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Beauty for Free? 7 Ways to Get Free Makeup!

get free makeupAre you a makeup artist or a makeup enthusiast? Social media platforms have shined a light on the world of makeup artistry. The growing trend has paved a career path for a lot of people on Facebook and Instagram.

Many people have made lucrative careers in the cosmetic industry. A successful career can include high-level positions in major corporations. You can also travel the world putting your artistry to work for A-list celebrities.

If you have ever watched a makeup artist on a live stream, you know the time and technique involved. But do you know the cost of the products needed to keep up with the latest beauty trends?

The best products can be quite pricey so there is no surprise people want to know how to get free makeup. If this is you, continue reading for ways to get brand new high-end products at no cost to you.

1. Earn Free Cosmetics with Survey Sites

One way to get free makeup is by registering with websites that do product surveys. Agree to take part in make-up surveys about products. In return, you get rewarded with free stuff.

Some survey sites award survey takers with points and rewards. These points are used to shop from an online store filled with various beauty products. In other scenarios, the site takes the information and send products that you review.

Try winning brownie points by doing online reviews for every product you test and like. You never know who’s looking and can provide more free stuff.

2. Become a Product Tester

Like to survey takers, product testers receive free makeup from manufacturers for giving their opinion. In this case, the free merchandise is sent to the consumers. After using the product, you will need to take a survey.

This is the time to share your honest thoughts and opinions about the product.

Getting retail sized products is a bonus for product testers. Too often, participants receive sample sized gifts for their time.

Some companies may even allow video responses. This trend is a marketing tool to entice potential customers. People are visual. They are more likely to buy if they see someone with their facial features using a product.

3. How to Get Free Makeup Using Coupons

Coupons are a great way to get to get discounted makeup. If you are good at couponing it can be a great way to get free makeup.

The best couponers search for deals online, in stores, and in the weekly ads that are delivered to their mailboxes. It is also a good idea to join mailing lists for your favorite cosmetic brands.

Getting deals from retailers you shop with can be useful too. Look for special promotions where retailers are offering double coupons and a buy one, get one free deal. Some will also have sales circulars with 50% one item

Save your receipts and don’t pass on opportunities to get mail-in rebates or cash back on purchases. You can also benefit from using coupons while redeeming in-store rewards points.

4. Ask for Free Samples When Visiting the Makeup Counter

Most department store makeup counters have free samples that give away when someone makes a purchase. If it is a new product, they will give samples to anyone walking by.

The next time you’re in the store, don’t be afraid to ask if there are samples available. High-end department stores and beauty meccas like Sephora are quite generous with their beauty product samples.

These handouts make great travel companions when you don’t want to take your full makeup kit.

5. Consider Using Subscription Box Services

Subscription box services are not free, but they are a great way to try new makeup products from popular companies. It’s also how to get free makeup products from new and up and coming brands.

These services are inexpensive and if you sign on with a popular company that will allow you to give information about yourself. With the info you provide, they are able to tailor your boxes to your style.

If you want to experience a different type of service that offers the best makeup products at discount prices, try this website.

6. Make a Product Video Review

Do you have a favorite brand of makeup and a smartphone? This could be all you need to get free makeup products.

Create a video showing you wearing the make-up and talking about how much you love it. Post the video to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Tag the brand in your video descriptions and include product hashtags.

Brands have social media specialists that search social channels for this type of engagement. If they like what you are doing they might send you free makeup to make more videos.

If your social media channels have a big enough following, you can earn extra cash by becoming an Instagram influencer.

7. Ask For Free Stuff

We’ve heard the saying, you receive not because you ask not. So why not reach out to your favorite cosmetic brand and ask for free makeup?

Be open and honest about how much you love their products. Tell them how long you’ve been a loyal customer and how honored you would be to try a new product.

Offer to review whatever they send you and share the review on popular sites like Makeup Alley and Total Beauty.

You may not be the only person trying this option, so make your request stand out. Include images of you wearing the product and describe how it makes you feel.

Even if you don’t get any free products, you may receive some valuable coupons.

These Hacks are Sure to Get You Free Stuff

We hope you enjoyed these tips on how to get free makeup. Give it a try and put your artistry to work. Try out new brands and stock up on your favorites.

If finding deals is your thing, don’t stop with make-up. There are ways to get great deals on household products, clothing and more.

Click here to check out more tips on finding the best deals online.

5 Ways to Look Younger Without Going Under the Knife

ways to look youngerAre you noticing a few more lines and wrinkles than you used to have?

If so, you’re probably researching tons and tons of ways to look younger. The anti-aging industry brings in hundreds of billions of dollars a year and there are thousands of ways to try and take years off of your face.

Some women opt to go under the knife. Thanks to new technology, there are tons of ways to look younger without major surgery. But what methods actually work and which ones are just a scam? Keep reading to find out.

Five Ways to Look Younger Without Surgery

Plastic surgery is expensive and it often comes with weeks of downtime afterwards. Don’t worry if you don’t have the time or budget to go under the knife. There are still plenty of great anti-aging methods you can try.

Here are five ways to look younger without plastic surgery:

1. Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels

Microdermabrasion and chemical peels work in a similar way. They exfoliate your skin and remove the top layer, exposing clear, beautiful and young-looking skin underneath.

There are different chemical peels and microdermabrasion scrubs that are available at drugstores, so you can still get the same effect without spending hundreds of dollars at an exclusive spa.

2. Retinol Cream

Retinol is a powerful anti-aging ingredient. It encourages your skin to regenerate and expose younger-looking skin underneath. If you have access to a dermatologist, they can prescribe an higher-strength retinol cream.

For a cheaper option, drugstore favorite brands have a few different creams that contain retinol.

3. Wear SPF

The secret to looking younger is probably already sitting in your bathroom. SPF is probably the best way to look younger and keep yourself looking younger for years to come.

The sun is extremely damaging to your skin, even if you don’t lay out in the sun or live in a cloudy climate. Make sure you daytime face moisturizer has SPF in it and put a good layer all over your body as well. You will thank yourself in ten years.

4. Frequent Exercise

Anti-aging shouldn’t just be about controlling the wrinkles on your face. As your body starts to age, different body parts might not be as perky as they used to be.

Regular exercise will help tone your body and keep it looking young. Liposuction, tummy tucks and butt lifts are all popular plastic surgery procedures, but you can get the same effect with some hard work in the gym.

5. PRP Therapy

Wrinkles aren’t the only sign of aging you might experience. Hair loss, joint pain and other injuries can all cause problems as we get older.

PRP therapy is a great solution to this. This treatment uses platelet-rich plasma injections to help repair the skin and reduce inflammation from a cellular level. Reducing inflammation will help your body feel much better overall, especially if you suffer from chronic pain.

Learn More Beauty Secrets

Looking younger doesn’t have to involve plastic surgery and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Now that you know a few ways to look younger, check out the rest of our site for more money-saving beauty, fashion and shopping tips.

Segway Alternatives: 9 Cheaper Options Than Buying Them a Segway

segway alternativesSegways were all the rage when they first came out, and now mini Segways are catching the eyes of many young people and adults, too. But, there’s no sense in paying for something that expensive if you can just use smarter, more financially savvy ways of getting around!

Even if you can afford a Segway or mini Segway right now, think of all the better things you could put your money towards instead. This alone should be enough to make you look into Segway alternatives.

The following is a list of 9 smarter, cheaper options to use for getting around rather than buying a Segway.

1. A Bike

Whatever happened to riding bikes around the neighborhood with friends? This is how most children used to get around back in the day, and how many adults commute to work in this day and age.

Bikes are fun and practical. They work on more kinds of terrain than a Segway does and they can transport more than one person if there’s a baby seat on the back or if you get a tandem bike. There’s also more room for storage with a basket.

There’s nothing wrong with sticking with something that’s been around for many years. Many great bikes are priced between $100-$200 and you can find even cheaper ones at pawn shops and thrift stores.

2. A Skateboard

The skateboard is arguably the only Segway alternative that ties in popularity with bikes. These are the two most common means of untraditional transportation methods out there.

Many skateboarders use their board to go from house to house in a neighborhood and to cruise to nearby destinations in their local area. This can include anything from the coffee shop down the street to the office a few blocks down!

3. A Scooter

Up next on the list of smart Segway alternatives is a scooter. The only downside to using a scooter is that it can feel like more work than a bike or a skateboard. You don’t get to relax as much because you’re constantly pushing hard to keep going.

But, some people like that! The “work” that you have to do on a scooter makes your body more active. Scooters engage the mind and body much better than a Segway can, which is nice for people who easily get bored.

4. An Electric Scooter

If you think about it, an electric scooter is kind of like a bike and a Segway mixed into one. Riding an electric scooter around feels like cruising on a bike does once you reach a good speed. It also has all the automatic functions of a Segway, which is what draws most people’s attention to these tools in the first place.

But, it’s still nowhere near as expensive as the cost of a Segway. Not to mention, electric scooters have all kinds of fun variations! It’s worth taking the time to read more about what kind of electric scooters are good for children and to explore more sophisticated, adult-friendlier options like a moped scooter.

5. A Hoverboard

The hoverboard is basically the automatic version of a skateboard. It’s something that you step on and lean into to tell the wheels to turn and to navigate the direction.

Some people love these and others can’t get the hang of them. If you’re looking for a fun balance challenge and a unique way to get around, they’re worth trying out – especially considering how low-cost they are in comparison to a Segway!

6. Carpooling

If a low-cost means of transportation is what you’re really trying to find, see how well carpooling works out for you.

Offer to do this with other moms in the neighborhood so that not all of you have to drive to and from school twice a day, every single day. Or, consider creating a carpool with friends from work to make your commute more cost-effective and more enjoyable.

These are just a few of the carpooling options available to you. It’s also worth carpooling to social gatherings on the weekends whenever you can or trying to share one car with your spouse instead of having two.

7. Renting a Car

Maybe the reason you’re interested in getting a Segway is that you’re not actually using your car too much. Such is the case for people who live in highly urbanized areas and still want to get around easily, but not pay as much to do so.

The thing is, though, it’s hard for families to let go of their car altogether if they know they like taking weekend trips from time to time. Still, it’s worth crunching the numbers and seeing how much you can save by renting a car every once in a while than keeping up with monthly car payments.

8. Public Transportation

Keep in mind that most highly urbanized areas also have pretty great public transportation systems. Whether you prefer the bus, the subway, or the monorail, you’re probably still spending less on weekly/monthly passes for these than you would on a car or for a Segway.

9. Walking

The final alternative to buying a Segway is the most simple and cost-effective of all: walking! There may not actually be as big of a need to invest in a form of transportation as you think.

This is especially true for people who tend to spend most of their time within the same city blocks surrounding their home and place of work. It also applies to parents of children who live very close to their friends. Having your child walk from place to place makes them more active and leaves more money in your pocket to invest in other things for your family.

The Long-Term Perspective on Segway Alternatives

As great as all these cheaper Segway alternatives are, it may actually be worth investing in something more expensive and buying a new car. You have to think about how sustainable each form of transportation is.

Public transportation isn’t always 100% reliable or timely. Carpooling is convenient, but there may be times when it doesn’t work out.

Having your own car, though, gives you reliable transportation for the long-term. It’s an investment you can figure out financially now and continue to enjoy the returns on for many years to come.

If the insurance payment is what you’re more worried about than the actual car payment, click here for ways to find affordable auto insurance and save money!

3 Budgeting Tips to Know When Traveling with a Baby

Are you about to go traveling with a baby?

If so, chances are you might be a bit worried about taking your little one so far from home. Especially if it’s the child’s first time, they may get a little nervous during the trip!

Plus, taking your child on a trip can get expensive. From remembering baby formula to finding a hotel, it can all be a bit much!

But never fear. Traveling with your baby can be worrisome, but it’s doable if you’re careful.

And lucky for you, this article will tell you everything you need to know about traveling with a baby.

Read on to learn more!

1. Take Your Baby Carrier

If you don’t have a baby carrier, now is the time to get one. With a baby carrier, you’ll be able to keep your hands free while still taking care of your baby. You could even stroll the beach while your child naps!

Plus, baby carriers will help your little one stay relaxed. Because they are secure and close to you, they will know that they are near you at all times.

There are many different types of baby carriers, so make sure to do your research before buying. You may even want to test different materials to see which your baby prefers.

Also, make sure that your baby carrier will fit your child with ease. If it’s too rigid, you might have trouble using it.

How does this help your budgeting? With a baby carrier, you won’t have to deal with paying to transport a stroller or renting one when you arrive.

2. Bring Enough Baby Formula

It can be tempting to save packing space by cutting out some of the baby formula you need for the trip. But doing this may cost you a lot of money.

If your baby has a formula it prefers, then don’t try to find a new one when you arrive at your destination. You might find yourself buying lots of different formulas hoping that it likes the one you get.

Of course, your baby might like a popular brand you can find with ease. But to be safe, it might be better to pack all the formula you need.

3. Wait to Buy Diapers

If you read the last tip, you might be a bit confused about why waiting to buy diapers until you arrive is a good idea.

The reason is that you can buy more diapers when you arrive at your destination. You might be able to pack some diapers, but it will be easier to buy them in bulk if you wait until you arrive. This means fewer trips to the store for diapers for you.

Looking for More Tips For Traveling with a Baby?

Now that you have some helpful tips about traveling with a baby, you should be ready for that next road trip or a long flight. You might even see other parents start asking you for tips!

Did you enjoy reading this article? Looking for more like it? Check out more on the family life section of our site for more helpful tips.

Where to Buy Cheap Clothes Online: Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Online Retailers

where to buy cheap clothes onlineIs there any soul more tortured than that of a shopaholic and fashionista on a budget? On one hand, you love shopping and you crave that next new addition to your wardrobe. On the other hand, you have bills to pay.

We’re right there with you, and we have you covered. Thanks to the glorious internet, there are tons of online clothing stores that are full of the latest styles for pennies compared to what you’d pay at a boutique.

If you’re ready to load up your shopping cart without blowing through the month’s food budget, we have plenty of suggestions for where to buy cheap clothes online.

Where to Buy Cheap Clothes Online: Our Top Sites

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too. In this case, we’re talking about a hot wardrobe and cash left in your pocket. These sites make that possible.


If you’ve never tried ThredUp, you need to visit it today. It’s an online secondhand store for clothes and accessories.

Not everyone loves the idea of a secondhand store, but we can assure you that their quality standards are top-notch. Some of the clothes still have the tags on and have never been worn, yet you’re getting them for a fraction of the price.

ThredUp’s clothes range from the lowest point on the spectrum (we’re talking $3 tops) to high-end designer pieces. The same is true for accessories too, so now you know where to go for your next designer bag.

But wait, there’s more! You can sell your old clothes and accessories on ThredUp, too. You can choose to make some cash from your items or you can choose to donate them. Either way, you’re saving a trip to a donation center.


Okay, so this isn’t exactly a hot tip since Amazon’s the top online retailer in the country by a long shot. Still, they’ve been putting more and more focus into their fashion selection lately and it’s worth your time to check it out.

For basic wardrobe staples make sure you look for the Amazon Basics brand. They’re inexpensive with surprisingly high quality for the price.

If you’re more of the “try before you buy” type, check out Amazon Prime Wardrobe. You pick out the pieces you’re considering and Amazon sends them to you. You try on your items and choose the ones one want to keep.

Just send back the items you don’t want and pay for the items you do want. No more charging your card for the full amount and waiting for a big refund to come through.

Luxus Wunder

Let’s head off the beaten path a bit. Sometimes your best bet for a bargain is to go overseas.

Luxus Wunder is a site that’s based in Germany but they have a wide variety of US brands too if you prefer the familiar. We’d compare this site to an online outlet mall: tons of great fashions at wholesale prices.

As with a typical outlet mall, you can find options that run the gamut of price ranges, too. If you’re looking for dirt cheap, there are plenty of choices. They also have luxury brands like Burberry, though.


This is one of those stores whose website saves the day. It has a reputation for catering to teens and young adults. For that reason, many adults don’t set foot in the store when they see it in the mall.

In reality, H&M has tons of options for people in any age range. They’re especially great for simple staples you can pair with anything in your wardrobe.

While the sites above all sell a variety of brands, H&M is a brand all their own. That means their selection tends to stay far more consistent that the selection on the other sites we mentioned. When you find an item you love, especially if it’s one of their basics, you can often find replacements for years to come.


Hopping back across the pond, let’s take a look at one of the UK’s favorite and most affordable online boutiques: Boohoo.

As with H&M, Boohoo sells their own brand of fashion. They specialize in fashion-forward styles that range from activewear to glam dresses for a night out on the town. They boast a great selection along with great quality for the low price you’re paying.

Charming Charlie

If you’re a fan of color, Charming Charlie’s site will probably have you hearing angelic voices and jumping for joy.

The brand’s brick-and-mortar stores are organized by color so you can always find the perfect fit for your outfit. Online, you can enjoy that same huge color selection from the comfort of home.

In the past, Charming Charlie has specialized in accessories and jewelry. While that’s still their largest market, they’ve been putting more and more focus on growing their clothing selection. Their new line is gorgeous and affordable at the same time.

If you’re like us, you love savings on top of savings. To indulge your inner bargain-hunter, Charming Charlie has BOGO sales on their clearance items on an almost constant basis.

Nordstrom Rack

Let’s say you’re someone who loves designer labels and high-end fashion but you don’t want to shell out hundreds for every top you buy. Nordstrom Rack is your new best friend.

Nordstrom Rack is basically Nordstrom’s clearance section: they gave it its own store. You’ll find everything from inexpensive knit tops to some of the most luxurious designers for a fraction of the cost you would’ve paid at Nordstrom.

Finding the Best Cheap Clothes Online

For those of us who love to shop, the internet really is full of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. You just have to know where to buy cheap clothes online and you can find all your favorite styles without blowing your budget. The sites above are great starting points.

For more awesome ways to live your best life on a budget, check out our frugal living blog.

5 Affordable Home Improvements That Can Revitalize Your Living Space

affordable home improvementsDo you cringe at the costs associated with most home improvement ideas?

That’s no surprise, considering the average American will spend around $42,000 to remodel just a few rooms in their house.

As a thrifty woman, though, you know you don’t have to shell out that kind of cash to makeover your home. In fact, there are plenty of easy home improvements you can make for $100 (or less).

Here are five DIY affordable home improvements you can make that won’t break the bank.

1. Convert a Closet into a Home Office

Whether you work from home or just enjoying spending time on the computer, a comfortable workspace is a must.

No space or money for a full home office? No problem! Why not repurpose one of your closets and turn it into a cozy office space?

Start by removing the door(s) and hanging rod. Install a deep hanging shelf as your “desk” and a few shallow ones above for storage and decoration. All you need now is a comfortable office chair!

2. Upgrade to a Granite Bathroom Vanity Top

Nothing makes your home look dated like an old, tired bathroom.

Give yours a facelift with a beautiful new granite vanity top. Most come with a sink already mounted underneath. Check your local Lowe’s or Home Depot–the prices may be a lot less than you’d expect.

If your budget allows, complete your bathroom makeover with a trendy new faucet and mirror. You’re sure to love the results!

3. Paint or Wallpaper One Wall

Wallpaper can be expensive, and painting is time-consuming. But what about painting or wallpapering just one wall?

This works especially well in rooms with plain walls and small (or absent) windows. A wall of color or a vibrant pattern is all you need to turn the room from boring to beautiful.

It also frees you up to choose a fun, bold pattern that would be too overwhelming on all four walls.

4. Create a Doorway Display

Do you have lots of knickknacks, pottery, or mismatched dishes? Don’t leave them buried in a box–put them on display!

Give your home a fresh and modern look by installing some narrow shelves above the doorway of your kitchen, bedroom, or office.

Paint them to match the door trim, then fill them with your choice of display items. This is also a great excuse to hit the nearest thrift store.

5. Throw Down a Carpet

If new flooring is out of the budget, why not update your home’s look with a stylish new carpet?

A Persian carpet is a simple addition to give your living or dining room a sophisticated feel. For a more modern look, consider a soft gray shag carpet or a vibrant pattern that matches the room’s existing decor.

There are lots of fun trends in carpeting right now-find the one that’s perfect for your home.

Final Thoughts on Affordable Home Improvements

As you can see, making home improvements doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

In fact, these affordable home improvements will greatly add to the value of your home-without draining your bank account.

Now that your home is in beautiful condition, it’s time to focus on your yard. Click here for five great (and affordable) upgrades you should make to your yard and garden.

Places to Travel with Kids: Top Spots to Have Fun with the Whole Family

places to travel with kidsDid you know that recent estimates say that a Disneyland vacation costs upwards of $200 per person per day!

With those kinds of expenses, a family vacation with kids seems out of reach.

But it doesn’t have to be!

Read on for our list of the best places to travel with kids!

Places to Travel with Kids in the United States

1. Yellowstone

Yellowstone is a national park that stretches across parts of Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. Because of the active volcano underneath it, visitors can enjoy over 10,000 geysers, mud pots, and hot springs.

Not only is Yellowstone an amazing educational experience, but it has a lot of wildlife to enjoy as well.

There are over 200 species of animals living in Yellowstone like bison, wolves, mountain lions, bears, deer, antelope, moose, and more!

Since there’s a lot of driving involved, it’s a perfect opportunity to pack snacks, games, and some good music for a trip full of memories.

2. Pacific Northwest

Pack the kids in the car and head out for a breathtaking view along Highway 1 as you travel up the Oregon and Washington coastlines.

A few of our favorite activities along the way include:

  • Stopping at all the lighthouses along your route. If they’re open to the public and accessible, take a photo of the view from the top.
  • Stop in Tillamook, OR for a tour of the cheese factory. Sample some old favorites and some experimental flavors!
  • Walk out to Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, OR at low tide.
  • See the locks and fish ladder in Seattle during salmon season.
  • Visit Pike’s place for an authentic market experience.
  • Stroll through one of the pacific northwest’s 100s of botanical gardens.
  • Take a ferry to Victoria and back

3. Las Vegas

You read that right! We already know there’s plenty for mom and dad to do in Vegas, but did you know that it also features some amazing activities for kids too?

The pinball museum features enough machines to keep the kids occupied for days!

And the Ethel M. Chocolate’s factory is just a short drive away in Henderson. Kids can watch chocolate being made and then tour the neighboring cactus garden.

Need a little outdoor fun? Visit Red Rock Canyon to the west for a spectacular view of southern red rock and a few short hikes. Visitors can even see a waterfall during the late winter and early spring by walking the Children’s Discovery Trail in Lost Creek Canyon.

4. Spend Time at the Farm!

There are hundreds of farms to visit throughout the United States.

Let the kids enjoy a horseback ride, feed the animals, ride the tractor, etc.

If you’re traveling in the spring be sure to visit a flower farm to enjoy the blossoms in all their glory!

But remember, you can enjoy the flowers back at home to. After you’ve enjoyed a day visiting a flower farm, order some blooms to be delivered to your home the day after your return so you can extend the vacation even more!

You can read more on that here!

Best Places to Travel with Kids Internationally

1. Canada

Canada is an attractive option to those who want to travel internationally and on a budget.

But it’s also home to some amazing and family-friendly attractions.

Canada features some of the worlds best whale watching, especially for Orcas. Brittish Columbia has some of the highest sightings for killer whales during the months of April-October. You might also catch a glimpse of a gray whale or humpback.

If you’re traveling during the winter, you’re sure to catch a view of the northern lights or aurora borealis. Kids will never forget the nature’s fireworks they saw on your vacation up north.

2. Indonesia

Indonesia was listed as one of the safest countries to travel to in 2018. And if that’s not enough to persuade you to add it to the list, then read on!

Indonesia is home to world-class snorkeling, historic Buddhist landmarks, and beautiful naturally occurring sites.

  • The Ubud hot springs and waterfall near the Batur volcano
  • The ancient Mount Kawi ruins surrounded by functioning rice farms
  • The Borobudur Temple (the world’s largest Buddhist temple and a UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Bali and it’s famous beaches and water activities

No matter what your interests, there’s something for every member of your family in Indonesia.

3. Norway

Norway is home to a series of world famous fjords or steep canyons that open up to the sea. Many families enjoy cruises through the unbelievable scenery.

Once you’ve finished taking the family through the unforgettable fjord regions, take a scenic train ride to Oslo where the whole family can enjoy a beautiful city with extensive bike trails, over 50 museums, and world-class hiking.

Our favorite kid-friendly museums in Oslo include:

  • Norwegian Museum of Science & Technology: this museum has over 100 interactive exhibits so it’s a perfect attraction for kids and the young at heart.
  • International Museum of Children’s Art: this quaint museum hosts a collection of children’s art from over 180 countries.
  • The Viking Ship Museum: this museum has the world’s best collection of preserved Viking ships and artifacts.
  • The Oslo Reptile Park: the name is deceiving because this is actually an indoor zoo that is home to over 100 different types of animals.

If you’re visiting in the summer, be sure to experience the 19 hours of daylight. Winter visitors must go skiing.

Remember This!

Now that you’ve got a start on your list of places to travel with kids, it’s time to pick one and plan the vacation you’ve been waiting for!

Now go make some memories!

Contact me to comment or suggest more thrifty travel tips!

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