mountain bike is lightweight and easy to move around. It folds up, making it the perfect bike for a daily commute to work. A comfortable seat and free pedals are included in the package from Amazon. At under $300, this bike is a steal for someone looking to try mountain biking but isn’t fully committed to the sport yet.

Try Buying Used or Fixing an Older Bike

You don’t have to purchase a brand new bike to enjoy the benefits of mountain biking. If you consider a used bike or a DIY project, you are guaranteed to save some serious cash.

Today’s mountain bikes are durable and built to last. All of the moving parts are industry standard and can be swapped out for new ones at home.

Unless you are a competitor, you are unlikely to notice the difference between a used bike and one that is built with the newest technology. Check out your local bike shops – some are likely to have a used bike or two in the back.

Not Too Fast – You’ll Need These, Too

When considering the expense of purchasing a mountain bike, you’ll need to budget for a few additional items. Luckily, most can be purchased for a reasonable price if you shop around. 

When you buy a bike, you should also consider purchasing the following:

  • A helmet
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Appropriate shoes
  • Biking gloves
  • A water bottle
  • Bike rack (optional, but helpful if you plan to take your new investment on the road)

Don’t Forget to Protect Your Investment

The last thing you need after purchasing a mountain bike is to worry about it getting stolen, but it is something you should be prepared for. In fact, about half of all cyclists experience having their bike stolen.

Buy a Bike Lock

You should focus on preventing future thefts by investing in top-notch security for your new bike. Check out this website for recommended locks that are cost-effective and truly indestructible. 

Enjoy the Ride

Now that you know how to find the best budget mountain bike to fit your lifestyle, it’s time to begin the search. Just remember, a bike doesn’t have to be new or expensive to add enjoyment (and savings) to your life.

Looking for more ways to save money while maintaining top physical health? Check out our other frugal health and fitness tips.

Let Your Hair Down: 5 Healthy Hair Tips to Repair and Manage Your Locks

Is your hair thinning out? Feeling coarse to the touch and lacking that special shine?

You’re not alone. 40% of women deal with hair loss throughout their life.

The comforting part is that there are precautions we can all take to prevent this. Keep reading to learn more about these healthy hair tips.

1. Nutritional Diet

One of the best tips for healthier hair doesn’t start with your hair at all. Instead, it’s all about your diet.

Eating a good balance of proteins, vitamins, and minerals not only helps with your energy and weight but also reflects in your hair as well. A healthy body leads to healthy hair.

Now there’s a whole new incentive to drive you towards improving your diet this new year!

2. Oil Massage

Another large part of beautiful hair is to take care of your scalp. A healthy scalp needs nourishment and stimulation.

One of the best ways to do this is to use a nutrition-rich oil—coconut oil is perfect—and massage it into your scalp regularly. The oil conditions your scalp while the massage stimulates the blood flow.

All of this together strengthens the hair follicles giving you long and lustrous hair after only a few times.

3. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

There are hundreds of different products out on the market. Some are kinder to your hair, but some come with strong chemicals that dry out and damage your hair. Make sure to take precautions whenever using strong chemical-based products.

For example, hair dyes are notorious for being harmful to hair follicles. If you’ve run into trouble, be sure to check out these hairdye repair tips to get your hair back to its old glory.

4. Wash Less Often

This is one of those tips that confuses a lot of people, but it’s true! Washing your hair too often leads to a lot of built-up damage.

Your hair is vulnerable when it’s wet. The follicles are softer and more prone to splitting and breaking. Washing your hair too often only amplifies this effect to disastrous degrees.

To offset this, it’s a good idea to invest in high-quality dry shampoo. This gives you the look of washed hair without exposing your hair to moisture. It’s a great halfway point between washes.

5. Only Brush Dry Hair

Touching back to the point made above, it’s never a good idea to brush your hair while it’s wet. Leave it to air dry in a natural way so that the hair goes back to its original strength before running a comb through it.

Not only are the strands of hair vulnerable, but the roots themselves are soft and weak. This makes it far too easy to pull out hairs as you brush.

Next time you shower, wait an hour or two before getting out the comb.

Use These Healthy Hair Tips to Achieve Gorgeous Locks

Sometimes it feels impossible to get the hair we want. But by sticking with these healthy hair tips, you’ll have a head start.

After a while, you’ll start to notice a real difference in the way your hair feels and looks!

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The Stars in the Sky: A Comprehensive List of the Major Constellations

Did you know that there are officially 88 recognized star constellations in the stars? 

If you ever take the time to look up at the stars, you can experience moments of wonder which puts life into perspective.

Whether you’re an amateur astronomer or a curious lover of beauty, it’s important to know some of the major constellations which are above our heads.

Learning about the constellations is not only the beautiful patterns in the night sky. But also, the many enchanting myths and stories behind the constellations. Let’s check out our list of constellations below. 


By the 2nd Century, there were already over 40 constellations which had been spotted by early astronomers. 

The first constellation on our list, Andromeda belongs to this early grouping. If you know anything about ancient Greek myths and legends, you’ll notice that these early constellations heavily feature in these stories.

Andromeda represents the daughter of the Queen of Ethiopia, Cassiopeia. Andromeda’s mother was wicked, and she planned to inflict the sea monster called Cetus on her people as punishment. 

However, Andromeda stepped in to stop her. She sacrificed herself for the people by chaining herself to a rock to be eaten by Cetus.

Before she could be eaten, she was rescued by her lover Perseus. To honor Andromeda, the goddess of Greece, Athena (which the capital of Athens is named after) turned her into a constellation. 


Orion features in great works of literature of the ancient world, including in Homer’s Odyssey and Virgil’s Aeneid. In fact, you can even find the stories of Orion in the Christain Bible!

However, in the Greek myth, Orion was known as a brave and formidable hunter. He declared that he could kill any animal alive. 

After his death, he was risen up the heavens and stars. How he died is the subject of several stories and tales.

The two most prominent explanations are that he died from being shot by an arrow from the bow of Artemis, the daughter of Zeus. Or, he was said to be have been stung by a giant scorpion, of which you’ll hear more about later. 


The archer Sagittarius was originally identified by the Babylonians, of modern-day Iraq. This pattern remains one of the most visible in the night sky. 

For the Babylonians, the star constellation resembled the god of Nergal.

This god was famous for having the body of a winged-horse and two heads, one human and the other of a panther. Nergal also had a scorpion’s stinger at the back. 

In popular stories today, we continue to depict Sagittarius as a centaur-like figure. 


Remember the fate of Andromeda?

The sea nymphs sought revenge on Cassiopeia after her awful treatment of the people of Ethiopia. After Cassiopeia boasted of how beautiful she was, she soon regretted the offense she caused. 

While Andromeda was honored as a constellation, Cassiopeia was banished to the stars as punishment for her wickedness.

Do you know someone else who loves the stars? You can win this give-away star wall which says: “How long will I love you, as long as the stars are above you…”


The constellation of cancer, also known as the crab, originates from the Greek legend of Heracles. Heracles is commonly known by the spelling Hercules which was inherited by the Romans.

Cancer features in the stories of the Twelve Labors of Heracles, which became the foundations of the 12 Zodiac signs. 

The goddess of women, Hera sent the crab Karkanos to distract Heracles.

Only Heracles was too strong and responded by kicking the crab so far that he projected it into the stars. Nonetheless, Hera honored the crab by giving him eternal life in the skies. 


Taurus the bull is one of the most famous of the constellations. However, there are also numerous stories regarding the origins of the pattern of stars.

One myth describes how Zeus sought to hide his infidelity by transforming his mistress into a bull in the sky. While other myths have suggested that the bull is actually Zeus himself.


Even though Aquarius is extremely well-known, it is surprisingly difficult to make out in the days unless it is a very clear night.

You can read more here about how you spot the constellations with a high-quality telescope.

Aquarius symbolizes Ganymede, who was a young and handsome man. Rewarded by Zeus as a cupbearer, Ganymede was given eternal youth to live in the stars. 


Gemini reflects the story of two twin-half brothers called Castor and Pollux.

The twins shared the same mother but different fathers. Together they are known as the Dioscuri and feature on statues in modern-day Rome. 

Zeus was the father of Pollux, while the king of Sparta was Castor’s father. Since Castor’s father was a mortal, Pollux begged his father Zeus to grant Castor immortality. 

Zeus agreed and made them both immortal in the night’s sky.


Remember the scorpion who killed Orion in the myth? 

When Orion claimed he could kill any animal in the world. Scorpius defeated the hunter, which caught the eye of Zeus. Zeus praised the strength of the scorpion and honored him with a spot living among the stars. 


Leo is the constellation for the lion among the stars. 

As the myth goes, the lion’s fur was so strong that no sword could penetrate it. However, the Greek figure of Heracles overcame the odds to strangle the lion to death. But, not before, the lion managed to bite off Heracles finger.

List of Constellations

There are so many recognized constellations, it’s impossible to learn them all.

But, whether you want to impress your friends or enjoy learning about astronomy, these are the major constellations to know. 

Want to know more about our list of constellations? See if you can pass our fourth-grade quiz on astronomy here. 

How to Choose the Best Bassinet While on a Tight Budget

Even though the number of babies born in the US each year is dropping, 3.8 million couples still welcomed a new member of their family into their homes last year. A baby is a bundle of joy, and is totally worth every penny, but with every bundle of joy comes a bundle of costs, too.

If you’re one of the people who’s letting a new child into their life, one of the most important expenses you’re going to be looking into is a bassinet for your baby. After all, every parent wants to make sure that their baby is comfortable, gets sound sleep, and stays healthy.

Here, we’re going to help you figure out how to choose the best bassinet, all while keeping the upcoming money-crunch of having a baby in mind.

Research Different Options

The most important thing that you can do when choosing a bassinet for your little one is to look online at all your different options. When you’re buying on a budget, it’s important to look at different websites to find the best deals.

Even if cost is a huge concern, though, don’t just buy something because you see that it’s cheap. Look at the online reviews for it, too, and make sure that other parents find it safe and comfortable for their baby. You wouldn’t want your baby not getting restful sleep, or worse, falling out and hurting herself.

And speaking of hearing from other parents, try asking people you know in real life, too, what worked for them when they had a baby. Even if you aren’t in a group for new parents or parents-to-be, you likely have friends or family who’ve been there that you can ask.

To get started, check out this review of the top five rocking bassinets!

Safety First

Remember earlier when we said that cost wasn’t the only factor in choosing a bassinet? Well, it isn’t the most important one, either. All good parents value the safety of their children above all else, and since your baby will spend a lot of time in her bassinet, you might want to make the investment to get a good one.

There are bassinets out there that can keep your baby safe by detecting their movement and making sure that she doesn’t take a tumble. It also has microphones that can tell the parents when she starts crying or making sounds, so you can take care of your baby when she needs you.

Plus, these bassinets can perform other functions like regulating temperature and rocking, depending on which ones you decide to get. So you aren’t just investing in your baby’s safety, but their comfort, too! Plus, a comfortable, sleeping baby means a good night’s sleep for you, too, so it’s a worthy investment on all fronts.

There are a lot of bassinets like this. They’re meant to keep baby comfy by mimicking the shape and warmth of the womb so the baby can make her transition into the world as smoothly as possible.

Look For Discounts And Used Bassinets

That being said, smart bassinets like this can be super expensive. The good news is that there are a lot of used bassinets out there just waiting for you. Since bassinets are really only used for the first few months of a child’s life, getting a used one really isn’t all that different from getting a new one. It’s definitely worth it, too, because it’s a lot less money.

If you don’t like the idea of getting something like this used, there are also a lot of discount bassinets out there. A lot of these are new and completely safe and comfortable. Heck, you can even get smart bassinets like we talked about earlier used, if you want!

If you get discount or used items like this, it’s probably just as good as getting a new one. Just do your research and make sure that what you’re getting is really what you want, and you’ll be golden!

Buy In Bulk

When you have a baby, you’re going to be buying large quantities of a lot of items. Mushed bananas, diapers, you name it–you’re going to have a full cart and a suffering wallet.

This might sound weird, but a great way to save money on bassinets is to buy multiple at the same time. If you have more than one child, you’re going to need more than one of these items, and so you probably will want to get more than one at once. To save money, look into a bassinet set.

This is especially important if you have twins. If you’re lucky enough to be welcoming twins into your family, check out a twin bassinet set for your little ones. With these, you can put both your twins to sleep at the same time and get some sleep- no need to take turns!

Plus, lots of these sets match, so your friends will envy how cute your twins are as a set.

Get An Amazing Bassinet

Even though having a baby can be stressful, it’s entirely worth it when you hold a new life–and one you created, at that–in your arms. Get a bassinet that will keep that life and love safe and happy, but don’t break your bank! After all, saving money will let you give more to other expenses in raising your baby.

Now that you know the best tips for choosing bassinets at an affordable price, check out this link to discover free samples for parents of new children.

Get ready to welcome your baby to the world and for a lot of love and a lot of laughter!

Wedding Flowers on a Budget: 10 Tips to Save Money on Your Floral Festivities

Did you know that couples will spend about 10% of their wedding budget on flowers? With the cost of a bridal bouquet between $150 to $350 and the table centerpieces ranging from $75 to $250, wedding flowers are a big expense.

If you want to have beautiful flower arrangements at your wedding but don’t want to go over your budget, there are 10 simple ways to do so.

Read on for these tips to get wedding flowers on a budget.

1. Stick to Seasonal Flowers

If you have a specific flower in mind for your wedding, you might be surprised to find out it’s out of your budget.

For example, if you’re having a summer wedding and you want tulips in your bouquet, it might not be budget friendly. Since tulips are in season from November through May, it might be more challenging for your florist to find them, escalating the cost. 

Peonies, another popular wedding flower, are only available in spring. If you’re having a fall or winter wedding, it will come with a higher price tag if you’re set on peonies.

Other flowers, like the Calla Lily, are available year-round and could be a more budget-friendly option.

When you meet with the florist, go in with an open mind and ask them to see only flowers that are in season. This is the first place to start if you want to save money on the flowers.

2. Share Your Flowers

Since cut flowers have a lifespan of about 3 to 14 days, why not share them? Recently, it has become more common for couples to share flowers to save a bit of money. 

There are two options, you can be the first event or the second event. 

If you’re the first event, you get to pick the flowers you want. After the wedding, the flowers are posted online for other couples to reuse. If your flowers are selected for the second event, you will get 10% back.

Those who wish to be the second event can browse from all of the available bouquets available from the first event. Couples can see significant savings on their wedding flowers. 

3. Greenery is Your Friend

Another way to save a little bit more money on wedding flowers is by adding more greenery. 

Greenery is a lot more affordable than flowers so it can help you save some money on the table arrangements. Most centerpieces don’t need to be made up of all flowers in order to look great. 

You could also skip the flowers all together if you decide to use a greenery table runner to decorate the ceremony or the reception. 

Talk to your florist to see what greenery options are available to you.

4. Stick to Only a Few Flowers

During the wedding planning process, you’ve probably seen centerpieces that have multiple types of flowers. While these arrangements might look breathtaking, they’re not always budget friendly.

You can cut back on floral arrangement costs if you limit the types of flowers you use. If you choose one or two types of flowers, your florist will be able to put in a larger order. 

Larger orders usually mean better prices. 

As we mentioned earlier, you can count on greenery to complete your centerpieces if you choose to only do a few types of flowers.

5. Repurpose the Flowers

Sometimes wedding flowers designated for the church or ceremony don’t make their way to the reception. This can be a waste of money for couples who are trying to stay on a budget.

You can repurpose your flowers by asking the florist if they can bring the flowers from the church and decorate the reception.

Repurposing the bridesmaids’ bouquets is another way to add more flowers to the reception. The bouquets can be converted into centerpieces or even used mainly to decorate the sweetheart table.

6. Stick to Local Florists

As tempting as it would be to pick the sough out wedding florist in another town, this choice is not budget friendly. 

Local florists will stick to suppliers in the area to make the flowers as affordable as possible. Not to mention it will help you save money on transportation fees.

The location where the flowers grow is also important. It doesn’t help that you’re using a local florist when your flowers are imported. 

Make sure your florist will order from local suppliers if you want to save a bit more money. You can do your research to find out more about where flowers come from.

7. Set an Iron-Clad Budget

It might be tempting for couples to go over their budget as they’re in the process of planning for a wedding. However, this can cause unnecessary financial stress.

The florist is a place where couples might be tempted to overspend. 

To prevent this from happening, talk to your florist during the initial meeting and explain the importance of staying within your budget.

If you have this conversation, they’ll be less likely to show you flowers outside your budget.

8. Choose Bigger Blooms

If you choose bigger blooms, your arrangements will look fuller and you won’t have to get as many. 

Ask your florist to recommend bigger blooms such as cymbidium orchids.

9. Avoid the Month of February

Although some venues and caterers might be cheaper in the winter months, florists advice couples to stay clear of the month of February.

Couples have fewer seasonal flower options in February. Also, Valentine’s Day means a spike in flower prices. 

10. Choose Alternatives

If you have a modest flower budget, you don’t have to stick to flowers to decorate the reception venue. 

Some couples take advantage of non-floral centerpieces to decorate their wedding. Candles can make modest floral arrangements pop. Tealights or pillar candles are a great choice.

Try to pick a wedding venue that doesn’t require a lot of decorating so the flowers don’t have to be the focus.

Wedding Flowers on a Budget: The Bottom Line

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to have beautiful wedding flowers on a budget. Remember to look at flowers that are in season, add greenery, or even share your flowers.

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Turning Five on a Dime: Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

It seems like raising a child is becoming more expensive every year. It’s currently estimated that raising a child born in 2015 through the age of 17 will cost $233,610. This is a three percent jump from the previous year.

You may feel prepared to pay for the basics like food, clothing, and even extracurricular activities. But have you considered the cost of birthday parties? Especially as your child enters school and wants to celebrate their special day with friends, this event can get costly.

You don’t have to worry, though. There are plenty of ways to make your child’s birthday fun and memorable without breaking the bank. Read on for some inexpensive birthday party ideas.

Center Your Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas Around a Theme

One of the easiest ways to make a budget party look and feel top-notch is to make it a themed party. Theming a party can create such a fun and exciting atmosphere that nobody will notice if you didn’t splurge on the most expensive decor or food. From Star Wars party ideas to princess parties, the options are endless when it comes to themed parties.

Cut Costs with Homemade or Discount Decor

While wedding guests may ooh and ahh over decorations, the guests at your child’s birthday party won’t take a second look. Save money by making some of your own decorations. Pinterest is a great resource for DIY ideas, like creative streamers and banners.

When it comes to shopping for decorations and materials for DIY decor, browse your local dollar stores or Wal-Mart. Themed decorations can be pricier, so choose colors that match your theme instead. Red, black, and white are great for a Mickey-themed party, while white and light blue is perfect for your Frozen fan’s birthday.

Make Sure There is An Interactive Activity to Keep Kids Entertained

Unlike adults, children don’t want to spend their time mingling and chatting at a party. Ensuring the young guests at your kid’s birthday party have entertainment or activities is most important. Whether it’s a bounce house, yard games, or face paint, investing in even one activity is a great idea.

Keep Food Simple and Don’t Overspend on Cake

Like decorations, the food at your child’s birthday party shouldn’t eat up too much cost. If the kids are having fun (especially with that entertainment or activity you invested in), they won’t want to sit still to eat for too long, anyway. Choose foods that are simple, well-liked, and easy to hand out to a hungry crowd.

If you’re serving lunch, pizza or pre-made sandwiches are good options. For an afternoon party that only calls for some snacks, go for kid-friendly fruits, crackers, and cheese. When it comes to cake, think about saving the special one for the family celebration, and choose a simple sheet cake or cupcakes for the big party.

You Can Raise a Happy, Well-Rounded Family on a Budget

In the end, all that matters is that your child feels special and that they and their friends have fun. This mindset goes beyond inexpensive birthday party ideas. Browse the blog more tips on family living on a budget, including ideas for healthy, cheap snacks, budget tips for traveling with a baby, and more.